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  1. Worst VN of The Decade?

    just curious what people pick. since we've sucked off the decade enough listing positive i figure we now we beat it up a little for its worst vn it has released. dont have one of my own!
  2. think i saw an anime where they literally fuck the girls to get them into character. and by anime i mean hentai. but like fun said, they read their lines. im sure first timers have issues with the sex scenes and such but its a job. its a lot of va's gateway job into a va career.
  3. Best Visual Novels to Read for a Book Club

    thinking of something thatll create a discussion among the group and the firs thing that comes to mind is Grisaia no Kajitsu that or that one vn. someone help me out cause i cant remember the name. heavy setting in a sunflower field. takes place in japan with those strict rules like no touching someone of the opposite sex. its where this girl is from this one you can treat a bit like a kinetic novel as its like a straight path to the end while the routes sort of divert off of that path, if that makes sense? theres one true end and the rest is sort of little snacks to that.
  4. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    are you real?
  5. 10283 posts less than Nosebleed - AMA

    why you small face so?
  6. looks interesting. like the character designs
  7. Coronavirus discussion thread

    i feel like assholes are gonna pop up with the thought process of "eh, i dont care if i get it. im young so it wont kill me most likely" when thats not the only point. its also about not spreading it to those who are more vulnerable to the virus. the elderly, the ones with asthma, those are the people who cant handle it. wash your hands, dont touch your face when youre out. when you get home, clean your clothes asap as the virus can stick to them and take a shower. be cautious and safe!!!
  8. New VN is development - Heart of a Hero

    hey, best of luck on this
  9. Worst VN of The Decade?

    not personally interested in these titles myself. im just curious what people consider the absolute worst vn they have read during the last decade, seeing as we're starting with a new one.
  10. Hello There.

  11. Hello There.

    wel EDIT: sorry, i thought there was a thing going on where each post got shorter and shorter. welcome! make friends and such!
  12. [Release]OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos

    "The brands mission is to fill the world with YURI!" you have my attention. My only problem is having only one choice of heroine but oh well, yuri is yuri
  13. reading sabbat of the witch has really pushed my patience over the edge with the genre. like god, they take forever to confess and stuff. its so tip toeing and the same. "What is this feeling? Just thinking of him makes my heart pound." it can still be cute at times but when it just drags on like it has its just tiring. really makes me wish for a mature approach to romance in my vns. both parties are experienced in life and dont get so easily flustered by all that high school crap! but noooooo, they have to appeal to the younger generation to instill an ideal into their heads to procreate since their birthrates are declining! WELL MAYBE IF YOU FIXED THE INSANE WORK HOURS YOUR PEOPLE HAVE YOU WOULDNT BE IN THIS SITUATION, JAPAN!!!! Anyways, thats my rant over, felt like voicing that thought so i did. what are yours?
  14. Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre

    Whaaaaaaaat? What about the part where they had a huge fight in the classroom with weapons that ended with both parties coming out bloodied? that wasn't natural for you!?
  15. huh, i may read this sooner than later now.
  16. Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre

    im gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, thanks.
  17. Shame in liking H scenes/18+ Content in Visual Novels

    i just dont talk about it every chance i get. ill talk about it in some form of a topic that furthers the discussion but i wont bring it up every time or anything. ill talk it openly among fellow vn readers if its brought up, im not shy but theres a time and place for that stuff. could i go into detail about how i loved mayuchi willingly spreading her asshole so yamato can fuck it? sure, but it doesnt need to be said every time majikoi is brought up. anyhoo, ive always liked h-scenes. hell, its what got me into vns in the first place. just a young guy looking to get off to 2d girls but instead of just looking at pictures, i went to vns. why? because after getting to know the girl, deciding which routes ill do first, choosing the right choices, H at the end of it all is just far more satisfying. and the fact that ive known the girls so well after all that investment and i finally get to see their lewd side adds another layer of enjoyment. the girls feel open to the mc in an intimate manner with the mc (most of the time) and is ready to do the deed. those are my thoughts on it, good sir. if you have any questions, too bad!
  18. New here, but also not really

