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  1. Just came back to participate in the best (only?) Fuwa event there is. Hat me up pls. I would like the 27 or 28 appends too, if they are like free dlc.
  2. While not the average weeb's first choice, I can't not recommend Shibuya Scramble. The game works in chapters and more or less you play 5 routes (with different protagonists) at the same time, where your goal is to make everyone reach the chapter's end alive and well. One MC's choice may very well ruin things for another (or for all of them) so even choices that seem useless at first can lead to some... meme interesting endings. And this game have around 80 bad ends iirc, so if ending hunting is your jam, this game is a delight. I know it sounds a bit confusing and it kinda is at first but it's a ridiculously fun game. It does have a flowchart and a hint corner in-game to help too.
  3. Awww man, thanks for the delightful reads, and backlog fill though wwww Take your time to enjoy other things, wish you all the best, and if you do come back, we'll be here, ready to pester you again :P
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! <3 I've been playing ff14 lately and hey, there's Nier colab raids with accompanying thematic outfits so I'll soon get my wish to be able to 2D cosplay as 2B, butt and everything, and then my life will be complete
  5. It's as Templarseeker said. Even if you read a in-depth review, your experience can still be very different. I had my share of reading full of praise reviews of games I found interesting at first glance, just to play it myself and not find anything praise worthy anywhere. In the end, ratings are just highly subjective numbers. Everyone have their own standards, so nothing stops someone to give 10s to nukiges they enjoyed or giving 1s to games that have a 10 seconds NTR scene when they weren't expecting any. It's all about your expectations and if they're fulfilled I guess.
  6. ifyouremoveallkanjijapanesewillbesomewhatlikethisandthisispainfulenoughtoreadanditsonlyonesentencelongseriouslyyoudontwantthat *cough* that said, my big brain take is that kanji is nothing and the true beast of Japanese is deciphering katakana because maaaaaaaaaan the way they spell some foreign words...
  7. gacha ...oh wait, that's the present more gacha
  8. はいはい to add credibility to this essay, let me, a very loud specimen (gender neutral) of the often neglected otomefolk tribe, affirm this definition is quite accurate. We're just romancedudes (gender neutral) that plays under slight different set of rules, but the pursuit of a moenirvana is all the same.
  9. Oh wow wasn't expecting DLC for Steam Prison. I'm not particularly interested in a route for this character, but hey bonus content for any VN is an idea that I whole hearted support (And I'll get it anyway for the side stories). Also we can never have enough liar-soft, their games are great.
  10. Childhood marriage promise. Imagine not only remembering but also taking seriously some dumb shit you said at an age where you were still eating sand off the playground.
  11. Some weeks ago I made the mista... eerrr decision of starting out FFXIV and booooy what a delightful time sink. I'm having a blast just chilling and pointlessly grinding as I'm yet to beat the slog that is ARR's story. If anyone here plays in the NA server come and say hi and maybe we can even have a peaceful tea time in a beach house. That I hope that you have, that is, because I'm just a poor homeless freelancer Elezen
  12. Oh I've read that! So I can think of some possible problems. 1) the line in the reader is breaking because the text speed is too slow. You can try to speed it up (or put it to instantaneous) in the visual novel settings 2) if you're playing the 2.0 version of the game, it doesn't work with VNR too well (or at all sometimes) so I would suggest to download Textractor instead (It's what I used, worked like a charm)
  13. It's still May where I am so a happy birthday to our EVN defensor extraordinaire @Plk_Lesiak
  14. Since you liked Fate, might as well try Tsukihime too. The House in Fata Morgana is only 17+ and there's no school, but it's one damn good VN and the romance was great.
