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  1. You should try finish G-Senjou again but absolutely must read the Majikoi series the first one is the only VN I've ever given a 10/10 the ones after it are still great but fail to reach that level of awesomeness.
  2. Haha If it was any other VN I'd agree with you but I got a feeling the creator won't go in that direction and will keep their relationship as it is for the comedic factor.
  3. Don't worry we all secretly love Nekopara haha. Vol.3 I enjoyed as well though I don't know where they're going to go now in Vol.4 unless they go full Harem on us haha.
  4. So I haven't been around here much lately as I've been busy with visitors making it hard to get some serious reading done. I've only managed to finish about 6 VN since midway through May to now. So I thought to make a nice discussion about what I really liked and what I didn't, and thought that you guys can join me. So to start off with the Best VN I've read this month is a bit of a tie between - Hatsukoi 1/1 and Highway Blossoms It's kinda cheating having two but I started Highway Blossoms last year around the Christmas holiday and given that time of year I completely forgot to finish it causing it to get buried under newer releases. So I went back this month and finished it and it was pleasantly surprising with it's heart and humour. Hatsukoi would of made my top spot alone but Runa's route which I left last kinda brought the enjoyment down for me due to it being predictable and all the way up until the end very boring. I had some other issues with some of the other routes but they are hardly worth mentioning as they where so minor. Speaking of boring that brings me to the Worst being - Chrono Clock I had such high hopes for this since the reveal and early reviews I saw from others but seeing what they where saying about it and what I was experiencing from it where two completely different things. Don't get me wrong the common route and Makoto's route I really enjoyed and it all fell apart from there. Interesting love interests becoming really boring or otherwise annoying *Cough* Chronos, D.D and Michiru *Cough*, dragging on the plot at a snail's pace like seriously I've seen Clannad move it's plot along faster and that's saying something. I still haven't finished this and I don't really plan to for awhile but hopefully it'll get better. As a side mention I'd like to point out Harem☆Party Now obviously I wasn't expecting much from this given what it is but I just wanted to read it so I can free up some space on my PC. The VN itself isn't bad but after uninstalling Koihime Musou after finishing it I booted up HP and that annoyingly infamous text run off bug happened right away so I've got that slowing me down as well. So that was mine, what are your choices? Also not a VN but you could also class it as one in a way is Persona 5 I finally finished that and I loved it, enough to buy the manga's of the previous games as I'd never played them and getting hold of the games themselves was harder than just getting the manga's so I just went with that. #TeamMakotoXAkira and KawiKami... she is perfection haha.
  5. Yeah that was it thanks a lot.
  6. I was talking to my friend about this alternative gender bent historical-ish VN I saw some CG samples from a while ago, where the characters are famous general and leaders but have had their genders switched and it had European leaders to so it wasn't Koihime † Musou ~ as I remember seeing a female Napoleon and the like. But for the life of me I can't remember it's name or any other details besides it had a similar war like gameplay that Koihime had. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? or am I confusing it with something.
  7. Pfft Please everyone knows The Witcher 3 has the best soundtrack of the past ten years as opposed to hearing this and feeling as if Ron Jeremy's gonna jump out at you at any second. Haha But seriously though it wouldn't so overbearing if it was a just a little bit lower in volume.
  8. I've got it downloaded and I'll switch over now and see if there's a difference thanks
  9. The music's just louder than the characters coming through my TV so it's hard to hear them, and I heard about some Japanese Companies don't really bother with things like that as well I guess this game is just another those then :L
  10. I just started out Persona 5, first time playing the series and am I blind or is the options really lacking? Like I need the change the screen ratio and turn off or at least turn down that headache inducing, repetitive porn sound music they call a soundtrack. I searched some game forums but couldn't really find a clear answer between other people looking for the same answers and people just trolling so I thought I'd try here haha.
  11. As we where learning this the same way Yuuji was by reading her diary for me it came across as unnatural how she remember all of even the smallest details and some things she wasn't even there to know, kinda took you out of it. Say if they shorten each day's events and still told the whole two weeks or trimming the fat so to speak like skipping a day that wasn't really necessary. Would of made the pacing flow a lot more naturally.
  12. That's probably why I hated her route. I should say the route itself is solid but her re-telling of the accident drags on at a snails pace which makes it no matter how interesting it might be, just painful to drag yourself through.
  13. Damn I just made myself really want to play Skyrim with that post haha. Yeah it's harder to explain with a VN's music I think in part it's just become habit doing it with everything else that I'm not really giving ones without generic piano music a shot, but I still get that feeling like I mentioned in the last post with slice of life VN's so that doesn't help just picturing an emotional scene between two characters and this random passerby just drops what he/she's doing and busts out some sombre music with some instrument they were hiding god knows where and I just can't I'll be too busy laughing my ass off picturing that. That the scene loses the emotional tone. I know that's basically my fault for an active imagination but still. P.S Also. Report to the ship as soon as possible...
  14. For RPG games like Skyrim you're out there in the wilderness couching with a bow and arrow, stalking your prey not hearing a sound but your footsteps, water noises from streams and the wildlife. With music playing in the background even when its meant to fit the scene/environment just feels outta of place as if an orchestra is right behind you playing for your enjoyment. Now once I start feeling that, the mental image I just mentioned pops into my head and boom immersion gone.
  15. Damn and I wanted an excuse to flee to my cave...