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  1. I really don't use this account and am not related to the team anymore, but I just logged in to congratulate everyone on the team for achieving the official release for the game. It was a long journey, I'm very sure, but everything paid off in the end, so congratulations!
  2. Hello guys, it's me, reappearing from the dead. Since Fred and our main translator are on a vacation of a week or so don't expect an update in numbers this week. We'll resume our workflow next week. Aizen out.
  3. For some reason after seeing the meme of the girl named Ren in that game I knew something was cooking itself. Anyways, good luck with that shit. Hope you can find what you're looking for.
  4. Rough ETA: no. Short update: - The main translator for this in order to finish his thesis has abandoned the translation, we don't know if this'll be temporal or not. - Currently looking for someone to continue the ordeal. That's all.
  5. Yeah, sorry about that. I just can't find a suitable moment for me to sit down and make an update. I'll do one as soon as I can.
  6. Lol, so there's a TLC but not a translator? What. I can't wrap my head around that, but whatever. At least you have one guy covering a Japanese-related task, so I won't rage as hard as I would normally do. Good luck finding someone arsed to spend an hour per day. In my opinion you shouldn't be asking for that thing especifically, because in most of those cases nobody will spend one hour per day every day until the project is over. Maybe I'm just overexaggerating. Anyways, good luck again.
  7. 1. A menos que sepas de programación y sepas como cambiar el sistema del juego para que acepte caracteres españoles lo llevas claro para ponerlos. 2. Ni te molestes en contactar a los que lo tradujeron, lo más probable es que pasen de ti. Los archivos kiririri sólo podran ser "modificados" si sabes de programación o conoces a alguien que temga experiencia con ellos. 3. Esto ya es más mi toque personal, pero no intentes reunir a la comunidad española para hacer traducciones. La mayoria o se centran en el inglés (como yo) o se dedican a traducir estos juegos en páginas de facebook perdidas o ni se molestan en anunciar lo que hacen hasta que sacan la traducción. Este foro no suele ver con buenos ojos a los que hablan español en general. Espero que esto te halla servido. Un saludo.
  8. Don't expect that game to be considered in the close future. Hell, I would even say not even in the far future. Rip.
  9. Unless Sekai Project ponders the possibility of pursuing Yuzusoft games once they're done with the current one they're working on the chances are low, close to zero. They're both very long games and the effort would be wasted in my opinion (fantranslation-wise). There was a previous attempt by a guy not so long ago who wanted to translate Sanoba Witch, but it failed horribly. Apart from that I know nothing else regarding those two games.
  10. Super Mario Bros 3 is literally a game that npbody should ever pass. It's a classic that will never die and I never grow bored of it despite having completed the game several times now. Its a must.
  11. If a review of Majo Koi is ever made Fred won't be the one doing it, simply because he would be biased from the start. If a review is done some other member of the fuwareviews team will have to do it.
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