  15. Aaah that's a classic one. You didn't mention what walkthrough you're using to get the "right choices" but I'm assuming it's either a) Fuwa's one, that doesn't specify what "yes" you should pick (and it does matter), or b) chem is amani's one that according to some friends of mine doesn't work with everyone. I was sent these sequences long ago by a friend that suffered in trial and error in this part and it worked for both her and me. See if it works for you too. It uses up and down instead of the choices themselves to be less spoilerish and because some choices are "the same". The sequence starts with the answer to the "Do you want to feel even better?" choice: Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, up, up, up, up, up --> Good Ending Down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, up, up, down, up, up --> Bad Ending
  16. Shining Song Starnova, I guess. Mariya starts the game as a alcoholic, Julie asks the MC out for drinks in 2 different occasions and all 7 girls go out to a bar with the MC to celebrate something at least once iirc
  17. Alriiiiiiiight, now comes the moment no one asked for: the disappointing answers and the shocking results! 1) A Not my fault the teachers never picked a book I actually wanted to read so classic lit usually put me to sleep. My school's cafeteria was also so-so most of the time so lunch break didn't deserve top spot by any means either. 2) B I wanted to argue with Poltroon's motive but... eeerrr... Last time I tried to argue with a friend I don't like DMC all that much they pointed how I was buying my 2nd copy of DMC4 in that same instant so welp, I give up trying to hide it. 3) A I FEEL LIKE A CHAMPION OF SELF-CONTROL WOOOO! I hope the streak doesn't break any time soon. And yes, there are BL gachas but either their translations or gameplay sucks too much for me to care about grinding them so I usually stick to otome ones. 4) B At least that was the original answer, but turns out I beat one more yesterday after posting. Go me, but oops. I'm sorry for breaking my promise that all questions had one right answer, so everyone gets a point for this one as an apology. Bonus 0.5 for Lesiak for getting it right the first time, bonus 0.25 for Zaka for having faith in my capacity of beating 11 bosses and bonus 0.1 for Kiri because he picked the 11 option too one way or the other I guess. 5) A I'm real sorry, but my shit sense of humor kinda prevents me of not choosing Mogeko Castle. I do love To The Moon, but default assets, the align puzzles serves no real purpose, yadda yadda technical bullshit excuses yadda yadda 6) C The other options are glorious, but the last one comes with an extra Archer and oh my god, imagine being served by Archer and eating with him, yadda yadda fangirlism yadda yadda 7) A I prefer 9S as a character, but voice prize goes to Eve. This is him btw (on the right): And if anyone's wondering what the コノママジャダメ is: So after this breakdown, the final score ends up as: 1st - Fiddle (4 pts) 2nd - Zaka (3.25 pts) 3rd - Poltroon (3 pts) 4th - Kiri (2.1 pts) 5th - Lesiak (1.5 pts) So our crowned champion whose badge is coming soon-tm-maybe-never is: FIDDLE!!! Moral of the story: Sheeps are powerful and now I'm scared
  18. You could try the tag Proactive Protagonist as well, as those usually have more of a personality (I filtered out untranslated, added "Protagonist with a face" and sorted by rating).
  19. What guys above said. It's the same reason sometimes they barely have a personality or a face. I have no idea how can someone see those souless husks without eyes on CGs and not get creeped out.
  20. Well, what an interesting April's Fool we have here, where everyone is apathetic enough to not do anything funnier. Since everyone have time to spare, including myself, why don't we play a fine game? Since we already talk 364 days about VNs in this damn forum (or not talk at all at times), let's shake things up and talk about the next best thing, everyone's favorite somewhat-inactive forever-dumb user MaggieROBOT! Today I bring you a short quiz to settle who knows this one lovely girl the best, with the possibility of scoring a special badge with the words "Maggie's #1 fan" for you to set in your fuwaprofile (release date of the badge TBA). Just reply in this thread with your answers. I can't promise I ever mentioned some of those, but you guys are smart enough to figure things out by yourselves. I hope. It'll only take 3 minutes, that I swear! And I assure all questions have only one right answer!~ *** 1) What was my favorite school subject? (a) math (b) classic lit (c) lunch break 2) Which of the video game series below I like the most? (a) persona (b) devil may cry (c) dead or alive beach volleyball 3) How much money did I ever spent on gacha games? (a) 0 (b) 10 dollars (c) more or less 10% of my rent and what's equivalent of 2 days of lunch 4) I'm currently playing Bloodborne for quarantine life, how many bosses did I manage to beat? (a) almost 1 (b) 5 (c) 11 5) Which of these RPGMaker games I like the most? (a) Mogeko Castle (b) To the Moon (c) School of Lust RPG 6) What I really want for lunch right now? (a) fish and potato salad (b) pizza (c) whatever Archer from FSN cooked in Emiya-San Chi no Kyou no Gohan episode 11 7) Which character from Nier Automata have the best voice in japanese in my humble opinion? (a) Eve (b) 9S (c) those robots that go コノママジャダメコノママジャダメコノママジャダメコノママジャダメコノママジャダメ *** Like and subscribe for an extra chance of winning. Results on April 2nd or whenever I remember to check the thread again!
  21. Right? Tamamori is great, his conflicts are all so very human and relatable, he really carries the story as the main character well. And as the Kawase shill I am, I feel obliged to tell you his route is definitely worth more than just an extra (but yeah, it is weaker than Minakami's route, I have to admit) so hope you find it worth your time when you get around to it~ Unfortunately, the other three are just that, extras, yeah. As for myself, I'm slowly going through 428 and man, what a fun ride! The multiple protagonists thing and the very intertwined plot lines sounded confusing at first but it's actually pretty funny and rewarding to navigate on your own. The wackier the better, so I just can't not like Tama's and Minorikawa's antics and how much "destructive" for the others simple shit they pull can be (specially Minorikawa, guy can be really chaotic).
  22. I don't follow many female seiyuus as closely but yeah, that's my impression as well. If I had to guess why, I guess maybe the fanbases play a role in this? I mean, if a seiyuu in those all-girls franchises ever worked in porn I can totally imagine people burning merch of her character and switching favorites. While from what I see in all-boys franchises we all know some of them do this at some point and no one cares (or get curious about it and falls even deeper in seiyuu hell :p). One is literally treated as a shameful reveal while the other is just trivia.
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