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Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

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4 hours ago, Narcosis said:

A lot of people nowadays probably don't even know how I look IRL at the moment. I give you the opportunity to know le watashi now.




I feel it's the only picture I recently made, where I look like a half-decent human being.



Fur-lined, weather-beaten jacket screams "I work hard for a living" contrasting with the friendly goatee and vintage reading glasses that shout "I'm a tech support expert, how can I help you today?". Turtleneck sweater underneath the jacket for that Bear Grylls "I'm literally prepared to leave this concrete jungle and survive in the real woods at any time" rough and tumble feel. Slight smile that says "I want to kill myself, but don't really feel like it tbh". Somewhat unkempt but fitting hair that says "I care about my hair enough to not look like a fool, but I'm not metrosexual". Finally, the Apple earbuds show that despite all of this, you are modern and forward-thinking.


u srs handsome tbh

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5 hours ago, HMN said:

Don't get it twisted, he will cut your throat when you're asleep!

Yeah, it's definitely the "I will rape you in your dreams" kind of face. The earbuds are actually from Samsung, Apple is shit.


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1 hour ago, Palas said:

You know, I find myself kind of not ugly in this picture.

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(me and a good friend who's on her track to become a local pop star) 

I dunno why but I find this photo and everything about it beautiful

I wish the best

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