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  1. Ah yes, the programmer's problem solving failure post-sadness
  2. If you followed twitter, you have probably noticed that the official Aksys Games Europe account posted, that they will soon have a warehouse opening in Europe. This warehouse will be located in Hungary, a country known for its current terrible economic situation, but this goes beyond the point. The point being that people from Europe can now order the Standard and Limited Editions of their inventory much cheaper and without abhorrent customs fees or custom holdup. I made a post about this earlier on r/otomegames which has got some good traction, a lot of upvotes but also critical comment
  3. Sorry, I wanted to help you earlier, but this error is a bit finnicky. It basically says that there are driver errors for the music.
  4. And the fifth community we partnered with is SinicalAnimeNetwork. As you could already learn in our VNTS post they are an anime & otaku community who run a translation service aiming to be re-translating the infamous SakuraGame licenses which have released in the west in an atrocious state. They work on quite a lot of projects and have already a track record of more than 15 successful translations! The community is run by Sinical_Geek. We will work together in some ways. SinicalAnimeNetwork might be able to contribute to our content on the blog when it comes to Chinese-origin games, t
  5. I'm gonna try to send the guy an email. Maybe we can get some update.
  6. The fourth community we partnered with is one that we are extremely proud of! We built contact with the folks over at the famous Lemmasoft Forums and we are now working together, too! This is a big deal, because Lemmasoft Forums which are run by renpytom, the father of the visual novel engine Ren'Py, have double the legacy of ours. Created and maintained since 2003, it has been THE bastion for Ren'Py development and English Language Visual Novels as a whole. Frankly, we have not been able yet to really uncover the secrets in in this forum, so we are happy to welcome them to our Fuwanovel Famil
  7. Our third Partner community is the Android Visual Novels Community and this is one of the biggest communities we work with. Led by people like Mirai and Ken1 they manage a community which teaches and educates people in how to get visual novels to run on their mobile devices. Whether it is Wine, BlueStacks, Exagear or Kirikiridroid, these guys can help you getting everything to run. They will soon help to provide Fuwanovel with tutorials, guides, lists of compatible games and how to get them to run and more. These will be designed so even the biggest layman when it comes to technology can
  8. The second community that we can call our Partners is the community for the neatly-sized visual novel & erotic game development community LoveVN. While they seem like a small community with just 300 members at this point, we still promise a lot of cooperation between our place and theirs. They just have a Discord and a Twitter, but that Discord server is chock full of in-progress developers. Previous a guy named @ds-sanshas managed it, but they eventually left and now the place is in need of rejuvenation. We hope that our collaborative ideas will help to further both Fuwanovel's and LoveVN
  9. The first community we partner with is the Yosuga no Sora Fan Community. This is a community that has a long history in the fan translation scene, probably more than a decade by now. It went through many hands and for the longest time it has been ridiculed for a project that will never finish. For a year now there has been a shake-up in their management and recruitment and now they actually make strong progress on their project. Shortly after Fuwanovel was revived we got in contact with their most prominent figure @MadTRJR. Their goal is to translate both Yosuga no Sora and Haruka no Sora
  10. Good day, fellow Fuwanovellers! As you have probably noticed Fuwanovel is now back and we're stronger than ever. But even the strongest fortress cannot operate its kingdom without having fiefdoms and towers all over the country so we're likely to partner up with a lot of other sub-communities in this vast visual novel ocean. We will be separating those in three categories: Partners, Friends, Companies & Publishers 1. Partners Under "Partners" we define communities which have their own established communities in the broader visual novel and erotic gaming sphere. These
  11. Please remember to add the newest episodes to your initial post so people can find them more quickly!
  12. Hi, welcome to Fuwanovel. Consider making an introduction in the correct area! Concerning your question, obviously I would tell you to buy it legally on DLsite or the sort, but in this case there has never been a download version published, so I make an exception. You can find it by looking inside the Internet Archive. It is easy to find there.
  13. Give some legit reasons why Biman 3 is so good. Not the schizo kind. I actually played Biman 1 and 2. I plan on skipping Biman 2.5 until my buddies finish the fanTL and go for Biman 3 instead. I loved the mystery aspect of Biman 2 actually and the fact you had sex most of the time in a very calm place faraway from the town. What can I expect?
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