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  1. So, after a long break with VNs I'm finally back. I'm currently reading Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning, and I'm loving it so far! Right now I've finished 3 chapters, and I'll try to write a more extensive reaction after I finish the whole VN.
  2. Actually, at this point there's an entire very popular genre of LNs with a very similar premise, including some novels where the MC is reincarnated as a servant of the villainess rather than a villainess herself like the OP mentioned. I just tried to search "villainess" and "Akuyaku Reijou" on vndb, and it turns out that there are a few modern VNs that are at least inspired by this genre of LNs. Which I find pretty funny. But it could make a decent VN if done right, I believe.
  3. Spider volume 12 is pretty brutal, lol. Well, I guess it was to be expected, since the novel itself pretty much spoiled the outcome many volumes back.
  4. I did a quick vndb search, which leaves only two results, one of which is an otome game. Doesn't seem to be it, but who knows.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, you enter her route if you aim for Nagisa but make a wrong choice at some point.
  6. I watched the first two episodes. Honestly, felt too devoid of conflict for my tastes, so I decided not to continue. Also, if you want more relaxing isekais I think you might enjoy Saint's Power is Omnipotent, which is also currently airing. I still haven't started the anime, though I definitely should, but the LN really works well for me as a dose of a calm and healing slice of life. I hope it's adapted well. The rating on MAL doesn't seem too good, but it generally doesn't matter that much. They are somewhat similar in the way that there's never any real threat for the MCs and
  7. Honestly, unless I decide to revisit Himawari one day and realize that I somehow completely misunderstood it and it's actually the best thing ever, Island is on my hard skip list. PS. After many months I suddenly decided to pick up another random VN, and, well, it's trash made for people with a yandere fetish. Well, the art is somewhat good (though the sprites look like zombies), and it's very short (though I didn't get all the endings), but that's everything that's even remotely good about that game.
  8. Well, I've never seen the anime, but from the way you describe it, it seems to be quite botched. Sounds as if they included the main plot point but skipped all the explanations and the character motivations. I mean, it's not like the original light novel is that good. The writing is pretty amateurish, and the story is kind of garbagey (in a good sense). I mean, the author literally used "chuuni lover" as a pseudonym when he posted the original WN, so what else would you expect. Still, the pacing is extremely good, and, unlike many light novels which lose any sense of direction after a few vol
  9. Happy birthday to @Dergonu!
  10. Honestly, I don't dislike Kasumi that much, but her route is pretty meh compared to the common route. I know that pretty much everyone who played it says that it's the worst route in the game and eventually it gets better, but I don't know, it just made me to completely lose interest in the game, so I ended up dropping it.
  11. This list is old and completely outdated by this point.
  12. Aselia the Eternal adaptation is a joke. If you think that adaptations that try to condense 50+ hour long VNs into 24 episodes of anime are bad, how about a 2-episode OVA? Though, admittedly, the only adapted about a half of the story and just dropped it after that. If we are talking about adaptations that actually have some semblance of a story, then, perhaps, Rewrite the 1st season, though I haven't seen that many. The first Fate anime would probably be somewhere close if I somehow managed to watch more than 1 episode, lol.
  13. No, but sometimes I come back and re-read parts I've already read if I feel like I'm missing something.
  14. All fetishes are dumb if you don't have them.
  15. Admittedly, I only played one and a half route, and I actually enjoyed just randomly choosing different choices and seeing where it would take me. I guess, if I had finished a few routes this way, I would have switched to using a walkthrough. I generally enjoy going through VNs blind, though there are some VNs with really dumb choices where going through it blind quickly gets annoying.
  16. Kumo at number 2? Really? Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu, I believe, is something that a lot of people may unexpectedly enjoy. I'd say, go for it if you like stories with somewhat shoujo-ish feel without too much focus on the romance. The initial premise actually gets resolved pretty quickly, and after that it's just pure wholesomeness. It completely avoids falling into a trap that a lot of stories with a similar premise fall into, which is making everyone in the kingdom that summoned the MC completely dumb and irrational. I guess, with the exception of the prince guy, but otherwise we w
  17. Well, easier doesn't always mean fun. Though it probably does mean more fun for this particular game. At least for any sane person. Muhahahaha, the power outlet is drunk and screaming.
  18. I see. Thank you, I went and changed it. But it still doesn't help much if I don't know which threads don't have any new content.
  19. Also, it seems that before the update when I clicked on any link in this list, I would jump to the last unread post. So... Is this change intentional or what? And if it isn't, is it possible to do something with it? I used that panel a lot, since most activity on this forum is in the new topics anyway, but right now this panel is simply useless.
  20. Started the final chapter in Trails in the Sky... First Chapter. This naming sure is weird. Anyway, the story started getting pretty interesting. I can't say I were particularly mindblown by it so far, but who knows, there's still time. The gameplay is fun. At this point I can say that I was absolutely right that I chose to play in the hard mode, since the normal mode would get very easy eventually. At the start I had some trouble playing in the hard mode and even had to grind for a bit, then it got to the point where it was still challenging, but not obnoxious, but right now, I feel, the
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