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  1. Haha, Well enjoy it again then.
  2. Happy Halloween Everyone! I made use of JAST USA's Halloween Sale and got a few VN's on sale and one of the was Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Perfecta. For some reason I have the full 18+ game as a digital download but they sent along a steam key as well. So I don't need two copies so I'm leaving the Steam Key here for one of you lucky people: Steam Key: KDEF6- JE9I2- 9WTDP Enjoy whoever gets it.
  3. Tsujidou Translation Project (By Tsurezure)

    I've been looking forward to this VN for a while but I can't get over how fast it's being done.
  4. The art style both background and character design look so familiar but for the life of me I can't place where I've seen it before. It looks good as well so best of luck!
  5. Any Comedic VN Recommendations?

    Funnily enough that was the first five VN's I ever read and I loved it, despite how badly handled the steam version is but thankfully there's way of getting the better version. I just hope one day we'll see the fandisk translated but they often never do so I'm not holding my breath.
  6. Any Comedic VN Recommendations?

    Funny enough I was just downloading that while you posted it haha, though it's the all ages version there's no 18+ English version.
  7. Any Comedic VN Recommendations?

    I have Kindred Spirits on my back log maybe it's time to give it a go soon and I tried Chrono Clock, I loved the common and Makoto's routes but I finished the sister's route and got half way through Misaki's before stopping as I didn't enjoy the sister route and Misaki's was boring. So that's on the back burner for a while until I can be bothered to go back to it.
  8. Any Comedic VN Recommendations?

    Hey again guys, sorry it took so long to post again here. I've been clearing my backlog before starting any of the suggestions you guys kindly put in, I want to thank littleshogun for suggesting Noble Work Which I finished about 3/4 weeks ago and ended up loving a lot more than I thought I would. After that I moved right onto his other suggestion of Dracu Riot which was also good, but not as good as NB due to being as good it was, given the concept and premise it felt like they could of done more but didn't; which is a shame but didn't really affect the overall quality of the VN. What I'm finishing up right now is Koiken Otome *I'm on my last route* on Benji Price recommendation which is also good but doesn't really live up to it's premise's potential. I still like it enough to look forward to the fandisk whenever the guy translating that finishes it. Sadly my Japanese is still at a laughable level so I've held off on Lamunation and Baka Moe Heart for now but I'd like to read Baka whether it's my due to translation being made or my skill improving enough as it does look and sound pretty good. After Koiken I've got Rewrite coming up and Tsujidou-San looks like something I'd love as it gives off a Majikoi vibe but from what I've found so far the translation for it's only about half done so I'll wait patently for that. So overall thanks for the suggestions guys and if you have anymore feel free to drop them here.
  9. Not looking good for Kachuna

    Kachuna or it's full name - His Chuunibyou Can't Be Cured made by the small upcoming company Tamaya Kagiya, launched their Kickstarter campaign, trailer here- The funding goal set was modest at only $8,000 which they not only raised but beat by earning a total of $14,442. Since earning that goal from May till the 11th of this month the company has been completely silent with updates or progress reports, that's not unusual but still not really a good sign when both your company and product are both brand new you'd want as much exposure to promote as possible. On top of that in one of the few updates they announced only people who backed high enough $60+ for the physical copy would receive the full H-scenes version of the game with no patch coming for digital backers and buyers. But with them teaming now teaming up with MangaGamer as a publisher that statement has been brought into question due to MG's new free Steam patch policy, but as of yet both companies have remained silent on the matter. Lastly on the 11th of this month Tamaya finally put out an update saying the game was finished and on Steam in early access with Keys to backers going out later the next day, that came and went with no Keys being sent nor any answers from Tamaya, until enough people complained they stated "Steam is very strict with giving out keys these days. Keys will be given out after a week. Thank you for waiting." That was on the 14th and still no Keys have yet to be sent to backers. I never back/fund VN's and always wait for them to be released but after following all this news unfolding I feel sorry for the people who did back this. A shame though this had enough promise for me to keep an eye on it.
  10. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    I've had ChuSingura 46+1 for a while on steam but have yet to try it as I've heard from a lot of people that the English release is no where near as good as the Japanese original and that's without all the 18+ H scene stuff being removed completely with no patch coming.
  11. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    I thought Conquering the Queen was a rape heavy VN not a romance?
  12. I'd avoid Chrono Clock and Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort as they start off good but both get really boring really fast which is a shame they both had potential. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete - Is pretty good but don't buy it on steam download it from somewhere else as the Steam version is so heavily edited for it's all market audiences that some parts don't make much sense. And Hatsukoi 1/1 is pretty good. I also agree with what the first comenter said about Grisaia I haven't seen the anime but I've heard from plenty of people that they near enough ruined it compared to what the VN series gave us. Noble Works and Draic-Riot are worth trying and made by the same company. There's also: Da Capo 2 (Da Capo 3 is not as good as 2) The Majikoi series Wagamama High Spec My Girlfriend is the President Katawa Shoujo - isn't for everyone given the subject matter but it's romance and drama and decent enough for you.
  13. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    Yeah that's true Hatsukoi was better for me but the MC's idiocy did bring it down for me. For me the problem for ChronoClock was it's routes, the common and Makoto's route's were great, Michiru's was so slow I got so bored from it and Misaki's route just felt more like Michiru having another route to herself than Misaki getting one. I left D.D last before getting the unlockable ones as I hated her character haha.
  14. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    Despite it's age Kanon has had a massive popularity boost this year it's been pretty weird though the same goes for the Fate series but I still haven't gotten around to that.
  15. Most enjoyable VN's read this year?

    I had to put Chrono Clock on hold, for me I got through nearly three of the routes and I was bored to tears so I'll go back to that in a couple of months or so.