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  1. VNR is back online!

    VNR now have a new server, so it's fully functional again!!!! Here's some instructions: - Go here http://vnr.aniclan.com/ and make a new account if you want to upload subs and terms (I think it works better logged in than as a guest). You can synch it with your old sakuradite account so you can keep your language preferences and things uploaded. - After that, you can upload your subtitles files stored in VNRfolder/Cache/Subtitles/xml/(important!) and upload the terms dict (if you didn't add anything private, you can skip this). Since it is a new server, it's pretty much empty until someone adds something into it. - The VNR compatible with the new server can be downloaded here: http://vnr.aniclan.com/upload/Visual_Novel_Reader(EN).rar (latest version) - You have to add all games with the wizard for it to recognize. However, if you didn't delete your old VNR, it will open with all your games already in the springboard. - Just one time while I was testing it ramdomly crashed, so it seems to be a stable version. Have fun, people! UPDATE: Based on people's questions: - Want to login in aniclan? Use your new name and password. Want to login in VNR? Use your sakuradite name and password. (For now, Dangetsu may change it in the futute) - Can you read logged as guest? Yes, you can. Can you add things in the shared dictionary logged as guest? I don't think so (Never worked for me, needs more testing) - VNR says it's a unknown game? You'll need to manually select the right text thread before you can use it. After that, it will work normally. Usually, the default option isn't UTF16, so if no subs are showing, select UTF16 right away! (UTF16 is the most common, but if it doesn't work, try UTF8)
  2. Hey, guys! This is my first post here, but since I saw tons of unresolved issues in older threads, I decided to take the time to sign up and do this faq to help everyone. (I didn't want to necro the oher thread >.< : https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/4709-fixes-to-common-problems-with-visual-novel-reader/) I use the VNR frequently and put it to work both on Windows 8 and 10, so I'll try to write all the issues I already encounter and how I resolved them. First, remember to change your system locale to japanese. This solve a ton of problems you might encounter. Okay, here we go: 1) VNR is not translating anything! When the novel is open and running, go to te side menu, and go to "Menu" then "Preferences". 1.1 I'm using offline translators Check in "Locations"-->"Translators" if the path to your dictionaries is correct. Then, check in "Translation"-->"Translators" if LEC or ATLAS is enabled. Scroll down, they are some of the last options. 1.2 I'm using online translators Check in "Translation"-->"Translators" if the one you like is enabled. And, of course, check if your internet connection is okay. Restart the novel. Still nothing? See below. 2) VNR is not translating choices/ some part of the text! This one can be kinda tricky. When the novel is open and running, with text displaying, go to te side menu, and go to "Menu" then "Text Preferences". Check the first option "Keep all threads blah blah blah", save the changes in the blue "SAVE" button in the top left, close and go back. You should see lots of boxes with the text threads. Okay, if the only things you're seeing are gibberish full of numbers, change the text enconding until you find boxes with kanji and the like (or whatever is displaying in the VN screen). Okay, now you need to select the boxes that are displaying THE SAME TEXT THAT IS THE VN SCREEN. Above the box are four options, "dialog", "name", "other" and "ignore". Click in the "dialog" option of the box with the correct and complete text. That should do the trick. No box is displaying the right text? Try another scene of the VN, in New Game (not a saved file) for example. Believe it or not, this actually worked for me once. The right box simply didn't appear in all scenes. Figures... But once you check it in one scene, it will work for all the others. You'll not need to do these steps ever again. But if the text disappears after all this (if you managed to make it work), every time you start your novel, see if the "Keep all threads..." option is checked. When I used VNR in Windows 8.1, for some reason every time I quit the novel, VNR unchecked this option. So you may have to check it again. For choices, you have to do almost the same method. But you have to find the boxes with THE SAME TEXT OF THE CHOICES (Each option should be in a different box) and click in the "other" option above all of them. VNR can't have more than one box selected as "dialog", so select them as "other". Be careful that you may need to scroll up the VNR subtitle to see all of the translations, since it will separate the choices with line breaks. Then again, tons of VNs simply repeat the text of the choices after you select them. So, you can always just save before, select, read and load. Then, why not submit a commentary on VNR with the text of choices? 3) Duplicate text! When the novel is open and running, go to te side menu, and go to "Menu" then "Text Preferences". Check the second "Eliminate infinite repetition..." or the third option "Ignore infinite cyclic repetition", and then save the changes in the blue "SAVE" button in the top left. 4) The side menu you keep mentioning simply vanished! As soon as the novel open, go to "Menu" and uncheck "Auto Hide", it's one of the last options. 5) Original text in the VNR subtitles... When the novel is open and running, go to te side menu, and go to "Option" then uncheck "Game Text", the first option on the left. 6) How do I change the text alignment? When the novel is open and running, go to te side menu, and go to "Option" then uncheck "Text Aligns Center", the fifth option on the right. 7) Text is being ignored because is too long! When the novel is open and running, go to te side menu, and go to "Option" then put the "Length" option in the left at max (500, the bar will be entirely blue) 8 ) Subtitle box is in a weird place of the screen... Hover the cursor around the subtitle box until a tiny box with a x and a music note appears above it. Now click and hold in this tiny box (beside the + symbol) to drag the subtitle. Ta dah! After that, right click in the subtitle box and click save position then lock position. I'll keep updating this, if anyone wants. Maybe add some screenshots...
  3. Yes, I'm still among the living

