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  1. Difficult question. Basically Japanese games use an encoding called Shift-JiS which is necessary to show and display Japanese characters. You need an engine or modify an engine to support KOI8-R or UTF+8 character sets. This is quite difficult though. I cannot help you beyond that, you must talk to other people who translate in kyrillic language Just shortly ago there was a project of Yosuga no Sora released on VK, you may ask there? https://vndb.org/r96574
  2. Apparently, today some people got upset that I made an innocent subtweet calling them "makura gatekeepers" celebrating the H2O FanTL which I was extremely sure would be commented on by them. It was @Koyomi_ who did so actually. Obviously, a few people started flocking there again to say how I'm racist and how their place is so much more open than ours. Frankly, I got extremely bored at the exchange and I'm going to suggest not talking about them again in public. In the end we should be working on our own microcosms and make them as a great as possible for the community to benefit fro
  3. Oh hiya Pomelo! Fancy seeing you here! Great you helped on this and great that it helped you into the Industry. Since I know where you work now would you DM me a smol image of your company logo you are affiliated with so I can add the flair to your name? Would be much appreciated! Congratz for the release anyways!
  4. @marcus-betaYeah, we might need you here. This is reversing stuff :v
  5. It was recently announced that a big Japanese publisher will be bought by someone. Well, it turns out that it was FROMSOFTWARE, better known as the Souls-Game Creators. Well, it is a 30% shares purchase by both Tencent and SONY INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT. It's not good imo.
  6. Wait, you are listing them all here? Where do you get the information from? Is there smth like a spreadsheet with dates? If no, there should be
  7. You're linking to a sus site in that post even though it is just a patch. Are you sure r/vns allows it? Maybe you should upload the patch someone else or in a google drive? Anyways, big thanks for finishing this thing. Many people will probably appreciate and play it. Edit: The link links straight to the file and not to the site so I think it should be ok.... Consider an url shortener of sorts maybe.
  8. They are extremely cute, and they are part of the small VNTuber sphere. We can only hope that hey will grow together with other VNTubers who do variety. Their streams are not as super popular as other places, but I love them. Couple days ago they made a two-part Karaoke session happening and it contained 52 pretty awesome songs! The performances were great, the presentation itself not so much as they only talked about the games instead of showing them or giving trivia about them. Also there was no video or lyrics track there so viewers couldn't sing along. Romajis or 字幕 Subtitles would ha
  9. As long as they finally begin working on their backlog and start translating the Feng games I'm happy with Sekai!
  10. Canceling attempts were going on. If you like you can watch 34 minutes of explanation about the false snake I mention in this blogpost here.
  11. Hello, Fuwanovellers who read my blog. So it has been a whole month since we started the Fuwanovel revival as intensively as we do it right now and so many amazing, but also some frustrating things happened. The peak of frustration obviously is the occasional interference by third parties (mostly the Gambs-adjacent circle) into our affairs who for some reason presume we are either deceitful or harmful to the community as a whole due to taking some things out of context - as usual. They also seem to have some obsession with the algorithm of Twitter. Whatever, I know what I'm doing and what
  12. Personally, I never got into this series, but the girls are cute and there is a huge amount of Da Capo games out there. A former member of this forum called @ParanoidGegnar, who is now a christian missionary of sorts was a giant fan of the series and had written a review of the Sakura Edition with most of the Da Capo games and soundtracks on Visual-novel.Info. Since I got nothing valuable to contribute to this, you can check the review here and be overwhelmed how much stuff you have to play before D.C.5 becomes relevant to you. Eindruck von erworbener ~Da Capo~ Archives Sakura Edition – Vi
  13. The translator of this series of videos, Molly, is nowadays a very popular figure in the visual novel community called VerdelishJP, works for multiple companies as the head translation staff (JAST BLUE, Primula, some LN companies) and worked on games like Taisho x Alice, all JAST BLUE titles, Fxxx me Royally and more. I doubt heavily (100% actually) they will ever finish this project, so essentially we could be closing this thread. Obviously, someone else may pick up the scepter.
  14. We can have all this and more. ☺ My head is an endless supply of ideas, but you all can contribute to it.
  15. Funnily, the entire world seems to be turning around the "woke" aspect today. First I get slammed for saying "wokism" on 4chan, then VNDB considers rephrasing words some people count as slurs and then there is a 400 comment thread on r/visualnovels about "what if the community became woke". In fact, this is not the definition of "wokism" that I want to fight against. What I consider "woke" are NOT marginalized creators, LGBTQ+folk or whatever, but entitled people who put a lot of these marginalized tags on themselves to go forward and demand us to censor things they don't like or make platf
  16. Feel free to share them with your friends! Lesiak is the expert in this field. And retrospectively you might want to check out his blog: EVN Chronicles Even though it is dead, it still houses a lot of content to learn a lot from!
  17. Unfortunately, the Co0 Folks stopped posting here it seems. Maybe this has to do with me being involved, but whatever. Here is their new update. I will recommend (pin feature) the newest update until they post again.
  18. Totally forgot that this remaster came out just recently. I update the thread and pin this release post, so everyone is informed. Old games with free remasters for previous buyers. Decent support JAST has given us here. Features This is a complete remaster of the classic Heart de Roommate, updated for a completely fresh eroge experience! - Modern HD art - Improved user interface - Compatible with modern version of Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  19. Nanahira SelphyMelody Naki Kamizuki Amano Nene LewdNeko Mizuryuu Kei Mafumafu (grrr...)
  20. Today I went through twitter and spotted this account called Bassman123412 who seems to be an avid fan of the SciADV Series. He could already post some pre-release screenshots of Chaos;Head NoAH's English version for some reason and it looks like that they're pretty awful. They are not even close to consistent with any established terminologies of earlier titles and just judging from the first scenes of the game, the translation already looks fairly odd. It seems that our Committee of Zero people do not even have to compete since the NoAH version doesn't even offer a challenge. Sad, really.
  21. I like singing, but I was never really talented at it. My first controversial appearance in the anime scene was when I started posting unedited karaoke cringe covers on Reddit. It gained me my first bits of infamy in the r/osugame community and obviously people thought I was serious about singing and doubled down on it. This made me frustrated and I only sang songs alone or in closed Karaoke groups. These days I got nothing to hide and just like to sing and post them online. Here you have a quickly made cover that I recorded very sloppily in an improvised booth in my bathroom stall.
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