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Over two years. wow. a lot has changed in that time. torrents were still a thing and little hanako was peeking her pretty head out while grasping a heart on this page. i originally started here to thank someone for a completely forgettable vn he had posted on here :vinty: and to post some vns myself. Maman Kyoushitsu ~Mirai no H na Obenkyou~ :wahaha: was my first. cant remember my second. mightve been the sort of expanded da capo vn with new routes and an easier way to know if youre picking the girl you want to hang out with.


whoops, getting off topic here.


god, does anyone remember when fuwa looked like this? or was even here when it looked like this?




for some reason this is the image saved on my tabs in firefox. XD i dont know why but i love that it is. <3 Hanako. <3


you know, i dont know why i stayed after torrents were gone. i think i started to get in a discussion on the princess evangile thread and it just kept going. met some friends along the way, got to know people. it was fun. im glad i did though. i care deeply about this community despite my inactivity here.


i dont really know what else to add so ill get started with the mentioning.


@Funyarinpa the very first person to message me to ask about a vn. 

@Dergonu my absolute best friend here who i cherish dearly.

@DarkZedge someone who i will always care deeply about, no matter what. <3

@TexasDice who i chatted nonstop on the princess evangile thread. i know we havent talked much lately but i still havent forgotten about you.

@Eclipsed same with eclipsed.:wahaha: man those were some fun times.

@CeruleanGamer who invited me into her secret cult. i mean... :ph34r:

@VirginSmasher who accepted me into his secret cult. i mean... :ph34r:... im really bad at this.

@Deep Blue a pretty great guy. best of luck to you in uni deepy. :sacchan:

@Forgetful Frank i miss you so much man. please come back soon. :kosame:

@Kawasumi my partner in crime in traps. TRAPS FOR LIFE! :pyaa:

@Flutterz the lovable moe lover... who also likes traps. TRAPS FOR LIFE! :pyaa:

@Kaguya a reasonable and kind hearted moderator. keep up the great work kaguya! :sacchan:

@Asonn the lovable loli lover. you keep living that dream buddy. :miyako:

@AaronIsCrunchy who ive known recently and is a pretty great guy.

@Ashbell the centaur addict. :wahaha:

@Aizen-Sama for giving me a chance and starting a really great team. lotsa love man. no gay stuff... well, i mean, unless you... :yumiko:

@Kiriririri youre something else kiririririririri. keep it up. :wahaha:

@Hanako the great yuri lover. YES! THERE ARE OTHERS BESIDE DERGY! NO ONE IS SAFE! :pyaa:

@Tay for helping fuwa be the way it is. thank you very much.

and of course, last and certainly not least, my goshuin-sama who i can never say his name now. thank you for accepting me and my weirdness. :sachi:


i think thats everyone. if i missed someone, i apologize.


welp, ask me anything, derp out, i dont care. just have fun. love ya. <3

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Oh, welcome to 4 digit club then and enjoy yourself. Congratulations here by the way, and to be honest I'd almost thought that you may not created 1000th thread here.

By the way, in regard of old forum to be honest remember it quite a bit, although back there I'd always browse for torrents though when I'd come to Fuwanovel so I kind of came to forum rarely.

Looking forward to more of your participation here then.

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