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  1. As someone who often buys VNs specifically for the H I’d say I qualify. I don’t talk too much about it in English communities as a lot of people in them are like you said kind of against that type of content in VNs in general, so there’s not much of a discussion to be had about it here. I also read mainly untranslated games, which will make me seem like that annoying dude only linking to content other people can’t read if I share screenshots etc from the scenes I like. (Which I do have a lot of. ) I chat about some of this stuff in Discords where I know there are other people who are perverts like me, I guess, lol. I wish H in VNs was as well accepted and talked about in the west as in Japan, but a lot of people here just don’t like it. And since the western VN scene is specifically built in a way where people can genuinely buy eroge without H content, it makes it even easier for people to avoid the topic, as they can unironically play porn games without the porn. I think the "buy the game, apply the ‘patch’ if you want" system is one reason why porn in VNs is less talked about here. People actually see it as an optional feature here, unlike in Japan where 80% of VNs will just have H by default. Tl;dr blame western publishers and their dumb practices w
  2. So Mirror is on Sale

    The first trailer on the steam page opens with "Sakuragame", so yeah, definitely them. I remember looking into this game a while back because someone said it has guro. (It does not. There is one very short scene with a bit of blood, I guess...) It also has stolen art, from what I remember. Among Sakuragame’s titles it is the translation with the best quality, but that’s not saying much, considering everything they do is just put through google translate then slapped on Steam. I would personally strongly advise against supporting them and their shady practices.
  3. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Confession: My girlfriend left her sweater in my apartment, and I have picked it up to smell it on multiple occasions now. (/ω\)
  4. Your Favorite VN of 2019?

    Aoi Sora no Camus. Such a beautiful game. Kai has mainly released magical girl x tentacle nukige with some decent story on the side in the past, so this character based heavy psychological horror game, (that’s a mouthful,) coming from them really surprised me. The game had me thinking about the ending and how beautiful of a story it was for several days after I finished it. It’s one of those games I’d love to wipe my memory off so I can experience it for the first time again.
  5. Heh, actually they are quite challenging to work on specifically because so much of the scenarios are porn. I need to bring out the character traits and so on in the H-scenes since they are the primary bulk of the games, so I can’t just skip through the lines adding a dick here and a pussy there. So the H parts usually take more effort than the non-H parts. Also, since I know what people come for in our games is the porn, I want to make sure it reads as well as I can make it, which is another reason I want to avoid rushing through them. The writer for these games sadly likes to re-use a lot of the same tropes, so it's hard to make the translation revolutionary, but I've been getting better at mixing up the translation for these in our recent titles. I think the quality of our releases in 2020 will be much higher than what we had in 2019, both in terms of development and translation. Edit: Oh and we try to release one game a month, by the way. So yes, we do release a lot of games! Something for everyone, hopefully.
  6. What are some new JVNs coming out this year?

    Specific releases I'm looking forward to this year are the new In'Youchuu game coming in March, Shuffle 2 and Saleté that's coming this month. There's also a new ZION nukige coming this month that seems fun, heh. I also hope the new Inre game will be coming this year, but there's no news on it yet beyond the announcement that was made last year, so not sure about that one. Fingers crossed.
  7. What are some new JVNs coming out this year?

    Are we talking translations, or just general untranslated games? If so, there's literally like 30 coming out each month. (Usually the last Friday of each month.)
  8. This is a very helpful thread, so I went ahead and pinned it! Good work @NowItsAngeTime!
  9. We have an official CherryKissGames Discord too!
  10. Happy new year

    Happy New Year! Insert what did you get for Christmas this year joke.
  11. Happy Christmas!

