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  1. Hellll nooo I'm not spending my precious sunstones and goldbars on a silly skin That would only happen... if I had nothing else to stone or bar. Which will happen... never. Or, if I won the lottery, I guess.
  2. Hi, I'm still alive Let's see, my last post was before light GW. Well, nothing much has changed really since then, aside from the preparation I did for water favored GW that has just ended like 3 days ago. I'll spare you the details and just show you some recordings I made for said GW, y'know, because of that of an image, or video, being worth more than a thousand words. NM95: NM150: Things to notice: -I annitixed xmas gozaru. Yeah I don't know. I'm quite deep into water ougi, and she's cute. She didn't sound like a bad option. Now, of course I'll be regretti
  3. So, it's that time again. GW is around the corner... But first of all, how was your roulette experience? Did Santa bring in the goods? Over here, I honestly can't complain. I got 200 hundred free rolls during Grand Sandalphon rate up, and took advantage of that to spark. The spark itself was pretty bad, with nothing worth mentioning, but since I had 240 rolls I only had to spend 60 more rolls of my own, so 60 rolls for Sandalphon, being as broken as he is, is a pretty good deal if you ask me. As for Shatora's (Catura? I like Shatora better ) banner, again, I can't complain: I
  4. The issue seems to go deeper than I ever imagined I apologize if I was inconsiderate, I wouldn't want to pester you into playing the game in a way you really don't want to play it. It's just that, talking from my personal experience, even though GBF doesn't appear to have a big social component, I've found that if it weren't for my crew and all the wholesome people I've met playing the game I probably would've got bored and quit a long time ago. Sure, there's also some toxicity, but as far as online gaming communities go, I think GBF's is not that bad I honestly believe, or want to
  5. Why not join a casual crew? You will be asked to do literally nothing (maybe log in once every week or two to show that you are still alive, if that's not much of a bother ) and even if people barely play, it should still be much easier to reach tier C than all by yourself. I don't know if you are already on the Gaijins discord server, but if not, that's a good place to look for recruitment (and only for that, cause the community is quite toxic ). Look, I understand. I was the same. I was putting LuciHL off, always finding excuses of "I will get this done first" only to then move onto
  6. Alright, less than one week for the worst GW of the decade. How is your prep going? I have done my homework over here. Finally finished my second Fediel Spine and got a 1 button OTK setup working: It's especially comfy because you can just queue FA and the first skill to be used will be splitting spirit, so you just need to press the big orange button. As for nm95, well, my setup is hardly the most original invention ever crafted. Just the typical Akasha farming composition: Now, my worst fear is that the boss has a bunch of plain damage triggers that make playing
  7. Congrats on Justits! I see you are making fast progress in the evoker department. Meanwhile here, I haven't got a new one since uh... Caim. Only have Alanaan, Nier and Caim so far I'm mostly sunstone gated. There's just so much shit I need to stone... So. I sparked this Halloween banner. And it was actually a pretty good spark for a change: I got all the new halloween characters, though it's not like I care too much about those, I'd rather have gotten some of the old ones like Vazeta or Halle, but hey, I'm not complaining. I also got some grand weapons dupes like another Grim spear and
  8. Now that I've think about it, it's actually been a really long time since I last updated my grids and teams. The reason is mainly that progression is extremely slow for me at this point, and also that I'm at sort of a weird point where I can't decide what I want to do with pretty much all my eles. Anyway, let's see how things are coming along for me. Next GW is dark, so that's what I'll be showing. Once you get to the endgame it's kinda hard to just show a team and grid and call it a day. Different fights need different approaches, so let's divide this exposition in 3 categories: OTK
  9. I have to say, I am quite shocked about the fact that someone managed to overthrow Kanbe Kotori as Ange's #1
  10. After my terrible summer legfest spark, in the end I decided not to spark again last flash cause it didn't look like a good banner for me (I already have S.Alex and that was its main appeal). It's very likely that we're getting a new dark limited character before GW (dark apostol maybe? ) so that's probably the banner I will spark on. Best of luck for your next spark too whenever it might be! I also don't really grind for bars, but you'd be surprised what 2 years of hosting ubhl and pbhl daily can do! Really! It's really rare the month you don't get at least one drop, and on luck
  11. Omg I'm sorry! I didn't mean to bring down your accomplishment. It's just that I'm more of a pragmatical player and only go after stuff I have an immediate use for, and I can't see myself using the likes of say, Uno, at the current time. But for completionists it's definitely a great milestone, so congrats my guy! Sigh I also sparked on this banner and it was fucking awful. The SSR rate was... well, not even worth calculating, lest I start crying. The only consolation prize is S.Anthuria who came home with the last 10 draws of the spark. She should be useful for FAing next dark GW, at
  12. Uuh maybe Sanoba Witch, Nene's route? It is kinda core but not really... You know, realistic like it could be in katawa. It's caused by fantasy reasons.
  13. It's been a while since I updated my progress, but there really isn't much to speak of for most elements. I do want to share my progress in earth though, since it's actually a substantial improvement and we're getting an earth favored GW in August. I finally got my Caim, and I was lucky enough to roll an Ichigo during its rate up a few days ago. Now my grid looks like this: It's still magna, but at least it's the strongest magna available. Much better than my old M2, that's for sure. As for my OTK setup, I'll leave a clip I recorded here I s
  14. Wow those were 2 fucking good sparks. Maybe it's true that the more you slack, the more this game rewards you I should try that.
  15. Corona wars is over!! Damn this was rough. Results: First day was basically a free win for us. Opponent really didn't have much speed and it was over in MR already. Second day we were match up against the crew that placed #9 in the top speed MR crews. Yeah They did over 1 billion in the first hour (and this is with nm95, mind you). We got absolutely demolished and there was no way in hell we could win that. Even if all 30 of us went nuts, our average power level is significantly lower (plus we don't have OP japanese ping). Oh well. Third day was... well, I want to say it
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