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  1. Now that I've think about it, it's actually been a really long time since I last updated my grids and teams. The reason is mainly that progression is extremely slow for me at this point, and also that I'm at sort of a weird point where I can't decide what I want to do with pretty much all my eles. Anyway, let's see how things are coming along for me. Next GW is dark, so that's what I'll be showing. Once you get to the endgame it's kinda hard to just show a team and grid and call it a day. Different fights need different approaches, so let's divide this exposition in 3 categories: OTK, nm95/burst comp and LuciHL/Bubs/tough endgame fights. I guess a full auto comp could also be interesting but I won't be bothering for now. OTK There's a lot to say about this. Maybe you noticed that there is no opus in there. Why you might ask? Well, because my opus has an enmity key on it, and I refuse to keep changing keys cause farming faa is a pain, since most coop room pubs I'm allowed to join (rank 223 atm) still fail most of the time. So, my intention is to make a 2 button OTK team that works without having opus in the grid at all. It's worth mentioning that enmity at 100% hp provides 0% atk modifier, so it's completely useless I still need to get 2 more drops to finish my fediel spine, and then tweak everything to make sure it works consistently. So yeah, a work in progress, but should be easy to get it done in time. Oh, and I guess I'll also ULB that qilin sword. I don't think it's needed but might as well do it in case I want to use it for nm150 or something. In case you are skeptical about whether it is really possible to achieve a 2 button OTK without opus, yeah, I made sure it is. There's some showcases of people doing it with the same grid and characters on YT. nm95/Akasha Fairly standard I would say. This is what I use to farm Akasha and it's what I'll also most likely use for nm95, unless the boss has a dozen of plain damage triggers to screw over Zoi strats. Wouldn't it be funny. Yeah, I ringed Zoi and Predator. Don't @ me. The 5% cap up is useful. Anyway, about the grid, you might think a 4th claw might be better than either the akasha weapon or the zwei. Turns out it's not. You have enough enmity to easily cap at 1 hp provided you have the defense debuff from deathing Nier. The grid seems to be optimal. The only consideration is that it might be worth to go magna highlander at least for nm95 (not Akasha, cause that bitch skips turns and removes Nier debuffs). LuciHL, I guess? Honestly I don't really play dark for LuciHL but this is what I used to use. Nowadays I have Vikala, Rei, and am planning to spark Shalem, so my team would definitely change a lot. And that's it for my dark. BUT. Months ago I stated that it was a dream of mine to finally be able to ditch magna and go for hades. It's truly sad being magna in what is the most broken element in the game. Well. Unfortunately I still don't have Hades. I was hoping they would perhaps give another demi-primal pick option for anni, but nope, they didn't... What I do have though, is this: Yeah those palmtrees are at MLB. Amazing what doing daily hosts for a full year can do And those 2 gislas, I bought them with my suptixes whenever I didn't really have anything else I wanted to get. Of course that is not all, I also have pretty much every weapon and grand weapon I'd want to have. And enough bars to make that grid a reality. It's just a matter of getting a fucking Hades. And about that... Yeah yeah. I know. It's a terrible idea. Nothing in this game is worth spending a sierotix. I KNOW! But damn I am tempted. I will spark next flash gala during halloween banner. I don't know if there will be dark chars/summons rate up or something, probably not cause it's likely to be just halloween characters rate up. But anyway, I will wait until then, and if after my spark I still don't have a hades... honestly, I don't know if I will be able to hold myself back from sierotixing it. Don't do it boys. Do like I say, not like I do. A sierotix is worth 7.5 chocobars. That's like half an optimal primal grid. Buying that hinders your progression immensely Anyway, see you guys in a month!
