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  1. Hey dude welcome to fuwa. Try Dustmania Grotesque, that's a visual novel that anyone can enjoy regarding tastes or age gap. But seriously now, I would suggest trying something short/er for your first vn, like Saya no Uta or Planetarian or even Katawa Shoujo.
  2. Am I so predictable? I guess I am To be fair, this is a hell of a coincidence, I haven't visited fuwa like in years. Btw I'd still recommend the steam version since the text is more clear to read (the original version is like blurry and murky) and it has some technical improvements and you don't even need steam to run the game, also it's like 300mb and narcissu 1 is 90mb so is not a huge difference. Tell your friend to enjoy this masterpiece.
  3. really? I don't remember any of that xD well I played it a long time ago but i remember for example saying to the teacher that I liked my childhood friend and then it didnt matter as long as i choose the heroine in the snow play day. Or the choices with your sister, about the milk or tea, if you decided to help her or not, etc. I don't think that even the date thing class was even decisive for what route you get later on. Still the choices are pretty straightforward regarding the heroine you want, is not something convoluted or cryptic like other games.
  4. what guide?there is only 1 choice that matters and it's pretty obvious since it's about picking the name of the heroine you want to read (i dont remember if it is when you play the snow game or picking the girl on the classroom, one of those 2), all the other choices are for decoration.
  5. 眩しかった日のこと、そんな冬の日のこと。 http://www.mediafire.com/file/9pxrme1cakt172q/ナルキッソス.rar
  6. Deep Blue

    Kokuhaku review

    I made it as a parody, sound effects and voice acting came from umineko chiru
  7. Deep Blue

