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  1. Well actually....... that aint to far off the mark
  2. This, Personally im not even watching the anime. The manga is a pretty big disappointment not because people stop dying but because the story and narrative just broke down and at this point im also considering dropping the manga.
  3. To be honest those cookies do look pretty terrible.
  4. Holy hell, its still alive. I could have sworn your were dead as a doornail.
  5. Do post your opinions, suggesting things is fun but so is reading other peoples opinions on them.
  6. No lets not do that.... good thing it did not work out in the end. And the hair of the female lead really reminds me of Birdy.
  7. Here is my recommendation tenchi muyo war on geminar it is a romcom but also a harem so i can see people not liking it. But it is one of my personal favorites
  8. Well now you might as well grab the blue paint and paint it all blue, cause those stains aint coming out anytime soon
  9. Lets just pray that this wont end as alnoah zero, that one had a pretty great start as well en it did not turn out well. Although personally i really have some high hopes for it, it gives me the same feelings i got when watching birdy the mighty decode which is something i also really enjoyed. Lets hope they do spend some time building character.
  10. Meticulous in expressing your opinions would be a more apt expression.
  11. anything you are looking forward to this season? Attack on titan not allowed obviously.
  12. So who's gonna make the spring 2017 discussion, Granblue fantasy is looking like it will be fun if a bit generic.