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  1. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I can recommend a ton, but just from top of my head (warning, a lot of what I recommend will be EVNs): Otome or quasi-otome: Soulset Cupid Cinders The Letter Yuri: Flowers Fatal Twelve Shadows of Pygmalion Nurse Love Addiction A Little Lily Princess Other: One Thousand Lies Analogue: A Hate Story Sable's Grimoire Ace Academy
  2. My Magical Demon Lover (Yaoi VN Review)

    Yaoi VNs, and yaoi media in general, are something I know quite a bit about “in theory” – even beyond the discussions in the VN community, you can’t get far into fan studies academic literature without seeing substantial mentions of both Western slash fan-fiction and Japanese yaoi doujin in every other article. Still, in practice, BL VNs were something I was always hesitant to pick up, not really because of being “scared” of male gay romance, but simply because of it having lower appeal to me than both traditional het romance, and, especially, yuri. When I can choose between similarly high-quality games from various genres (and my backlog is full of those), yaoi simply doesn’t have many appeal-points to climb at the top of my to-read list. Thankfully, where my straight male sensibilities didn’t lead me, Steam Curator Connect came into action, in the form of Y Press Games sending me their debut visual novel My Magical Demon Lover. Released in May 2018, this little BL game promises a pretty interesting formula – a highly-comedic erotic VN, borderline nukige when it goes to the amount of sexual content, but kept in a strictly softcore formula (with no genitals visible in any of the scenes). Being a much bigger fan of softcore porn than I am of normal hentai, this already made me much less reluctant to explore this game, but still left me definitely outside of its target audience. Thankfully, porn wasn’t the only thing it had on offer... Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogpost.com
  3. Winter 2019 Anime Discussion

    So, the Winter season is already starting and its probably the most alienating one I remember. Outside of the continuation of the Slime Isekai (is there something or someone the protagonist CAN'T devour?) and the second season of Mob Psycho 100 there's very little that catches my eye. Well, not completely nothing though. Kaguya-sama: Love is War is apparently based on a really highly-rated manga and is a seinen, so it might be intriguing. And.. There's pretty much nothing else? Apart from SAO also still continuing. So, do you guys see anything else worthwhile? What are you going to watch? I might actually do some legitimate catching up on older series this time.
  4. Welcome back to EVN Chronicles, your prime source of romantic fluff reviews and recommendations! Today, I present you a post that will either capitalize on the post-Valentine's Day atmosphere by providing you even more positive feels, or help mend your lonely heart with quality love stories! Romance, as we all know, is one of the driving elements of visual novels in general, and maybe especially within the niche that is particularly close to my heart – and that is, of course, yuri. Recently, I've spent quite a lot of time going through and writing about Yuri Game Jam VNs and with that coverage finished, for the time being, it's an excellent day to look beyond this particular event to satisfy our freeware yuri needs. The Western visual novel scene is, if you take a closer look, surprisingly full of f/f romantic stories and freeware titles containing such themes show up pretty regularly, both thanks to other game jams, such as NaNoRen0 and various “random” releases, mostly by hobbyist developers. Today, I’ll go through some of the most notable, free EVNs with yuri elements – both those purely focused on girls’ love and those that include it as a significant part of the experience, but not its primary theme. As usual with this kind of lists, I’ll focus on short, casual VNs most fitting the mini-review format – some games that would fit the theme, like Christine Love’s Don’t Take it Personally, Babe, it Just ain’t Your Story, deserve a more detailed review and they will receive just that… SoonTM. Butterfly Soup Brianna Lei's story about a group of lesbian teenagers has gathered a significant amount of mainstream attention thank to its unique subject matter (focusing on minority queer women and their experience), but it’s definitely more than just a piece of social commentary. It offers a well-written, charming story that tackles its main themes with a lot of subtlety and attention to detail. It also doesn't overstate the sexuality of its characters, saying more about the universal challenges of growing up than just minority issues. And while it definitely attempts to create a more realistic representation of homosexual relationships, straying away from the typical, idealized yuri romance, it's a fun and light-hearted read that should be appropriate for anyone not allergic to close-to-reality LGBT stories. Final Score: Highly Recommended Her Tears Were My Light Nami's allegoric love story about Space and Time, threatened by the never-ending spiral into nothingness, is a simple, short