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  1. Halloween VN poll

    I don’t know, but I still think DDLC is the scariest VN I’ve read. Add that to the list lolz🙃
  2. Context: a guy I met on Fuwa’s discord was told to end the TL for “his own good” and the translation team did not like him for his one too many jokes. After talking about it with the guy, I realized something. In the anime, manga, Japanese video game worlds, there’s nobody arguing over the purity of a translation, even weirder this doesn’t happen in the Light Novel world either. Light Novels are 100% text, but when translations come, nobody gets into arguments about whose translation is better or whatever. It’s the weirdest thing. Why in the VN community do have such a purity spiral for translation? None of the other mediums of Japanese entertainment have this issue even though they all need to be translated. Even when there’s an official release of a VN, all the fan translaters loose their damn minds. Like... why? I doubt our brothers from the land of the rising sun have such fervor when they translate EVNs. I think this snobby attitude over translation needs to stop because we’re not going to ever make a “perfect” translation because translation itself is a art not a science. Personally, look I thought about this before: I am going to bite the bullet and say: I rather read a bad translation than to never get a translation at all. With a bad translation, people can see how it’s bad and someone could make it better. I understand that people really care about doing their best, but there’s so many kamiges out there that will remain untranslated. The VN fandom is growing, but we’re nowhere near anime levels of mainstream thought, and I think this stupid purity spiral regarding visual novel translations is one of the main reasons why.
  3. I am sorry for such a silly shameless post. My next post won’t be shameless.
  4. I agree. After looking at the history of Fuwa, that’s what exactly happened. There were two major wars regarding Lolis and piracy. I was a lurker during the 2013-2015 era.
  5. I feel so damn shameless for asking, but I can’t help but wonder about this. Because it seems like here on Fuwa, despite it’s small size, it’s pretty chill here. Maybe because all the conflicts has been resolved over the years, now everyone is pretty much “mature“ . What constitutes as in the greater visual novel community? Like I get the stuff with Steam, but what fans the flames of a flame war between fellow VN fans nowadays?
  6. What do you guys think of.....

    Damn, I thought for a moment I accidentally posted this to CoC. With six posts actually being relevant to the VN itself. 😂
  7. ETERNAL. A visual novel. I don’t even remember how I found this VN, but since that day it’s been the back of my mind. From there website: ETERNAL is an original styled “cinematic" visual novel, aiming to be more along the lines of a motion comic or anime. To achieve this, the game will expand from the standard first-person view, and branch into numerous camera angles with over 2000 original illustrations. The visual style takes influence from Studio SHAFT. ETERNAL is split into 5 heroine routes, followed by the double length true route. Each route is roughly the length of a full-length novel or your standard EVN. With a word count of over 600k, and illustration count of roughly 6 anime episodes, ETERNAL revolutionizes visual novels. Which is cool, but holy crap is it ambitious. They’re going to “revolutionize” visual novels. Damn. Shit. Furthermore, I saw their videos. It’s really odd. I like it odd. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MCtpr6PJ8Fc https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EyEEbnfYcGQ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0vH2eyC6QSA&feature=youtu.be Somebody is a fan of Akiyuki Shinbo and SHAFT. What caught me was a “church fight”, 😆. I don’t know; it just seemed really off the wall and really cool. However, there a few people working on this VN, as seen on their Staff page. The company behind it is Mawari Works and it’s their debut Visual Novel. Personally, I feel like starting out with a such a grandeosie Visual Novel like this would be a massive challenge. I really don’t want to send them any bad vibes or negativity because the product is not out yet. (But, interestingly enough is that Sekai Project is releasing this and they recently had a major layoff back in August.) I don’t really see that much talk about this visual novel anywhere even though it has a tumblr page, like wut? It seems that the target audience is American otakus. Everything in English. SHAFT is well known here in America. But someone will make the argument that Japanese people obviously are going to be interested in this too, yeah, I get that. However, Mawari Works according to the vndb is a English Amateur group. Either way, their target market is us. Frankly, I am sold already because I am easy otaku. I see SHAFT. I nod my head and think, “good shit”. Worst case scenario: it’s trash I wasted like quite a bit of money on this, but least it pushed the VN medium forward because people always bitching about how JVNs are crap nowadays and we’re more likely to be in a EVN renaissance. Oh wait, I am one of those people. I literally made a post previously about the struggle to find a good horror VN, let alone a good JVN horror. 😔 But I seriously doubt this VN is going to be that bad. I am going to be very optimistic and say this VN will be good. If I am wrong, I will eat my words and write a review about this. Hell, it would be like my first VN review or something. Anyway, what do you guys think? http://eternalproject.tumblr.com
  8. ALL OF IT! It ain’t working. I have windows 10. All the updates. Maybe it needs an emulator? Weird. Very weird. How did the guy develop it? Were they still using windows XP while trying to encode everything? Why the odd marketing strategy? So many questions, no answers. This guy needs to come here and explain. I love the Baldr force series since the OVA, and it’s awesome that they translated it after all these years. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCVFhsZwMZwM_M9Kt-HvrNMA/ That’s the guy’s YouTube channel. Hopefully, the answers lie here even though all his videos are unlisted. (Also, I am glad he got rid of the H-Scenes, they were probably trash anyway. Very few VNs integrate sex into the plot. I doubt Baldr would’ve been an exception.)
  9. Valve opens Steam to uncensored eroge and hentai games

