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  1. JAST BLUE New Announcements

    Rejoice Fuwa for I have returned and I bring glorious news to help bring about the BL Revolution Announced in the very early hours of this morning JAST is officially bringing to West - DRAMAtical Murder Togainu no Chi Lamento -BEYOND THE VOID-!
  2. Birthday thread

    Demoted on my Birthday What a cruel Mistress you are Chairman Maggie
  3. A simple topic tonight, but hey I got to keep the quota of posting a new thread daily or the mods will never release my family... For me, it was my friend visiting while I was reading Euphoria.... You can guess how well that went. He took it fairly well considering it's main theme is rape, luckily I was on the true route so it made justifying explaining it to him easier.
  4. So it's my one year anniversary here on Fuwa and I had planned to steal errr... Artistically copy Maggie's idea and do one of those late introductions. But plans change and I blame @mitchhamilton So just for today, we decided to let our very own discord's stress relieving punching bag out into the Fuwa wilderness. For you all to blow off some steam on. So go nuts! and enjoy Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day! Weather's shitty where you are today? Blame Mitch! Dropped your phone on the floor? Blame Mitch! Boss treating you like dirt today? Blame Mitch! ...Don't worry he's a masochist at heart so he loves it... almost as much as he loves Lolis Obviously some people are going to miss the point here so I'll clear things up. 1. This has been a running joke on the discord for awhile, nothing serious. Mitch knows we love him really. 2. Obviously I asked him about this before putting it up and he was fine with it. I wouldn't of put it up if he wasn't. I would of mentioned this originally but I thought most people would of picked up on this being satire and it was also 4am when I wrote this. so I was dead tired.
  5. Public Service Announcement

    Is ʇɥᴉs ɹǝɐl lᴉɟǝ¿ Mɥɐʇ,s uǝxʇ ʍɹᴉʇᴉuƃ ndsᴉpǝ poʍu¿¿ ˙˙˙˙Oɥ ʍɐᴉʇ
  6. I haven't been active here on the forms for a few weeks besides lurking and we've gotten quite a few new member since this was first posted. So I thought to bring this gem back for a second life to see if the new bloods have any funny things to add.
  7. Less meaningless bad ends that don't do anything expect take you back to the main menu Less Lolis *Sorry Mitch*
  8. We all have at least one VN that's so boring or uninteresting that we've taken a break from it and totally promise to come back and finish one day I swear... Or some that's even worse that we've dropped all together. For me it's these (I would link the VNDB pages in but I've forgotten how ) What about you guys? What I've Finished Recently - Kamidori Alchemy Meister (04/01/2018-21/01/2018) Utawarerumono (13/12/2017-04/01/2018) What I'm Currently Reading - (Don't read more than one at a time like I do with this stupid habit I've picked up from somewhere it really slows you down) Hadaka Shitsuji Saku Saku Lightning Warrior Raidy 1 Dengeki Stryker Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1 Littlewitch Romanesque My Stalled Titles - Binetsu Kyoushi Cherry - I've finished all the good routes besides the class friend and the bad routes for their CG's but those route just bore me unlike the others involving the teachers. Chrono Clock - I've spoken about this one a few times already. I really enjoyed the art, the common and Makoto's route but the sister's and the snobby posh girl routes are pretty dull to the point were I can't be arsed to try the others yet. Clannad - I'm going to get shit for this one haha. I love Clannad, it's writing, it's characters and the routes are all unique and touching... besides Nagisa I can not stand her, so add her and that slow pacing is why I've stalled on the second half of the game, the true route if you will and yes I know what happens to her I've had it spoiled. D.S. -Dal Segno - I was really looking forward to this one coming off the rush of the DA Capo series (3 was a let down but 2 remains in my top 3 best VN's) But all the routes that I've read more or less follow the same plot, of getting along really well, break up near the holidays and get back together and bang at the end... I've got the cousin and the AI route left but I'm on hold somewhere near the end of the goth chick's route. Gaokao Lianai Yibai Tian - Haven't played very much of this and honestly it just got buried and forgotten when I started to loss interest due to how you need to remember what to do day to day to avoid one of the I think it has 20+ endings. Harem☆Party - This VN is what it is not bad but not great either, The only reason I've stalled on it is the weird text bug where letters and words end up really off place is the best way to describe it. Heirs and Graces - I like the western indie developer that makes these games, Loren The Amazon Princess is by far his best game. This one suffers with, if you don't match the required stats at the end you'll fail but you need to keep an eye on other things at the same time so juggling the high requirements makes you fail so easily. Roommates - Not as much as the game above (made by the same guy) But still a bit of a pain I think I've only got One route left though. Sagara-sanchi no Etsuraku Life ♪ - This had promise but the infamous BGM bug makes it really hard to focus and unlike most VN's where I sometimes like to mute and listen to something else in the background you can't mute this unless you mute your speakers, so a big pain there because, BY GOD THE FREAKING VOLUME OF THE BGM IS UNREAL THAT USING ALL CAPS IS NECESSARY TO SHOW THE PAIN OF MY EAR DRUMS AFTER PLAYING THIS. Sakura Beach 2 - I bought this the same time I bought the first one... which is also before I came to realise that Winged Cloud while the art is good the "plots" are not (I hear they've got a few new writers and it's turning around for them though) The first one is so boring that I tried to rush through this just to finish the last of their titles but it's just so freakin' boring. Starless - Reason because... Well if you've read this you'll understand why it's not something so casually read. Sumeragi Ryouko no Bitch na 1 nichi - Good job I didn't pay for this... Errr I mean... It's okay but the sex scenes drag on longer than needed. Tales of Aravorn: Seasons Of The Wolf - Same reason as Roommates, This is more an RPG like Loren but still a slog to get through. My Outright Dropped Titles - Iinazuke wa Imouto-sama! - I didn't drop this because it was bad per say, only because the English patch gave me more trouble than it was worth by the languages constantly switching back and forth mid read no matter how many times I tried to sort it. Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato Kurashi - This is so bad in so many ways It was a miracle I got as far in as I did. I could list what's wrong with it but It would take less time if I tried listing what's good with it instead. In a nutshell don't even bother looking it up it's that bad.
  9. the pm problem.