game, that nonetheless managed to gather an impressive amount of praise from the readers (apparent, among other things, through its unusually high VNDB rating: 7.48 average, 6.92 Bayesian). With beautiful (although distinctly cute) visuals and high-quality writing, this NaNoRen0 2016 entry is a really touching and surprisingly unpretentious read, appropriate not just for yuri fans, but rather everyone not afraid to shed a few tears. Final Score: Highly Recommended Seduce Me the Otome The notorious otomege by Michaela Laws might focus mostly on the male love interests, but also offers three enjoyable yuri routes – two short, “side” ones, featuring protagonist’s high school friends Naomi and Suzu, and one revolving around Diana – a succubus and one of the central characters of the whole Seduce Me series. While cheesy writing and voice-acting, along with inconsistent art sometimes makes it hard to take this game seriously, it truly works the best when you don’t – the amateurish feel gives it some peculiar charm with can make it highly enjoyable if you’re looking for a few laughs, along with the genuinely cute, romantic moments it provides. And Diana's route, at least, is definitely among the most interesting elements of the whole experience. Final Score: Recommended Mira’s Magical Mishap Mira’s Magical Mishap by SilverHyena is another one of those extremely cute and relaxing yuri visual novels which work best when you don’t want to worry about receiving a really bad ending or the drama going out of control. Following Mira, a magic school dropout trying to prove herself as an owner of a potions store, and creates a faulty mixture that takes away the magic of her old rival, Odette. Having to work together to fix the problem, they realize that their old conflicts were misunderstandings more than anything more. Depending on your path, they might forgive each other and become friends, or even more than that – and as standard as this scenario is, pleasant art and good writing make it just fun enough to read to be ultimately worth your time. Final Score: Recommended Romance Detective 1 & 2 Quintessential work by NomnomNami, the Romance Detective duology does a great job of showcasing both her characteristic artstyle and the casual, mostly-comedic storytelling typical for her VNs. While the second game was never truly finished, missing some art assets, the whole series is complete story-wise and offers a lot of fun for those looking for a light, cheerful read – although the sequel has its share of more sober, touching moments and should be compelling also for those looking for some actual romance and drama. Final Score: Highly Recommended Taarradhin Taarradhin is a fairly well-known NaNoRenO 2014 entry, that only partially relies on yuri themes, but manages to stand out thanks to an appealing aesthetic, Orient-inspired stylization and a simple, but well-executed plot. It follows the story of Netqia, a young and naive daughter of a powerful noble in a country struck by a catastrophic drought, who's unexpectedly presented with a gift of two beautiful slaves. While, just like other games on this list, Taarradhin is fairly short, it manages to create an interesting setting with many elements unusual for visual novels, a pretty well-fleshed-out cast of characters and an interesting intrigue, that lets you connect to the main cast through multiple playthroughs and rewards you with a compelling "true" conclusion at the end of the road. Final Score: Recommended Sugar’s Delight Before Winged Cloud became the company we all know and love (?), they’ve created a cute, SonoHana-style nukige titled Sugar’s Delight, under the Neko☆Soft label. And surprisingly enough, it’s quite a competent one, if you exclude the headache-inducing, stock background music. The already mentioned Kiss for the Petals inspirations are rather clear even in the character designs and the emotional dynamic between the heroines, and while the writing is definitely not on par with the Japanese productions, it’s serviceable most of the time. The erotic scenes are also surprisingly well-done, making this game quite adequate for what it tries to be – and that, considering what came later from its creators, is already a positive surprise. Final Score: Recommended -------------------------------------------------- I’ve said it so many times that it is probably getting boring by now, but the unique place that yuri and f/f romantic themes play in the EVN scene is one of the reasons I appreciate it so much. For the fans of girls’ love, Western VN devs, both hobbyists and professional ones, provide a constant stream of meaningful content (admittedly, with lesbian porn being just as prevalent and seemingly way more popular than it is on the Japanese eroge market). While I expect free games to become less prevalent in the future, as the most talented devs transition to commercial titles and the market for those grows steadily, yuri fans will always have something to look forward to in the EVN niche – and hopefully, I’ll be able to fill many more lists like this with enjoyable f/f stories. And for now, I hope you've enjoyed this little post and I wish you all a lot of love in your lives, both in 2D and 3D formats!
