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  1. Okay, we have our Twitch stream set up. You can see how I pick on @IvyFetish all day long. We just kind of banter back/forth while working. She is so adorable and I'm so mean to her. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/241514438
  2. Okay, guys, we're going to be opening up the queue for players for our free, Saturday game on Twitch. It will be relaxed and light-hearted. Just hanging out and having some simple D&D fun. The game is running Sat from 3PM-5PM; we'll be online and getting set up ~2:00-2:30PM; all times PST You can find more info out at: http://www.arosiathegame.com/quests/ The first four character concepts listed in #chat in our Play - Twitch D&D channel on our game Discord will have first shot at player slots. If people miss out on games, we'll !roll 100 to see who gets to pick it up (until they miss a game, etc.) If no one shows up, then we'll just run a game with the lovely @IvyFetish full of laughter (for me) and torment (for her); make sure you save her.
  3. The Poison route for the Teen Succubus is coming along; it's a little darker than we were planning, but it seems like our stories keep heading down those sorts of paths. Here's an excerpt from the second scene:
  4. Hello everybody

    So nice to meet you. Welcome! I'm sure I'll read a review by @Plk_Lesiak about one your VNs soon enough. I can't keep up with him at all! This is a great community. Have fun. <3
  5. Hi!

    Welcome, love. This is a fantastic community, and I know you're going to love it here. I can't wait to see your game. It sounds super cute and sweet!
  6. VN Developer Spotlight: Reine Works

    That was an interesting interview. The one thing I really enjoyed about it was JM's description of doing audio work (esp. editing) for voice acting. It is literally the bane of my existence, and the number one task in terms of time/resources needed. I've learned to love it, but it is far more effort than I expected it would be; especially if done well.
  7. The Tail Makes the Fox, Episode 1 (otome VN review)

    Okay, I read the review before the interview!
  8. What's the future of Fuwanovel now?

    I think Fuwa is a nice alternative to some other places. I enjoy it here quite a bit. So, from my perspective, out of all the VN-related sites on the internet, Fuwa is doing a better job than anyone else at making VNs attractive to me. And that's in it's current state, even! I'm very big on not depressing myself needlessly. If any one person feels like Fuwa isn't living up to your standards, I would say that you should take the initiative to start fixing whatever problems you see. Otherwise, you don't really care very much about the problems.
  9. Thoughts on vn's with gameplay?

    I think that it's fine as long as the gameplay is so compelling/enjoyable that it doesn't make the VN worse for it. That's a pretty high bar to set, however, and I would say most VNs would be better off if they cut their gameplay mechanisms out. It's better to do one thing extremely well, rather than do many things just okay.
  10. Introductions>

    As everyone has said before me, welcome sweetie!
  11. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday to @McDerpingheimer III. @Plk_Lesiak told me to sign the birthday card, so here it is! Lots of love (and stop being a stranger)! We only bite here on birthdays.
  12. Okay, love. Well let us see what we can do. Maybe a Sat/Sun afternoon would be a better fit for more people. Sounds fun and relaxing, actually. Scheduling is always the bane of organizing meetups.
  13. Hello, minna!

    I absolutely love this title. Good luck with your project and welcome to Fuwa; love it here!
  14. What time works best for you in Poland? I'll check times here.