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  1. I started ef - a fairy tale of the two. two weeks ago and although I haven't made much progress, I'm really liking it! Miyako is really cute and interesting to be with and Kei is not as annoying as I thought she could be. Everyone in the game seems to be entertaining enough~
  2. He wrote PUNCHLINE??? Seriously? Damn, that was so shitty and I don't even remember much of it lmao welp, glad to know my taste is still somewhat good /j
  3. Long time no see, all of you! It's been a month, more or less! In the meantime, I've been playing Zero Time Dilemma and while I know many don't consider it a visual novel and for good reasons, I approach it the same way dknjasknda It was... well, it was something, alright. Yeah, I didn't enjoy it... I'll give it a 6/10 but honestly? It felt like a 4/10... Maybe I'm just done with these series and it's my brain saying "pls no moreee" but oh well; I did like one thing! The puzzles!! They are easier!!! I actually did most by myself!! Way to make me feel not dumb lmao But yeah, the cast wa
  4. Finally finished rereading Amnesia: Memories! It took a week longer than I was expecting (I did a route per week) but I did finish it Well, I'm gonna be honest: it wasn't as good as when I first read it, but oh well, that's what usually happens when you read something you feels nostalgic about. It's a 90/10; though it's so damn satisfying when it's still good even after all these years Well, maybe one of the causes I didn't like it as much this time was the big focus on romance when I was going to reread it expecting more mystery lol Anyways, back in 2016 I gave this a 9/10 and now it
  5. I hope you enjoy LB! It's one of my favorites of all time
  6. ah, yeah. It's doesn't appear to change too much, according to the VNDB note abt it: Remake of the original game with live-action graphics and adjusments to make it easier to play. The game will feature two modes, “Drama Mode” and “Original Mode.” In Drama Mode, the game’s live-action actors will perform as the characters in the game, both visually and vocally. The game’s setting of Shimane is also depicted in live-action. In Original Mode, the game uses Taro Minobosi’s original artwort and original voice cast. You can switch between these two modes from the title screen. A resolution c
  7. Just finished Root Letter and I enjoyed it a lot!! It was very nostalgic as I first played the first 5 chapters back in 2017~18 on my PS4 I was loving it and I've been wanting to get back to it since then. I'm listening to its soundtrack while I write this, so that does tell you how much I liked it haha Well, let's see! As I mentioned before, the OST is great! It's not something out of this world, but its sooo good to set a relaxed or tense environment I get immersed in the story in seconds with the music playing in the background. Just like the soundtracks, the art is very
  8. This week I finished The House in Fata Morgana and Fault: Milestone One! Fata Morgana (mostly just my conclusion) Fault: This week I'll be reading Root Letter and I'm so excited!! I remember reading the first half of the game on the PS4, three years ago (I think?). I'm now reading it on my computer and the hype and nostalgia is absolutely real
  9. [The House in Fata Morgana] aaa I've finished chapter 7 and I'm a wreck; I haven't posted any updates on the chapters but I will now!! My comments will reflect my thoughts as I was reading them, not knowing of what happens in further chapters Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 7 (yes, I skipped chapter 6) And now on to the final door!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  10. (just a little update on chapter 2 of Fata Morgana) Tbh, I do prefer the first chapter to this one, but this one was pretty dope as well; they are all so tragic, I love it
  11. I've started reading The House in Fata Morgana this week and I'm absolutely LOVING IT Chapter 1 was a wild ride, I loved the pacing of it I'm still not done with chapter 2 but so far it's really good!! Anyways, I should be done with chapter 2 by Sunday so I'll probably mention it in my next post! Next week I want to read both ch. 3 and 4 I now can see why this vn is so well-regarded within the community!
  12. I kind forgot to update here but I did finish Zero Escape: VLR and welp, it was mid. It could've been better if the pacing was better, I guess
  13. I've heard similar stuff about Grisaia's protag, yeah! Azai (G-senjou) is also a good choice; he is sometimes a bit dense but it's not part of his character as a whole iirc. Kara no Shoujo has an older protagonist and he's way more chill (him sleeping with the underage girls/half his age is kinda yikes for me tho). Planetarian could fit into this, I think? I mean, he's pretty mature (he ain't a teen) and all; the vn is pretty short (and good!) so if you aren't sure, just read it Clannad... hmm, I mean, Tomoya is pretty chill and I'm sure he can read the signs without getting to
  14. [Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward] Another ending completed! I'll just leave my thoughts under Next is Sigma's! LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOO!!! *trying to hype myself up*
  15. [Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward] Woah, a lot happened, huh? I gotta say tho, I don't like how dragged everything feels in this second game... it kind of bores me. *sigh* Oh well... Dio's ending: Next is the ending of someone starting with the letter A!
  16. [Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward] I don't know if it's because of my busy and tiring schedule or what, but I have been so not into theories for this game... My brain has been lazy. Aaaaanyway! This time I did Dio's ending! Next stop: K!
  17. [Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward] Huuum so many questions... It's been two days and I have forgotten most of them already, darn it. This time, I played Tenmyoji's Ending! Next will be Dio's ending!
  18. bruh welp, unless Fakku does a discount, I'll get it on itchio; I'm super excited for this one!!
  19. [Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward] I missed this gameplay, although it can be hell sometimes. The 3D art is a little weird, but it is what is is; I'm sure I'll get used to it. So far, I'm really enjoying this one as much as the first (well, I did enjoy the first a bit more). Due to spoilers from the first game, I'll just say this is for the first recommended ending on the steam guide: Next week I will be talking about Tenmyoji's ending!
  20. I plan on reading that soon, nice
  21. I will, but only after Saikoroshi-hen AND Umineko, as there are some important references in Gou/Sotsu (from what a friend of mine told me)
  22. [Higurashi - When They Cry: Matsuribayashi] It took me a whole-ass month, but I finally finished reading the Higurashi series!! Hooray! Phew, it's been a long, long journey. I can't believe half of it was a reread too haha I won't touch another one of Ryuukishi's work until next year, but I did enjoy it a lot Okay, so... Let's talk about some things! The whole talk about politics? BORING. Look, I usually handle info-dumping and stuff like this pretty well, but it felt so dragged, ugh... I was tempted to press skip. This was a good conclusion. It wasn't the best conclu
  23. two VNs I'm really wanting to play can't wait!
  24. I just finished Higurashi's seventh chapter: Minagoroshi. This one hit me hard in the feels and left me so damn angry, ugh!! Chapter 9: Chapter 10: Chapter 11: Chapter 12: Oh wow, I can't wait for the next chapter, what the hell! This might just be my favorite chapter of them all, deserving a 9,5/10!!! Holy shit, that might be one of my highest scores so far!! For the next two weeks, I'll be finally finishing Higurashi aaaa so excited!!
  25. I have been reading Higurashi: Tsumihoroboshi these past two weeks and boy, it was a ride! It's not my favorite one but it might actually be pretty close!! This chapter might fit neatly into maybe third place (in my personal rank), hehe~ I'll give this one an 8,3/10! Next is Higurashi: Minagoroshi! I can't wait!
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