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  1. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession I wish to harvest these souls
  2. Eroge with a dominant heroine?

    I'd say go for Maki in Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road for sure She's got it down pilgrim Of that you can be sure
  3. Summer Anime List 2019

    Not me as I've been a huge fan of the manga for Hitoribocchi so I am really enjoying it so far My only problem with it is that for some reason in episode 2 Aru is called an unfortunate girl instead of a loser which is just easier to say.
  4. Summer Anime List 2019

    This season should be called revenge of the light novel
  5. Visual Novel in Space.

    Galaxy Angel Easy recommendation
  6. What are you listening to right now?

    Damn this is a funky track!
  7. Cannibalism has never been so sweet
  8. Um....okay...what?
  9. Whatever position that doesn't have them looking like they are in pain and not getting their hymen torn Whatever position that is Location: Not in a high school
  10. Pantsu Hunter – Back to the 90s (Western VN review)

    That's a shame I was kind of looking forward to eventually playing this because I really like that old school aesthetic All they had to do was give the vn the same vibe that Golden Boy had and it would have all been groovy.
  11. I remember Tsugumi's route in Ever17 being incredibly impactful and memorable for me especially the moment when I got to find out why was the way she was. Honestly, I thought it was much more shocking than the revelation at the end but maybe that's because I hadn't encountered a character like that before. Tomoyo's ending during her route in Clannad is still the best endings to a route that I have seen and man, oh, man did it get the waterworks going. (Happy tears but tears nonetheless) I also picked the perfect song for it which really elevated the ending still further
  12. Humble Hot Date Bundle

    Creature Romances is included Those sick fucking bastards! NEVER AGAIN I'd like G-senjou no Maou though if you would be so kind as to gift it to me.
  13. Are japanese dubs really good?

    Well since I grew up watching dubbed anime there are a few shows I'd only ever want to see dubbed like Digimon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball Z, and like I dunno Samurai Champloo If I watched the original voiced lines I probably would find them quite unnatural I think the problem with eng dubs is that the pool of talented voice actors is significantly lower than that of jp voice actors so you get a hear a lot of the same voices for multiple shows. Also I think that jp voice actors are better at the cutesy voices and emotionless/reserved voices than their english counterparts As far as bad jp acting goes I guess whenever it just feels very vacant and listless or when it is so overwrought and over the top melodramatic that you can't help but scoff at it.
  14. So, you break open that crypt, search through your sock drawer, your local antiques store in your quest to find more racist memorabilia, or find it in the alleyway between two 7-Eleven's. Anyway, you manage to stumble upon that dusty old lamp. So, you give it the ole' dutch rub and out pops blue Will Smith because this is 2019 and this what you have to expect. After the whole song and dance thing that probably won't hold a candle to the original you are given three wishes with the usual restrictions. What would you wish for?
  15. What are you playing?

    Decided to start playing If My Heart Had Wings because I guess I was looking for something light and fluffy before I restart a lot of the drama heavy vns I'd like to get through I'm a few hours in and it seems fine so far and the girls that I've encountered so far seem pretty decent I actually kinda like the protag and he actually seems like he has some issues to deal with and has the potential for growth which is sadly lacking in quite a few vns Hopefully I won't want to toss him into a spinning propeller half way through the vn
  16. Top 10 Visual Novel Betrayals.

    Symphonic Rain Fate/Stay Night
  17. What would you wish for?

    Usual restrictions
  18. Poor, Sacchin, poor, poor Sacchin Maybe in the next life she gets the route she deserves
  19. Ohhh yeah this one I was interested in it when I first randomly stumbled upon it I didn't back it and it seems like that was a wise decision in hindsight Which sucks because I like the premise of it..
  20. N O T H I N G A T A L L N O T H I N G A T A L L N O T H I N G A T A L L N O T H I N G A T A L L
  21. VNs that will make me cry for days

    I mean if there is something that can make you cry for days than perhaps you need some sort of psychological care I dunno Symphonic Rain maybe? It's kinda sad.
  22. Fantasy or Mystery VNs

    A few mystery ones you haven't played are Enigma Fatal Twelve Campus Notes - Forget Me Not Miniature Garden and Magical Eyes -Red is for anguish- I ended up enjoying all of these
  23. youtube - Most random

    This is just a really compelling song and music video It blends so well together
  24. Recommend Me Something - No Sex Drive

    I'd say read the manga first and then watch the anime second and then marvel at how it does the manga justice. Yeah I'd also second the reading Tokyo Babel thing because the protag is really robotic and so is his romantic feelings.