    Kokuhaku review

    Source: https://j-addicts.de/kokuhaku/ (shameless self-promotion xD ) Source: https://j-addicts.de/kokuhaku/ (shameless self-promotion xD ) Kokuhaku or “confession” is a short VN developed by a company called Song Wing which mainly work in sound design, casting actors etc basically all related to sound and music and this is their only work as game developers. The plot, uuggghh. The plot in this VN is nonexistent and plain bland. The main character is your typical super popular guy and all the girls are in love with him. Why? Who cares, they just are! The game is more like a kinetic VN but lets you choose which girl you want to pick at the end. Throughout the painfully 1-2 hours of reading, each one of the bland and boring heroines will confess their love to the main character without much explanation and out of the blue. These girls are the cliché of the cliché, Childhood friend? ☑. Sister? ☑. Shy girl? ☑. Tsundere? ☑. Interesting and well-developed heroine?☒. Once all the girls confessed their love you will reach the end, there you recall all the confession at once and that’s when you get to pick which of those confessions you take, thus picking a certain girl and confess your love back to her. Then a crappy CG shows up and it’s the end. Luckily there is no harem ending. And no I didn't omit anything, you read 10 min and a girl confess her love without warning then the other and so on and that's it... (She confessed her love out of the blue in the middle of a class O.o) If you want to put it bluntly, there are 4 cockroaches and you are a stinky piece of meat and for no reason at all the cockroaches want that putrid meat no matter what. If you think this analogy is in bad taste, GOOD! Then you understand how playing this VN feels. It’s also an all ages so you won't see any type of eroge or sexual innuendo at all. (Pick your ending) Music and Art. The music while not outstanding it does the job same as the art, it’s a bit on the unique side but nothing that will make it stand out. The redeeming factor. So you are probably wondering why the hell is this review for then? Well, as I said earlier the company that made this VN works in the sound industry and here is the catch and what makes this VN partially redeemable. You can choose the voice acting of each heroine from 4 voice actresses when you start the game, which are (IMO) some of the best in the industry itself. (The screen to select the voice acting Noto Mamiko https://vndb.org/s468 , Tsuji Ayumi https://vndb.org/s271 , Horie Yui https://vndb.org/s46 , Hirano Aya https://vndb.org/s1500 ) But that’s not the most impressive thing, the best part is that you can choose only 1 heroine to do the voice acting of the 4 heroines. Basically this game was more like a technical concept to show how an actress can interpret several roles at the same time, it’s more like a demonstration project rather than a game but it was sold as a proper game... the question is why they didn't bother to write a decent plot rather than this bland abomination if they were doing it anyway... Also, the writer is not a nobody without recognition in the industry so it’s really mind boggling why they approached this project in this particular way... Regarding the voice acting itself it’s actually pretty good and the concept itself works amazingly well. Playing the game with the same actress doing all the voices is interesting, to say the least. So as a concept this is really interesting at least on a technical level. Having 4 heroines and 4 actresses letting you mixing up whatever you want, theoretically there are countless and countless of hours for you to enjoy by playing with all the variations (You do the math)... but in reality after 1 time you will want to throw this game in the garbage bin and let it rot forever there where it belongs. Final score. Now, saying how much of a technical accomplishment something is where you can only tell by listening it would be unfair so I recorded a demonstration so everyone can judge for themselves. Here it is, rejoice (I recommend watching it in full-screen): If you want to read more reviews like this one check out: https://j-addicts.de/
  8. This will sound mean but how can you compete with the japanese voices? Specially in umineko where every one is top notch really, specially Maria, Beatrice and Eva (just to name a few) Just by listening to the youtube video all the voices sound the same, even hideyoshi which should have some kind of accent sounds neutral (maybe a boston one?) Battler was the only one that I liked in the video. The only way to do some justice would be to hire all the staff from the souls games but that's not going to happen. Maybe I'm wrong and they will manage to do an awesome job. Either way I wish the best of luck to the project and I hope the succeed on their kickstarter (it's umineko so as long as they dont ask for something crazy they will reach the goal)
  9. You can play this version https://umineko-project.org/en/ which doesn't require anything to play it, you should theoretically buy or own the ps3 and pc version to play it... but again you don't need them. Basically it was an excuse to release something illegally and make it legal (it's not). The original art of umineko is charming in its own way and I would gladly play it if there was a way to add the voice acting of the ps3 release.... since I'm a sucker of voice acting I would recommend reading the ps3 port version (either using the MG and the add-ons from the ps3 or just the stand alone version from umineko project) Lyp-sync is not really a must (i actually don't like it), neither are the effects of rain or the battles, etc. Everything adds to the immersion for sure but IMO voices are a must for this game anything else is not.
  10. EDIT: forget what I said, i misunderstood your message Good luck with the translation, looks fine so far judging from that video.
  11. https://pooi.moe/Locale-Emulator/ or alpharomhack turning your system completely into japanese (minus the language itself) can become bothersome since many software you install detect your region and will auto install in japanese language even if you dont want to, for example bandicam (old versions) wont let you install them if your region is in japanese and will request you to download the japanese .exe, other than that there is no issue (?)
  12. My advice would be to read something rather short and that really really interest you, there are some very good vns out there that dont last more than 1-2 hours, like https://vndb.org/v18736 https://vndb.org/v9986 Grisaia is shorter than fate for sure, fate took me like 100 hours to 100% complete it while grisaia probably took me 50-60 (I do listen to every dialogue in the game without skipping any line, so take that into account)
  13. /HAN-C@62CC5:ノラと皇女と野良猫ハート2.exe (update the game first)
  14. You mean something like this? (you can move around the boxes separately) Or like this? https://vndb.org/v3900 (you cant move them but have both of them at the same time) There are many vns that uses the second method (all of them old vns), but I've seen only very few ones using the first one.
  15. there are entire sites with full games on chinese, really easy to find them if you search them on google but remember piracy is wrong wrong wrong so dont do it
  16. sorry for the late reply, i dont know the game you should try using vnr or ithvnr im sure it's hookeable if you need to use a MT to read it then use chiitrans for that.
  17. this movie, probably the best war movie i've ever seen and will see
  18. If you use a virtual machine the best thing you can do is install xp sp3 and not 7 since the compatibly is way higher with XP, only very few, mostly old or with crappy engine games wont run on xp and will require 98 or even win 95. And yes win10 updates tend to do that in general with old software and hardware too...
  19. Utsuge = depressing games, they always end in a bad way, for example in an utsuge vn the heroine if she is sick she will die and not in a happy way like she wont become an angel or anything that can turn her death into something more happier. Clear examples of utsuge games = Narcissu. Nakige = a game that can make you cry and has some sad stuff in it but most of the time ends well, same scenario as before, the heroine doesn't die or she becomes an angel, etc. Perfect example of nakige = Clannad. 泣き-ゲーnaki-ge from crying 鬱-ゲー utsu-ge from depression 糞(くそ)-ゲー kuso-ge shitty game aka dustmania ゲー = for video game
  20. What you are looking for are utsuge (depressing) VNs, sadly or luckily depending the way you see it there is only 1 VN like that: Narcissu. There is nothing like narcissu or 1 litre of tears aside from that, trust me I've been searching for years now... Shiori's route on kanon is a joke, don't even bother. I can recommend you a few depressing VNs that I consider masterpieces or really good ones aside from narcissu, but they have some sci fi or fantasy elements on them: Tomoyo it's a wonderful life (Don't read the all ages ver they ruined the ending, go figure people don't like sad stuff so they made it happy ) <------this one is probably the only one without fantasy elements... kinda Fata morgana and then fata morgana another episode <----- a masterpiece without a doubt, specially the another episode Kira kira but only the normal ending of kirari's, don't bother reading the rest. Hello world natsumi's route Oh yeah and Gin'iro. You have plenty of vns there to read
  21. if you want older heroines this might interest you too https://vndb.org/v3061 one heroine is the kinder-garden teacher of your little daughter and the other is the sister of your dead wife (if i remember correctly ) and no there is no daughter route before you ask either way pm here or in discord me if you want help buying them
  22. they look old?OLD?????? what is this blasphemy you are talking about!!!!!
  23. well, you should never delete any software like that because when you install a program most of the time its add itself into the registry of window itself to do certain things, when you cannot uninstall it from the program files as you would normally do then boot the game itself (using daemon tools for example) and 99% of the time you will be able to uninstall it from the menu of the game itself. Now to fix your issue you will need to fix or clear the windows registry itself (either by deleting the entries that the game created or if you are lucky maybe with a software like ccleaner), since I don't know that game in particular i cant help to do it manually.
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