  2. I have to say, I am quite shocked about the fact that someone managed to overthrow Kanbe Kotori as Ange's #1
  3. After my terrible summer legfest spark, in the end I decided not to spark again last flash cause it didn't look like a good banner for me (I already have S.Alex and that was its main appeal). It's very likely that we're getting a new dark limited character before GW (dark apostol maybe? ) so that's probably the banner I will spark on. Best of luck for your next spark too whenever it might be! I also don't really grind for bars, but you'd be surprised what 2 years of hosting ubhl and pbhl daily can do! Really! It's really rare the month you don't get at least one drop, and on lucky months you might get 2 or 3. As for the scratcher, it wasn't bad for me either. I got a bunch of crystals and an Uriel which helped me a ton in GW. Speaking of which, I did better than I expected considering I don't have chicken. Once I got the hang of it I was pulling off 4min 30s nm150 clears, which you know, it's nothing to brag about either in a GW where people were managing sub 3min clears, but for me, I consider anything under 5min good enough My crew also managed to place top 100 in morning rush speed 3/4 days! And day 3 even top 50! Proud of these guys Now gotta get ready for dark GW. I'm scared. Dark is the OP element, there's that, but also precisely because of this people also invest a lot more into it, so the average powerlevel is way higher. We already had 700m+ top70k cutoffs this earth GW and I don't even want to think how high the scores will be next GW
  4. Omg I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bring down your accomplishment. It's just that I'm more of a pragmatical player and only go after stuff I have an immediate use for, and I can't see myself using the likes of say, Uno, at the current time. But for completionists it's definitely a great milestone, so congrats my guy! Sigh I also sparked on this banner and it was fucking awful. The SSR rate was... well, not even worth calculating, lest I start crying. The only consolation prize is S.Anthuria who came home with the last 10 draws of the spark. She should be useful for FAing next dark GW, at least! I ended up picking Vikala since I didn't manage to get her after sparking 3 times during legfest this year (2 sparks while she had her rate up at that) and I really wanted to get it out of my way before new year. I'll be sparking again next flashfest for the new shiny summer characters. If I don't get them though, I'll probably end up sparking Shalem instead. Just preparation for dark GW. Alright, so that's it for today. See you after flashfest, maybe
  5. Uuh maybe Sanoba Witch, Nene's route? It is kinda core but not really... You know, realistic like it could be in katawa. It's caused by fantasy reasons.
  6. It's been a while since I updated my progress, but there really isn't much to speak of for most elements. I do want to share my progress in earth though, since it's actually a substantial improvement and we're getting an earth favored GW in August. I finally got my Caim, and I was lucky enough to roll an Ichigo during its rate up a few days ago. Now my grid looks like this: It's still magna, but at least it's the strongest magna available. Much better than my old M2, that's for sure. As for my OTK setup, I'll leave a clip I recorded here I still need to work on my Astral. Honestly I've just been slacking on Bubs very hard. But It's also very hard for me to find good coop rooms considering I'm still just rank 212, and my crew doesn't really run much Bubs either. Oh well, I'll at least get it done by GW, that's for sure, I'm only 3 blades away. Another thing you might notice is that my Sarasa is only MLB Honestly I'm kinda unmotivated to FLB her, along with Uno, Quatre and Song, which are the eternals I still have at MLB. I have the 10 revenant weapons farmed for everyone already, and as you can see bars are not a problem either. But... I just don't see the need to have them at FLB, and it's annoying to farm white scales!
  7. Wow those were 2 fucking good sparks. Maybe it's true that the more you slack, the more this game rewards you I should try that.