    Well, I read it and quite enjoyed it! ^^ The story is pretty well written, creating a situation with a tough decision to be made and no obvious villain. Both heroes have their good and bad points and are likable characters overall (but I'm team Alto). Bonus points for the little MC customization (adds a personal touch to story) and the music that, while very simple, fits the game really well and I love these kinda things where there are subtle changes to the track when the mood of the scenes shift. Another good point is that even if it's short, the story feels more or less complete, and not just a prologue to some bigger project. My biggest complaint is not even something generally bad, just a stylistic choice that I particularly dislike: too many choices one after another, coupled with an affection points system. As I prefer to play without walkthroughs, figuring it out where something went wrong with this type of system is usually a nightmare (okay, this game in particular is pretty short so no real damage, but I kinda like when I see the results of what I picked before my next set of choices, I'm spoiled ), so I usually prefer less choices that activate some flags system or instant bad endings (I know the latter wouldn't really work here though). So guess in the end is kind of a tie? www Mnemonic Devices definitely have a better plot, development and conclusion, but I preferred Monochrome Blues art and choices (hey, we can give snarky responses to a bunch of 5 years old, what's not to love? ) But both dev groups have talent, cheers to them. I'm not giving a score just yet though because I still have a few endings to catch on Mnemonic
  4. Yes, I'm still among the living

    Heya, people! It's such a long time I don't see you guys, I almost forgot my password to this forum. Guess Fuwa is still alive and kicking just like me, huh. First of all, sorry I disappeared from the face of the Earth and if I disappointed any fans I might had in this site (silly me). Since last time I posted back in February, a lot of things happened so if anyone's curious (maybe the aforementioned imaginary fans of mine) about what the hell's been happening with me, do keep reading. I talk about VNs, anime, and other disgusting weeb things, but it does include some personal shit. Well, a blog is a blog. 1) Maybe I mentioned this a huge while ago at some point, but I'm pursuing a master's degree in the structural engineering field. All was going well and good, but now it came the time for me to write my thesis. Oof. So yeah, that's the main reason I became a ghost as my weekday free times went down the drain along with my hopes and dreams. It doesn't help my thesis requires some programming knowledge that may be more than what I can chew, sasuga me (whining aside, it's coming along fine as of now, let's hope I can keep it up). 2) Not only my free time evaporated but also my attention spam. I'm honestly having a hard time staying focused for more than 40 minutes in the same task. When that happens, I usually take a short break to relax before going back. Except I move on to something else, oops. 3) Related to the problem mentioned in 2, I fearfully discovered a new wonderful world that's now high in my interests list: gacha games. Their content is usually bite sized (except in events, but I don't play all that seriously... I think), I can auto play to grind, and I can play on the train going to uni. No huge time investment at once required, so what can possibly go wrong (dramatic zoom on my face)? Fortunately, I'm still keeping my two accounts (yep) free-to-play and I feel that I grew a lot on the self control department because of this www. Seriously though, never invite me to a casino trip, I may have an undiscovered gamble addiction and I don't want to open that door. But yeah, if anyone else plays Opera Omnia or Shining Live send me a friend inviteeeeeeeeeeeeee! 4) Even with all that going on, I still find time to at least watch my anime and read my VNs, surprisingly. Thank God for weekend. Guess cutting yourself off of social media truly does wonders too, huh. Not that I check Twitter on occasion to look at art or anything... Soooo about that weeb shit... 4.1) La Squadra was right all along 4.2) I'm still a proud BL trash. From what I recently finished, the highlights are Sweet Pool and Nie no Machi. Both are really really amazing games, both scored higher than 9 in my book, and I definitely want to write a review for them at some point. Spread that love, Maggie! 4.3) I'm actually a bit slow on the otomege department, sorry >.< I did get Steam Prison and read both of the Prisoner Routes, but I'm not in the right mindset to keep going with it. I wouldn't enjoy it if I force myself through it. Eltcreed and Ulrik were striking my fancy, so I want to savor them. ......Okay, that came out wrong. 4.4) EVN ftw, I always find some time to read them. Nanoreno gave me some nice short experiences, the highlight being Monochrome Blues despite the ending kek. Oh, and read Heart of the Woods, people. It's an order. High quality shit right there. 4.5) Also I keep stumbling upon horror games and I'm okay with this. Recently I played Death Mark. As usual, I went without a walkthrough, solving every mystery by myself. Totally worth it. And it also have very good sound design. Mashita best boi. 4.6) It does sounds like a lot, but there's nothing much more than what I mentioned wwwwww 4.7) Did I mentioned La Squadra? (<-- edit that bit out, I totally did, as I should) 5) Now, about my Fuwa life. I'll probably remain on indefinite hiatus, but every time I find the file I wrote some ideas for Dank a Ronpa, I feel sad. "How could I write such a shit story?" Jokes aside, I can try to maybe finish it at some point when Derg finished his battle royale. Such a rude, I gave him such a brutal death in my story and I didn't even debut on his smh. But yeah, I accept suggestion of what to do with it? Give it a Berserk treatment and finish it soon TM? Write all the bad ideas I had for it and let you guys fill the blanks yourselves in a very lazy way? Make each one of you write a chapter, put everything together, approve it as canon and call it a day? Decisions, decisions. Actually, I'm actually paying a homage to it in this post, as I'm not proof reading anything, hope you spot the reference. Aaaaaaaaaaaand that's it, I guess. For all of you that reach this line without pressing page down 3 times in less than 3 seconds, a big thank you. Please smash that like button and subscribe to someone's channel that's more active than me. Love, peace, and hope to see you all eventually when I get my degree! Until them!
  5. Yes, I'm still among the living

