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  1. What are you playing?

    Finished all the routes I could stand in Brass Restoration: the only ones left was the childhood friend character and a girl who referred to herself in the third person..so fuck that noise! It was decent enough for an indie vn made in 2004, the writing could be quite good at times, surprisingly enough. I also finished playing Void and I thought it was quite good even though it had one of the worst editing jobs I've ever seen(They claimed to have fixed it but since I didn't want to pay for that gamble, the world may never know) Now I'm going to play Sound of Drop: Fall Into Poison, and I hate that it's not called Sound of the Drop since it's proper grammar and just sounds better.
  2. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    No, Galaxy Angel 2 is a completely different story with all new characters and is only somewhat loosely connected with the first three. Eternal Lovers wraps up everything storywise.
  3. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I don't think you can really play a vn for long and not play a eroge, you can twist and squirm all you want but you will eventually play one. There are quite a few that are all ages and have no sex scenes in it like the best vn of all time(I'm going to keep plugging GA until someone kills me) but they are a finite amount. Eventually you will run out of the quality ones, plus, some of the best vns are eroge's. I'm no fan of the sex scenes in them and I think almost all of them are badly written and that virgins are lame and boring. Nukiges I hardly ever play and every time I do play one I inevitably end up regretting my decision.
  4. All I saw was non high school yuri and got excited. What are you planning on making? As to the question I would say that it is probably gotten popular of late, it certainly has grown considerably more from way back when I had just joined the scene. I think more people at least know about there existence. I worry though that many are turned off by the utter shit and rubbish vns that seem to fester on steam. I suppose that is just the way of the world.
  5. Yeah, thanks to the fan translators from back in the day that helped me discover this pretty cool sub genre of entertainment. I probably wouldn't have found it if I hadn't sought out the translation of Galaxy Angel. So yeah I hope you guys can actually finish all those projects that you started so that I can either play them or leave them languishing in my to play folder till the end of time.
  6. Just play Galaxy Angel and it's sequels You don't need anything else.
  7. Why I still haven't given up on VNs.

    Yeah, that's why I also still haven't given up on Visual Novels as a whole and that's because they just check all the right boxes for me. I've been playing for ten years off and on as well and I can still enjoy them. (though I am a lot more selective than you)
  8. What are you playing?

    Finished yet another route in Tokyo Babel, I feel like this has been an eternity but I am determined to see it through to the end In this adventure our slab of a protag fought against an action figure I had in the 90s. Oh well at least it is mindlessly entertaining, Jesus though this route took so long to finally end. Still, Sorami was pretty fun and the romance seemed like it was actually present this time. (I still wish she had been the protag) Oh well, on to the last route with the best girl We soon be gurl, we soon be.
  9. My favorite ones that I've played this year are 1. Flowers Vol.2 It was a sequel that managed to be better than it's predecessor in every way, thanks in part than having one of the best and most interesting protags I've seen. I really felt a deep connection with Erika and she stole the show, just like I thought she would. I should probably write a review for it just so I can gush on it some more. 2. Fatal 12 It is pretty rare that a vn comes along that really surprises me and Fatal 12 really accomplished that and it did so consistently. I loved how varied and intriguing the characters were, I loved how wonderful the protag was. I also just really loved the story. 3. Sekien no Inganock -What a Beautiful People- Few visual novels try and even attempt to do any world building at all. It's just one forsaken high school after another until the end of time. Inganock pulls this off splendidly and that's it's greatest strength. It also has a splendid cast including Atti, who's just the best. 4. Aioshiro Despite having some drawbacks, which includes a few extremely long discussions about food and long tirades about Japanese folklore, it still manages to be very enjoyable thanks in part to it's unique and varied cast and it's great protagonist. Shouko is one of the best I've seen and she is steadfast and strong without being overpowered. 5. Shadows of Pygmalion I really enjoyed this vn thanks to the intriguing plot and solid characters. I especially liked the last route and how strong it turned out to be. The protag was also really enjoyable and I enjoyed the explanation behind her character. More proof that yuri's produce some of the best protags around.
  10. Soundds interesting I'd be down for it
  11. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    I'd say probably Crystalline was one of the worst vns I played this year, or at the very least was one of the most disappointing. The worst out of every year was definitely the horrifying creature romances, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants there day ruined.
  12. It's just the state of the internet today, it is filled with a swarms of douchebags and assholes engaged in an endless circlejerk. Also, like who cares? Play what you want, read what you want. Why let self titled elitists keep you from enjoying what you like? Unless, like the protag is garbage are something then what is wrong with you?
  13. What are you playing?

    I've been playing Tokyo Babel for a while and I finally managed to clear one route and I...kinda like it I guess. It has some really unique heroines and the general setting and lore is interesting. What I can't really get behind 100% is the main guy Setsuna, he's pretty boring as a protag and I wish the whole game was told from Sorami's perspective instead of just the first part. Also, some of the battles are pretty dopey and aren't written that well. The references are all also just completely all over the place and start to become a jumbled mess.
  14. That's a bit hard to say honestly Flowers dos is pretty unique in that regard, which is quite a shame. The closest ones I can think of are Campus Notes - Forget Me Not. (The cast is in college, and the dialogue is very smart) G-senjou no Maou, and I guess Steins;Gate (Haven't finished it)
  15. Happy New Year 2019

    I hope 2019 is better than 2018
  16. I didn't play many of the new translated releases this year but I would like to say that my two favorite ones are Fatal Twelve and Flowers Vol 2 Both really impressed me and had very well developed and magnetic protags
  17. In my case I gravitated towards Erika because she was most in line with the way I thought and felt about things. Also yes, you were the only one that liked that ending, but don't worry Shou's winter will come at some point, be sure to check back in the next three years. I go for a certain type of character I guess you can say, and if they are in whatever weird parameters I set for myself I'll probably always have intense thoughts and feelings associated with them. The characters I'm most interested in remind me of someone I'll probably always hold close to my heart. In the end I'm a bit sad when their story ends like I would after having finished a really good book. I think it would be more interesting to think of taking over the mind of a protag and living out their ambitions rather than just bringing said waifu to your world. But for that it's less out of my intense love of a character but my intense hate or apathy for the dense and stupid protag. I just know I could do it better. Watch out which one you choose though cuz those dense fuckers have no idea what birth control is.
  18. Merry Christmas Fuwa!

    Merry Christmas, you sons of bitches all!