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  1. something like kamidori alchemy meister https://vndb.org/v5652 or yumina the ethereal? https://vndb.org/v1155
  2. sounds like a job for @Dergonu! also might want to specify what youre missing.
  3. some weird choices. i like the we and us thing the kuki have going on. didnt know thats what they were saying in the original
  4. welcome and have fun and make friends and stuff!
  5. hello, welcome. enjoy your stay, make friends, eat some cake
  6. only interested in attack on titan season 4. waiting for it to be done around march before i binge it
  7. btw would im sure its not hard to find somewhere online but if possible if someone has the voice restoration fix files would it be possible to post it here?
  8. oh god. "And then Yamato dabbed and argued about the election results to Dump supporters" exaggerating of course but im sure its nothing to worry about. besides, great vn, support the devs!
  9. oh for sure we'll see a patch from the community that'll bring back all the voices. thank yooooou fan patches because all the characters and acting in this is great! so excited for this game to get an official release even though ive read it already like 3-4 times but still a great game!
  10. still fun to do so even if you never see them in cutscenes. do see them all the time when opening the inventory menu
  11. yup. now id like to not have this go into just bug talks about the game if possible. its fair to bring them up of course but want to talk about the game itself. chose nomad path and mostly tech/gun class. amazing writing i must say, thats what keeps me going but really wish the world didnt feel so plain. cant change you characters body at all after leaving customization, cant interact with any of the arcade games, no mini games to speak of. hope theres patches for this stuff. its 2020 and i dont understand how open world games rarely have mini games in them
  12. yeah, luna really fucked me with this project. was progressing just fine and when i joined them it came to almost a complete stop. had like 20% done in like 5 months by myself but then i joined them and... yeaaah.
  13. https://store.steampowered.com/app/806510/Her_Lie_I_Tried_To_Believe/
  14. it has bugsnax. all i need to know. id like to get it day one. im in a position where i can thanks to my stimulus check coming in buuuuuuuuut idk. some good games coming but its like, 70 dollars for games soon is steep so i just might wait on getting a ps5 for now.
  15. i remember the dungeons playing a small role in the main story. i think you have to do like the main ones but the optional ones i never did and still did fine in the main game.
  16. yeah, it almost, almost felt like there was never any plans for a sequel but we get a small amount if hints here and there of a possibly bigger story happening.
  17. and is this possibly the intention of the writers to begin with? my point still stands thats its basing its tropes on ones heavily in visual novels. its whole bubble IS visual novels. you get it yet?
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