  5. Free Yuri EVNs – non-Yuri Game Jam edition

    It's what I'd call "typical game jam fodder", and I particularly don't hate this one because most of the choices matter in some subtle ways. Would probably be way more critical if the dev asked for money, but as a freebie, it's acceptable. Can a second playthrough really be a chore considering the length? It wasn't that badly written at any point. I think the characters were decent, their backstories and different reactions to the threat of *spoiler* adding enough to justify the multiple playthroughs. There were cool touches, like the romance ending suggested how the relationship will forever be tainted by what happened. I'd much more likely complain about the true route and the overly-happy resolution of the plot. :>
  6. System Requirements for VN

    There are very few VNs this kind of notebook would have any trouble running. Most of them are purely 2D games, often with no or minimal animation. And Symphonic Rain especially is a title from the early 2000s, even proper 3D games from that time have a good chance to run on this kind of system. The only thing I'd be wary about is the small disk space - 128GB, when you subtract the space taken by Windows and all kinds of basic software you need to make your computer functional, leaves relatively little area to play with, but you can always buy a large SD card or an external HDD to remedy that. With VNs, you really don't have to worry about the loading speeds much.
  7. It looks like even in the mid-90s some people were already sick of the virgin sex trope in JP eroge?
  8. Personally, I like my pumpkins materialistic, but hey, you can't convince every vegetable to accept your particular doctrine, can you? PS Also, when fully displayed this screen uses the word "pumpkin" six times in like five lines of text. Won't call out the developer, but by the point they made this VN they should really have known better.
  9. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I generally don't read nukige (unless it picks my interest for some peculiar reason, or someone sends me one for review, which is happening more and more often with Steam openly allowing porn) and usually choose all-ages versions of VNs whenever that's a viable option. I don't have any moral problems with h-scenes, but I don't use them for "intended purposes", and more often than not find them extremely dull and narratively hollow, so I have little hesitation for skipping them altogether. My "VNs of choice" would be fluffy yuri romance and mystery. I also like things that are spicy, even to the point of including softcore sex scenes, but without all the brain-melting hentai dialogue, absurd voyeuristic positions, extreme close-ups... All that porny stuff that is just for people to get off to, instead of doing anything for the story (or at least getting your imagination working). EDIT: But I've also read euphoria and some extremely smutty short VNs, because curiosity is one of the driving forces of my VN-reading habits. :>
  10. This must've been literally one of the JAST's first projects after forming the company, right? I guess it could've easily been even worse, in those dark ages of Japanese game localisation. But regardless of that, I think the "rewriting" in this thread's title is slowly gaining a new meaning. Maybe you should take your time and find some volunteers to help you fill these gaps? Consider how good your basic idea for this project was, it could easily become the ultimate version of SnK in every possible way with some translation rewrites.
  11. Oh damn, that's awesome. I've never played FF XIV, but I absolutely adore how it encourages this kind of role-playing. Have fun with this, I'll be looking forward to seeing how it turned out and what your "serious" project is going to be about.
