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  1. Reading VN is masochistic

    There are 2 types of moderation. Those who try to engage with the users and try to make the community a better place and tell users clearly what is bad, and those who just punish yoi for everything and don't tell what was wrong.
  2. Reading VN is masochistic

    There are 2 types of visuals novels. Those that are Kirikoi, and those that are not.
  3. All pornography objectifies women and makes violence at them more common.
  4. Kanon Dreamcast voices to PC question...

    Well I never bothered checking if the PSP edition was finished but at least someone worked on it.
  5. Kanon Dreamcast voices to PC question...

    You could just emulate the PSP version on PC.
  6. The ps4 assets are actually the best ones.
  7. This is how your data.xp3 should probably look when extracted (except for some trash files.) Are you sure your extracted the data.xp3 perfectly?
  8. Just listen to what majority of fans want and you have a ttanslation where half of the words are in romaji
  9. Aokana Physical LE Presale to start in June

    This is only for selling physical editions not to fund the game.
  10. Sekai: Do you have original art without mosaics? Purple: No. Sekai: Okay. MG: Do you have original art without mosaics? Purple: No. MG: We don't want to make a deal without those though. Purple: Okay we will see if we can find them from the depths of Koku's personal porn collection.
  11. Yes, I'm still among the living

    Start playing Shanimasu instead