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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxnaPa8ohmM
  2. Let's see if that (read: what I intend to be a fix for this particular problem) manages to fix those issues.
  3. What Batman said, waiting on Tay for some final records necessary to do things properly. Too bad he's gone quiet for far too long again already, it seems.
  4. I actually just did the other day, so if people are interested in updating the dev updates blog hit me up.
  5. ^ That's how you end up on a list somewhere. Agreed on consistency issues, even though I'm just another red name with no real purpose.
  6. I do not, so that'd be appreciated. I took @Zakamutt adding me on Discord as a subtle hint, though.
  7. I'm bad. Automatic auto-renewal failed and I ignored the emails from LetsEncrypt while on vacation.
  8. Mods should just create a poll about it or let me know directly if we want to make changes. Like I said I'm always around and reply to DMs in a matter of minutes, most of the time.
  9. Might also be caching, you never know with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A quick fix would be to stop caring about likes as much, but who am I kidding?
  10. Double posting for visibility: Replaced links in posts: (651 matches) http://fuwanovel.org -> https://fuwanovel.net (3504 matches) http://forums.fuwanovel.org -> https://forums.fuwanovel.net (3 matches) http://www.fuwanovel.org -> https://www.fuwanovel.net (375 matches) fuwanovel.org -> fuwanovel.net
  11. God, it's been a month already. Life's pretty crazy right now, so I just got around to it. Our server's running on the new plan, so we're saving a lot of server costs now, and I'll fix outdated links to the best of my ability.
  12. Sounds good, wanted to do a maintenance run either way. Our hosting provider DigitalOcean offers new plans and we can save 50% in hosting costs, but the server needs to be shutdown temporarily for it. I'll try to update outdated links while I'm at it.
  13. Haven't seen the episode, but as usual "it depends" on whether the inclusion of the UI was parodic/fair use? Also: Meh. Haven't seen people bitch about the Gamers! intro, which even goes so far as to reproduce game mechanics.
  14. Ah, that's my fault then. The certificates are only issued for the following hosts: fuwanovel.net forums.fuwanovel.net moon.fuwanovel.net oldsite.fuwanovel.net I'll add the remaining hosts. Edit: New list of hosts: fuwanovel.net blog.fuwanovel.net clephas.fuwanovel.net forums.fuwanovel.net fuwazette.fuwanovel.net moon.fuwanovel.net oldsite.fuwanovel.net reviews.fuwanovel.net visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net www.fuwanovel.net Most of these are just redirects, but they should be working properly now. Thanks for bringing it up!
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