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  1. Have I achieved Visual Novel novel enlightenment? For what it's worth, I never thought i would come across Paradigm Theory and Falsification in a damn eroge. It also used modal logic for moment, which was nice. I can't believe this visual novel is eight years old, no wonder it still gets talked about it today. If the Visual Novel included fallibilism and talked more about my boy Hume's empiricism, man, I would have tell my academic advisor about this visual novel. I kinda wished I wrote my thesis on this novel, but oh well. What's next: Error theory in a squeal to Nekopara? Descartes's phenomenology in the next Sakura Games inspired EVN? A furry steampunk eroge yuri that critiques Sandra Harding's feminist epistemology? Have we gone to far, or have we not gone far enough down the rabbit hole? (I couldn't resist the pun. Forgive thee for thy sin)
  2. Is there a way we can keep dev blog from being dead?
  3. How has your summer been?

    I haven't posted here in a while, I wanted to see how you guys were doing. I've also working on this website for my normie friends and working on a project. (The website is like 90% complete, but I am still waiting on a few things from them to add.) I've just been chill this whole summer. Freelancing online and hanging out with my friends, well the ones that aren't already married or have kids.
  4. Kara No Shoujo 2 Discussion (Possible Spoilers)

    Just finished 2 days ago. Yukiko was okay. The mean reason why Toko was so better because Toko can command a scene. I mean Fuyumi, Yukiko's adoptive mother clearly was more interesting than her own daughter. She always made me laugh before and after her drama. Yukiko is too shy, and when she isn't, She NEVER SAYS ANYTHING IMPORTANT. Remember, when she took Yukari back to the orphanage, I was expecting a hefty long flashback of her childhood since she was about to remember everything, but nope. I mean they were doing experiments at the orphanage, but why did that lead to them having a group suicide. How did Yukiko and Kohane lived through that? Why did Yukiko lose her memories? Did I miss something there? I knew michiru came after the group suicide. The flashback in the first Kara no shoujo resolved a good chuck of all lose ends. So. nobody is going to mention that Kara no Shoujo makes Avengers-style jokes? I mean, I was laughing a lot more this time around than I was with the first entry. Oddly enough, I forgot this was supposed to be a horror. Oh well. But I knew it Karen the moment she killed Meguri because the line "I knew she always like fashion" gave it away. It narrowed it down to who could've done it. Like it had to be a friend of hers. However, When Yuka was killed. I was thrown off my rocker for a bit. But still. It wasn't that hard to pin the blame on Karen, especially after the "set the trap" choice. I am sad that Uzomi and Shugo are just gone. I was also expecting the old man to play some role in the plot somehow. Kinda like what Paris did in the first Kara no Shoujo. All in all, this solidified the fact that Yukari is waifu material. This VN made me appreciate how well-crafted her character is. If Yukari had died in the true end, I would've been exactly like Reiji after found Toko and changed my display name to "sadness-" for the next few days.
  5. My bad. I should've said English translated.
  6. So, I just read Kara no Shoujo The Second Episode, Saya no uta, and Phenomeno. Thanks for recommendations guys. To say, I enjoyed Phenomeno would be an understatement. I did not think I would be this impressed by it. Saya no Uta, to be frank I knew about its status for a while now. I am still hitting myself for not reading it sooner. I was almost shedding a tear during one of the endings. Anyway. Since it' summer, length isn't an issue for the moment. I am looking for a visual novel that is artsy, poetic, and avant-garde. The kind of visual novel that makes you think as well. The kind that pushes the VN medium to new levels. The VN needs to be in English.
  7. How big is Fuwanovel?

    Like how many people are here regularity chilling? Or how many have been on this site in total? How much of an impact has Fuwanovel has made on the VN industry?
  8. So, I can write a review?
  9. Is there a fine line between a moege and a charage?

    Oh that's what I was missing.
  10. I was reading Clpehas's blog and he said "this game actually needed locked paths or a true ending." Why would a visual novel need locked paths in the first place? Wouldn't be better to not lock paths. Also, why do VNs need a true ending anyway if the whole goal of a visual novel is to have endings. Having a true end just means that all the other endings are just irrelevant. Wouldn't be better if the reader can just decide what ending they like from the route they just happened to go along with?
  11. How about this? https://vndb.org/v1200
  12. Yeah, I played it after playing Galaxy Angel sim date RPG. I completely forgot it about it. Thanks for reminding me of that great game.
  13. I completely agree. Thanks for referencing my childhood visual novel