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  1. Anyone have trouble from J-list when you've bought VN's from them? I've bought a few from them but my copies of Shiny Days, My Girlfriend is President and it's fandisk don't even work. I spent days going around in circles with their customer service about the faulty products but they where no help, in the end I had to download the fan translated version of Shiny Days just to play it and I'll probably have to find fan copies of My Girlfriend as well. Moral of the story avoid J-List when it comes to their digital VN's and only get disk copies off them at least they can't screw up the files in them.
  2. I hear you with that. It seems the writer forgot some details while doing her route as well, for example the common route explains obviously she can't text on her phone only do calls due to her lack of sight but in her own route she texts people no problem. The whole thing of her blindness felt disrespectful as it was handled so poorly the fact it was used just for a gimmick is even more noticeable. I mean look at Katawa Shoujo that was created by a armature team and the way they handled blindness there was both respectful and heartwarming.
  3. I had a feeling that was going to be the case when I looked up the CG gallery. I don't know why but I always end up spoiling some stuff by doing it with every VN I start but luckily with my memory I forgot but the time I get to it, but yeah from what I saw in the gallery it didn't look that interesting. I know what you mean from the common route I was expecting Makoto to more mobster-ish like we saw her in the common route as opposed to the direction they took with her but I liked that really well either way but yeah. Misaki's route I was hoping for more from but alas. At least stalling this gives me time to finish the side mini VN's of the Grisaia series and Magi Trials then I'll probably start on either Devil on the G-String or Harem Party because well... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. As a slight update I'll say half way through route number 3, the common route and Makoto's are really good but Michiru's route is so boring. I'm on Misaki's and it's nothing special and very slow paced, I purposely left D.D's last due to how annoying she is in the other routes but I think at this rate I'll drop this VN for now and read some else more interesting. I will go back and finish one day as I hate leaving things half done but right now I'm too bored of it as I really want to see Chronos's and Mu's route but meh for now. After the Common and Makoto's route I'd of given it a 8/10 but now it's closer to a 5/10. I don't know why it was recommended by so many people.
  5. Agreed it's even more annoying considering I scan read instead of how most people read so I've finished the sentence by the time she's spoken about three words despite how fast she speaks haha.
  6. Wagi's another one of mine too it's simplistic yet unique yet another reason to love the Majikoi series
  7. So everyone has different styles and tastes so what VN's art style (environments, characters or just in general) stands out the most as a favourite for you guys? For me character wise and CG pieces Winged Cloud's primary artist Wanaca has a really unique art style that seems both modernly cutesy yet ahead of the norm it's just a same most Winged Cloud VN's are so short and to the point so she can't really show off the fullest of her skills. For Reference of some of her work I'll leave some of her Safe for work pieces: Another stand out for me is Frontwing's artists mainly Watanabe Akio's more serious, atmospheric and realistic style. And for Reference: So those are my main ones. Obviously that's not all of them as I've flooded this post enough. So what are yours?
  8. All true about the foreign stereotyping we see in these VN's so that's not really what bugs me. I mean sure it's cringy but it's the Romaji that's the most annoying with her as she's meant to say the English when we see the text so we at least know what she's saying most more often than not she doesn't, so it's the fact that unless you can understand Romaji you're pretty much going to get lost or feel like you're skipping stuff when you're not. I agree, with the constant English stereotypes being use in VN's to represent Britain in a more classy light than it really is. It would be really funny seeing a VN character with stereotypes of either the Welsh or the Scottish. Just picture the image a Japanese VN company trying to use the sheep-shagging stereotype of the Welsh or hearing a poor Japanese VA trying to do a Scottish accent while speaking Japanese would be too funny. P.S as a Welshmen I will nether confirm nor deny the Sheep-shagging stereotyping the English gave because well... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  9. She's not in the main game of Da Capo 2 she's only in the other editions of the main game and the side stories nearly all of which aren't translated.
  10. After finishing up The Labyrinth of Grisaia I finally took the suggestions you all gave me on another post and started ChronoClock. I'm nearly done with my first route and I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far but D.D is just painful to deal with. Being a Brit myself her British quirks and speak patterns are shamefully out dated, like half a century out of date haha. But the worst is nearly every one of her sentences has Romaji text. Now I know sometimes when it's there she says the word in English but most times she doesn't, so it's hard to fully understand what she's saying. I can understand why they did it as it puts emphasis on her being a foreigner. But for those who don't understand Romaji it feels like you're skipping a lot of her stuff simply because you don't know what she's saying. Besides that I'd give this game an 8/10 for what I've liked so far.
  11. What can I say I'm a top class shit poster who finds debates/discussions one of the easiest things to use to get to know people's tastes and sell that information to ad providers.... Errr I mean What? But in all seriousness getting to know people's tastes and what not makes it easier for everyone sooner or later to recommend other related stuff and so on. Haha.
  12. I'm sure everyone here has at least heard of Clannad, if not played it as after all it is one of the most famous and successful VN's in the West. But do you guys think it's truly a shining example as critics and others making it out to be or are one of the "it's good/great VN but far from a master piece." kinda folk? For me I started it in July I think I bought just before it went on the Steam Summer Sale... Shitty luck I know. I found it really funny with Sunohara comedic moments and really liked and enjoyed everyone else... Besides Nagisa (again shitty luck) considering the main route and the afterstory are her's. For that reason I'll be honest I've gotten bored of it and it's slow pacing. So I dropped it during the Afterstory after so many stop and starts reading it. I had it spoiled so I know exactly what happens and it's meant to be super sad but I just generally couldn't care haha. I'll go back and finish one day once my unread pile's a bit smaller as I don't like leaving things unfinished not matter how iffy I feel about them. But getting back on track what did you guys think of it? From me and what I've read it's a solid 7 outta 10 it's good and some of the routes are great but it's the pacing and an unlikable main heroine for the "true route" that drags it down for me. I'll give it credit for hitting me in the feels with some of the other heroines like Fuko and Kotomi's routes are sad but given that tragedy and crippling sadness are it's main selling points. I can also point out other VN's that do it better. The Grisaia series for one *and I know it came out later so it could improve of what Clannad left but still.* that's just off the top of my head without thinking about others.
  13. You could take your pick based on the first games in each series or them as a whole between Maji De Watashi Ni Koi (Majikoi for short) or The Fruit of Grisaia as the second *Third as well for Grisaia* and the spins off were more fan service than full storied routes. (Wording it like that doesn't really seem right as they were and weren't but you know what I mean.) For me they where both 9/10 VN's full of amazing characters which felt real *A lot of VN's fail at getting both of those down normally it's one or the other*, Unique yet fitting beautiful art work and so in depth and gripping routes full of heart, tragedy and comedic moments. I find myself swinging more Majikoi's way as I found it addicting to read and couldn't put it down. While Fruit was more stop and start due to it feeling quite like a slow burner in some routes. Amane's was the most obvious of this for me as - Besides that rating Fruit in terms of my love for the characters and the routes it would be. 1. Yumiko 2. Michiru 3. Makina 4. Sachi 5. Amane Majikoi would be - 1. Momoyo 2. Agave 3. Chris 4. Wanko 5. Yukie 6. Miyako Majikoi other sub routes with the guys and other class mates *teacher included* where great too but some where a little boring which kept it at a 9/10 for me.
  14. Oh yeah haha Thanks fixed it now.
  15. Haha. I was just in the middle of doing that when you suggested it but just forgot to link to this site.