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  1. What are you playing?

    Eeeerrr not really? 99% of the scenes are so generic vanilla IKEA that they are quite boring to read tbh maybe not in the fandisc, but the base game is your average gay sex I mean, it's not that some scenes aren't weird because of some specific plot points and twist, but I think the implications are weirder than anything that's on the text or the CGs are
  2. sweet pool hype thread!

    Youji is best depressed husbando if you ever need one Change my mind
  3. We all knew that, dear Zaka-chan, but let us throw the guy a bone for his hard work editing that. It's totally not because our meme game is too weak in the dawn of any this day.
  4. ^Totaly this. Okay sure, unnecessary attacks and insults are indeed the worst and shouldn't be endorsed in any way, but you do realize you give power to those people in the instant you just parrot what they say over and over again. You mention "kamige" in the text, but what do you mean with that? Most of the time it's some game that Moogy, Conjueror, you name it, liked. People forget it's just their opinion, they're free to say it, but it's not absolute truth. There's absolutely no problem to disagree with them. I bet that 90% of the people that vote for Muramasa in those localisation polls every year have absolutely no idea what that VN's plot is about. So stand for your own opinions, be a proud EOP if that's what you want to be. If you're satisfied with what you have now, who cares what they're thinking. There's plenty of translated stuff that's good that should keep fans occupied for a long time, so why not look at what you have instead of begging for what others say it's good (that's maybe not even that good in the first place)? You say that Clephas minding his own business, reading only what he likes (well, for the most part, I guess) is a bad thing, but some people really need to do the same.
  5. My top five visual novels for 2018 that I read.

    somehow I read 33 VNs in 2018 nevermind that most of them were really short As for my five favorite, in no particular order: Kikokugai -The Cyber Slayer- (read in February): Currently sitting as my second favorite VN, I would never guess I would like this one this much. Regardless of weird martial arts shenanigans, Taoluo's journey of revenge had me glued to my computer until the very end. What a good MC he was. And protecc little robot Ruili. Rinjin -Neighbor- (read in November): I wanted to read this for halloween but oh well. I love the whole haunted house type of plot, but Phenomeno was really underwhelming and forgetable. This one have a way more likable cast and it have an old game aesthetic (monochromatic, no sprites, little screen shakes for the spooky parts) that made me really love it overall, even if it's not particularly innovative. Soundless (read in May): A lot of people were recommending this one and boy I'm glad I read it. What a ride. A must for denpa fans. And yes, the art grows on you. Tsukihime (finished in December): Maaan, it's already 4 years since I read Fate so I really wanted more Nasu. Of course, since Tsukihime is older is a lot more unpolished than Fate, but it was a cool read regardless. I really liked Akiha's route, but Hisui is my best girl. Nie no Machi (only read 2 out of 4 routes as of today): 85% of japanese BL VNs are plot oriented rather than character oriented. Which is fine, since I really prefer plot driven stories anyway. Or that was what I thought. This game's interactions between the characters are really good and the cast is so charismatic and cool, I really wish to find more BL character oriented VNs. There's also a bit of plot and romance in here as well and everything blends really well. Surely hoping the other half is also good www
  6. VN Survey

    Sorry for intruding but it can't be helped.
  7. On the "games for girls" side of things, I think 2018 was a pretty solid year. We got the localization of both Psychedelica games, and Sweet Pool recently. For Japanese releases, there were Cendrillon Palika as a Switch exclusive (as the Vita is dying in the West because Sony itself is trying to kill it, it's a good thing to expand the market), Piofiore no Banshou, a fandisk for Collar x Malice, and some great BL games from first-time developers, like Mahoutsukai to Tenshi to Akuma and Nie no Machi.
  8. Favored text box presentation in VNs.

    I vote for being able to see the CG though I don't really care either way, but you asked for my favorite
  9. VNR is back online!

    VNR now have a new server, so it's fully functional again!!!! Here's some instructions: - Go here http://vnr.aniclan.com/ and make a new account if you want to upload subs and terms (I think it works better logged in than as a guest). You can synch it with your old sakuradite account so you can keep your language preferences and things uploaded. - After that, you can upload your subtitles files stored in VNRfolder/Cache/Subtitles/xml/(important!) and upload the terms dict (if you didn't add anything private, you can skip this). Since it is a new server, it's pretty much empty until someone adds something into it. - The VNR compatible with the new server can be downloaded here: http://vnr.aniclan.com/upload/Visual_Novel_Reader(EN).rar (latest version) - You have to add all games with the wizard for it to recognize. However, if you didn't delete your old VNR, it will open with all your games already in the springboard. - Just one time while I was testing it ramdomly crashed, so it seems to be a stable version. Have fun, people! UPDATE: Based on people's questions: - Want to login in aniclan? Use your new name and password. Want to login in VNR? Use your sakuradite name and password. (For now, Dangetsu may change it in the futute) - Can you read logged as guest? Yes, you can. Can you add things in the shared dictionary logged as guest? I don't think so (Never worked for me, needs more testing) - VNR says it's a unknown game? You'll need to manually select the right text thread before you can use it. After that, it will work normally. Usually, the default option isn't UTF16, so if no subs are showing, select UTF16 right away! (UTF16 is the most common, but if it doesn't work, try UTF8)
  10. Merry Christmas Fuwa!

    Merry Christmaaaaas!~ Have a comfy pic of what I totally wanted to be my house, cutie included.
  11. Bring me your dankest visual novel memes!!!

