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  1. so i got a new pc somewhat recently and i havent changed the monitor at all from the old pc to the new one. on the new one ive been having an issue with fullscreen that i have not been able to solve. and when i choose the 16:9 1280 x 720 option, that bottom grey portion is replaced by a black space. i dont get it, i didnt change my monitor so it should work. i tried with a tv recently, dont ask why im not using that, its irrelevant, and it worked just fine.
  2. er, isnt that already translated? https://store.steampowered.com/app/951000/Trap_Shrine/
  3. well, youre already reading the one i wouldve suggested. trap vns have a small library and even a smaller one in the west. like that one trap route cut out of a vn for the west.
  4. oh wow. i dont think ive seen those clips from then. im curious so ill look em up. reminds me a bit of snuffy. used to do a cute typical anime style like voice but then dropped it one day and is much better.
  5. yeah, def something sus going on there. it seems though that there is enough people though who are just not gonna care even with word going around about it. just how the community is it seems. oh, interesting. yeah, they seem very genuine, its what makes them great. nyanners weird antics and humor, mouse's reactions and stories, vei's just all around adorableness. think the first clip i saw of vei was when she was talking about sad nipple syndrome, was with her old model.
  6. didnt know that about sodafunk, pretty crazy. shouldve just gone the zen route but maybe just wanted a cute voice to follow the cute neko pics of soda. ive been in the vtuber rabbit hole for a while as well. veibai, nyanners, ironmouse probably being my favorite out of them. its close between her and nyanners.
  7. not bad, not bad. hate the wait but eh, seems worth it for some nice hd sprites and scenes
  8. interesting story this one. started out in the hands of another translator, a fan translation and has switched hands i think twice? or maybe im just mistaking one of the significant additions to the dracu riot english translation saga from a different developer. i know its now in the hands of sekai project... i think. to tell you the truth, i have no clue whats going on with it. i only bring this up because i got a random video from youtube with a scene from a yuzusoft vn. so....... thoughts?
  9. hello and welcome! hope you make new friends and such
  10. not really. a lot of the times i feel fulfilled, like the journey is over finally. its a good thing when a story has a natural ending. nothing lasts forever and when its over you have the experience with you and can move on to new and possibly better things.
  11. something like kamidori alchemy meister https://vndb.org/v5652 or yumina the ethereal? https://vndb.org/v1155
  12. sounds like a job for @Dergonu! also might want to specify what youre missing.
  13. some weird choices. i like the we and us thing the kuki have going on. didnt know thats what they were saying in the original
  14. welcome and have fun and make friends and stuff!
  15. hello, welcome. enjoy your stay, make friends, eat some cake
  16. only interested in attack on titan season 4. waiting for it to be done around march before i binge it
  17. btw would im sure its not hard to find somewhere online but if possible if someone has the voice restoration fix files would it be possible to post it here?
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