    I'm actually baffled I could miss a game with Robot Protagonist tag You know what? I'll read it tomorrow and update this entry accordingly Don't disappoint me here, man, I'm trusting your opinion that's good!!!!!
  6. New When They Cry game preview

    It's called Kikonia no Naku Koro Ni. I never played Umineko or Higurashi (I'll fix it someday, I swear!!!!) but damn, this look cool. Thoughts?
  7. Now that I noticed, all of my favorites are horror VNs and start with S. All of them have a special place in my heart, even if some aren't "masterpieces": Shingakkou ~Noli me Tangere~ (JVN, untranslated, long): characters, plot, horror, everything was just so good. Saya no Uta (JVN, translated, short): awesome atmosphere and soundtrack, I'll take these gruesome descriptions over gruesome CGs. Sweet Pool (JVN, translated, medium): this shit was so tense, I was on the edge of my seat all the time the plot was moving forward. Soundless (EVN, short): the one VN I read the fastest and the only one I read twice. I was really invested.
  8. Hidden Pearls

    Yay, that's like 70% of my VNDB list maybe Kikokugai ~The Cyber Slayer~? it's on 7.47, still counts Cool cyborg fights, what's not to love? Although this one is not that unknown, I think I was the one late to the party also +1 to EoSD for Busy Person. I laughed too much in Marisa's path.
  9. Mosaic preferences in Visual Novel H-Scenes

    I don't really mind them, as the best part, the butt, is already uncensored
  10. Oh damn, this art is indeed gorgeous!!! Best of luck to this project~
  11. To be honest, I understand the need to tag content and stuff, but people seriously went overboard in the VNDB page. I didn't read it, but I'm guessing 10% of the stuff tagged there also only makes 0% of Subahibi, and yet it'll make it way easier to be blacklisted.
  12. Oh, I actually agree with you. I read that the CG only stays on screen for, what, a minute? I really can't stomach bestiality, but I can see myself bearing with it for a short while for the sake of a good plot. The thing is: not everyone is willing to do the same. What I tried to say is that a bestiality tag, sexualized or not, disgusting or not, just being there is enough to scare people away from it. More than that, if you have the bestiality tag blacklisted on VNDB, Subahibi even fails to appear in any search results. Because the tag is there.
  13. Sadly this. As we can see going by how stuff like Nekopara are highly successful, people buy their eroge for their ero. The fact that Subahibi in particular have ultra niche fetishes like bestiality and futanari also doesn't help in attracting that crowd either.
  14. Free Online Visual Novel

    Oh my, oh my, I love some charming indie stuff, gimme gimme Thanks for sharing~ I'll definitely try some of those!
  15. What are you playing?

