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  1. well.......this is different.......
  2. the bekant series, good depth at 80 cm, and height adjustable. Not to expensive either. I would suggest to go for one that is at least 160cm long because you do want desk space. Other than that, it really comes down to preference, whether you want a straight one or a corner one. But know that the corner of the ikea desks does not give you much extra space so a simple straight one might be best. of course this is all one the basis that it fits in the room you want to put it in.
  3. Rahter than a dx racer go for a vertagear triigger 350 with the nek rest. as for the desk, yeah that looks to me like pretty uncomfortable position. you might want to look at a height adjustable one withy a bit more depth to it. The ones from ikea seem decent. But if you really want to go all out, i would look for a used office desk, cheap high and usually bhigh quality. this is the one i have, cost me less than 170 euro. (about 200 dollar, i think) Size is 160*180*80 but the maximum depth is more like 130
  4. Share Your Technology Related Hijinks

    try reinstalling the drivers.
  5. Why are we still here

    because we have no other place to go to?
  6. Fuwanovel Confessions

    should have done that myself, but i did not not. And now it is to late for it. Also feels like it would kind of be a hassle.
  7. Favorite anime OSTs

    way to revive a long dead topic :).
  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    watched in this corner of the world today. Been a long time since i enjoyed a movie that much. Despite that it can be quite depressing at times i somehow also found it quite a soothing movie.
  9. Fate/EXTELLA startup crash

    I dont have the game, so i doubt i can be of much help. But for the people who do have the game, a little more info would be welcome. Like the operating system en general specs. Also, google it First result if i google the title. https://steamcommunity.com/app/511680/discussions/0/2132869574277199781/ From the developer himself i believe, they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.
  10. Merry Kurisu-masu

    merry Christmas. I i find out i only have about one true Christmas picture on my pc.
  11. I'll second the kiddy grade recommendation. the First season is quite good and the characters are nice. I forgot to mention one series which does fit the bill but is mostly a comedy and slice of life series. It is however my go to series for when i dont know what to watch and just need an episode or something to watch during dinner. Q Your under Arrest.
  12. here are some, Zipang Rescue Wings Saiunkoku Think Chinese Court with a comedy and romance element to it. Its a little slow to start but one of my personal favorites. Valkyria chronicles Quite a lot like pumpkin scissors Allison and Lillia Not entirely sure this one fits to be honest.
  13. Summer 2017 Anime Discussion

    Was also one of the few series i personally actually liked. It has been a long time since i enjoyed a comedy series.
  14. lost everything

    Good thing i have everything spread out over about 6 different HDD/SDD's Sucks though, i once accidently formatted my 1tb hdd with all of my vn's. managed to get it back by downloading some recovery software. Took all night tough and the file order was a mess. Did manage to get around 90% working fine again. the rest i restored of an old backup full of zip files.