  8. Corona wars is over!! Damn this was rough. Results: First day was basically a free win for us. Opponent really didn't have much speed and it was over in MR already. Second day we were match up against the crew that placed #9 in the top speed MR crews. Yeah They did over 1 billion in the first hour (and this is with nm95, mind you). We got absolutely demolished and there was no way in hell we could win that. Even if all 30 of us went nuts, our average power level is significantly lower (plus we don't have OP japanese ping). Oh well. Third day was... well, I want to say it was winnable, but honestly, that fight could've gone into the 8bil or more if both crews were autistic enough. My crew kinda surrendered halfway through. Close call, I don't know how to feel about that, but eh. Fourth day was a pretty fair match up. It was basically a mirror match. In the practice, they had a slower MR than us, who did almost 500m in the first hour, but they kept a steady pace all the way and came pretty close to overtaking us towards the end. In the end though they weren't able to bridge the gap and we took the win. All in all, 2-2. Very mediocre, but I guess It's ok for what's been the most retarded GW in the history of the game. As for individuals, well, getting top 70k was enough for me, it's not like there's any point in doing more, but I ended up overdoing it due to helping my crewmates fight for the wins. Well, that's it for this GW. Now I get to rest since the next one, which is supposed to be fire advantage if I'm not mistaken. The good thing is that at least I already have my OTK setup ready: So yeah, I guess I'll take it easy in the next two months and just host my daily goldbar raids and stuff Let me know how was this GW for you guys. I don't think there's anyone who's gonna say that it was fantastic, but yeah
  9. GW starting in 10h and the whole world is in quarantine. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun Anyway, figured I'd share the current state of things for me atm, since there's been some progression since the last time I updated. WATER Let's start by addressing the big elephant in the room. My water. My worst element historically. Have I been able to make it at least decent for this upcoming GW? Sure did. For starters, I finally sparked Vajra, so now at least I have what once was the standard ougi build throughout 2018 and 2019. Also as you can see I finally found the motivation to get my ass carried get a clear for the ulb opus. I didn't want to spend 3 stones for my Varuna, so I had to figure a way to get to 30k hp using Fish x Varuna Nothing worth mentioning. Besides this kinda outdated ougi build, last roulette also blessed me with summer Cagliostro, so even though I do not have pholia bow and europa spear to go for a whale crit varuna grid, I tried to make it work: Honestly, it's not great, but it's not bad either. I think it can work for nm95 and nm100 better than the ougi team. Well, all this is good and all, but let's be honest, doing GW manually in 2020? You must be kidding me. It's the full auto era, and I'll only ever go manual if there's the need to push for a win during ER, or the first couple hours of MR. So having a FA is rather important I would say. This is what I came up with: Some adjustments need to be made depending on the fight. For example, if this were good enough to survive nm150, then I'll probably want to replace the rotb mace for a fimbul for extra hp cause it's not like I'll be capping anyway. Anyway, I think that team has a decent enough survivability and covers just about everything that can be covered, from atk/def down, dispel cancel, healing, delay, clears... And that's it for water. I won't even bother sharing OTK setups cause no shit I'll be able to easily get to 21m with 3 balls and Vajra. Alright, moving on. I'm pretty excited to share my dark. Not because it's my best element, but because it received a huge upgrade since my last update. DARK That's 3 new toys I didn't have last time. I got emo catboi FLB and holy shit, he's no doubt the monster people said he was. I also finally managed to get Nier just last week, and again, holy cojones, this bitch might even outdps Six if we count the ougi reactivation. As for Ferry... I'm a little ashamed to say that I sparked her during Christmas. It was objectively a bad choice, since there are much better targets for me in 2020 (like Shalem, who didn't want to come home during my flash spark in her rate up ) but Ferry was kind of a dickpick for me. I love her art and I always wanted to have her with Nier, so yeah. As for my grid, there are actually 2 that I often use. This is my go-to grid when I don't feel like using a enmity team with S.Zoi. It caps perfectly fine in most content, especially with Ferry and Nier buffs. I wish I had Parazonium, but oh well. And this is what I use with Zoi: Pretty standard enmity magna dark, I would say. I would love to make the transition to Hades, and I actually have the gold moons needed to do it. The problem is, well, I have no fucking Hades Nor baha Moooving on. My light. LIGHT Grid-wise there's honestly nothing worth mentioning, as you can see: Same old boring mango light. I honestly hate this grid. You know what I don't hate though? My characters. I really wanted Hal&Mal to go along with G.Jeanne, and roulette blessed me with them. Now I pretty much have the dream team. If I was a zeus lord I'd probably want to have H.Halle, but for the time being I don't think that as a general purpose team it can get any better. So yeah, overall I'm really happy with my light, if it wasn't for that grid. And so, I have made plans for a transition into Zeus, since I happen to own the primal and these two things right here: Unfortunately 2 edens is really not enough to warrant the transition to