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  1. I might like the ending, who knows! I've never read the manga to Elfen Lied but the show was my first 'adult' anime so I guess it's kinda special in that regard. I still think the show is cool but it's not the best.
  2. Hibike Euphonium, Highschool DxD, Kakegurui, Mirai Nikki, Welcome to the NHK, Nichijou, No Game No Life, Spice and Wolf, Gurren Lagann, Elfen Lied (rewatch), and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1 (rewatch).
  3. I just finished episode 2 and the tea party stuff etc. That was so fucking brutal but so amazing! Can't wait to see what episode 3 is like. Although I'm pretty mentally drained right now..
  4. All I've been playing for almost two weeks is Umineko (Questions arc). I honestly didn't expect to get hooked like this but it's amazing
  5. So 9 people have been killed now and god it's amazing lol Edit: Sorry, 10 people
  6. Yeah they actually feel like relatives
  7. So I started reading Umineko yesterday and I'm only up to the part where everyone has arrived on the island, but I'm already enamoured with it. There's just something I really like about it but I'm not even sure what. I'm pretty sure I'm only going to be even more into it the further I get into the story
  8. Little Busters, SubaHibi and Umineko (Questions arc)
  9. Usually I go in whichever order of the girls I like the most. Though sometimes I'm surprised when a certain character's route is better than my favourite girl's route lol
  10. School-Live, Flip Flappers, Happy Sugar Life, Golden Time, and the Kara no Kyoukai movies
  11. I agree with this. I've only explored Nemu's route but the VN is worth a read to me so far because it's actually pretty interesting and the extreme content doesn't feel like it's there just to be there.
  12. Yeah like I'm getting back into Little Busters and Subarashiki Hibi. Little Busters is easy to get back into and Subarashiki is one I stopped reading for a bit, not really for a specific reason but it is pretty heavy so I guess I was mentally tired of reading it, I need a break from heavy stuff usually.
  13. Do you ever start a VN and play it for a while but then do something else for a few weeks or longer, then go back to it? I feel kinda guilty for abandoning stuff like that but I often go back anyway. I like to alternate between my hobbies a lot so I was wondering if anyone else does the same?
  14. Persona 3 Fes (first time), and Catherine (first time). Edit: I plan on getting a Vita tomorrow so I can play more Persona games and other JRPGs
  15. I just finished Made in Abyss and I seriously need something happy to watch because that was a ride, but it was an amazing one and I enjoyed every minute of it! Gorgeous art and animation, and I loved the characters - definitely in my top 10
  16. I've seen one episode of that lol it's on hold at the moment
  17. Honestly, it's one of my favourite things about anime. I love seeing what they're going to be like, what kind of style they go for, and what kind of music they do. There's just something kind of special about it for me
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