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  1. Welcome to another episode of Shovelware Adventures! This time, we'll take a break from our favourite, the Sakura series, to take a look at a much more obscure corner of the OELVN scene. The venture into commercial visual novel development by the German fan translator working under the label Yume Creations effected in some of the strangest VNs available on Steam and beyond. Combining competent art and interesting ideas with trashy ecchi, pieces of absolutely disastrous, bizarre writing and straight up failures in the English language, these projects are all experiences that will defy your expectations – just not necessarily in the ways their authors would want them to. Aozora Meikyuu A nukige without sex scenes, this little VN offers a rather charming heroine, who sadly gets involved in a totally nonsensical plot and various sexual scenarios that are never shown to the player. In the game’s story, our shut-in protagonist is forced to go out on a rare quest to buy groceries and on his way back home is nearly crashed to death by a (nude) girl falling from the sky. What follows, is a series of rather amusing interactions between the main character and the mysterious woman that invaded his life, which sadly can lead only to some literally incomprehensible and abrupt bad endings, or to a single positive one. The latter, admittedly, somewhat won me over by the virtue of being heartwarming, but was also based on some highly-questionable logic, making in turn everything that happened earlier rather hard to understand. The bad endings, which make little sense even after discovering the mystery central to the story and the true conclusion of the plot, along with the sexual tension constantly present in the game, building up towards non-existent hentai scenes, most likely suggest some heavily problematic development process. Because of all this, the final product is rather hard to recommend, even though I seriously enjoyed certain elements of it and ideas the author tried to implement – it is, indeed, a particularly unfortunate hunk of rabbit poo, not really offensive in any way, but hardly worth your attention. Final rating: Rabbit Poo Yozora Rhapsody Featuring, among many other things, gross overuse of Japanese honorifics so beloved by the Western readers and some utterly confusing grammatical errors, Yume Creations’ second title definitely tried to improve on the already established formula, but sadly didn’t succeed. This casual story of a family trip to an exotic island, which evolves into a rather lighthearted supernatural drama later on, probably does a better job than Aozora Meikyuu when it goes following a coherent plot and including some wholesome erotic material (husband and wife sex scenes that are nice to look at, but pretty horrendous when it goes to actual writing). It is, however, still way too lacking in polish and competent storytelling to really become a compelling experience. Also, it even manages to be seriously overpriced for the 2+ hours of content it offers. The pinked-haired wife character, just like the Aozora Meikyuu’s heroine, might be the main redeeming quality here, but that will make the whole VN worthwhile only for the most dedicated waifu hunters. All others should feel justified to skip on this one or grab it only with some kind of deep discount. Final rating: Rabbit Poo Games&Girls Have you ever dreamed about getting really intimate with your favourite gaming console, or the PC you’ve worked on for years and shared so many special moments with? If yes, Games&Girls have all your gross, objectophile fantasies covered, with a plot involving a shut-in protagonist, who spends his all money on a limited-edition PS4, only for the overpriced piece of hardware transform into a sexy woman overnight. What comes next is the tale of living with a battery-charged, sentient sex-doll that puts most Sakura games to shame when it goes to trashiness and dry writing. Chapter 2 of this episodic release adds a Nintendo DS to the mix – one that our hero buys fill the void left by his previous system not being able to run games anymore, and which, very predictably, turns into a loli (and a particularly obnoxious one at that). The anguish of the protagonist, being forced to sexually satisfy his now-living electronic devices instead of playing games on them is only comparable to the pain of reading the cringe-worthy dialogue and edgy internal monologues of the lead character. Avoid at all cost. Final rating: Smelly Poo ------------------------------------- Yume Creations is one of those fringe emanations of the VN market that are not only limited the EVN scene – it’s enough to look at the horror known as Creature Romances, brought lately to the West by Sekai Project, too see that disturbingly bad visual novels can be made anywhere and some indie companies will produce such small nightmares no matter what. When it goes to YC themselves, there seem to be more VNs coming from them, including an incest-themed one with a younger sister as the main heroine. This will, most likely, not end well…
  2. Sunrider Academy (dating sim review)

