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Site Work Failed, But We Didn't Die

Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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  1. Top storylines in gaming?

    Kingdom Hearts
  2. Are they really over 18?

    As there are some games where heroines are literally kindergartners, it is safe to say that the Japanese heroines must be over 18 in high school, or even in middle school, because they graduate from kindergarten after they are 18.
  3. Do you play with walkthrough?

    I am big brain enough to not use one.
  4. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    More like if you ever buy something from them anymore you should be ashamed.
  5. Irianovel!?

    Yes You should have also used !? instead of ?!
  6. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    JP releases both use the Minatosoft engine iirc.
  7. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    Yes there was??? How dumb can you be and not understand such a simple thing???
  8. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    They obviously do care about all-ages content though. They have expanded to anime, light-novels and even mobile games. Advertising with the train company was also for the "anime" because you can't do that with porn just like Maitetsu showed us when their thing was cancelled. Harukaze believes that if they want to make it big then eroge is not gonna cut it. You need to appeal to bigger masses and I think Harukaze can do it with their IPs.
  9. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    Good that you guys didn't even bother reading my post!!!
  10. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    Will just post this here but just like I suspected, the reason why Noratotos are not getting 18+ versions are because they want to keep the company, Tokyotoon, all-ages. If you take a look at their new game's website you can see it says it will release on Steam with English and Chinese versions too. It will also only be all-ages with no 18+ version even made. https://uyragnigotocr.am/
  11. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    The TL is amazing You are dumb For you, I have no words. This has to stop. Harukaze did the right decision.
  12. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    Good thing that they don't bother with 18+.
  13. Arunaru not working anymore with mangagamer

    While 4k characters a day is normal in the usual translation business (people there are lazy tbh), in the VN business it is not that unsual to do 15k characters a day (and some people have gone as high as 30k characters a day for a short time but that kills you.)