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  1. Burning down the Capitol is an old British pastime, and thus I condemn it in the strongest terms.
  2. Fiddle


    Liturgical Christmas has ended, so it's time for you dopes to actually switch your avatars back this year. Otherwise you'll be inflating the value of Christmas. @Dreamysyu @Zakamutt @Dergonu @Silvz or @Sillysa I hope you saved your old avatar, because it's time to switch it back, bucko. @droganpc Change it back, nerd. @FinalChaos @MaggieROBOT @mitchhamilton @Mr Poltroon As beautiful as your Santa hat avatar is, I insist you change it back to whatever it was before. @1P1A
  3. Fiddle


    12 seems to be better (i.e. less bad) than 14, since it can just barely squeeze into the frame. But let me know if you'd like to try another.
  4. Based on bunnyadvocate's VN similarity graph, it looks like some suitable options would include Chrono Clock, Koiken Otome, etc.
  5. The life cycle of popcorn disturbs me just as much today as it did when I was 5 years old.

  6. Fiddle


    If you ever have trouble finding your current avatar again, rest assured that I can produce another one of equal quality.
  7. I heard the character creator lets you customize your wiener, so it sounds like a good game.
  8. Christmas is the only holiday that forces the entire month to revolve around it. No other holiday wields such big dick energy.

  9. There are lots of VNs that fit those criteria; I recommend using the Fuwanovel VN quiz tool to look at all the VNs that match your preferences: http://fuwanovel.se/quiz.php
  10. As hilarious as I think I am, I feel obligated to rectify this.
  11. December is my favorite month.


  12. Guys, please stick to this version of the image going forward.
  13. Hey guys, does Naruto get significantly worse after the Chunin Exams end?
  14. Fiddle


    Of course they're free when I'm your official #1 fan.
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