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  1. What are you playing?

    Oh yeah, I read that.
  2. What are you playing?

    Ok ma bois, time to get to the true route of Ever17, Finding Nemo Coco! Before that though, I have to elaborate some theories for the record so everyone can laugh at how naive and unimaginative I was Warning, it's probably gonna be a long read and probably pretty disorganized, as I'm just gonna brainstorm the fuck of out it: Well, you see, I tried as hard as I could, but I think my efforts were for naught. Granted, I've never been a very creative person, but I at least hoped, given the number of clues, to be able to craft some crazy theory. Nope. Sorry for the disappointment Now let's see to which degree my mind will be blown once I know the truth.
  3. Favorite protagonist?

    Also I think one possible reason for the frequency of bland MC's in VNs could be to leave the path open for multiple choices. If your MC doesn't have a really well defined personality then no choice feels particularly weird. That I can understand, but I would still want the MC's personality to develop according to the choices you've made up to that point, and while there are very well crafted VNs that actually do this, most just don't bother since it's a lot of work.
  4. What are you playing?

    You's route finished (well, at least the good ending). Man, I need some sleep Now onto Sara. Then I guess I'll go through the bad endings and finally, finally the true route to give some relief to this headache PS: Lol the pen scene.
  5. What are you playing?

    I just read the part where I probably will. I like to read the bad endings once I get all the good ones though. However, if you consider I'm missing something story-wise then I guess I'd better play them first. Also I'll take this opportunity to discuss something that I overlooked in my previous posts:
  6. What are you playing?

    Ok, I haven't even finished You's route yet but I feel the need to address some information that's been revealed. This is gonna be exciting Ever17 spoilers:
  7. Favorite protagonist?

    Azai Kyousuke it is for me. I'm a little too fed up with bland main characters who always do what it is expected and considered correct from a third perspective. Kyousuke is neither a good nor a bad person, he's just a person with a lot of flaws like anyone else, while still being pretty likable overall. He ultimately will do everything he can for the ones he cares about.
  8. What are you playing?

    Oh I'd love to do that, but you see, my long term memory is absolutely atrocious so unless I marathon it or go around writing down the key points I'm bound to forget half of what I read in a couple of days I do try to keep up though, and I will do my best to assemble the pieces and share my theories for the amusement of you all
  9. What are you playing?

    I resumed playing Ever17 and finished Sora's route. Now I'm halfway through You's route (they couldn't have chosen a worst name, at least for the english translation, I get confused all the time ), playing as the Kid. There are some things that are freaking me out.
  10. The State of VNs

  11. What are you playing?

    As long as you manage to convey what you have in your mind, I think it should be unique enough, since there are probably not to people in this world who share the exact same view on the topic. There are so, so many ways to go about AI... Even stories that explore the same points do it in a totally different way, that's why I don't ever get tired of it. I sure would like to read what you have to offer Enjoy Grisaia! It wasn't so long ago that I finished it and I'm already missing its characters. Btw, are you meaning to tell us that you are best girl?
  12. The State of VNs

    As I understand it, that's some way to say you don't like slice of life . Neither do I, with some few exceptions here and there. But lo and behold, I do think that those exceptions are really important. With time I also came to appreciate what slice of life could be good for. Even if you don't see the purpose of a scene in the context of the story, it's there for the reader. It could serve as a way to grow attached to the characters as you would while spending time with them IRL. That's not to say that this can't be achieved while actually developing a plot, but I do think that due to the immersive nature of VNs as long as you actually care for the characters and the dialogue is witty enough, it can be pretty enjoyable.
  13. The State of VNs

    Some might be adaptabl-ish, I guess. I can see theatre plays working better in VN format than say modernist literature, which relies heavily on the form. The same may be true the other way around. There are VNs that I could not conceive a way to adapt it into a novel, and not only due to having multiple routes, but because it's mainly a audiovisual experience.
  14. The State of VNs

    Don't you think is ultimately unfair to compare the writing of a classical novel to that of a VN? Of course the first will have more extense and detailed narrative, as that's precisely its means of immersion, while the latter will rely more on dialogue and internal monologue while delegating the task of building the atmosphere and landscape to the visuals and soundtrack. Perhaps it's that I haven't read enough good books in my life, but I don't think that in terms of story telling the average quality found in VNs is inferior.
  15. How often do you watch TV?

    I haven't watched any TV in years I think. The only TV in my home is placed in the living room, and I don't go there whatsoever except when attending guests (pretty rare) or cleaning. It's not like there's something anything worthwhile to watch anyway. Everything good you can watch on TV is also available on the net, so why bother with the commercials and all the junk programs in between.