    The Sunrider series is one of the most successful OELVN franchises – one which not only spawned two highly-appreciated VN/strategy game hybrid titles, but even made a rare attempt at expanding to the Japanese market (at least successful enough that the games’ developer, Love in Space, apparently works on making their upcoming title, JP-idol themed Shining Song Starnova, into another export product, with Japanese voice acting and other elements rarely seen in western-produced VNs). Both the freeware Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius and it’s commercial sequel, Liberation Day, got much recognition for their space-opera storytelling, solid game mechanics and good production values. One thing the mainline Sunrider games definitely lacked, however, was satisfying romance – while the cast followed typical harem tropes, with male protagonist and vast, female-only crew more or less visibly in love with him, the character development for most of the girls was extremely basic and, at least in the first game, player was left with no ability to pursue any of them. To remedy this sorry state of affairs, Sunrider Academy was created – an alternative universe dating sim spin-off, placing the protagonist and the main four heroines of Mask of Arcadius in a typical high-school setting (although without abandoning the sci-fi elements or the Sunrider universe itself). So does this game, published by Sekai Project on April 2015, really remedy mainline Sunrider games’ omissions? Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
  3. Hey guys!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel! Hope you'll have fun posting.
  4. There's a VNDB tag for it. My personal recommendation, or rather the only game with that feature I played in which it actually made a difference, would be Sable's Grimoire. A very cool, story-centric EVN.
  5. Fast paced VNs?

    Hmmm... I usually go with EVN recommendations, but here especially they could be more to your liking, as they're usually short and to the point. Sweetest Monster and Lynne are great, short horrors by Ebi-hime. Soundless is a slightly similar, unsettling and climatic game. Ace Academy and One Thousand Lies are a nice, relatively short plotge without excess SoL fluff. Obviously, things like Saya no Uta, Phenomeno or even euphoria won't give you much time to rest. At least, those are the games that come to my mind when people ask for stuff with less SoL/faster plot progression, after all even chuunige usually have enormous wordcounts and a lot of casual moments, it's a bit of a core feature of VNs as a medium from my (limited) experience.
  6. Hello! New guy here

    Welcome to Fuwanovel! I hope you never find your limit, no matter how long you seek.
  7. Japanese equivalent of notable OELVNs?

    Hah, I wouldn't mind to see EVNs grow in a similar manner. But who would be the Key of the West? Well, I know nothing of old VNs, so I can't contribute to the discussion, but I enjoy the premise. If only me or @Palas could DBZ-style fuse with @kivandopulus for an hour, I'm sure the combined knowledge would effect in a dozen or two of perfect analogies.
  8. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    I'm slightly more disturbed by the fact, if we believe the annoucement, that they got rid of pretty much all their marketing staff, with claims they're not touching the actual translation/development crew (and no indication they're actually moving resources there/expanding the localization team). Marketing was, pretty much, the only thing that worked as intended in Sekai. This plus the fact that people got fired out of the blue, it doesn't look too pretty. Hopefully it's not some kind of disaster in the making, I actually would prefer for Sekai to stay considering their involvement as an EVN publisher.
  9. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    After all, they clearly had excess permanent staff and their projects were all going so smoothly...
  10. Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    Hey, it's becoming a bit of a tradition for me to start these! ^^ The spring is ending and we're going into a summer that looks... Very dull, TBH. I can't find a show I know I'll be following for sure other than Overlord III and that weird Demon King thingy with a poorly translated synopsis (almost makes me feel like I'm reading a summary of a nukige). Apparently, I'm the last person on Earth that still isn't absolutely sick of isekai anime. Obviously, there's also the third season of Attack on Titan, but I still have the second one to go through and TBH I was never as enthralled with that series as most people are. What are your thoughts people? Anything you're looking forward to?
  11. What are you playing?

    I've finished reading SoulSet today (another Polish VN, yay!) and I have to say that while I don't have much experience with multi-route mystery, this was definitely among the best ones I've seen in EVN form, definitely on par with Everlasting Summer. The cast is really quite unique and interesting, including the first cross-dressing character I genuinely liked (I mean, he somehow combines a really foul attitude with being absurdly cute - and well, the game provided two, in a way even three "real" yuri routes so I had few resons to complain). The devs also did a cool thing with the romance options, that is even though you need to finish all routes to get to the true ending and every character is romanceable, you can freely choose between romantic and friendship scenarios in all of them. This way, it can be played as a "yuri" or an "otome" - whatever pleases you personally. I only skipped one romance though, as the character is question (Apris) was terribly dull. The mystery itself was... Contrived, to the point I wasn't sure about a few details even at the very end, but it was generally quite satisfying. I like how the game uses "clues", with you keep between playthroughs, to make all paths meaningful and encourage you to go through all the endings, including bad ones. I'm not sure if I would enjoy it without the guide though, there's a lot of choices and ways to screw up in most routes and exploring them blindly mustr take tons of time (obviously, people that don't have to hurry through gamers like I do might have a lot of fun with that). Generally, a very positive experience, and even decently produced (a bit of disconnect between the sprotes and CG artwork was pretty much my onlyu complaint) - highly recommended.
  12. Plk_Lesiak’s Shovelware Adventures: Yume Creations

