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  1. a classic! I also love Miyashita Yuu's cover of this
  2. Listening to some femboy cutie, Lavie!! This was catchy and adorable as hell, Surii never misses Also this banger by medmia! I love how they tune KAFU and Miku It's so recognizable
  3. I feel like ef gets more interesting after the first "episode", so I understand why you are thinking it's underwhelming
  4. ooooh Ado! I love her voice! I'm happy she is getting more known through Uta in One Piece Red I'd also love to hear more jazz or anything funky!
  5. Listening to this new banger cover by Chogakusei! The original is also pretty lit, I always love stuff from medmia
  6. ooo I rly like God-ish! Pinocchio-P my beloved
  7. currently listening to this banger by Niru Kajitsu
  8. Yep, that's what I meant haha I'm not too confident on my Japanese level to tackle an actual full translation nor the time
  9. Do you need someone to edit/translate the images? My Japanese is fairly decent if it's just that and I've helped on a bunch of projects already I really need to work on my workaholic habits
  10. Hiiragi Kirai my beloved flower might be just my favorite vocaloid, ngl (probably next to gumi) Their newest release is also a banger omg It does also have a human vocal ver, that is just as good aaa I've been listening to these non-stop
  11. Oh man, I just LOVED this post! First of all, thank you for this! It's lovely I'm from Portugal and read almost exclusively in English, but I only discovered VNs (back in 2016) through ZeroCorpse (a en > pt-br translation blog for RPGM) and through them, I came to find ZeroForceTranslations. For some reason, even though I had only played one or two VNs, I contacted them and tried for a translator position - and lo and behold, I never left them till this day haha it's a shame we had to formally close and stop our activities (mostly because we all had our adult responsibilities and couldn't
  12. Currently listening to these three non-stop! Their voices are adorbs Anyways I'll post more on Wednesday if I remember kasndaksjnd
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