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  1. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    I mean if you don't mind feeling bad for being useless, you only really need 30k hp and have a proper understanding of the raid to not mess up (or rather, in order to know what you did wrong when you inevitably mess up) Then let the whales and people that already have ULB opus carry you. Yes, it feels terrible, but hey, you can pay back the karma by some day in the future helping new players get into faasan I'd also really want to have Pholia and Monika. And Lecia, who is best girl (fite me). But you know... it's not like I really need them, and as a mostly f2p player I've already kind of accepted that I won't never be able to catch'em all as if they were pokemons; so I just try to get what I need the most
  2. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    Since my last post was like 3 months ago and dark GW is starting today, I guess a little update is due. First of all I got to rank 175 (currently rank 180), so I unlocked Lucilius Hard. Took me a while to get bare minimum to even attempt the raid, but finally got it just a mere week before GW and fortunately some strong friends from my crew were able to carry me and my 50k autos hard and got my first ULB opus done in time. This is the grid I'm going with for GW. Unfortunately during my last spark I wasn't able to get my hands on Grand Ferry (or any particularly good stuff for that matter, which is why I didn't bother to post my results) so I'm still stuck in Zoi hell. Anyway, I think it's a pretty good improvement compared to last time. Don't @ me for that MLB seraphic. I have the qilin&longdong animas but just no quartz after FLBing 3 avatar staves. Another thing I wasn't able to get in time is my FLB Death. But at least I was able to get her to SSR. As for my OTK setup, this is it: It's nothing special and it relies on conjunction, but at least it's 3 buttons which I guess is ok-ish... (dual arts+conjunction+longdong call). Aside from that, I don't think I've made much improvement in other elements. Not anything worth mentioning, at least. I finally got my FLB water opus, got 4 MLB AES done (and won't bother farming the 5th one), and oh yeah, I guess my light has also seen a bit of an upgrade. It had to be done in order to properly farm Avatar. A fun little story is that I farmed the 5 lumi swords just before KMR felt like giving us a MLB one a couple weeks ago. Oh well, having 6 will be good for Faa-san anyway. As for new characters, I got my first evoker, the e-sports old man. So now my team is looking good, if not for the fact that I'm still a magna pleb. Now I'm working on my Nier (as you can infer from my SSR Death) and I think after that I'll go for Caim. Hopefully I'm able to get him before earth GW. Gacha-wise, I'm once again getting close to a spark. I'm sparking doggo as soon as she comes back next year. I'll pray to kamisama to bless me with at least either Ferry or Cain. I don't want to spark on legfest anymore!! And that's it I guess. See you in my next spark if my results are worth sharing, or if not, probably I'll update my progress when light GW is close anyway. Mata!
  3. OMFG That is so crazy!! Not in a million years would have I expected a sequel and much less an anime adaptation of such an old VN. I'm so hyped but also very scared about how it will turn out. If they are reviving the saga they better have something worth to tell!
  4. It's finally here... MAGGOT BAITS!!!!

    Yeah... I'll admit that I'm pretty curious on how bad it could possibly be. But not so much to actually buy it and much less invest so many hours into it I'll stick to my boring, wholesome vanilla shit.
  5. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    That they are... 3.6k atk stat, massive ark mod and medium stamina. It's singlehandedly the most retarded weapon in the game. I'm so not looking forward to this GW. I'm in a fairly competitive crew and we actually do MR and push for wins so yeah...
  6. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    When you get to lower HP values it gets higher... like maybe 500-600k at 75-50% HP, so long as you have sun flb and auto cap up in ultima or opus... but considering agni grids are doing like 800-900k on pretty high defense content like TiaMal... yeah, it just feels so discouraging. This is a disparity that you just don't see in other elements. Not to mention that if you don't have Anila, like me atm (though not for long ), magna is literally unplayable. For the time being I'm also working on e-sports old man Alanaan. I doubt I'll get him before GW, but oh well. He should help a little, I hope! Algo congrats on your ixabas. Now it's time to go full agni lord for GW
  7. Granblue Fantasy [English Language]

