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  1. Regarding Horror Visual Novels

    Hmm I've heard that VNs and even anime are not a good medium for terror a lot, and yeah, I agree to a certain degree, but I think it also depends on how you are to define "terror". There's also the fact that what is scary or not obviously is a completely subjective experience, so I can only speak for myself. Honestly I don't think I've ever consumed any form of media or literature that I found genuinely scary. Fear is a very strong emotional response to a threat or danger, and there's no way in hell I'm gonna feel threatened reading some piece of fiction. That's not to say that I can't feel uneasy and uncomfortable on my seat reading something that is meant to be scary. In that sense, I can't see why VNs can't be as effective as your typical novel. Anime is different in my opinion. One reason people often give for its uneffectiveness in terror is that the animation makes it easier to separate between reality and fiction, and I tend to agree. VNs however don't have that constraint since they can decide what to show at any moment and what to leave in the dark or up to the descriptive narrative. The only thing that isn't really available to VNs are obviously the freaking jumpscares you see in Hollywood movies, but yeah, that's a very cheap and shabby way to scare people. There's absolutely no merit in that. So TL;DR, as for me a piece of fiction can only make me uneasy, and both VNs and books have accomplished that, I can't really understand where people are coming from when they say they don't get the same reaction from VNs compared to other mediums. Another different matter is the fact that there are not many terror VNs (translated, at least) in comparison to other genres like fantasy, sci-fi or romance, but I don't know if it's necessarily because the medium is less suited for terror
  2. Well, most of my favorite animes were based off VNs (all the Key stuff, Higurashi, Steins;Gate...) so it's only natural to eventually check out the original material, isn't it? Even though I didn't started with any of those, but with Katawa Shoujo, as many other people. It's free and easy to find, plus people said it was good and at the time everyone was uploading let's plays on YouTube so I said "why not, let's try this VN stuff". Then, after seeing it was something I could enjoy, I moved onto those VNs whose anime adaptations I'd already seen, and eventually onto completely new stuff.
  3. What are you playing?

    I read Sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo, the first game, which is both my first yuri eroge ever and my first nukige (that I played to completion, at least) The only other nukige I tried was Nekopara and couldn't get past the first half (is Nekopara a nukige? I mean, it must be right? I can't fathom why else people would play it). Welp, since Sonohana is very short this time I managed to finish it in not much more than 2 hours. I went in with zero expectations aside from some cute yuri scenes, but I'm not even the biggest yuri fan, so not even that factor could've made it more appealing for me. Verdict? Wow, it's actually not terrible! Of course I wouldn't expect full-fledged characterization in a 2 hour long game, 1 hour being exclusively dedicated to h-scenes, but the relationship between Yuna and Nanami had some interesting aspects. Honestly, the fact that I went back and forth between feeling conflicted by the nature of their relationship (you know, emotional blackmail) and seconds later I understood that as some sort of game they both enjoyed is a pretty amazing feat for this kind of game. I can definitely see why it's considered top quality within the yuri eroge world. Not the kind of thing I'm used to reading, but now and then it's good to try new stuff
  4. What are you playing?

    For what it's worth, Yumiko's route was also my least favorite. I liked her character, but her route was for me, as you said, pretty uninteresting. My favorite routes were definitely Sachi's and Amane's. Without spoilers, Sachi is a big hit or miss and I ended up loving it (it might be totally different for you though), while Amane's route is the most generally considered "solid route overall", and it's many people's favorite. Makina is also pretty interesting... as long as loli stuff doesn't weird you out And as you've already experienced during the common route, her lines are gold, so you ain't getting bored. She was my first Grisaia heroine btw, being the order I followed Makina -> Sachi -> Amane -> Michiru -> Yumiko. It's often suggested as a starter route because it provides a little more insight into Yuuji's character, which is appreciated when it comes to understanding his interactions in the other routes down the line. Michiru... I adore her, but her route doesn't harmonize at all with the rest. Really, if you feel like taking a break from Grisaia, reading Michiru's route can ironically have a similar effect
  5. What are you playing?

