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  1. I'm rather shy, the only person who knows about my visual novel addiction is my boyfriend and some very long-term friends who I'm hanging out with for years.
  2. I remember when FuwaNovel hosted visual novels. (I didn't visit FuwaNovel regularly later btw) One time when I visited, the games were gone with an explanation of Aaeru I think? I wonder where she is, she once wrote a blog post about my old youtube account which I recently restarted. Then the site went off air for I dunno how long, could be that hour I tried to visit the website, but could have been also for a few months. And now we're at this point.
  3. I created a subreddit for 0verflow games. Games like Cross Days, School Days HQ, Shiny Days etc that 0verflow has made in the past. For the people who are interested, considering the fact that I'm a huge 0verflow fan~
  4. I'm a girl too. I love to play sad/crazy yandere/romantic eroges, only for their story, not interested in the sexual stuff only if it is meaningful for the storyline. I did like CLOCKUP's Fraternite and euphoria. Playing for almost 8 years now. (I'm a crazy 0verflow fan)
  5. I've been playing eroge for ages, but this is the first time I had to change my language region for a game.
  6. You're a life saver, I only had to change my time region to Japan and it immediately worked without compatibility mode. Thank you very much. Seriously, it brought tears to my eyes.
  7. Hey, I have Windows 7.. My specs are: OS: Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1 (64BIT) CPU: Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.50 GHz MEM: 4GB RAM, 238GB インターン VIDEO: Intel (R) HD Graphics Family I can't go back to the previous state..
  8. I've bought the game, installed it, and I still have the same error. I've done everything what was uploaded on the official website and also sent 0verflow various e-mails without getting a reply. I basically get this error when I click on load or save: スクリプ卜のバ一ジョンが一致していません At first, I could play the game on the same laptop by changing it to compatibility mode Windows 2000. After a sudden reboot 4 days later, the game doesn't work anymore in any compatibility mode that I've tried. I've tried regedit and everything I could and could find on the internet. Is there anybody that can help me
  9. Finally the fix of the script engine problem, I just found out and immediately wrote a blog text about it so it won't get lost on the internet. https://www.visualnovelgamer.com/2017/11/16/cross-days-スクリプ卜のパ一ジョンが一致していません-fix/
  10. I tried to run it both with Windows 7 and Windows XP, but I receive the same error. I guess I'll leave it for now.
  11. I did try to start the game on the nodvd patch version, version 1.00a (original with bugs) and on version 1.00b (it was an update) but it doesn't seem to work. I used to play this game on a Windows 7, but one day when I tried to start it, this error showed up. Now I'm using another laptop with Windows 8 and the same error shows up. EDIT: I also used a hex editor to edit the .exe file to bypass the serial registration and the recognition of the script. It worked for the first part, but the script hasn't been recognized again.
  12. If I only had the money to buy more eroge, lol. It used to work, but I dunno why this started to show up.
  13. The version of the game is 1.00b with a nodvd patch. How do I fix this? I tried all the Script.GPK packs I found online, but nothing works unfortunately.
  14. Milk Pot, it's way too obvious why. VNDB
  15. Finished the game yesterday. The gross scenes made me gag, but I survived it. Plot twists made my head go crazy, especially in the end. Rated it a 9/10.
  16. I'm also busy with the walkthrough and I'm done with Saki's part. I've found the Japanese walkthrough online so I followed that one and translated the sentences in how DarkEye has put it in the eroge. It's this, only Saki's part has the correct translations, Here is the walkthrough
  17. Yeah, and this problem also happens with the teacher.. But if she appears again and she leaves, the problem's back most of the times, so she's almost always in the game. xD
  18. Thank you very much, I'll take a look. (The problem starts at 2:28 http://youtu.be/J5ALjUC8mpk) Should I delete and download the game again? I see that no one has the same problem as I have, there's nothing on the readme and the translator's website.
  19. I have a problem with Yandere. Once I met Maika in the game, she doesn't leave the scene... For example: I'm in the class "alone" with the teacher and Maika still stands there.
  20. Lol, they still have some common sense though. They're only afraid of "djinns" and other supernatural things.
  21. Ask my aunt, she is superstitious as hell. (and she lives with us) When I was in 5th grade, I had to wear a small belt over my tummy to protect myself from evil shit. My family still believes in those old folk traditions where you have to walk over a pot with fire a few times while saying things to remove the bad things, it's insane.
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