    hello, welcome and stuff. make friends and all that.
  19. So Mirror is on Sale

    Never heard of it but it is currently real cheap atm on steam, including all dlc. for those interested, check it out. i was gonna link a vndb page but i cant find one. anyways, looks like it has some gameplay to it so may be interesting.
  20. So Mirror is on Sale

    idk, seems to be a fine translation honestly, this coming from a very critical person of translations. using correct punctuation with coherent translations. maybe by supporting them with this game they can translate games with this same quality in the future? so yeah, i stand by what i promote here. if you want to check it out, its pretty cheap with gameplay and some nice visuals to boot. im digging it so far. EDIT: heres the steam page. https://store.steampowered.com/app/644560/Mirror/
  21. dracu-riot.... but ill believe it once its released. still havent read past "nehehe's" route. i forget her name. been waiting for a "proper" release of it.
  22. Almost a month has gone by since we step into the new decade and maybe that's enough time for us introverts to think about our most influential titles in these categories. I'll start! For visual novel i would have to say Katawa Shoujo. This one changed my views on vn's in that they can offer more than just sexy time. Being the spawn of 4chan, I know, it was a surprisingly a respectful look into the lives of disabled people and the treatment they have been through and what they are currently going through. And again, they can offer characters that are compelling and have their own troubles that goes deeper than "your penis can make things better". Although to be fair, those can be pretty deep as well. HEYO! For manga I would say Kodomo No Jikan. Towards the end of the decade I've sort of fallen off with reading manga but as I look back at the most influential one I thought of this one. Judge me all you want but despite it being a love letter to lolicons, I found the character studying bits to be very engaging. How the children have their own troubles and how this young bright eyed teacher views them and how he needs to deal with them. It was the manga that lead me to talking on forums on my anime list, it was the one I waited patiently for new chapters to be translated. This little gem is what started my interests into manga and I will be grateful for it for that. For anime Attack on Titan. Yeah, this one wasn't hard. I was gonna compare it to Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and why I choose AoT over it but then looked it up and FMAB aired in 2009. Just missed it my friend, you'll get them next time though. Anyways, airing in 2013 Attack on Titan had a very strong start to say the least. The opening song alone was enough to become popular and what anime openings should aspire to be. But as the show continued on it kept it's audiences attention by being compelling to watch. So many questions and twists and turns and now that we're 3 seasons in it's safe to say that the author isn't just making it up as he goes along. From episode 1 there is set up and pay off to events way down the line of this series. With it airing in 2013 and no mention of a second season, the show could've ended there and been just a shiny example of what anime should be but instead it continued on for 3 more seasons even into the new decade. Who knows, I may make another one of these threads and have it as anime of the new decade. Nah, that would be cheating since the very first ep aired in 2013. Oh god, what if I'm on this site for another decade!? And finally for game of the decade for me it's Dark Souls. Love em or hate em you can't say the souls games haven't had an impact this past decade on the video game industry and it all started with this one. Yes, I know of Demon Souls but that one kind of fizzled away a bit with it's release while Dark Souls exploded into popularity. From it's difficulty curve to it's compelling story and lore that is still being dissected to this day, to it's combat system it inspires a lot of games even as we head into the new decade. Of course From Software is good at what they do and all they do is Dark Souls so that helps with reminding people about this game. So those are my picks. What are your picks, you degenerates?
  23. who dares summon me unto this mortal plain? my otaku dream is to be able to fully read japanese without the assistance of a machine translator. for gaming RELEASE CYBERPUNK ALREADY! really though, its for things to not go fully digital with games. its not just cause im a fuddy duddy but because with digital games you have less ownership rights to them. you could have your sony, steam, microsoft account ban or suspended for whatever reason and that means not having access to games linked to your account. games you spent years collecting to get. also cross play i think is gonna become a more traditional thing which im looking forward to.
  24. Hello everyone!

    hi, welcome and stuff. good luck with your project.