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  1. Man. Work has me by the balls, and I'm still stuck replaying the first game through the remake. Hope I can get into this soon!
  2. Welcome welcome! Looking forward to seeing you around in the forums!
  3. YUP YUP I get youuu! Hopefully we can both make more time for ourselves to clear our logs.
  4. Very relatable. That's why I've been stopping myself from buying more, since it feels like it's easier to say I'll read them than actually doing it because of life! Anyway, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and I'm looking forward to seeing you around.
  5. I actually haven't played it too, so I'm in the same boat! I can't wait to experience it all over again. KANAMI LIVESTREAM HERE I COME
  6. You playing them by order? Yeah IV was super fun, but personally I think I liked the overall conflict in III better, which what edges it out for me I guess.
  7. you suck

    1. Roach


      Yes I suck titties, how do you know

  8. To be fair, that number's been there before we even disappeared. Proof of a rather unhinged self in the past. I'd like to think that I'm already mellowed out though. Btw noticing your signature, if you're curious about Roach he's still alive and well. Just actually a super normie now.
  9. Look at all these zombies being revived Welcome back pro gamer
  10. I'll be here for a while I think. My biggest problem in the past was adjusting to the kind of rhythm a forum has because I'm more used to instant messenger apps, which led to me being preoccupied with this for most of the day. But now I'm kinda just chilling. Going back to the topic, you've been making good progress yourself! Don't worry! I'm sure you're even farther now. Good luck with GW btw. Hopefully we all place well.
  11. She also has a nice range of genres she can sing, so it's really nice. I haven't been this invested in a streamer ever since I started to lean towards lurking in the vtuber fandom again. Feels nice reliving the feeling of just having your breath taken away by someone with so much talent. Since I'm here again, might as well drop her original song:
  12. I am completely smitten with Enna Alouette's voice. It's like love at first sight again. It's all I've been doing and listening to the past few days.
  13. My personal favorite heroine is probably Kentou Kanami (the ninja) because I like the bullying being done to her and the embarrassing faces that she makes. Try out the games too! They're actually amazing.
  14. It's been 500 years, but I'll bite and make an update post about the game on my side. So ever since then, I've been continuing the grind for most of the new content in the game. I haven't run SUBHL because I'm lazy, and I started grinding the Diaspora raids pretty late. Faa is mostly a breeze nowadays, but I've yet to attempt soloing him because, well, I don't really want to grind the Eternal Splendor weapons so there's not much of a point. But speaking of grinds that are both unreasonable and wasteful in their nature... Ya boy got his blue skin! Why did I get it even though it wastes so many valuable resources? Well, if you consider my five sparks (this year only) that have given me none of the rate ups outside of me sparking them and the devastatingly low number of relevant grands that have dropped onto my lap in the course of doing so, there wasn't really much in the way of gold bar consumption waiting for me. This led me to, of course, become vain and beautiful and blue. I mean I still have a number of them stored in my shelf along with sunstones. I just wish it had like better animations. Or that you could actually use the Eternal Splendor weapons with the skin. Pretty counter-intuitive to not let it be the case if you ask me. As for the sparks I mentioned, the targets were the following: 1: Cidala (rip Fediel) 2: Yuni (for Harmonica) 3: Yuni, same banner (for my second Harmonica) 4: SVajra (because she's cute) 5: Wamdus (like bruh rip my summer units and parasols) The gacha has not been going well for me LOL As for things I'm working on, I'm trying to clear most of the Replicard missions. I finished a ton of them when I was zooming through like 75 episodes of Black Clover in 3 days and 15 episodes of SAO, but my experience in SAO has been mostly mediocre as of the present, so it demotivated me to do more tbh. I need to finish it though... eventually... Last updates I wanted to note were that my crew still places Tier A (thankfully), that I switched to mostly primal grids now with the exception of wind (although I still use magna because stamina-enmity use cases), and that these are my ringed characters as of now: Now excuse me as I try to hit Mugen... and maybe SUBHL? Edit: I looked at my ringed characters and realized I didn't give an update on maybe one of the biggest grinding aspects of the current game. I did transcend my eternals, but because of the slow influx of lapis lazuli, I totally forgot about it after doing the grindiest parts. Here's my current progress on that too:
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