  12. What Anime are you watching now?

    I've watched through One Punch Man and... It's good? I don't think it's THAT fantastic, as it's practically recycling one joke over and over again through the whole season. It effectively puts all the shounen conventions on their head and is masterfully produced, but it didn't really captivate me. A strong 8/10, but I'd still consider it overhyped. Well, maybe overhyped to the point where it couldn't possibly match the expectations, but even if we're talking about this particular author's work, I think Mob Psycho 100 is a way better series - it uses some similar themes, like the absurdly OP and unassuming protagonist, but does much more interesting things with them. On the other hand, I'm now more than half-way through A Place Further Than the Universe and it might be my first 10/10 rating. I mean, can you really do better with kind of slice-of-life/adventure anime? With how likeable and believable the characters are, how good and usually subtle the humour is, how genuine the drama feels... I definitely won't try to claim that it's the best anime ever, but in its own category it feels like pure excellence. At least, if it can keep up the quality until the end. I'll probably finish it around the weekend, as I have some more-urgent things in the next few days and this series deserves taking your time and paying proper attention to it.
  13. Good luck. I hope you'll ship those guildmates' characters so hard they'll have no choice but to marry in game after reading it. Now be a good developer and add some tags to the thread title.
  14. Well, I wouldn't be this negative about it. Despite what many people say nowadays, it's still way better to be on Steam than not being on it, especially if you have a game that stands out positively in some way and put some basic effort into promoting it. Those creepy people asking for an h-patch for your non-porn game shouldn't discourage you, they're a thing, but it doesn't mean there's no market for proper plot-centred VNs (especially decent-looking yuri). I'm not sure if Sakura games didn't just enforce the already-existing stereotype. After all, apart from being cheap and particularly dumb, they aren't that much different from the Japanese ecchi VNs. It's easy to see why it's hard for most people to differentiate between the proper story-centric VNs and the sea of crappy hentai games they float in. ...and to be perfectly honest, I don't even know if I have genuine respect for VNs as a medium - I love them for sure, but I also see how porn-obsessed and creatively bankrupt much of the JVN market is and how EVNs often borrow all the wrong parts of the formula. Plus the Japanese companies, even if they have titles that are really worth promoting, very rarely want to invest real money into marketing outside of Japan and reaching out to anyone outside of the already-established VN community. VNs are limited by their nature and their origins above all, and the best that we can do is to promote (or create) ones that escape the negative stereotypes. The genre already escaped from total obscurity and can only go up from here (unless some major media company takes a closer look at Fakku release of Maitetsu ;p).
  15. It's extremely hard to measure this reliably. I'd say its most likely that the VN market outside of Japan (not counting China, which is definitely a huge growing market, but in many ways a separate issue from the Western scene), including both localisation and original-English releases is growing, but competition is ramping up faster than the actual audience. Sales are dropping and more big releases underperform, not because there are fewer people interested in VNs, but because there's a lot of titles to choose from. Maybe even to the point where the current output of VN studios and localisation companies is unsustainable - at least outside of straight-up nukige, because if Nekopara taught us anything, it is that high-quality Japanese porn can break the cultural barriers quite well, while something with an actual story will have a much harder job doing so. :>
  16. Yup, following the VNDB by rating is actually not a bad idea. To make it more doable, it's a good idea to filter by length, for example prioritizing the shorter classics to not get stuck on some giant for the next 5 months, and only very carefully approaching the really long ones. I'll also add the EVN VNDB listing... There are some Japanese and Korean games with simultaneous English releases on it, but they're easy to identify.