    Eeeerrr not really? 99% of the scenes are so generic vanilla IKEA that they are quite boring to read tbh maybe not in the fandisc, but the base game is your average gay sex I mean, it's not that some scenes aren't weird because of some specific plot points and twist, but I think the implications are weirder than anything that's on the text or the CGs are
  16. sweet pool hype thread!

    Youji is best depressed husbando if you ever need one Change my mind
  17. We all knew that, dear Zaka-chan, but let us throw the guy a bone for his hard work editing that. It's totally not because our meme game is too weak in the dawn of any this day.
  18. ^Totaly this. Okay sure, unnecessary attacks and insults are indeed the worst and shouldn't be endorsed in any way, but you do realize you give power to those people in the instant you just parrot what they say over and over again. You mention "kamige" in the text, but what do you mean with that? Most of the time it's some game that Moogy, Conjueror, you name it, liked. People forget it's just their opinion, they're free to say it, but it's not absolute truth. There's absolutely no problem to disagree with them. I bet that 90% of the people that vote for Muramasa in those localisation polls every year have absolutely no idea what that VN's plot is about. So stand for your own opinions, be a proud EOP if that's what you want to be. If you're satisfied with what you have now, who cares what they're thinking. There's plenty of translated stuff that's good that should keep fans occupied for a long time, so why not look at what you have instead of begging for what others say it's good (that's maybe not even that good in the first place)? You say that Clephas minding his own business, reading only what he likes (well, for the most part, I guess) is a bad thing, but some people really need to do the same.
  19. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    somehow I read 33 VNs in 2018 nevermind that most of them were really short As for my five favorite, in no particular order: Kikokugai -The Cyber Slayer- (read in February): Currently sitting as my second favorite VN, I would never guess I would like this one this much. Regardless of weird martial arts shenanigans, Taoluo's journey of revenge had me glued to my computer until the very end. What a good MC he was. And protecc little robot Ruili. Rinjin -Neighbor- (read in November): I wanted to read this for halloween but oh well. I love the whole haunted house type of plot, but Phenomeno was really underwhelming and forgetable. This one have a way more likable cast and it have an old game aesthetic (monochromatic, no sprites, little screen shakes for the spooky parts) that made me really love it overall, even if it's not particularly innovative. Soundless (read in May): A lot of people were recommending this one and boy I'm glad I read it. What a ride. A must for denpa fans. And yes, the art grows on you. Tsukihime (finished in December): Maaan, it's already 4 years since I read Fate so I really wanted more Nasu. Of course, since Tsukihime is older is a lot more unpolished than Fate, but it was a cool read regardless. I really liked Akiha's route, but Hisui is my best girl. Nie no Machi (only read 2 out of 4 routes as of today): 85% of japanese BL VNs are plot oriented rather than character oriented. Which is fine, since I really prefer plot driven stories anyway. Or that was what I thought. This game's interactions between the characters are really good and the cast is so charismatic and cool, I really wish to find more BL character oriented VNs. There's also a bit of plot and romance in here as well and everything blends really well. Surely hoping the other half is also good www
  20. VN Survey

    Sorry for intruding but it can't be helped.
  21. On the "games for girls" side of things, I think 2018 was a pretty solid year. We got the localization of both Psychedelica games, and Sweet Pool recently. For Japanese releases, there were Cendrillon Palika as a Switch exclusive (as the Vita is dying in the West because Sony itself is trying to kill it, it's a good thing to expand the market), Piofiore no Banshou, a fandisk for Collar x Malice, and some great BL games from first-time developers, like Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma and Nie no Machi.
  22. Favored text box presentation in VNs.

    I vote for being able to see the CG though I don't really care either way, but you asked for my favorite
  23. Merry Christmas Fuwa!

    Merry Christmaaaaas!~ Have a comfy pic of what I totally wanted to be my house, cutie included.
  24. Bring me your dankest visual novel memes!!!

    I was thinking of choosing a narration screenshot but
  25. Koikatsu

    I actually had a lot of fun with AA2. But my play style was... unorthodox, to say the least. I usually created a bunch of characters from the same media (or from some original fic I wrote), yeah that character maker was really cool best part, and then just threw them to fate and watched how close to canon the relationships went. God, some were spot on, while some failed results got me to watch fated enemies fucking