primal, so I'm also farming these fuckers But it's a work in progress and one that will take some time probably. It's not like I'm in any hurry anyway, since light GW won't be coming back any time soon. FIRE Another huge improvement goes to my fire. Party-wise I'm still using the same old thing, cause it's old but gold and there's no reason to change However, see that Agni right there? Last time I updated I was using a scuffed highlander primal grid, which kinda got the job done, but it's was pretty underwhelming. Welp, no more of that. Behold. Isn't it beautiful? It took a while but I finally got it done. Just in time for the next fire GW too! Fortunately I finished farming it even before they announced next GW after water would be fire. Thank goodness, cause Prometheus mines must be a literal hell now. Anyway, the grid is pretty amazing. Obviously 4 or 5 ixabas will still beat the shit out of CoC grid in most situations, but for a f2p primal grid it's pretty competitive. The DoT from the prom stick can be a little hard to manage in hard fights like a nm150 boss in GW, but nothing you cannot fix by bringing the right class and characters with enough sustain. WIND Well, honestly, I think not much changed for my wind, if anything. It was ok before and it's ok now. Good old and reliable magna wind. I barred the reunion for GW and also cause I had this project in mind: I wasn't able to get it done by GW and so it was left unfinished. I need to farm the other 2 unius but honestly I don't have much motivation, cause it's not like it provides much more damage than magna for most content. It'd be very handy to have for FaaHL and other off ele fights though (like ubhl, but since they nerfed the gb drop rate who cares anymore right ). EARTH At this point earth is probably my worst element. M2 is just not good enough anymore for earth I feel like. I annitixed xmas Naru, and she definitely hits like a truck, even outdpsing Okto. That's good and all, but I really need to figure out what I want to do with my grid. I'm working on Caim, but the problem is that even after sparking 3 times in legfest I had not got even a single Ichigo, so I don't know how viable a Caim grid would be without that damn katana. I'm glad we won't be having earth GW in a while so I get some time to try and fix this ele. Anyway, perhaps you noticed that weird skill dmg cap key on the opus. That's cause I enjoy playing earth in FaaHL, for what I'm using this team and grid: You certainly don't do a ton of damage, but it's very comfy to play and you are not dead weight either And that's it for now I guess. To sum up my "plans" (if you can call them that, cause there's some luck involved...) for the future: -Finish my Hector grid and say bye to that stinky magna light forever. No luck involved, just a ton of grinding to do. -Finish my Morrigna grid. Not a pressing matter but it'd be good to have nonetheless. -Build a caim grid for my earth. Probably need to draw an ichigo, and honestly I don't feel like sparking it, so we'll see. -My wet dream: build a enmity hades grid with 3-4 Gislas and a couple Majestas and feel like a god soloing FaaHL. Ironically, Hades is the only primal summon I'm lacking. Fuck you game T_T So yeah, see you guys next time, when some of these projects are made a reality!
  10. Sharing my progress really motivates me when I look back at my early updates, and makes me really excited for the future. Maybe it can do the same for you too, so go ahead and give it a try if you feel like it! Damn son, lucksacc detected Gratz on the spark. Was it a good one to top it off?
  11. Congrats on Siete and Nier! Nier I'm still working on, but I also managed to get Siete FLB last GW and his really, really nice to use after his rebalance. I thought he'd be weaker cause he lost his crit ability, but the fact that they gave him a unique atk mod instead kinda makes up for it, at least if your grid is developed enough. Kinda sad you can't use him for off ele otk anymore, though! ------ Happy new year everyone! I hope you are having fun these holidays. It's been a couple months since my last update, and there's some fairly good progression I'm very excited to share with you all. I'm currently at rank 193, which you know, it's not very relevant anymore, but I guess it's good to have as reference. The party HP nodes I got at 185 really helped with faa though! I can't wait to get the rank 200 ones. Well, time to show (off? not really ) my teams and grids. Since I don't want to spoil the excitement, I will do it in what I consider a worse-to-best order. Also I won't be sharing all my setups because it'd get too long, so I'll just limit myself to my general purpose teams, leaning slightly towards those I'd use for fairly high defense like GW nm100, but not so extreme as nm150. That means I won't be sharing OTK, faa-san teams and the like, unless anyone is interested, ofc. The exception will be my OTK light, since it's relevant for the upcoming GW. Alright, enough blabbering, let's get started! WATER Yeah... fuck you, water. I've given up using my kengo for any fights other than OTK stuff, cause it just doesn't work without Vajra, and I don't have either the characters or the appropiate grid to make a crit oriented staff team either. To make things worse, as a newbie I decided to stone the fish instead of my varuna, cause at the time I thought it'd be really convenient to have it to use off else (also wind GW was coming and I couldn't possibly get Huang Long, so that allowed me to build an OTK setup), and I naively thought I could just use varuna friends cause for ougi builds with 3 balls like mine, fish x varuna was the optimal anyway. So yeah, no double varuna either. Stuck with a 300k autos grid till who knows when. Sadder story than my life. Definitely my worst team, and