    So I just read the sinopsis of Newton and the apple tree. I had heard of this VN before, but I thought the title was just symbolism for something, I didn't expected it to be literally about Newton. My reaction to this: DID THEY REALLY LOLIFY FREAKING SIR ISAAC NEWTOOOOOON? And I thought after F/SN that I'd seen everything... Now, as a physics student, I think I need to play this for the memes. How good is it? The rating is decent enough in vndb
  6. Analysing EVN and JVN fans on Steam

    As others have said, I'll read whatever happens to catch my attention, without looking at its procedence. It might as well be made by some bushmen in the Kalahari desert for all I care. It just so happens that, let's be honest, JVNs usually outdo EVNs in pretty much every aspect. It's not a fair comparison of course, as they as supported by big companies with huge budgets, but the world is not fair That said, any indie developer can have a great idea for a great story, and even if they don't have the resources to make it shiny and appealing, that alone can perfectly make it worth the read by its own merits.
  7. Memes are dead, thank the EU

    So they finally got it approved huh. Well, that's sad. Let's just hope it gets rejected in January. If, heaven forbid, this directive became effective, it's ultimately going to be a pain in the ass. No, I don't quite believe censorship would reign supreme and the internet as we know it would disappear; the net would just rearrange itself to adapt to the changes, as always. The only way to really destroy the internet would be to shut it down This is literally a war they will never win, but yeah... unfortunately they can still give us some headaches.
  8. I mean, it's more of a description than a classification, so you know what you can expect from it, and in that sense it's useful. Ofc only the trashiest of the trashy VNs can be described by only one tag (the tag being "industrial dogshit" ), so it's intended only as an initial overview approximation.
  9. As I understand the terms: -Moege: cute girls doing cute things. The situations presented are mostly of the slice of life style, and heavy themes are avoided. As a consequence, you won't usually find tremendously complex characters either, since there is a limit as to how much development they can undergo if the topics and situations are very limited. -Charage: a less limited moege. The main focus is still cute girls doing cute things for the most part, but sometimes it dabbles into heavier themes, allowing for extra characterization. -Nukige: porn. Normally any scene that is not pornographic is only there as a bridge to the next h-scene. If it happens to have some extra plot and character development, these parts are usually undistiguishable from a moege (aside from some more over the top innuendos and jokes). -Nakige: technically any VN with the main goal of making you cry, a lot. Obviously any scene from any VN can resonate with you in a special fashion and accomplish the same, so it's more a matter of intentions rather than results. Since one would think that some heavier themes are required to trigger an emotional response in the average reader, nakige and moege/nukige seem to be incompatible.
  10. Oh that's actually a very fair point... It's really stupid, because stating that a depiction of an illegal sexual relationship is a crime is equivalent to saying that a depiction of a murder should be illegal. Then let's ban pretty much every video game ever. There are far more concerning topics that should be addressed instead of persecuting fiction... but yeah, we unfortunately live in a very absurd world, otherwise we wouldn't even be talking about this. Damn, now you actually got me concerned as well.
  11. What do you mean? As a company, allowing VNs with adult content, considering they are for better or worse the majority of them, is hardly a bad business decision. They were missing on a ton of very popular VNs, and even if they offered a censored version many people would get their copy from another site just because censorship IS annoying, even for people like me who don't really care about h-scenes that much. I'm also a born pessimist myself but I fail to see any negative impact on the VN enterprise in the west. If anything, this should make for great profit, which translates in more advertising and VNs becoming more popular. Hmm probably not, if it's too obvious it's straight up a nukige, which makes sense, in the same way porno movies are not shown in a conventional movie theater. Some games might be kind of in the gray zone though, where they have a solid plot but also a huge number of h-scenes. I don't know how they'd deal with those.
  12. Well I for one see this as a step in the right direction and I'm happy about it. It made no sense their apprehension towards sexual content while violence runs amok. Make love, not war Plus this also means that maybe we won't have to worry anymore about other content being toned down unnecessarily, such as in Kono Oozora's case and shit like that. Hopefully.
  13. Hey!

    Welcome welcome~ don't worry, we don't bite. Generally. Well, there was actually a case of a guy who ended up losing an arm but... Jokes aside, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. What are you playing?

    That's definitely some really good advice. Since that's just how I go about any VN I didn't think about it earlier, but @snowbell55 please pay heed to his wise words; if you read 5mins of it a day eden* is worthless. It's a VN that relies heavily on the atmosphere to make an emotional connection, all the plot being just a shameless excuse for that. It's funny how we both had a similar experience with Narcissu. I read it during a week of vacation while I was supposed to be enjoying myself. Not only that, but after Narcissu I didn't know better than start watching the anime Plastic Memories. By the end of it all I swear I felt physically ill.
  15. youtube - Most random