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  1. Pretty fucking awful, right? And you watched it all in one go? Jesus, your eyes were probably the size of golf balls by the time the last credits rolled on.
  2. Rewatching Hellsing and Yu Yu Hakusho. I miss animes like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Wolf's Rain. Hell, even Patlabor or Excel Saga. Can't stand most of what comes out lately.
  3. I really enjoyed your post about Sweet Volley High. Please keep up the good work!
  4. I'm American, but I'll freely bash America and our President and if other people want to bash America, go right ahead, I am literally from the country where something like that is totally cool (despite Trump and his rages regarding the "free" press). The day political discussions are banned from this forum, I'm saying goodbye. (not that I contribute much, but it's still worth it to reach other people's opinions and thoughts on certain world issues) That being said, so I don't completely take this thread off the rails, I guess the main concern now in Korean news and what I'm reading on Naver News, is how Trump and KJU will react to each other when they meet in person soon. Trump can be wildly unpredictable, but it's that unpredictability that can be predicted...if that even makes sense? But in some strange way, KJU and Trump are not so dissimilar. KJU considers Dennis Rodman to be a friend, so really, when you compare Rodman and Trump...they're both bombastic individuals with larger than life personalities. It's not so strange to think that, maybe, just maybe, KJU and Trump will click on some weird, terrifying level. So fingers crossed that Trump and Little Kimmy suddenly realize they're brothers from a different mother. Or whatever the terminology goes for best dude friends.
  5. Wow, you're in Turkey? (sorry, a little OT, forgive me) One of my husband's teaching friends is teaching in Istanbul and ever since Erdogan banned teaching evolution in school (which I view as a misstep in the wrong direction), I've told my husband "No way in hell are we going to Turkey, regardless of how delicious I find their cuisine." Not to mention, there was that debacle last fall (I think?) where a bunch of teachers got either deported/or forbidden to leave the country, and there were a # of American teachers who got swept up into that particular fiasco. Might I ask you what the current political situation is like there? Seen from the perspective of a regular person, of course.
  6. This is not the first time NK has made overtures of peace. They did it with Kim Dae Jung and Noh Moo Hyun and there's nothing to say for sure they're not trying it again. Until the DMZ is officially demilitarized and they send the soldiers home, the war is still on. The US aren't going to leave Korea, the Chinese military presence is way too strong. Seriously, look at what kind of crap they're up to in the South China sea, and their frequent skirmishes with other nations navies. They just keep prodding and poking for the proverbial chink in the armor and as long as Trump doesn't pull US forces out of this area, they'll be kept at bay. As much as I want peace on the peninsula if for my parents sake (they both live in Korea and I'm in China now), I'm viewing this world event with some intense skepticism. Got to be honest though, I spent a majority of my childhood and college years in Korea, and have lived with the thread of NK for so long that most people don't even consider them much of a threat. (also, keep in mind that most of SK men have undergone military service and still train even into their middle ages, so Korea's got a huge army, reserve or otherwise. Regardless, the US isn't going to withdraw their troops and SK isn't going to ask them, they're not fucking stupid.)
  7. How is it? I watched the first few episodes but they were such tearjerkers. Does Chi...fuuuu, forgot her name, but does she actually fall in love with the Magus dude-guy?
  8. Not even going to touch the traps = gay argument. Honestly, though, ever since Trump got elected to the WH, I've lost contact with several inlaws who think he's the best thing since sliced bread. Granted, the "lost contact" is kind of on my part but after they told me they'd "pray for me", I was like "Buh-bye" and blocked/unfriended them. (To my defense, these people are pretty shitty individuals and are pretty much borderline-white power/supremacists types. Must've really spun their world upside down with their grandson/nephew married an Asian chick. ) Arguing with people who loves Trump and think Hillary Clinton is the devil (Also thinks Alex Jones is telling the truth when he talks about the lizard people) is...the worst thing I've done. I don't even bother anymore.
  9. Actually, most teenage JP girls I've met (I taught/tutored English in JP during my summer breaks for extra cash) are jaded AF. They made 20 year old college me feel like I was ten. (Although I looked ten, so w/e.)
  10. Make sure you stop by the subway station and buy a copy of the Mainichi Shimbun. Srsly, though, may I ask where you're in, in Japan? I have relatives in Beppu, Oita and go to see them fairly regularly (Beppu has the best onsen south of Osaka).
  11. No one is ever that cute in real life.
  12. Jesus, wtf is this shit? I'll take Adam over either of those two whiny, high-pitched squeakers. (I remember when Adam was Korea's answer to Kyoko Date. He was in a lemon soda commercial that got a lot of playback, enough so that I would remember, even though it's been almost 20 years)
  13. I just picked this up, but your comments have me a little worried. I can't stand TSTL characters =_=.
  15. Felt this way with Higurashi. Could hardly finish it. EDIT: SSSHHHiiii...didn't notice how old this thread is, mea culpa mea cupla. Even though I'd quoted the damn thing, didn't see the dates until now. (my excuse, it was 6 in the morning on a Sunday after a night of pork belly, kimchi and soju. God, so much soju.)
  16. A little OT, but congrats on your impending teacherhood. Hope you can get your certification soon. (took my husband half a year just to get that paper, but then again, everyone knows the State of Florida is completely inept.)
  17. The most recent one that made me sob like a baby was Violet Evergarden. Pretty much every goddamned episode.
  18. 15 episodes is more than halfway through a usual 24 episode series. If a show has to wait that long to get good...well, I don't have that kind of time to waste.
  19. I'm glad I'm not the only person to feel this way! And you're totally right. I think the branching system is super cool, but I find the characters to be incredibly unlikable.
  20. Played about half an hour of The Letter so far. Properly creepy, but the MC is frustrating and kind of annoying. I don't know how far I can progress if I have to stay in her POV for much longer. EDIT: Jesus, some of these dialogues are sooo awful. I'm pretty sure the MC is over legal age, but the way she acts puts my teeth on edge. Kind of disappointed :/
  21. Well, we all know you have higher standards than the average VN reader.
  22. Well, everyone already mentioned it. Better graphics, you need an editor fluent in English, the layout of your page looks okay, but the sprites need work. I can't look at them for long, those hands creep me the hell out. For campaigns like this, I really think it's 80% graphics and 20% story. You've got to have flash, glitz and glamour or no one will give this project a second glance.
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