    I blame Mitch for this issue not being fixed.
  10. Like the other discussion I started a few weeks ago, yet again I was talking to my VN friend on Twitter but this time about Bad Endings and whether we skip them, only read ones that change the route's story but ignore the ones that just lead straight back the main menu or just read them all to complete everything. I said at when I first started reading VN's I did skip them not really thinking then as essential more non-canon things there so at least the reader has some choices to make in the VN's but then I remembered that most VN's have a "true route" so even good endings are technically non-canon either. So now I do read most of them but still do skip the occasional one if: one I can't be bothered to read it. or two the good route was bad so therefor the bad can't be much better, but both of those are very few and far between. One day when my backlog isn't over 91+ VN's (that's no joke or exaggeration and also not counting the ones I have downloaded on Steam) to read through I'll go back and read some like the ones in Grisaia no Kajitsu as I've heard they're pretty good and I few others. So what about you guys?
  11. Senior's AMA (1000+ Posts Special)

    Why are you never on our discord anymore? :'(
  12. Our New first Visual Novel

    Haha True though it did lure to the thread so half cocked it kinda work
  13. Our New first Visual Novel

    If you think about it. By out laying it this badly will draw more people in to call it out, thus getting the word out. Whether on purpose or not that's a solid PR move
  14. Fuwanovel Community Event- Battle Royale - V2!

    Sign me up Durka. I feel I should represent my Celtic ancestors by fighting naked, covered in blue war paint for the old gods with a spear and shield.
  15. Congrats and Don't worry you'll be hearing a lot more from me, @SeniorBlitz and @MaggieROBOT when we over throw the Moderators and install a BL loving leadership. Muwhahaha
  16. Fuwanovel Solar System Round Two

    If one isn't named Dickatus Biggatus I'm going to be really disappointed
  17. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    I'd blame Mitch for that
  18. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    May as well jump on the bandwagon for my 1 year anniversary on here.
  19. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Damn he's good. From now on I want Ranzo to represent me
  20. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Re-read the originally comment...
  21. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Later and only if you behave...
  22. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    Blame that 404 on him and you're golden at this.
  23. Today is my birthday

    Happy Birthday.
  24. Fuwa's First International Blame Mitch Day!

    It's fine, it's fine. We'll reward you with cute lewds for your efforts later
  25. I was talking about this on the Fuwa discord chat last night, but thought it would be a good topic to bring up again here. I'd like to see either a Dracu-Riot 2 or a spin off with a new Protag and girls set in the same universe. As the first one was good but with the lore they set up, it didn't feel like they went as deep into it as they could of. So it would be nice to see a deeper look into that world. It wouldn't happen but another, would be a proper Da Capo 3. I know we got a Da Capo 3 but it was so much of a departure from the other two, it felt more like a spin off than a direct sequel. And obviously more Majikoi A's like A-6 to A-∞. Because you can never have enough Majikoi... What about you guys?