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  1. It's a sunny day in Seattle...

    Welcome to Fuwa! Feel free to shit post interact whenever, we're all decent folk here... except @mitchhamilton he's a damn lolicon
  2. Wait, what? Why didn't I hear about this
  3. I was talking about this on the Fuwa discord chat last night, but thought it would be a good topic to bring up again here. I'd like to see either a Dracu-Riot 2 or a spin off with a new Protag and girls set in the same universe. As the first one was good but with the lore they set up, it didn't feel like they went as deep into it as they could of. So it would be nice to see a deeper look into that world. It wouldn't happen but another, would be a proper Da Capo 3. I know we got a Da Capo 3 but it was so much of a departure from the other two, it felt more like a spin off than a direct sequel. And obviously more Majikoi A's like A-6 to A-∞. Because you can never have enough Majikoi... What about you guys?
  4. Been around for almost 5 years now. AMA.

    Congrats on the five years but these questions are too plain allow me to spice them up with shit posting some real talk So, You and your friend Jack have been horse riding all day and now it's time to come drop from the saddle and take a break. But see Jack's having a bit of trouble as his legs have cramped and he's now stuck on the horse. So do you... Help Jack off the horse?
  5. Settle the debate

    Generic I can't think of a holidays thread, so fuck you have this instead Also for all you lonely weebs looking to be a one armed Popeye for the rest of today [link removed]
  6. Happy Valentine's! Share waifus/VNs etc.

    I see your Yuri and I raise you BL I have two from the same game because I'm a greedy, greedy man...
  7. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    Our master plan is working Maggie... I mean now you're
  8. Pick your Fuwaifu! (2018 edition)

    When you see yourself listed... ...When you see you have no votes...
  9. Where are all you gamers at?

    And sent. feel honoured by my presence in your friends list.
  10. Where are all you gamers at?

    That's right, I left you all without a new daily thread of my shitposting yesterday. What are you gonna do bout it huh? So all you weebs and weebettes. I am dragging you out of your mom's basements, setting your semen covered waifu pillows ablaze and bringing your sorry acne covered arses out into society... Gaming society that is. Forgot all fresh air and sunlight nonsense. So I'll start by showing you da wae by leaving my tags below for you all to add. #DeadMemesMakeDreams Xbone - ThatC0micGuy Steam - That Comic Guy I don't use my PS4 anymore so I'll leave that out. It's your turn now sheeple.
  11. Just because of that dedication to get people to try it, I'm now going to avoid like the plague.
  12. I’m slightly late…

    Seems Maggie showed us da wae... #DeadMemesMakeDreams You're right you are a damn causal if this isn't in your favourites https://vndb.org/v16096 But in all seriousness is it true? When in mother Russia, VN's read you?
  13. I hope so too, we really need more good BL titles. Naked Butlers is okay but nowhere near as good NTY!! as while the guys and the sex are good, the lack of story really does it no favours.
  14. Yeah, Room No. 9 I saw the CG gallery for that once I heard about it and it's looks okay. A shame it's only got one main character, besides the Protagonist though, given the plot details they could of added a few more characters and routes.