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  1. congratulations are in order. Now to find a job or are you planning to go for a masters degree as well?
  2. thx for the feedback. And like you said the series is a bit of a odd show in more than one sense of the word. If your still looking for series here is another possiblity but this one is on the long side Saiunkoki Monogatari. As for your ahem source of shows try your source name with the word .si behind it. They managed to salvage it. and a certain fansubbing group with the letters H and S is also supporting it.
  3. Yeah, she is in my eyes probably the least likable character. Then again we haven not had much backstory for any of the antagonists either so there really has not been much of a chance for the characters to grow on people.
  4. Funny, i still disagree with you on there. And personally i consider him hiding what he found still a very reasonable reaction. Seeing as how he clearly does not feel part of the ground and from the looks of it is might also be suffering from depression. Why the hell i would tell half of to the pink blob i just cant figure out, might be bacuse to him she is an outsider and has nothing to do with him.
  5. Well actually....... that aint to far off the mark
  6. This, Personally im not even watching the anime. The manga is a pretty big disappointment not because people stop dying but because the story and narrative just broke down and at this point im also considering dropping the manga.
  7. To be honest those cookies do look pretty terrible.
  8. Holy hell, its still alive. I could have sworn your were dead as a doornail.
  9. Do post your opinions, suggesting things is fun but so is reading other peoples opinions on them.
  10. No lets not do that.... good thing it did not work out in the end. And the hair of the female lead really reminds me of Birdy.
  11. Here is my recommendation tenchi muyo war on geminar it is a romcom but also a harem so i can see people not liking it. But it is one of my personal favorites
  12. Well now you might as well grab the blue paint and paint it all blue, cause those stains aint coming out anytime soon