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  1. Hi everyone!

    Hello, welcome.
  2. Anybody knows Koichoco ?

    Honoring your name huh Ririn~
  3. Helloooo

  4. Getting into the christmas-y feeling.

  5. Rate the avatar above you

    Kuu-chan, definitely not a tsundere/10
  6. Hi, I'm new, hi.

  7. Hello everyone! I'm new!

    Hello and welcome.
  8. Congratulations Arky, best of luck to you for this final stretch, you're almost there
  9. Hi All, SpriteWrench Here

    Welcome, welcome. Have a nice time
  10. Sometimes you have to risk everything for that dream no one can see but you


  11. Fata Morgana Complete Edition

    Still would depend on how much added stuff we're talking about and what the pricing ends up being
  12. Fata Morgana Complete Edition

    Depending on the price, it's only a good offer to those who haven't played the first one.
  13. You never really leave a place you love, you take part of it with you.


    1. Zander


      Just like a friend is never truly gone; the shared experiences remain forever... both in our hearts, and our minds ^_^

  14. Spring 2018 Anime Discussion

    I've only dropped one series from the ones I set out to watch and picked up some new ones, Darling in the Frankxx is the one I dropped because to put it plainly it became a trainwreck a complete weak plotted disaster.
  15. Hello

    Heh, I think you meant pieces of shit that love to ruin anything they touch and won't stop beating a corpse no matter how many times they're asked nicely/harshly to (which also answers the second part) it's worth it if you consider it to be, if there's a lot you want to read that won't be picked up and you have the time/will to do it then by all means, you can make money from it but not as much as some people think freelance TL make. at best you can get by with it. Comyu, Steins;Gate & 0, Kara no Shoujo & Ep 2 + Cartagra before them if you want the full backstory as well, Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!, Grisaia the main trilogy and Phantom Trigger if you want more of the same world but different characters/feel. And EVNS: VA-11 HALL-A is an AMAZING ride that I can't recommend enough, most of Ebi-Hime's works: Sweetest Monster, The Way we all go and so on And last but not least, welcome to Fuw0
  16. Hello beautiful people im new to this

    Welcome, being new is a good thing sometimes.
  17. Heya

    Welcome, welcome
  18. Filthy gaijin signing in

    Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself
  19. Heya Fuwa community

  20. Hello! o/

    Hello o/
  21. Reading line-up for late spring/summer 2018

    Aren't all of these the excuses you use to prioritize reading our lovely degenerate games?
  22. Reading line-up for late spring/summer 2018

    Bats is angry about Dies, that might be V's face