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  1. Spring break is over for me, so I can finally calm down with my posting, and bury myself in lines code. I have only six weeks of school left! Yay! Then, I can read.... actually I don't know what to read after Kara no Shoujo. Maybe Subahibi..... *shrugs shoulders* So in the meantime, i figured I would lend you guys a brief scene of mine. Is the scene related to the VN I am working on? Somewhat. It's a scene of a prequel to the VN I am working on. Where is the link to that scene? right here. Scene Title: Hold my hand Genre: Romantic Drama Word Count: 1647 Words Feedback: Anything. How is that VN anyway? Will it be vaporware? My biggest fear is development hell. No seriously, I hate having to work on perpetual projects because I am too familiar with burnout. It won't be vaporware in fact. I am going to set release date soon and I need some friends to hold me accountable. I will post the status of the VN in a blog here and have weekly updates on it.
  2. Your pick for best anime opening of 2017!!

    Yeah, I agree with that. But if Berserk 2017 has one thing going for it! It’s this jam right here. [Insert Clank Meme here]
  3. As someone with zero Japanese experience, I have to ask what is the harm in reading a bad translation? I mean what are the characteristics of a great translation. How would I know that I am reading a bad translation of a VN?
  4. Is Moenovel the 4Kids of VNs?

    How so?
  5. Hi!

    What’s good milktee? Your name is fascinating What kind of VN would you make?
  6. I heard that this company is trying to market to 12 year old french girls, which is cool and all. But let's be honest the VN market is mainly a sasusage-fest of bros who like their 2D waifus uncensored. So, it perplexes me that they are keeping them censored, removing routes, and some cases redrawing CGs. But whatever, hopefully their sales figures make them wake up from their delusion.
  7. Tell a joke involving the user above. Whether it be "<User> walks into a bar, ouch" or something more involving the user and who they are, it doesn't matter. Just tell a joke about them, any joke.
  8. Hello everybody

    Nice to meet you, What would you consider your least favorite VN?
  9. Less pointless H-scenes. For example, Kara no shoujo and F/SN has these sex scenes that add nothing to the plot. At least make them skippable in dialogue, like the character can just say "no thanks." Ever17, Higuarshi, Clannad, etc do just fine without these sex scenes. If you're a horndog, then at least have the sex scenes be consequential. For example, Like the MC gets in trouble for fornicating.
  10. Recommend me something lighthearted

    Here's something quick, easy, and lighthearted.
  11. Introductions>

    Howdy @Roland, why don't you tell us about yourself?
  12. Favorite Tsundere?

    YESSS!!! When I think of Tsudere, I think of a bitch like asuka langley or fatora from el-harzard. While I do love Kurisu from Steins;gate. Tsugumi alone is why I kept playing Ever17. Rin being a tsudere is kinda werid to me. She's not really mean enough or distant enough in my opinion. Tsugami is a straight up ice cold bitch to you. You play as Takeshi and she does not give you the time of day. I mean damn, getting her happy end in Ever17 required some work. I failed like three times getting that bad end with her. When you do finally get past her bitchyness. There is a reason for why she's such a bitch to you and opens up. Rin ins't like that. She can be sassy, but about it. Because we don't know much about Rin's backstory in F/SN. Meanwhile, there's quite few flashbacks on Tsugumi's life. Kurisu is bit colder and warms up a bit more. She was my fav until I read ever17. All in all. Tsugumi is the best tsugami, because you have to convince her to like you otherwise she'll abadon you. Once you do have her, she is loyal and faithful any good waifu can be.
  13. Never happened to you?

    When there's a niche there's a market. When there's a market there's an industry.
  14. Not gonna lie, I know people exactly like this, but making them out to be weeaboos is a bit oversimplified. I define weeaboos as japanesse nationalists who never been to japan; they have this fantaized view of japan from anime/manga/VNs/RPGs etc. It's literally a phase and then people wake up. This phenomenon happens during the early teen years anyway, and by the time you're in college. You shouldn't really be referring yourself as an weeb anymore. Personally, I feel like this guy does not know enough about the medium to even make that analysis. He cites what exactly, psychology and sociaology have been experiencing a reproducibility problem with their experiments. In other words, most often an experiment would be done to prove that X happens under these conditions with 87% possibilty. When reproduced by a team of different researchers, it turns out the experiment completely failed. Therefore, I take psychology studies that happened once with a grain of salt. Furthermore, the implications of this "study" seem inconsequential. Like, so people have some childish tendencies. Does this affect their lives significantly? No. Really? Oh. Then let go back reading my One Piece. I am curious to see what research this guy has cited what experiements did they do and how well their study design was. Also, anime is just animation that comes from japan. Could this man research the manchildren here in america? He would have the same conclusions, it's almost as if these people are missing their childhood? Could it be NOSTALGIA!? But what the fuck I know, I am just an Otaku working on my CS degree.