my worst mistake to this day in this game. Give me my 9 bars back. DARK Second worst team. When you see the grid you might think it's quite alright, at least for magna standards. Yeah sure, a parazonium mh would be nice, but otherwise is a fairly optimized grid (the opus' key is up for debate, but let's leave that aside). The main problem lies within my characters. This ain't 2017 GBF. DJeanne and Zoi will no longer carry your dark. The first is rather useless, while the second is only a conjunction bot that people tend to kill with Death's call when she has done her work nowadays. Next GW I'm FLBing Six, and I hope that greatly improves my situation. I'm also slowly working on Nier, as I said. I already have FLB Death, so just lacking a lot of dark astras atm, that I've not been getting cause I decided to spend my points on sunstones first. But I'll get there, eventually. Aside from that, it's pretty much the same grid I used for GW. The only differences are that I got my akasha blade, and FLB'd the seraphic. FIRE OOOH YEAH BABY. Running away from magna fire like one would from the plague! And this is, ladies and gentlemen, my first attempt at doing so. A very scuffed highlander grid that is already at this point several times better than any magna fire grid I've ever had. Yes, I know, that seraphic and that opus need to be fully skill leveled, and that cane ULBd. Don't judge me, this grid is really new, and I'm lacking a lot of skill fodder after ULBing my opus weapons and other shit you will see in the future. My plans for the future are 2. More or less short term, there's this: Yup, slowly working my way towards a prom grid. Long term, I'd like to get my hands on 2 more ixabas (or even 3 more, but that only if the gacha decides to bless me, I ain't sparking/annitixing that many). Fire has become really fun to play after getting FLB sun, Esser, Alanaan... The burst is really enjoyable, so I want to give the ele some love. EARTH Not much changed for my earth grid aside from the seraphic FLB and opus ULB, which you know, it's a pretty huge change in its own right, but the grid still looks the same. Honestly, it's a quite alright team. Does very decent damage, has high hp, some good utility in S.Vira and Alex. I'm pretty happy about it. BUT! I do have some big plans for the future as well. I'm not so far from FLB The Hanged Man, and I happened to roll a Titan. If I somehow manage to get an Ichigo, I will probably go for a Caim grid. That might take a while, though, but the idea is on my mind. WIND I'll be honest, I love my wind. It's my go-to ele for ubhl and faa-san. I managed to get Grimnir while sparking this roulette, so I built an ultima staff and that allows me to use 3 harps and Tia x Tia again (after ULBing my opus I was using Tia x Grim with 2 harps, cause without a way to give you consistent wind atk up that setup is better), which is great against higher defense content due to the crits. Not for ubhl though, since you keep getting dispeled, so for that I'm still using Tia x Grim, with 2 harps, and Siete instead of Grimnir. I also have big plans for wind in the future. I managed to roll a Zeph and I have 2 Love Eternals and obviously the Vortex from Grimnir. Morrigna is literally unfarmable now with my pleb EU ping, but once it slows down, maybe after magfest, maybe when wind GW ends, I do plan to build a Unius Zeph Grid. That's some really good shit! For now, I got my few unius just from daily hosts ever since the first day epic weapons were released. LIGHT Oh boy, we're finally here. Next GW element. ULBing all those swords took all my skill fodder and some years of my lifespan for sure. Magna light is pretty bad, at least according to what everyone says. Well, while I don't think it's great by any stretch, it kinda works for me due to having pretty damn good characters. Yes, I know, I am not capping on nm150. It sucks. It's a big middle finger to all f2p players. 25 fucking defense, wtf. Gotta validate the whales, I guess. Fuck you KMR. But well, ranting aside, I got lucky and got my hands on Grand Jeanne, which solved my big problem with Piggy, which is her poor MA rate in my sword comp. Now I can actually keep her reckless abandon up all day. The cosmos sword FLB was also a nice addition. It's better than a mitt bow in that grid for any HP mark, so that's nice and makes me a little less reliant on stamina. Oh, also Lucio's rebalance. What a fucking GOD! He literally does half of my damage. As for OTK, well, I think I still need to polish it a little bit more, but the general idea is something like this, with HuangLong as support: Probably I need to change my opus key to skill cap up, and put an ultima sword with ougi cap up there, but you get the gist of it. I am lucky to have pretty good characters for light OTK, which is fairly difficult otherwise, so I'll make it work somehow. Alright, that's it I guess! I hope I didn't bore you excessively with my unsolicited rambling. To finish this off, as always, I'll show you my spark progress atm. It's worth mentioning that as I said I sparked this last flash during roulette. My rates were pretty trash, but I value quality over quantity, and since I got Grimnir and G.Jeanne and got to spark an Ixaba, I'm pretty satisfied. It's not spectacular, but it works for me. Much better than my last spark, anyway. Anyway, here's what I have right now: So that's 223 rolls even after having sparked! I really, really hope I can get to 300 in 2 months when Doggo is most likely gonna make a comeback. We'll see. That's it for now. I'll update my progression once there is something worth sharing, though by the looks of it, from now on it should be progressing pretty slowly, since my magna grids are pretty much finished. I wish you all a fantastic new year and see you guys around!
