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  1. I know it’s hard being a fan translator because for one you might get cease and desisted if the company finds out you’re translating their intellectual property, two it could be such an arduous task, third people will shit all over your translation for being “too literal”, “ bad prose” etc. I sincerely want to thank you all for helping the medium grow to this level. So, if you’re struggling right now with a translation: Please. Don’t. Give. Up. Because learning Japanese isn’t like picking up Spanish or French, it’s such a huge learning curve and nobody aside from the most dedicated of fans are willing to learn it just to read JVNs. I became a fan of this medium the moment I read Fate/Stay Night by the God and Goddesses of Mirror Moon. After that, I read Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. That wouldn’t have been possible without you guys. While there’re companies that will localize VNs, they have to localize only the ones they can make a profit off of or have permission to do so. Which is very limiting. There’s so many God-Tier JVNs like Mahoyo that remain untouched or the fan translation group gave up. You guys translate visual novels out of the kindness of your heart. I couldn’t be any more grateful. If I met any of you in person, in real-life, I would buy you a beer and give you hug. It’s the least I could do, because people forget how small this community really is. We’re extraordinarily niche. There’s many otaku who have no idea what a visual novel is and they might never even heard of it unless there’s an anime adaptation of said visual novel. But they wouldn’t be able to read it, unless it was translated. Such as the case with Fate/Stay Night and many other visual novels that were adapted into anime. If you’re working on translating a visual novel, please finish it, you may not know, but there could be someone out there who will read your translation and join this amazing community. I am proof of that, and everyone else here who cannot read Japanese is proof of that. I want you all to know that. I want you all to know how important each of you are. Especially, when elitists are quick to belittle all your efforts. Keep going. Keep pressing forward. Fan translators are the unsung heroes of the visual novel medium. You sacrifice time, effort, and many other things to put something out there without any pay. Translating has been such a thankless job, so I will extend my thanks and I hope many others will do the same. Especially since Fuwanovel is home to fan translations. There wouldn’t be a EVN renaissance without you. Hell. There wouldn’t be a fandom or a community here, since you guys literally make visual novels popular in the west.
  2. I am hoping to compile a list of people’s favorite VNs regardless if they are JVN, EVN, etc. The ones that made them wish they could go back in time just to go read them for the first time again. The ones that left a lasting and beautiful impression. Help me have a phenomenal year!
  3. Thank you so much for your update. I wish more Fan-TL projects updated more frequently, it seems that they loose steam and vanish into the ether. Aka burnout from translating. The VN community needs more translators, they really are the unsung heroes who birthed the visual novel fandom into existence. Without JVNs being translated, forgot the EVN renaissance, we would all be anime, manga, or hell even light novel fans. I can join you, but I am only an English only pleb that cannot read Japanese. if nobody hasn’t said this to you yet, I will. You’re awesome!
  4. As you may have seen from the fuwa dev boards, I have announced a new visual novel. The First Position I need a background artist for a upcoming visual novel I am developing. I just need two backgrounds in particular. The Second Position A male voice actor for the role of Elder Zion. There will be singing in this role. The Final Position A female voice actress for the role of Alexis Jackson. The woman you see in my avatar photo. Click here for more information and to audition for these roles. Thank you for reading my post.
  5. Detroit.exe: Chapter 1

    Enter a world without Christ, a postreligous society Enter a dream, that you are fully aware of dreaming Enter the birth of 2 new species "Reploids” and "Hybrids" Enter Zion, the last Christian missionary on Earth with amnesia Enter the mystery of seven extraordinary children and their journey to unlock the past Enter The astrofront, Earth's artificial orbital ring. Enter Parapsychology Enter Transhumanism Enter C:\ _Detroit.exe This is the first short kinetic novel of a shared visual novel universe. Think of it as a prologue. This visual novel will be on PC, Android, and iOS. Right now, this visual novel is 90% complete: The story, programming, sound effects, and music are complete! I just need three people to help me out. I need a background artist to help me out with some additional assets. ( You can use whatever art style you like. I am just looking for an aesthetic that resembles their real-life personalities. I will provide you references to help you design them. All of the characters are of high school age. They are all African American and Asian respectively.) I need voice actor to voice Elder Zion. (For this Zion's, you need to be able to sing.) I need a voice actress to voice Alexis Jackson. For more casting information: https://www.castingcall.club/projects/detroit-exe-chapter-1 Detroit.exe: Chapter 1 will be available on PC, Android, and iOS. Summer 2019 This first chapter is freeware, an unpaid project that will be free for everyone forever. The sequel will be a commercial project. This is just to get people into the series, and if it goes well with our niche market. I guarantee you that you will be compensated awesomely. I am a visual novelist of my word. As for me, you can call me Happiness+ I'm an EVN developer that has skills in poetry, prose writing, python programming, and voice direction. Making visual novels is literally my dream and I love doing it. The reason why I love doing it is because visual novels are art. We as EVN developers are on the cusp of a revolution. The revolution being a new renaissance of western visual novels and I want my stories to be the spark that sets the flame ablaze. I invite you to join me in the revolution! https://twitter.com/happine27386045
  6. What are some OELVN studios?

