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  1. Himouto Umaru-chan "Stole" Otome Domain's UI

    Haven't seen the episode, but as usual "it depends" on whether the inclusion of the UI was parodic/fair use? Also: Meh. Haven't seen people bitch about the Gamers! intro, which even goes so far as to reproduce game mechanics.
  2. 10/6 Forums Update

    Ah, that's my fault then. The certificates are only issued for the following hosts: fuwanovel.net forums.fuwanovel.net moon.fuwanovel.net oldsite.fuwanovel.net I'll add the remaining hosts. Edit: New list of hosts: fuwanovel.net blog.fuwanovel.net clephas.fuwanovel.net forums.fuwanovel.net fuwazette.fuwanovel.net moon.fuwanovel.net oldsite.fuwanovel.net reviews.fuwanovel.net visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net www.fuwanovel.net Most of these are just redirects, but they should be working properly now. Thanks for bringing it up!
  3. @Tay I didn't receive an email or PM. :'( But please, email or PM me your SSH Public (!) Key again, I had to reset the authorized_keys earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience and holdup, everyone.
  4. They did change something in the version which I just installed, though I don't know what exactly. Might be that Themes need to reflect the change for Likes to reappear, dunno. Let's wait for Tay to upload the updated Theme files.
  5. So I guess our PHP setup wasn't that "unusual" after all... Sorry it took that long either way, was out camping and not dealing with Invision's BS. The themes need to be updated, as usual when updating IPB.
  6. Thanks, @Tay. Those pesky caches...
  7. Turned off the settings, since it doesn't seem to work properly.
  8. table-layout css property

    Test Testing all the Testable Tests Don't Mind Me Please Vs. Test Testing all the Testable Tests Don't Mind Me Please
  9. table-layout css property

    The only thing I can whitelist are CSS classes (IPB is a fairly shitty software, in general). Would adding one to the stylesheets of all themes fulfill your requirements?
  10. table-layout css property

    Hello fellow Germin. One would be more natural, since the cell with the longest content gets the widest width, the other one (fixed width) is more pleasing to OCD eyes. I'm not really particular to either. So, everyone: Post your opinions why one should be used over the other, and we'll use whatever.
  11. 5000 posts post

    Quick, everybody only post crap so he'll withhold his 5000th post forever. Aw who am I kidding, it's going to be yet another shit post either way. Nice mention spam, btw.
  12. Trying to Undress School Days

    A quick Google search turned up a similar thread on the forums without results, and something related to TERA, which seems to use .gpk files as well. The tools in question might not help you though, since I'm not sure if those are the same as School Days', unfortunately. The link in that thread points to http://www.gildor.org/downloads, and I guess you might want to give the "Unreal Package Extractor" a go. Another Google search mentions Omnigo Program Package as a possible format, with http://constexpr.org/innoextract/ apparently being able to extract them. Might be worth giving either a try.
  13. Most (if not all) pages on the main blog, as well as all content served by the forums should now be delivered through HTTPS. moon.fuwanovel.net is updated yet, simply because I don't know how to. @Tay pls fix. Also toggled a forums setting that user-embedded images should be served from the site instead, let's see how that one affects the site's performance.
  14. In the progress of moving everything to HTTPS, might get a few Mixed Content warnings in the meantime.
  15. I'd recommend System76 laptops. Solid specs, fair prices, comes with Linux, but pretty much allows installing whatever. https://system76.com/laptops