    It's been so long since I updated my GBF progress. I haven't quitted the game. Well, for the most part at least. During busy times or just times of burnt out I did put it aside, but then picked it back up for short, intensive periods. I'm currently at rank 169. And that wouldn't matter that much if not for the fact that I practically didn't slime (the only exceptions being the very few cases where I was in a hurry for leveling a character to 100), so I guess it's a reasonable way to measure my efficiency. Well, without further ado, here are my grids and teams. WIND Your average M2 grid I guess. I'm using Nio/Scath/Monkey, so probably it'd be a good idea to get an ultima fist or something. EARTH This grid was a bitch to farm at the beginning. In the end I gave up, went to work on wind, and came back to Alex mines once it was decent. I'm using a Sieg/Alex/Okto team. How nice it'd be to have Cain and go ultima katana meta, but for the time being, I guess Sieg works... WATER Yes, I lucksacked 3 balls. Which is only more painful considering I don't have Doggo. I will have a spark ready for her by the time she comes back though. Until then... well, water doesn't exist for me. I need to work on my 3rd harp for full ougi memes. I should also go grab the Opus, but I don't have the quartz nor the fodder to level it up atm, so who cares. As I said, water doesn't exist. FIRE Semi spear team with Shiva/Esser/Athena. 3 of those AES are MLB, the 4th one is at 1*. I plan to get one more drop and then grab the other copy from the shop next month. I won't bother to farm the 5th AES considering I'm probably going ULB canes in the future, when I spark Anila, which I'll talk about later. This is the grid I'm currently working on, you know, for GW and stuff. I remember @SakashimA saying that fire was his favorite element and that when I came to appreciate it I got back to him. Well, I'm sorry, but I still hate fire as much as the first day. This is the element of 4+ ixabas or go home. The fact that I've spent more time farming those AES than any M2 grid and I'm still doing 300k autos makes me wanna kill myself. DARK Sad times for my dark. And I started GBF as a dark main to boot! I don't have any of the meta characters so I'm stuck in 2017 meta with sword team DJeanne/Zoi/Olivia. So, why do I not have even one avatar stick? Well... LIGHT Because my light sucks even more. Probably. I don't know, they both suck, so since light sucks I can't farm dark, and since dark sucks I can't farm light. Such is life. Well, that's obviously not exactly true. I could and should farm at least my 4th chev sword. Yes, I should. As for the team I'm using, it's Seruel/Potato/Lucio. I'll probably switch Lucio for Jeanne once I get her to lvl 100. And that's it I guess. Another important thing I want to share is that... Yes, indeed. My spark is ready, and my target is Anila so that my plebian magna fire can suck a little less for GW. As everybody I guess I would've liked to spark on flash gala, but I guess it's not too bad, considering there's plenty of characters from premium gala I'd really want to have. Cain, Ferry, Lecia, Pholia. Wouldn't mind Eugen or Rackam either since they are getting their FLBs soonish (I already have Katalina). And that's about it. I guess I'll post the results of my spark next premium gala! May the salt be with you.
  8. Why Visual Novels?

    Well, of course most stories can also he told in another medium. That's why get constantly get anime adaptations from manga and LN, or movie adaptations from literature. There are some stories that would only work in a certain medium, but those are a minority. That doesn't mean though that each medium doesn't have its strong points. For me VN are more immersive. The visuals and the soundtrack go a long way to make it a much more powerful and emotional experience than your regular novel or LN. Not to mention when you get to see the "what if" of a story, for VNs that have a route system. The fact that VNs doesn't NEED to exist in order to have story telling doesn't mean that they don't feature very appealing points for people who like them.
  9. Kyoto Animation arson

    This is so fucked up. I hope that bastard rots in jail.
  10. Well you just kinda have to accept that in anime land life ends when you get out of high school. Sometimes quite literally
  11. What Anime are you watching now?

    I'll be a good person and save you some hours of your life. The first 4 episodes were the only decent part of the show. If you didn't enjoy even that, don't bother. It gets much, much worse.
  12. youtube - Most random