    That’s exactly why I am approaching them. I just want to work with them, that’s all.
  7. What are some OELVN studios?

    Yeah, that’s why I was so surprised that Watercress has been around since 2014. I am looking for studios like WaterCress to do business with. Ya know? Really? How does that happen, I know that Sakura series is smut like the EVN industry’s equalivalent of a micheal movie (I know you’re not American, so I wonder if the reference is lost on you.) but why would their output would be lacking if the series is selling well. Have people finally head enough of their smut? 😂 Yeah, I define studio as more than one person. So looks like two, WaterCress and Love in Space, I do business with. Am I wrong in my assessment @Plk_Lesiak?
  8. What are some OELVN studios?

    I only of watercress now thanks to the conference. Are there more? Are they still alive and kicking out VNs?
  9. Guys, I finally made a twitter

    https://twitter.com/Happine27386045 For real though, I didn’t make a post just to shill. I am here to start a post conference discussion regarding Visual;Coference 2019. So let this be the main thread for conversing this stuff. Where to begin? @NaiDriftlin Got us Tickets. The only other person I saw there that was from Fuwa is @Plk_Lesiak. If I haven’t seen you, I am sorry. So the conference was really fun. I should’ve asked “Why is this discord the Sekai Project Discord?”. I don’t know why. The Talks There were no Japanese speakers this time around because the organizer ran out of time and did everything late. Life gets in the way. So, you can’t blame him for that, but we had plenty of speakers. My favorites were: Wolf’s talk on NanoReno, AGILUS’s talk on organizing a conference like this, Quilly’s talk on the VN development pipeline, and Ryechu’s for obvious reasons. You come the talks, but you stay for the people. The People This is one of the hardest parts to talk about, because the goal for me is to become part of the industry. Because I love reading VNs, but I love making VNs more. So, getting into a room (or virtual room) full of VN developers would easily be the highlight of my day. Honestly, I glad, so much grateful for @NaiDriftlin. I finally got to talk to a ton of people. Who all happening to be working on VNs as well. I was really happy when they opened everything up to voice chat on Discord, it feels a lot better to talk to people through voice, so you can actually her their voices behind their anime avatars. In Conclusion Honestly, I don’t want this to be a long post, because it’s just a jumping off point into further discussion by anyone who happened to be there or willing to learn what happened exactly. Because I can only provide my viewpoint. The conference lasted 7 hours, but after that we hanged for three more hours until I left like at 9:30 PM EST. Overall, I am really happy. On average I am a pretty happy individual, but right now you can say I am exprencing Happiness+ (Pun intended.)
  10. Why is Sekai taking forever to release new VNs?

    Why censor the content at all? Didn’t Steam loosen whatever regulations they had an Visual Novels?
  11. PLEASE HOOK ME UP! I looked at some of the the talks being offered and I am genuinely excited to learn! I also have some questions to ask for their Q & A section.
  12. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    It’s a ghost story. Who hasn’t heard of a ghost story. That’s why it’s more accessible. Think Goosebumps. It’s like that kind of horror. I agree we are in a horror VN drought right now. Personally, I wasn’t scared by it but my friend was when we read it together because she’s scared of ghosts lolz.
  13. What were the worst vn's of 2018?

    Shit. That was one my top 5 VNs for 2018. *Prepares line of defense for tasteless opinion* I don’t know another JVN like it that was so much fun to read in a single setting. I think it’s popular because it’s a quick, fun, “accessible” visual novel. Also, there’s a strange lack of horror VNs. Like seriously, when was the last good horror JVN? Anyone? Because all of the other ones or just gore fests. Trust me, watching cute anime girls getting mauled, decapitated, disembowled, dismembered, etc. can get boring real fast. Accessible meaning, no stupid nudity, nothing too vulgar either. Like I have puritanical Christian friends and I can comfortably recommend this VN to them because it’s just a ghost horror. Like the exorcist is more disturbing than this VN and religious wingnuts each that crap up like the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. And, to be honest, this time I simply cannot understand why it isn’t popular enough.
  14. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    I am actually glad someone talked about this: I actually enjoy the comedic parts. That wasn’t a diss against it. My main gripes with it were... By the way, put all of these VNs in context. SeaBed is not on the list, FWIW.
  15. I was just going through their past releases on their Wikipedia and you guys know better than me, that 2015 and 2016 were their best years as far as releases. Then things slowed down in 2017 and all of 2018 they released just two VNs. What the hell is going on here? Did they loose a bunch of workers after 2016 and now it’s only five people in that whole company.