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  1. what happened to NB's project (´・ω・)?
  2. http://www.pulltop.com/LoveKami/
  3. The anime is exactly what the VN is about though. (Also the best anime of this season)
  4. More info coming later this year. Source is their blog entry from February.
  5. Iirc in Chuable's case it was impossible to continue because the director (or some other big guy) was ill and hadn't worked for a year really (causing their last game Anaoto to flop)
  6. I want to roll on the floor.
  7. i dont think 千恋 had fantl either but sanoba is not as good anyways
  8. where do you get the oelvn from!?!?
  9. Umm this game is Watanabe's "secret" project he has been talking on twitter a lot so I think it's pretty hype.
  10. the true kamigems are the games only i know
  12. Seems like Pulltop will be releasing 18+ version of the first Moenovel Love Kami game in Japanese NSFW
  13. Denpasoft is currently having a sale lol
  14. They mentioned the English release in February. They were also in that event in Taiwan so probably in Chinese too? (Which version of Chinese, no idea)
  15. Hi I am the true owner of this server and I advice you to not join.