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  1. Huh.... *goes back to prepping for NaNoReNo*
  2. Your Visual Novel, Manga, Anime, Game of the Decade

    shit. Beat me to it. Anime of the decade: Really hard to say, but I think Steins;Gate is a good contender. However, I am a moe bitch so I will pick Mysterious Girlfriend X. Manga: Fuck, I don't read manga like that. Game: Yall motherfuckas are forgetting about the mastapiece Super Mario Odyssey
  3. Now this is a good ass question Gaming Interface: Anime: Can they please finish Black Lagoon? I miss the days of having darker anime. Nowadays, we are in a moe wave. I want more experimental OVAs to come out to push the medium forward. Furthermore, More studios on Pateron. Reading: More JVNs that are avant-garde, heavy philosophical and don't have to sell a shit ton of sex scenes. General Gaming: I don't really know. I do like JRPGs, but I don't play enough to have a solid opinion. Soo I am a loss for words.
  4. I got promoted today. Ask me anything.

    Yes, but I cannot speak any more, because "they" are watching. Walls have ears. Windows have eyes. Forums have CIA. Lies. Dogs are trainable. Dogs can sniff danger. They evolved from the wolf, one of natures best predators. I would agree if you if were talking about the inevitable future of having genetically engineered cat-girls.
  5. I got promoted today. Ask me anything.

    I wish. Ask me in a year Yeah, they are Canadian, so they don't count. Doujin circles that make MONEY!!!! Easily, DDLC. I read more JVNs here than I do EVNs though, that would explain the easy pick. Nah, I do put Watercress on my resume. So, my chances of getting a really good career do increase. I like to think that my hands are medium sized, they have been for the past 12 years. No, I have a team now within the 60 person VN company. I wouldn't know, because Dogs are the superior species.
  6. You’re talking to the new programming director of the largest EVN company in America right now. Your boi is moving up in the world.
  7. New Higurashi anime is announced

    Unineko still exists. IIRC, that anime wasn't even finished
  8. What are some new JVNs coming out this year?

    All the above, I did not know that many came out each month. But honestly, I am more interested in translated releases.
  9. It's been awhile, and I am kinda curious to see if there's anything new from the land of the rising sun for 2020.
  10. Detroit.exe Update

    Hey everyone! So, sorry for going dark for such a long time. The VN is getting reworked again. My artists are remastering a lot of the assets currently for this build of the VN. It's been three years since they last worked with me. I apologize for the delay.
  11. Please share your results soon. As a dev, I have some predictions of the results.
  12. First VN you ever played and what did you think?

    The reason why I count it is because during that time EVNs as we know them today didn’t exist. But if you really want an example of a more proper EVN by design as we know it today, there’s Air Pressure: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/529708 That’s the second VN I’ve ever read. (However, I did not use Air Pressure because oddly enough, I knew what a visual novel was prior to reading Air Pressure. How? Because Newgrounds classified galaxy sim angel as a visual novel themselves.)
  13. First VN you ever played and what did you think?

    Galaxy Sim Date. I know it’s a flash dating sim, but lol it was released during a time when visual novels as a medium weren’t strictly defined. I played that dating sim, when I was five years old on newgrounds.com. What did I think of it? Well, looking back on it it’s surprisingly in depth for a flash game made back then. Go as far to say that is one of the more advanced RPG‘s during that time. From exploration, to character customization, romantic options, etc. The weird thing about it is that before a galaxy sim date, i’m not sure if there were dating Sims before then. Well, to the level of popularity that they are now. ( obviously, someone will correct me and say a certain hentai dating sim predated it.) however, it’s still pretty revolutionary and it’s own way. Because it got me into the visual novel scene and inspired many many many other visual novels and dating Sims. When it comes to original English language visual novels, this thing predated the VNDB by four years and was released the same year as RenPy. Reception and cultural context aside, it’s not really spectacular. I would even go as far as to say that it’s pretty much obscure. The gameplay is OK. There is no strong narrative. Character designs are pretty much serviceable. On it’s own, it’s pretty good but if you were to compare with the newer dating sims it kinda sucks lol. My friends and I still play this every blue moon because of how cringey the dialogue is and because of nostalgia. However, with Adobe’s Flash dying in 2020, this gem of dating sim/OELVN history will be deprecated, unable to run on any modern browser. Play it now before nothing can play it: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/203189
  14. That's a hard question, but personally, I like philosophy that serves a practical and/or material purpose. I am not a big fan of idealism. I used to be, but I realized that I kept making so many assertions on certain propositions. Whenever you adopt an epistemology for example, you run into assumptions in order for it to work. There's no perfect one, but pragmatism has the least amount of assertions I have to make for it work, so I am fine with that. The main reason why I study philsophy has changed over the years, but the main reason now, it helps understand myself and the people around me a bit better. It's just fun to explore things that people never think about. The interesting thing about visual novels is that they are very good for cognitive mapping, they explore scenarios most people wouldn't even think of concerning and rely on reader participation to some degree. This is partly why I consider visual novels not games. The main mode of interaction in a visual novel is reading and interacting with ideas versus mechanics. This is why I liken visual novels more to literature. This is why I read and develop visual novels.
  15. Prior to Subahibi, I was on an somewhat anti-philosophy binge namely because of my upbringing and how annoying it all was. I kinda just ignored all the newer philosophers come of the 20th century. Then after I finally read the damn VN, I realized the importance of philosophy, again... I picked up some Russell and read up Wittgenstein, after Ayana kept talking to me about it in the final ending. Next thing I knew, I was reading critical theory ......and actually enjoying this shit. I guess I’ve always been interested in philosophy since I watched evangelion 10 years ago, but that was basic shit I think every high school freshman should learn. But what made lose my interest in philosophy, especially philosophy of science, was Sam Harris. I blame him in his book, end of faith. It’s kind of surreal, reading a moe eroge that talks more about empiricism, falsifiability, and scientific revolutions than a book whose sole focus is epistemological. This is exactly why I consider visual novels—literature, a form of critical theory.