    I was thinking of choosing a narration screenshot but
  12. Koikatsu

    I actually had a lot of fun with AA2. But my play style was... unorthodox, to say the least. I usually created a bunch of characters from the same media (or from some original fic I wrote), yeah that character maker was really cool best part, and then just threw them to fate and watched how close to canon the relationships went. God, some were spot on, while some failed results got me to watch fated enemies fucking
  13. solidbatman AMA v3: re

    did he bleed?
  14. It's that time of the year again. Time to reflect on everything you made of good and bad in the year. But who cares about getting chained down by your past forever huh? So let's skip that part and look forward to the future! To what we can (and can't do) to make Fuwanovel great... again? Did we ever were great? Debatable. So anyways, let's all collect suggestions of changes we want to see here in the coming year. If you're feeling a bit uninspired, I suggest to vote for one of the wonderful suggestions I make below. Because I thought long and hard (aka 3 minutes, rough estimation) in the well being of our beloved dysfunctional community. Create a pinned "Translation Salt" thread under Visual Novel Talk, because lately every single release gets this; Rename Walkthrough section to "SeniorBlitz's Secret Dungeon"; Rename Translation Projects to "Fan Translations Burial Ground" because lately they're mostly dropped anyway; Create a board "Introduce Yourself and Never Speak Again" under Introduce Yourself because yep; Rename Community Coordination and Feedback to "Tay and Co. Burial Ground" (I'm sorry Tay, we love you); Create a pinned "Looking for Hentai Animation or Visual Novel (Powered by Monta93TM)" thread under Anime/Manga Recommendation; Rename Leaderboard to...... anything tbh no one will notice kek kthxbye
  15. sweet pool hype thread!

    Started this afternoon. Those HD backgrounds are majestic. So far I got two choices with those nerve things on the screen, an amazing dissonant soundtrack that's best when it's hurting my ears, and Midorikawa Hikaru. Saya no Uta vibes intensifies
  16. sweet pool hype thread!

    they mean exactly the same (if you mean the genre), except yaoi have a derogatory origin and connotations, so let's stick with BL, shall we? I explain it better at shameless self promotion:
  17. sweet pool hype thread!

    Hyyyyyyyyyype!!! Definitely can't wait, the translation team for this is quite good, it'll probably be way better than the half-released fanpatch version ^^ plus, it's uncensored. Also, I'm really digging the way JAST Blue is handling the whole release. They released a demo, so you could see if it's worth your time, they'll release an all ages version for people that care about the plot but not for the porn and an uncensor patch (it's not free, but the all ages version is cheaper so I can't complain at all). Hope they handle Lamento in the same manner.
  18. Highway Blossoms: Remastered (Western VN Review)

    Great review as always, man ^^ Also, the second pic is not loading for me? Such a shame, the art of this VN is so beautiful.
  19. The Fuwanovel I want for 2019

    Oh yeah, how rude of me to imply that Translation Projects are dead when we have this one (+Virgin's one) Therefore, I take my previous statement back and suggest instead to rename the said board to "Trans! Translation Transcendencies" because all other projects are irrelevant. Addendum: one may add "+Virgin's project" in a smaller font in the title to imply it also exists.
  20. I was transported to another world where I have 8 imoutos, but I'm gay so I said fuck off bitch and let's hunt for hunk together
  21. Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released

    To be fair, isn't Chiho the boyish, "one of the guys" heroine? It doesn't really sound off how they speak irl but maybe that's just me only have to add some swearing and you'll get the full true bokukko experience! Of course, still sounds weird af using it during the hscenes instead of say, the MCs name. That would be a way better replacement.
  22. Eeeeh... definitely not interested in this. *Looks at the other things Ootsuki Suzuki wrote* Wow, now I'm even less interested, never thought it was possible!
  23. The Different Treatment of Sex Scenes: Japan vs. America

    What Ren'ai Arrow wrote makes a lot of sense to me. As someone that reads every h-scene because why not, I read what they give me, I also agree that it can indeed mark as a relationship upgrade for the main couple, but still, I think it would be far far FAR more effective if they showed them hugging or cuddling then whispering sweet things then fade to black and showing them waking up close to each other. AND JUST THAT. The description of where the MC's dick is hitting have absolutely no purpose other than fap value. The quotes below are from my stash of bad h-scene quotes. It's supposedly from a important moment for the relationship between the MC and the heroine, but really, can you tell me with a straigth face that it's more than laughable bad filler and a disservice to the characters??? I think maaaaybe the only games that could be better with detailed descriptions are darker eroge, for shock and grotesque value, but even then people are mostly in for the fap
  24. The Different Treatment of Sex Scenes: Japan vs. America

    Actually it's not that much different in Japan tbh See, the thing with your quote is that it's Tara Strong. She's well know, of course she wouldn't do any random pornographic scene. Now back to Japan. Did you tried to look for eroge voice actresses? A lot of them go by alias and good luck if you happen to find a single pic of their faces (Of course there are exceptions, like Aoba Ringo). They mostly do eroge and eroge only. And actresses like Sakamoto Maaya and Kawasumi Ayako don't do eroge, except in all ages versions console ports. They're also more well know and they show their faces in events and such.
  25. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    you're quite right, but if I got everything right from this whole story is that they are using the excuse that "those games exploit children", no? sound the horns, it's the lolipocalypse!!!