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  1. We delete them immediately, but somehow they increased quite a lot... It's definitely annoying and we need to word filter some things. This is the negative side of making forum signup easier...
  2. Well, you are perfect here since you can simply try to find a reasonable translator here. Just make a thread in our section for recruitment and try to describe best what you need. We can at least make a post on twitter and other social media so you can try and find an actual translator to work with you. Otherwise you can just tell the SVN folks to make another awful MTL with their sugoi tool, but we would not want to advertise it here or post it in our blog for everyone to see. We have the modern times and people shouldn't settle for MTL projects anymore, we have many better opportunities now with all these translation companies that exist. Who knows, maybe Shiravune pops up with a Flyable Heart TL. Not the first time they surprise us.
  3. https://fuwanovel.net/become-part-a-of-the-movement/ An application here. Creativity and reliability is most important
  4. Welcome to Fuwanovel Shinyun! We could actually need a yuri otaku in our writing team, so don't be surprised if this is smth we might approach you with in the future! Hope you have fun around here ☺
  5. I have had the privilege of being a QC? It's done? Doesn't the QC work start post-TLC completion?
  6. What do you mean Kodaka had enough of it? Project RAINCODE is building on the same formula, I think.
  7. Well, for one you can make a thread in our Recruitment Area which we will then spread over Twitter and other social media, so you got this advantage. There are also job boards on itch.io, lemmasoft forums and several dev spaces (DevTalk, LoveVN, Otome Development Server, BL Development Server). You should build yourself both a twitter presence as well as a carrd/linktree/html site with your commission cards and examples. You can also post on several reddits like r/vns, r/visualnovels. There are tons of people looking for visual novel art out there, but since indie devving is usually a low-budget profession they will offer you revshare as well as demand you to work for free often. You need to know what your own price is, not undervalue yourself and be persistent. Lots of indie devs are looking for artists when it becomes time for game jams or art contests, so always try to participate in these. But in the end, if Fuwanovel can attain the success it aims to, then you will be able to find work via our place easily!
  8. Haha, I was just about to ping you about this this noon.
  9. Looking forward to this. There is also progress in the Saimin Yuugi thread, so we might see more Hypnosis soon?
  10. Welcome to Fuwanovel. I see you already got 11 posts here, so you're not entirely new. Still, welcome. Cool that you did the patch, I unfortunately can't change my tweet anymore, but I add it as a comment So does this mean that the new Mahoyo remaster doesn't have any new content at all that needed to be translated? No extra scenes or scenes written differently? That is surprising, because that means that TYPE-MOON invested way less into it then I thought As Aotohime said however, this is super useful for people with lower spec machines like me.
  11. Oh hi, there actually are VNs like this. Quite a few actually. And welcome to the forums! Check out these: https://vndb.org/v33492 https://vndb.org/v36837 https://vndb.org/v27484 https://vndb.org/v12408 https://vndb.org/v12020 There's also the first Black Jam that was recently launched on itch.io. They will probably release titles that fit your criteria there. https://itch.io/jam/black-visual-novel-jam-
  12. Hello, Hello! Welcome here. I hope you enjoy your time here. May I know whether you registered via the new Discord feature we enabled or with email? Other than that you are one of the lucky peopl, because we're soon going to rework the Recruitment section in the "Original Project” part of the forum, so ppl can quickly find peers to realise their projects. You could be one of the first posting there after it is setup and has the correct labels Wish you a great time here, and spread the word!
  13. This year was so goddamn strong... really gotta think what are the most reasonable picks. I didn't play too much honestly
  14. No way duuuuude!! That's huge. I'm so going to read and share it
  15. Because we're cool and there are more and more cool all-ages titles you can play
  16. Tobisawa Misaki's fans may finally rejoice, because Aokana Four Rhythm Across the Blue - Extra2 is finally out! It's a tad bit more expensive than Extra1 it seems. asasasas
  17. So I went through VNDB and stumbled across this completely new release. It's only for Nintendo Switch for now, but soon there will also follow a Steam version supporting Japanese, Chinese/Taiwanese and English. You can now pre-load the game and it will be playable later. Price is 22,49$ Switch Store VNDB Steam Website
  18. Publisher MangaGamer just released the sequel title to "How to live a Healthy Hentai lifestyle" on their store. The game is called "How a Healthy Hentai Administers Public Service" and it's the second game in the Kenzen series. In the first game we already got to know parts of an in-universe hentai health administry and its public servants, but in this game we delve deeper into these characters. The artwork is once again made by Butcha-U, who is known for his mature looking women characters in top-rated doujinshi like DELIGHTFULLY FUCKABLE AND UNREFINED or other works under label EROQUIS. He will actually be the artist/character designer for the upcoming SACRIFICE VILLAINS, too. Synopsis MangaGamer Website MangaGamer Shop (44.95$) VNDB
  19. This game actually released in June 2021, but unfortunately it could only get little success. 2 Reviews total despite it breaking the kickstarter on indiegogo. I guess after 5 years of development they simply didn't have a proper fanbase anymore. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1596820/Monstrous_Lovers/
  20. This game released somewhen in 2016 and it got kinda successful due to it being an easy game to farm cards in. It could peak at 540 players at the same time... https://store.steampowered.com/app/460150/One_Last_Chance/
  21. https://steamdb.info/app/471260/ This game was available on Steam once, but since the Steam page is removed. - Moved to Archives.
  22. https://store.steampowered.com/app/459550/Catch_Canvas/ Managed to release, but it isn't available in the Steam store anymore. Moved to Archives then.
  23. It seems this game managed to release back in 2016, but it never became a success. Sad. https://store.steampowered.com/app/459130/Love_in_the_Glen/
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