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  1. Good luck with your project Meido, maybe this time i can follow you to the kitchen and cook some delicious meat
  2. Click random visual novel and this appeared https://vndb.org/v19447
  3. Ganbatte! \ / the onee-san is hot! , so i would definitely read it !
  4. I do like different stuff you know like BDSM or Milf or Loli or Kyonyuu and ummm many more! (╯°□°)╯︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵┻━┻
  5. Really? i dunno man i mean i do like centaur but to be remember like that is like my very existence is just a guy who is a centaur addict
  6. Yay congrats but i'm not sure how i feel to be remember like this
  7. If you want to play full screen without the game stretch just go to your Graphics Control Panel and change the scaling to Maintain Aspect Ratio
  8. soo greedy but i don't mind having a 3p
  9. I came only to tell you that I love your avatar pic :sacchan: 


    *poofs away* 

    1. Ashbell


      I love you too DZ :yumiko:

    2. DarkZedge


      Who said I loved you!? I only said I loved your avatar pic.....Don't get the wrong idea!.

      BAKA! :yumiko: 

  10. Finally my dream to play this vn is almost come true
  11. Confession: I realize the only route that i haven't play in Ultimate Boob Wars is the loli princess
  12. I change because i'm bored with the same old pic.
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