    Catridges are not so bad, I would warn especially against doing that to DVD drives (radiation) or other ports (electricity). And when it goes to these games... They are among the best-selling OELVNs on Steam, if we can believe the recently-leaked data (especially Aozora Meikyuu and Games&Girls). To be fair, they're mostly dirt-cheap, especially when on sale, could've been included in some bundles too. :>
  13. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday to You! Sorry for being late...
  14. Hello from Delusional

    You chose the name just to be able to write this everywhere, didn't you? Well, either way, welcome to Fuwanovel!
  15. Looks quite nice! I see thers are in-app purchases in the game and you can buy it chapter by chapter. Is there an option to pay once for full content and how much it costs to unloch everything?
  16. "Your Diary" is coming out

    All the screenshots I've seen gave me the Tricolor Lovestory vibe (that is MTL edited into something vaguely coherent), I might be wrong about that, as I'm not an expert, but I definitely can't really agree that's crucial in this case. I don't really care whether this is a scam or a genuine fuckup, or even whether Hobibox is responsible for this directly or were scammed by a con-artist. The effect is the same (unreadable translation) and the only possible fix is reworking the translation from the ground up. It's also not some indie team trying to make a name for themselves on the VN market, it's a huge freakin' media company and I don't give a shit about their feelings or being "fair" to them, as long as they try to sell crap like this and give half-assed responses on how they are "concerned" about the backlash.
  17. "Your Diary" is coming out

    Even if they hired someone and got scammed it wouldn't mean it's not an edited MTL. It damn sure looks like one and if someone really gave this mess to a well-meaning company, it probably wouldn't be below them to go all Mitch about it.
  18. For a long time, I was under the impression that yuri is immensely more popular in the West, when it goes to VNs. A lot of the best visual novels we have out here are pure girls' love stuff and tons of games, like many otome games, include females as either some of their main romance options or at least side routes of sorts. On the Japanese side of things, when you consider the sheer output of the eroge industry, it's not really very impressive - if you take away larger series such as SonoHana and Flowers, there's barely anything of quality left. A question for those more oriented in the Japanese eroge scene: do Japanese readers care less about yuri? Are titles such as Flowers, Yurirei or Fatal Twelve finding mass appeal in Japan, or are they very much niche things for the already yuri-oriented audience?
  19. "Your Diary" is coming out

    This is an important point I think. Next time someone tries to translate Cross Channel, they should do it in Trump-speak. No more problems with that complicated prose and snobbish nuance. "Our club worked on the roof. It was a fantastic roof. We had an antenna there. A tremendous antenna. No one had an antenna as big as ours."
  20. Is yuri "big" on the JP eroge market?

    Isn't that distinction more of a wee... Pardon me, Western otaku thing? I've heard that at least yuri is a catch-all term in Japanese.
  21. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday to @Nayleen. May we bask in your admin glory and receive your site-management favours for years to come.
  22. Is yuri "big" on the JP eroge market?

    Well, I think they are that in the West too - there might be much more media presence of lesbians here, including public figures etc, but the fetishistic male fantasy of lesbians is alive and well. Plus it's still something quite detached from most people's experience, if you look outside of the media fandoms or the leftist university groups. :> *I read that レズビアン is a proper word in Japanese nowadays. Really now? I guess I should've expected that, but after my year+ of dealing with VNs I started thinking that everything sells better with porn. Glad to be proven wrong here. :3
  23. Looking for a Wholesome Romance...

    I think you could count Fureraba here, it's a comedy, but generally a fun and lighthearted romance. How I missed that already being listed? Anyways, I guess I can recommend some yuri? Kindred Spirits, Lonely Yuri and Highway Blossoms are all very wholesome, romantic games, but obviously quite different from a typical moege. If you don't mind EVNs, Ace Academy and Crystalline (warning - only one love interest) are extremely wholesome.
  24. Is Princess Evangile worth it?

    MMM is generally considered mediocre at best, so I wouldn't judge PE (or other Moonstone stuff in general) through it. But... A lot of people get bored of Evangile too, as it's rather long and slow-paced. Generally, it's significantly higher-rated and heroines are considered quite appealing, but I don't think anyone can say for sure that you won't get sick of it at some point.
  25. Dev Update Feed is dead for more than a year now, is it possible to take it down from the Forums homepage and add 2-3 more positions to the Latest Blog Entries tab? Yes, this is a request obviously driven by self-interest, but I think it makes sense in the current circumstances.