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Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

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So, I'll actually give this one a try.


Ren (and to a lesser extent Zaka) have already taken huge first steps and got their actual faces out there, something which a lot of people are very careful of considering our collective hobby - not that there's anything wrong with being a pervert.


I'd like everyone who posts in here to adhere to a few rules, which should be obvious:

  • Keep it civil - people might be shy, have social anxieties or any array of other issues you don't know of, so keep in mind that these are real people with feelings that I don't want to see hurt. If anything I want to see positive feedback in this thread.
  • Feel free to show off with cosplay, plushies, yourself in a group of people (as long as they are okay with it, otherwise crop your image), or blur out your face, anything to make you feel comfortable sharing something so personal with complete strangers.
  • Should you regret posting here for any reason whatsoever feel free to inform me or any moderator so we can remove your post.
  • For the same reason I'd encourage you to use an image hosting service that allows deleting the image.
  • Since we're dealing with pictures here, put them in spoiler tags to keep bandwidth usage to a minimum.
  • Please keep meaningless discussion off the thread and/or take it elsewhere, like PMs or another thread where it is appropriate.

I'll obviously be the first to post, even though it's kind of an old picture (mid 2013) and I don't let my hair grow that long anymore because of the silly locks - I might take a new one if I feel comfortable doing so.



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It wasn't until I went through this thread that I REALLY realized just how outnumbered I am in terms of gender... I mean, I obviously knew that this site was mainly male, but wow  :michiru:


At any rate, here's a picture of me and my Komari plushie:



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Bit of an old pic but it's probably my best one. All of the other pictures of me are family pics so this is really one of the few I can use.




Rocking the long hair man! Now I'm tempted to show my picture... 



Okay fine I will, but keep in mind this was a crappy photo I had to take in order to take the SAT. 



My hair is longer now by the way, took this photo like half a year ago.

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