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  1. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    Yes but also on Discord
  2. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    Don't worry I talk to him daily
  3. Yeah I have all of those installed and 0 problems here
  4. Lolis as Good as Mare?

    This. Or then you can pick https://vndb.org/c16435 Too bad none of these is in English
  5. "Your Diary" is coming out

    Reminds me of this.
  6. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    Play in the release order
  7. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    Where is Shigure??? Why are you all fucking furries
  8. Dropped Minikui Mojika

    Do you live under a rock to not know of Nukitashi
  9. Dropped Minikui Mojika

    Yes only had one of the best games for years
  10. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    I don't know about Koichoco but in some cases there are multiple .exe files for the game and the start.exe might simply just launch another .exe file and the locale with emulator doesn't carry on.
  11. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate help.

    What the fuck no. Change system locale.
  12. Fat Morgan now 0% off play it!! It is the BEST VN EVER!! It is not ANIME like all these other bad VNs yet it still is very anime lol