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  1. I saw the thread you made about it. Welcome! Glad that you instantly got your answers LOL
  2. Good day, Fuwans! A few days ago we had the pleasure of hosting a giveaway sponsored by Kagura Games to celebrate the recent release of their game Winter Memories. In case you haven't encountered it yet, you can view it here. The giveaway's being hosted on the blog, so make sure to head on there! If you're interested in getting a possible free copy of the prequel Summer Memories, I recommend you try joining the giveaway. It's pretty easy to enter, especially if you already follow both Fuwanovel and Kagura Games! The giveaway runs until the 18th btw, so don't think too long about it. I mean... what's there to think about? It's a possible free game! For those unfamiliar with the competition website Gleam, you basically just have to do a few tasks that count as one entry each up to a maximum of whatever the host sets. For this particular giveaway, there's like 22 ways to enter so the more you do, the higher the chances of winning the prize. We're planning to host more giveaways like this for the community in the future, so I hope everyone participates so we can try and collaborate with more publishers down the road. Thanks and look out for more exciting stuff from us!
  3. I already forgot most of what I put, but I'm pretty sure I suggested Silverio and Eushully as a publisher because why not I do want more propeller games from them though... I hope they pick more of those up alongside other action-heavy VNs. They already have the rest of the Rance series in progress so my biggest wants have already been met for years. I was thinking it was about time we saw more MOONSTONE titles too. I'm slightly biased against them because I didn't like ImoPara that much, but Princess Evangile was a nice surprise so maybe it's just an unfortunate choice of things I read. Damn, Soreyori no Prologue. I want to read that too. I hope they pick up more minori titles, fingers crossed.
  4. Wow, the mismatch between all of those titles and then NekoPara, haha. Hope ya enjoy reading NekoPara! I'm still waiting for Vol. 5 myself. NekoWorks, please give Shigure the attention she deserves already...
  5. Welcome! I remember seeing you because of the Mac and Windows talk they were having yesterday. What kind of VNs have you read that u liked so far?
  6. Happy New Year! I hope it'll be an even better year for all of us!
  7. Currently I think it's still being overhauled! They'll probably give us an update once it relaunches or something.
  8. Damn, this unlocked a bunch of memories for me LOL Grade school sure was a happy time!
  9. Merry Christmas to everyone in Fuwa who celebrates it! Even those who don't I guess! Why am I making another Christmas thread for this year when there have been other threads like this in the past? I mean... it's the season of giving! Don't think about it and just give me pictures of your food or something. Have a cat!
  10. True that. It's an interesting experience for sure. It's a great recommendation if someone's interested in VNs with a different kind of story haha.
  11. Are they your go-to genres when you pick up something to read? Hey, as long as you're having fun with it right?
  12. Looking forward to your journey then! Goodluck with the project! I'll be following it.
  13. It's cool seeing those projects side-by-side and just getting a feel of the kind of progress you've had as a creator. Feels like it went from Mystery to Otome with a mix of it Congrats on all of these finished projects! I hope Cafe Mysteria has a great demo release this Christmas Eve!
  14. Looks like a pretty big project! Do you have a target release date in mind?
  15. Welcome to the forums, Xesturgy! What kind of visual novels do you like reading?
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