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    Lolis, little sisters, more lolis, (21), moe, SHINKU AND MARE, certain someone <3, Miyu, lolis, romance, PYAA, Kasu, pajamas, bed, everything cute, snow, winter, Christmas, Nanaka, Nanaka, Nanaka, Lisha, Lisha, Lisha, Knee Socks are life, EST!, Kano, Kotone, Kuon, AACHAN. Gräfin Adelheid Josefa Katerina von Bergstraße zu Vollmendberg, MAKO, YOSHINO OMG, AYA-CHAN, Kokorokokorokokoro, Hotarun, Kokoron, Ren-chan, Tsubasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, You-chan

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  1. Edit: Nice how you changed the whole topic so my post doesn't even make sense anymore
  2. :pyaa:

    1. Ayana


      Hi Kiririririri. How's life? How's love? Like a bulldozer? Or an Eroge? Don't answer any of these questions btw...

    2. Kiriririri


      I'm just gonna answer that doujinges are good (´・ω・`)

    3. Ayana


      Well, I agree with you there despite the fact that I haven't played more than 6 or so of them. >.>

  3. Hoshimemo's plot is just too deep for you gaijins to understand.
  4. Here https://vndb.org/c/all?q=;fil=trait_inc-805.tagspoil-0.role-primary.gender-f;p=1 Only 2 pages
  5. Pretty sure the 18+ patch will work on all versions of the game. The patch will also be free.
  6. Some games from 2000-2004 can be pretty interesting for me like: Mist ~second edition~ Himawari (not the english one) Reminiscence Blue Kokoro Navi Virgin Snow and well I played Snow but that one is trash. + some other stuff I don't remember, but 2000 is pretty much the limit for me.
  7. フワノベルへよこそ! どうぞよろしくお願いしますでちゅ!
  8. フワノベルへよこそ! どうぞよろしくお願いしますでちゅ! どゆこよ?
  9. The physical already shipped though
  10. Word repetition is common thing with Kirikiri engine and you can get rid of it easily... ITHVNR can also hook Koikake just fine. Maybe you should test newest version and some older ones.
  11. (COMIC1☆10) [Circle-FIORE (Ekakibit)] Bakuretsu Shiki Energy Drain This list may have people you are also familiar with
  12. フワノベルへよこそ! どうぞよろしくお願いしますでちゅ!
  13. eromankosensei still delivers
  14. Sorry but that's how the world works. If you are poor you can't have expensive hobbies. Period.