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  1. that's chinese original JP walkthrough: https://seiya-saiga.com/game/moonstone/sakuranomori.html
  2. taken from weibo but TL by me some words can't be TLed so if you can excuse me a bit.
  3. me like(only applies on chinese VN communities) Group Friend recommendation vndb(universal) I don't know which your preference are tho.
  4. if you don't care for english TL you can go for JP ones personally I recommend:PrimalxHearts,Golden Marriage or Flyable Heart for story focused you can try Grisaia Trilogy or Tsuriotsu series.
  5. from my knowledge this CN patch,has been updated to win10 v1803 version,need to look but i cant provide link to you
  6. Hair- Black, Short,Long Eyes- Black Body- Young-Adult, Average Height,Pale Clothes- T-Shirt,Shirt,Jeans,Shorts,Slippers,Shoes Personality- Modern Tsundere,Deredere,Closest Pevert,Sly,Shy,Protective,Pretending,Overconfident,Low Self-esteem,Kind,Loner,Lazy,Fear of Commitment,Himedere,Siscon,Short-Tempered,Rude,Taciturn,Stoic, Sharp-tongued,Henpecked Role- Musician,Violinist Engages In- Unarmed Fighting,Music Learning,Cosplay,Cross-Dressing,Computering,Daydreaming,Rebellion,Self-Harm,Revenge,Sadism,Learning of a Foreign Language,Singing Subject of- Turndo
  7. For me I prefer Arte Refact,Elements Garden,Hatori Fuga,Mizutsuki Ryo and ALVINE Arte Refact: I can say their BGM kinda unique tone to me,their variation,piano and violin rhythm.it's soothes me if come to the emotional BGM part. Preferred VN BGM: Tsuriotsu Series: Arte Refact unique tone,it's suits for European theme style.quite good if comes from emotional part and battle part.Relax BGM part quite good. Floral Flowlove:Some BGM part quite ok to me and emotional and minor BGM part. Abnormal Lovers: Their H scene BGM quite too emotional to me tho,pretty well made violin part.and Arte
  8. Hello,GodX here.Since I'm rarely to do my introductions but introverted. Here's the breakdown for my introductions: Played VN for 5 Years and counting(2015-present) Can speak Chinese,English.(Japanese still learning btw) From Malaysia. well tldr here,I'm a Youtuber that specialize for reviewing JP VNs here and steam yeah.I got contact from CN VN communities(ex:FB Group and tieba) and other else instead Nice to meet you.
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