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  1. Is this forum dead?

    What is dead may never die
  2. Fuwanovel Confessions

    That sucks man. I usually don't advocate drinking your grieves away, but sometimes you just need to give life that middle finger, and at least you are in good company and safe I hope you come back feeling better. I'll have you in my thoughts.
  3. Predicting the sexual activity of VN characters

    What a time to be alive. I tried to respond as more or less how my female alter ego would be. The results are as boring as I am, but I can't say I'm dissatisfied
  4. What are you playing?

    You murderer! I have the impression that, contrary to all logic, the usage of a condom is intended to bring out the "dirtiness" of the situation in contrast with a more romanticized sex. School Days is the example at hand, but it's not the first time I see this. Kind of concerning.
  5. What are you playing?

    Some people say it's the absolute best, no doubt, and others say that it's just another route and shoudn't get too hyped about it. Seems like it's fairly divided, and I like that Will do, definitely!
  6. What are you playing?

    I finished F/SN Unlimited Blade Works
  7. Do you read VNs on the go or at home?

    Usually at home, unless I take my laptop somewhere and happen to have some spare time. I don't really feel comfortable reading or even listening to music with other people around, even if I wear headphones
  8. A VN that'll make me cry please.

    Yeah, I would say the muv luv trilogy should be around 90h, no laughing matter. But it's great, it's definitely worth the investment.
  9. A VN that'll make me cry please.

    You can try your luck with the one of my avatar, eden* It's short, about 5-10h, and if you can get into it it's a beautiful experience.
  10. What are you playing?

    I finished the Fate route in F/SN. So ok, if I'm understanding this correctly, the next route is UBW and is focused on Rin, and HF is focused on Sakura, correct? Well, let's see what it's awaiting next.
  11. Monika After Story

    Just Monika.
  12. Animes that made you cry? ;-;

    That it is, but more than that... how could I put it... the whole purpose of the movie is to show two kids suffering to death. And you know that it ends like that since the beginning. There's no message to speak of (and no, I'm not counting the "wars are bad" thing, we all know that, come on...), it's not by any means an emotional movie, just a depressing one. It didn't even make me cry, and I'm a crybaby when it comes to fiction. It did make me feel sick to my stomach though. So yeah, that's why I find it despicable. On topic, animes that made me cry... almost all of them? I cry easily, but oddly enough I don't tend to cry to the scenes most people do, so there's that... And as for the ones that made me cry a lot, well, there's almost every key anime adaptation ever, sure, Clannad, LB, Air, Kanon, Planetarian... Plastic Memories that @Huang Ling Yin mentioned also hit me hard, even though you knew it was gonna happen, and I feel like it's an anime that it's often unfairly criticized too hardly. I thought it was overall good, and really great when it had to shine. And, for the sake of citing a so far unmentioned one, let's go with Rainbow. It didn't made me cry so hard as the others, but it was probably a lot more depressing overall. Hey, but in contrast with Hotaru no haka, you can find meaning in it.
  13. Your opinion on the Isekai genre?

    Ooh, that reminds me... Inuyasha!! I totally forgot about that one, but it's most definitely an isekai, a classic and a favorite of mine from my childhood
  14. Your opinion on the Isekai genre?

    Although you would be certainly a little bit late to the party, you can consider the experience of watching/reading it as another piece of weeb cultural baggage, why with it being so popular and all... So even if you end up hating it (which I doubt, if you go into it with 0 expectations, you will most likely be left indifferent), at least you would have that under your belt