  12. I mean if you don't mind feeling bad for being useless, you only really need 30k hp and have a proper understanding of the raid to not mess up (or rather, in order to know what you did wrong when you inevitably mess up) Then let the whales and people that already have ULB opus carry you. Yes, it feels terrible, but hey, you can pay back the karma by some day in the future helping new players get into faasan I'd also really want to have Pholia and Monika. And Lecia, who is best girl (fite me). But you know... it's not like I really need them, and as a mostly f2p player I've already kind of accepted that I won't never be able to catch'em all as if they were pokemons; so I just try to get what I need the most
  13. Since my last post was like 3 months ago and dark GW is starting today, I guess a little update is due. First of all I got to rank 175 (currently rank 180), so I unlocked Lucilius Hard. Took me a while to get bare minimum to even attempt the raid, but finally got it just a mere week before GW and fortunately some strong friends from my crew were able to carry me and my 50k autos hard and got my first ULB opus done in time. This is the grid I'm going with for GW. Unfortunately during my last spark I wasn't able to get my hands on Grand Ferry (or any particularly good stuff for that matter, which is why I didn't bother to post my results) so I'm still stuck in Zoi hell. Anyway, I think it's a pretty good improvement compared to last time. Don't @ me for that MLB seraphic. I have the qilin&longdong animas but just no quartz after FLBing 3 avatar staves. Another thing I wasn't able to get in time is my FLB Death. But at least I was able to get her to SSR. As for my OTK setup, this is it: It's nothing special and it relies on conjunction, but at least it's 3 buttons which I guess is ok-ish... (dual arts+conjunction+longdong call). Aside from that, I don't think I've made much improvement in other elements. Not anything worth mentioning, at least. I finally got my FLB water opus, got 4 MLB AES done (and won't bother farming the 5th one), and oh yeah, I guess my light has also seen a bit of an upgrade. It had to be done in order to properly farm Avatar. A fun little story is that I farmed the 5 lumi swords just before KMR felt like giving us a MLB one a couple weeks ago. Oh well, having 6 will be good for Faa-san anyway. As for new characters, I got my first evoker, the e-sports old man. So now my team is looking good, if not for the fact that I'm still a magna pleb. Now I'm working on my Nier (as you can infer from my SSR Death) and I think after that I'll go for Caim. Hopefully I'm able to get him before earth GW. Gacha-wise, I'm once again getting close to a spark. I'm sparking doggo as soon as she comes back next year. I'll pray to kamisama to bless me with at least either Ferry or Cain. I don't want to spark on legfest anymore!! And that's it I guess. See you in my next spark if my results are worth sharing, or if not, probably I'll update my progress when light GW is close anyway. Mata!
  14. OMFG That is so crazy!! Not in a million years would have I expected a sequel and much less an anime adaptation of such an old VN. I'm so hyped but also very scared about how it will turn out. If they are reviving the saga they better have something worth to tell!
  15. Yeah... I'll admit that I'm pretty curious on how bad it could possibly be. But not so much to actually buy it and much less invest so many hours into it I'll stick to my boring, wholesome vanilla shit.
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