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  1. Yeah sorry if I call out people who just use google translate to play games and complain Japanese sites being hard to use when all you just need to know is the basic Japanese alphabet.
  2. It is all on the site readable just fine but I guess complex puzzlers just can't read it...
  3. You just pick the first character from the game name and pick that from category ???
  4. What game is this image from?

    It is Brave Girl Ravens's ルラフィス.
  5. Inochi no Spare

    Hi, most downloads for Chinese patches can be found on 2dfan. (or just use VNDB source links) https://www.2dfan.com/subjects/6599
  6. Can you please not write about stuff you have no idea about
  7. Help out Zaka!

    if you approve of gays you are gay too
  8. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Considering that after the new mods were added 95% of the spammers were banned so yeah
  9. Fuwanovel Confessions

  10. You have always been able to email Sekai Project and get a refund if you just wanted for any project.
  11. What would you wish for?

    Boobs of all sizes
  12. Anyone tried reading Majikoi with MTL?

    Do you know what Majikoi is? Comedy Do you know what is the WORST thing to machine translate? Comedy