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  1. It's basically like in reality TV when you see two people get together, it sort of stirs a response in the fandom. Sometimes it's real, other times it's on purpose to make conversations or create attention. It makes the entire thing more or less a calculated move.
  2. I used sex sells as more of a general reference to promiscuous romance, so my bad for the confusion. But it's basically just him courting them and whatnot then making a spectacle out of it at some point (in his head, at least).
  3. I have no idea where you got that plot point, but it's not really anything as explicit as that.
  4. That's no problem! It's nice seeing someone interested in the game! I'm inclined to agree with the first point because I don't remember it enough to refute it, but for why Harrison... Well, he's just so gullible, I suppose! You've probably noticed how easy it is to just string him along onto anything as long as you can convince him of its merits and whatnot because of his naturally modest or weak-willed demeanor. That's also like a big point for why he's the way he is in a lot of instances, but I wouldn't judge. Producers just probably saw him as the easiest target especially when compared to the rest of the cast. ...But it's not like he's the only one being forced to move by the producers.
  5. Yeah more or less. It started around 2020 so. You mentioning Zeke reminds me of how funny the way he went out was at the end of the series LOL Mfer said "what's up mfer looking for me" and instantly exited
  6. It's been a month since I finished the game, so bear with me if I don't remember it clearly anymore. Okie dokie. Hope that works out. All the other three routes are actually longer than what you got so it's hard to summarize everything that happened. Just note that the entire thing in the Lust route revolves around scandals and whatnot.
  7. I have a bit of a summary in the review, but feel free to ask for more if that's not enough. If you're looking for like an actual detailed summary though... I guess I could try? If you really wanted to be spoiled.
  8. The ending fit the overall themes of AoT by the end, tbh. I really liked how it was handled, and while my friends who were manga readers mention stuff like changes or whatever, ultimately it felt like it made sense given who Eren was. It was satisfying! I hated S4's release sched though LOL
  9. Things related to false advertisements of being similar to Danganronpa or other mystery VNs which led to unfulfilled expectations. In addition to that, it's also priced pretty high relative to other EVNs. Both those combined to form a kind of strong backlash when the game was finally made available in stores (or even before that, I'd imagine). Granted I wasn't really aware of any of that prior to the release, so my opinion about it is secondhand. It's another whole topic outside of what it is as a visual novel, after all.
  10. Hello! Welcome to the forums, @work12! If you don't mind me asking, what's the VN you're writing called?
  11. Review Link Heya! I'm Kosakyun. Last month, I reviewed Dreamloop Games' first visual novel title Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue for Fuwanovel. If you're familiar with the title, it probably means you caught whiff of whatever drama was happening around its release. While some of the criticisms do make sense given the game's price and just a broader context of the overall situation, it's better if you still play it yourself to get your own opinion regardless, right? So given the opportunity, that's exactly what I did! For a quick look, here are some points I felt were important. Pros: Vibrant cast of characters with their own quirky personalities (sometimes to their detriment) Creative setting for a relationship simulator Cool UI and miscellaneous features (minigames!) Routes with themes that play nicely into the game's setting Mia Cons: It's incredibly slow-burn (felt lika a slog at some point) Limited saves The minigames lack meaning or replayability There is no "Extra" tab for CGs and Music There are no guides and I cannot find my last fucking achievement because the description is so vague I'm curious to see if you guys agree with whatever I said here, so come at me with your worst! No really, please. Talk to me about it. I need someone to talk to. Here's the Steam page if you're interested in taking a peek at it yourself!
  12. Is it a PreCure anime? All I can think of is Heartcatch Precure... Mahou Shoujo Godzilla?
  13. Welcome to the forums, Rene! Looking forward to whatever project you'll be posting about.
  14. First thing's first: the game looks so pretty! If it's true that the episode that's available right now takes that long, then this is shaping up to be one hefty read. I'm very much interested! Hoping for the best for your team. I'll keep an eye out for updates.
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