  17. While two weeks ago we’ve mostly covered the beginnings of Winged Cloud’s presence on the EVN market (well, ignoring the "otome period", but Pyrite Heart might be worth a separate look, along with The Guardian’s Spell crowdfunding debacle), this time we’re taking look at a transitional period – one in which Inma still didn’t make explicit art, acting as the sole “all-ages” artist for the company, while Wanaca was already focusing exclusively on hentai titles, including the 100+ CG behemoth that is Sakura Dungeon. It’s also a time that brought something we could describe as a pretty obvious drop in quality – the new non-porn titles definitely looked like low-effort cash-ins, with mostly linear storytelling, no voice-acting and underwhelming CG counts. Sakura Beach 2, put together in only a few months and obviously reusing a lot of visual assets from the first game, was especially emblematic, foreshadowing the switch to mass-production of cheaper, shorter titles, that fully dominated the studios output a year later, after the release of Sakura Nova, the last arguably ambitious Sakura game. But, ignoring for a moment our knowledge of what the future held for the franchise, how these late Sakura ecchi VNs hold out today? Sakura Beach 1 & Sakura Beach 2 It might be just my personal taste, but I can somewhat accept a harem scenario if the protagonist earns it in some way – by being a really good person that helps the heroines in a substantial manner, or even being a shitty one but defying expectations and doing something exceptional when it truly mattered. Starting with a harem, however, feels like the laziest setup imaginable and I pretty much abhorred every instance when it showed up its ugly head in the Sakura series (of course, in short nukige such as Sakura Christmas Party the only thing that mattered was giving a justification for inserting a variety of porn scenes, so complaining about dumb plot is a bit of superficial – thankfully, I’m also making a series all about pointless nit-picking :3). Inma’s debut as a Winged Cloud’s character artist, Sakura Beach and its sequel, Sakura Beach 2 already had a pretty rough start with me because of this "storytelling technique", while the apparently short development cycle for both games also did little to encourage any kind of optimism from me when I decided to approach them. Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
  18. Sure, I'm not sure what we're disagreeing about though, because I think everything you wrote is 100% correct.
  19. I guess things are changing a bit thanks to online stores being integrated into consoles, but generally speaking, the cost of console games is the reason I never really got into them very much. I've had a PS1, Xbox 360 and PS4 in the past, but only because my family bought those, I'd never put money into these machines when I can buy games much cheaper on Steam and don't care that much about any of the exclusives. And if you really want to have some VNs on a portable device, but don't have much money to work with, there's a lot you can do with your android/iOS device.
  20. If you like otome a lot? TBH, I think Switch is much better investment long-term, considering that many developers try to get access to the giant payerbase it offers. And considering Sony's shift to removing eroge from their platforms, suddenly Nintendo might be the more open-minded of those two companies (what has this world came to... ).
  21. Shoujo City 3D (alpha release)

    I've only now noticed that you went full yuri with the 3D version? That's neat. It's not my usual thing, but I'd probably want to pick the Steam version up and give it an in-depth review on the blog at some point. Do you still consider the current version an alpha? Do you have any timeline on when you're expecting it to be feature complete?
  22. Not sure why, but the moment I saw this scene in the Gabriel DrouOut opening, I knew I needed this .gif in my life.
  23. It's more like an artefact of the time when it was released. Steam didn't allow 18+ content back then and didn't allow the published to link the 18+ patches on the Steam store page or discussion threads. It, indeed, only added to the confusion from the already poorly-handled release, but I wouldn't be worried about anything being deleted etc., the game was released a while ago. And well, I didn't play Subahibi, but from what I know it's not anywhere close to euphoria, at least when it goes to the amount of h-content. It's not a fetish/porn game with a story attached to it, but a story-driven one with some porn in it and even if the hentai scenes in it can be extreme, they are so for storytelling purposes, rather than as fapping material.
  24. It's a very unusual case, in which the Steam version without a patch is less "censored" and more of a demo. Basically, you get the initial chapters, which don't have anything that would need censoring, and the patch unlocks the whole rest of the game. In other words, you need the patch to play it at all, not just to access the h-scenes. It's one of the weirdest Steam releases ever, not just when it goes to VNs, but at least with the patch it's pretty much identical to the Japanese version content-wise.
  25. Hello everyone

    Welcome to Fuwanovel! I'm sure you won't regret making an account in the end. I means, why would anybody regret doing that? There's nothing to fear from in our lovely community. Nothing at all. In your profile page, there should be a small icon in the down left corner of your profile photo (next to your nickname). Clicking it will give you the option to upload an image.