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  1. I still find it weird that even with the same weapon skills, Eden appear to have a harder time dealing high damage compared to Ixabas. Probably related to characters and whatnot. Fire pretty OP rn in the current state of things. I still need to clear Luci HL a few times to finally 5* my Fire Dark Opus gueh
  2. Ixabas are so stupid man. I just got myself two FLB ones and now I'm doing 800 - 900k autos. They're just so damn stupid. I never bothered farming an AES grid though. Cane grids were hella stronger with Anila being there. You rarely dip into enmity in most content anyway, and I'm too lazy to make a specific grid for just a few raids.
  3. Goddamnit you weren't supposed to ask. Now I actually have to read it. Exactly half. Now which of those do you actually not consider heretic?
  4. Nah man. My mom is more Momoyo than Yukie. 10/10 she'll beat me up if I do something bad. Yukie best girl.
  5. Please spare me. While I more or less agree with half of the things you put there, you have to spare me. I just wanted a waifu that cooks meat thoroughly. Now why would an internationally recognized fact be considered heresy?
  6. I can totally relate. More on the 'unrelated to the banner' part though! It's annoying to have more spooks than featured ones!
  7. She's your own adaptable waifu!
  8. You guys open a can of worms on inherent free will and consumerism, but you can't cook your food thoroughly?
  9. I like my tomatoes cooked too. I can be your waifu. Which also reminds me. I like my steaks well-done.
  10. Summer Part 1 banner in FGO NA has been nice to me. For the event, pretty fun. I find myself growing to like Helena more in every damn scene she appears in. It's so dangerous when they feature characters in events because it's hard to not end up liking them by the end, especially if they're part of your party for the duration of the story. Agh. Thank god for all-Berserker enemy nodes. Easiest to farm.
  11. Pretty much this! Not just the good things though. First heartbreaks, first failures, and other 'firsts' come into mind and make you treasure those memories even more.
  12. Either way, I think thinking about the perpetrator's motives is ultimately irrelevant. Whatever it was, it doesn't justify what they did to the studio, nor to the families that are grieving for the loss of their loved ones. Useless to talk about it, and pretty insulting to those that have died. Prayers out for those suffering from loss. If you ever want to help them monetarily too, you can opt to buy from their online shop instead so that they directly receive the money. It would be helpful if you buy products that do not need packaging as well to not burden their employees with the
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