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  1. Game show prizes should be annually adjusted for inflation.

    1. Fiddle


      Some people would rather not change Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to Who Wants to Be a One Million Five Hundred Seventy-eight Thousand Seven Hundred Fifteen and Forty-nine Cents-aire, but the alternative is screwing people out of their rightful money.

  2. <spoiler>Yeah, take a look at these incompetent losers.</spoiler>
  3. Why is the title of this topic "Forum updated (2021-04-06)"?
  4. There is no such thing as objectivity in art, and anyone who thinks otherwise is just trying to justify their deep-seated opinions. Grisaia no Kajitsu is objectively bad, though.
  6. Just remembered I can derive hours of fun by spinning in my spinny chair.

    The government doesn't want you to know this.

  7. it is chill. lofi fuwanovel beats.
  8. Lavender doesn't even smell good.

  9. I answered this on our website, but in case you check here first: The patch does not work on the PS Vita version. As mentioned above, the PS Vita version contains content that the PC version does not, so they are not compatible. (And even if they were, you'd probably have to jailbreak your PS Vita or some nonsense, and that's beyond our scope.)
  10. That is not the approach that I just advocated for, but I'm glad that I somehow led you to reach such a reasonable conclusion.
  11. There is only one answer to this that checks all the right boxes, which happens to be my own superior strategy: play a route, then don't play the game for several years (or however long it takes to remove the common route from your memory), then pick it up again and play it from the beginning.
  12. I miss the Santa hats.

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    2. Fiddle


      You people cannot be trusted with more hats. Many are still wearing the hat I gave them a month ago. Some are wearing multiple hats. There shall be no further hats.

    3. Emi
    4. Fiddle
  13. Burning down the Capitol is an old British pastime, and thus I condemn it in the strongest terms.
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