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  1. Public Service Announcement

    Is ʇɥᴉs ɹǝɐl lᴉɟǝ¿ Mɥɐʇ,s uǝxʇ ʍɹᴉʇᴉuƃ ndsᴉpǝ poʍu¿¿ ˙˙˙˙Oɥ ʍɐᴉʇ
  2. I haven't been active here on the forms for a few weeks besides lurking and we've gotten quite a few new member since this was first posted. So I thought to bring this gem back for a second life to see if the new bloods have any funny things to add.
  3. Less meaningless bad ends that don't do anything expect take you back to the main menu Less Lolis *Sorry Mitch*
  4. the pm problem.

    I blame Mitch for this issue not being fixed.
  5. Senior's AMA (1000+ Posts Special)

    Why are you never on our discord anymore? :'(
  6. Our New first Visual Novel

    Haha True though it did lure to the thread so half cocked it kinda work
  7. Our New first Visual Novel

    If you think about it. By out laying it this badly will draw more people in to call it out, thus getting the word out. Whether on purpose or not that's a solid PR move
  8. Fuwanovel Community Event- Battle Royale - V2!

    Sign me up Durka. I feel I should represent my Celtic ancestors by fighting naked, covered in blue war paint for the old gods with a spear and shield.
  9. Congrats and Don't worry you'll be hearing a lot more from me, @SeniorBlitz and @MaggieROBOT when we over throw the Moderators and install a BL loving leadership. Muwhahaha
  10. Fuwanovel Solar System Round Two

    If one isn't named Dickatus Biggatus I'm going to be really disappointed
  11. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    I'd blame Mitch for that
  12. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    May as well jump on the bandwagon for my 1 year anniversary on here.
  13. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Damn he's good. From now on I want Ranzo to represent me
  14. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Re-read the originally comment...
  15. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Later and only if you behave...