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  1. What are you playing?

    Rewrite spoilers
  2. What are you playing?

    Very different story wise, but same energy I don't think anyone liked eden for the plot, but for the atmosphere, the music and visuals and the cute slice of life. If that's the case, you'll probably enjoy ef. It's my favorite romance VN still to this day!
  3. Yes, I do, for pretty much every story I come to love. I feel sad when the story ends regardless of the type of ending, since I won't be able to keep experiencing it (that doesn't necessarily mean I'm not satisfied with the ending though!). I'm sad about not being able to keep those characters company probably forever, unless a sequel comes out. And yes of course, if the character in question is a tier A waifu the feelings only intensify Some would call having this sort of investment for fictional characters stupid, but I believe that as long as it's within what's reasonable and healthy, it just means you are enjoying those stories and characters to the fullest. I'm sure the authors would be really pleased
  4. What are you playing?

    Euphoria's opening never fails to crack me up, what with how dramatic it is But the song is actually good! Have "fun" with Euphoria... once you get past the first part (the part where they are trapped, that is) it actually starts developing some plot. You'll see that it's not just nasty sex scenes.
  5. Koikatsu

    So I took my time to create a 6.5 heads body template, which seems to be kind of the limit of what you can do based on the sliders' ranges (I don't think you can make a proportionate 7 heads body, that is). Yay, now I can escape lolis and hopefully the FBI knocking on my door With that said, here's my new character, Shimizu Hanako, in the two different body templates for comparison: WARNING: slightly NSFW, just underwear. 6 heads vs 6.5 heads body. They are both the same height, 38 in-game slider and roughly 164 cm. I'll also leave a link here for downloading Hanako's card. Man, this game really makes me wish I could draw...
  6. Koikatsu

    I see. How do they handle the naked body in the character maker through? It's a really useful feature to have. In any case, I'm a fuwa user, so it goes without saying that I don't mind porn anyway, even if it's not the reason why I play the game
  7. Koikatsu

    I got together with a friend and we started creating a character. It's still a work in progress, but I believe the face (the only part we've actually finished in 2 hours lol) is super cute: And this is another one I've been doing by myself: Again, work in progress. I'll edit the post when I have them finished with the download links.
  8. Koikatsu

    And I'm studying human proportion in anime just for the sake of making better waifus, essentially using a porn game to study something I didn't even touch since middle school. Porn is more productive than some people seem to think. EDIT: And after mulling it over and reading a bit on the topic, I finally understand the reason why I couldn't make average-heighted characters that didn't look childish: for medium heights the game will always give you a 6 heads model, so you'll always get a loli or a thicc loli in the best case scenario. The key is to change the whole body sections ratio to fit 7 heads. It's a shame the character maker doesn't provide you with a grid to make things easier. Oh well.
  9. Koikatsu

    Yeah, the gameplay sure is pretty shitty. I played the game once and I was done with it. Now it's only the character maker, but man that is fun
  10. Koikatsu

    Here v2.1 Make sure you are selecting every possible mod when installing, since I couldn't tell you which package it is from.
  11. Koikatsu

    Nope, I installed the latest version of Koikatsu HF Patch, so I'm guessing it's one of the mods that it's included in there.
  12. Koikatsu

    So there's this hentai game called Artificial Academy 2 where you create some characters, put them in a school and wait for relationships among them to begin developing. It was honestly pretty boring the first time I tried it out, but one thing that catched my interest was the character maker. It had a lot of customization options, and it was really fun to try to recreate your favorite waifus Well, turns out that a couple days ago I came across the spiritual succesor of AA2, Koikatsu. Actually I read somewhere that it should've been called AA3, but they had who knows what problems and they ended up changing the name. The game is still pretty boring gameplay-wise, but if the AA2's character maker was good, this is nothing short of amazing. Welp, I open this thread because I already got addicted to the character maker and I figured that if there's more people here who play this game we could share some of our custom waifus I'll start with this cutie I made today: I called her Nókts, and she's an original character, so in principle I didn't consciously based her on anyone. EDIT: I change some things I wasn't so sure about Nókts, and here is the result: Download
  13. It's the latter tale that's sad, and yeah, you can expect drama comparable or even beyond any KEY work. It's also way darker than the first tale. The first tale is actually pretty 'lighthearted'. There's some drama, yeah, but nothing that will leave with with a crippling depression Both tales are a bunch of intertwined love stories that take place during Christmas, so you can expect a very 'christmasy' atmosphere. Oh, and it's a beautiful VN, one of my favorites and therefore I can't go without recommending it
  14. Rice, what do you use it for?

    I used to do juggling balls out of rice when I was a kid.
  15. MangaGamer Winter Sale

    I actually don't know why I love ef so much, but I do... I really hope you don't regret the purchase!