    Why would PayPal care?
  10. How did you become this kind of otaku? Out of the many subcultures within the broader otaku fandom. You know JRPGs, Mangas, Anime, etc. How did you end up becoming a Visual Novel reader of all things? For me, I was into Visual Novels before the term existed. Anyone played Galaxy Sim date on Newgrounds remembers.... It seems interesting how the VN fandom managed the grow over the years while people still bitching about how VNs suck these days or whatever.
  11. well, I downloaded it, extracted it, and tried running the application file... with nothing happening. I have an core-i3 processor and 12GB of ram. There's no reason for this not to run.
  12. I’ve been reading horror VNs for about a decade now. Oddly enough, there is so little of them. Why? I mean there’s Higurashi. Saya no Uta. Kara no Shoujo. Phenomeno. Devi-Dead. Corpse Party. DDLC. And that’s from the top of my head. I feel like there’s really isn’t that many horror VNs. Especially, EVNs, or translated.... What’s going on? It’s such a struggle to be an otaku who doesn’t know Japanese and wants a damn good scary experience. Because Kara no Shoujo 2 is more funnier than KnS1. The only scary part of Devi-Dead is that there’s no text log. Corpse Party is flat out stupid. Saya no Uta is more disturbing than scary, but damn, it’s more a love story than a horror VN. Highurashi is old as dirt by now, but since the days of Higurashi, there really isn’t a VN that can scare the shit out of people. Maybe I am wrong here and there’s a VN out there that has been translated into Murcia’s english and can truly give me a good time.
  13. Have I achieved Visual Novel novel enlightenment? For what it's worth, I never thought i would come across Paradigm Theory and Falsification in a damn eroge. It also used modal logic for moment, which was nice. I can't believe this visual novel is eight years old, no wonder it still gets talked about it today. If the Visual Novel included fallibilism and talked more about my boy Hume's empiricism, man, I would have tell my academic advisor about this visual novel. I kinda wished I wrote my thesis on this novel, but oh well. What's next: Error theory in a squeal to Nekopara? Descartes's phenomenology in the next Sakura Games inspired EVN? A furry steampunk eroge yuri that critiques Sandra Harding's feminist epistemology? Have we gone to far, or have we not gone far enough down the rabbit hole? (I couldn't resist the pun. Forgive thee for thy sin)
  14. Is there a way we can keep dev blog from being dead?
  15. How has your summer been?

    I haven't posted here in a while, I wanted to see how you guys were doing. I've also working on this website for my normie friends and working on a project. (The website is like 90% complete, but I am still waiting on a few things from them to add.) I've just been chill this whole summer. Freelancing online and hanging out with my friends, well the ones that aren't already married or have kids.