    Merry new year!
  12. padowo padowo xmas

    Merry "I'll just be working though..." day!
  13. Eroge with huge breasts or Bakunyū

    If you can also take untranslated ones, the Motto! Haramase! series is just pure gold. Insane production values, tons of heroines and sub-heroines, all of which have "big oppais." Then there is Hoshizora no Babylon. This game has everything from AA cups to a Z-cup. Tons of heroines with huge tits, and they are actually very well drawn. (Something I feel certain artists fail at when drawing giant boobs.) A must play if you like big tiddies. Translated, I really only know of the "mainsteam" ones, that you have probably played already. Ultimate Boob Wars and Funbag Fantasy.
  14. Baldr Sky (Out now!)

    I find it so fascinating how big of a difference there is between prices of VNs in the west and here in Japan. 7000-9000 yen for a new game is completely normal here, (so between 70-80usd). In fact, you don't really see them go much cheaper. Usually "older" games are dropped down to 5000-6000 yen. (45-55usd) If you want to buy a big game like Baldr Sky for less than that in Japan, you'll have to wait for some massive sale, and even then you might be out of luck*. The fact that people even find 30usd to be fairly pricy for a standard VN is just crazy to me. Over here 2500-3500 yen is only really standard for shorter titles, like 2-10 hour nukige and stuff like that. There is of course production costs and such to consider for Japanese releases that western ones usually don't need to factor in, but between license costs, translation, editing, programming and everything in between, western releases are far from cheap to make, so it's honestly amazing a profit can be made at these prices. * Assuming we're talking digital. There's always second-hand games, which are a bit cheaper. Most people, myself included, usually go for those, as second-hand is basically good as new in Japan. But even those won't be that much cheaper, unless there's actual damage to the box etc, which is rare.
  15. Love Letter and Shirogane no Soleil. Both fantastic games that are hardly ever mentioned. They deserve way more hype than they currently have in the west. Most people have probably never heard of them. (Unless you follow me on Twitter and heard my rants on how much I like them )
  16. Are they really over 18?

    Maitetsu has that disclaimer too. It’s obviously just bs to avoid legal trouble. There’s a reason why these games avoid stating the age of characters directly unless it’s above 18.
  17. More Santa Hats for your Avatars

    Hat me up baby!
  18. Not sure what you are basing this on, but as someone working in the industry I disagree. Sure, some companies pay low rates, but there's equally many, or more, who pay pretty good. Some pay very good. You obviously can't get too much information about specific rates as an outsider due to NDAs and such, so whatever information you have to go on is probably just from specific cases of drama etc in the community, which can hardly be used as the actual industry standard. It's absolutely possible to make a good living working in the VN loc scene. Many people do. Just know your own worth and have the guts to say no if you get offered a terrible rate. Uh, once again I must disagree. In fact, most of the big names in the translation industry right now came from fan translation, and did so thanks to loc companies offering very nice deals bringing them onboard. I myself got started with a fan translation, and I know many others who did too, none of which were "screwed" by loc companies. Tbh, if you are good at what you do and you have a partial translation for a game, contact a loc company, chances are you will "get lucky." It's... not as hard as people seem to think. Very little screwing involved / 10.
  19. Just to nitpick a little, you can definitely find games with one heroine that has several routes/ endings.
  20. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    First of all, watch your language, that's the second time you've done this in this thread. If you want to actually explain your point, go ahead, but if you're just here to insult people, you might as well just refrain from posting. To reiterate my point, Harukaze wanting to create an all-ages brand does not change what they have already released in the past under their current label. So, them releasing an old IP, Noratoto, in the west 18+ would not change anything. It's exactly the same game, and anyone actually googling the game will find the 18+ content anyways. It's an eroge, after all. In other words, their all-ages re-brand and their release of Noratoto could absolutely have been separate things, done under the two different brands. And since it has already been stated directly by their partners that the reason for the censored release was voice license costs, it's very obvious that this was just a move done to save money, not specifically a move done tactically along with this re-branding.
  21. Noraneko 2 Censored Overseas Release Announced

    They did make a new company though, at the end of the day. There was no reason for them to release one of their eroge IPs under that new brand in the west. They could have used Harukaze, which is already an 18+ brand, which won’t change. So, they absolutely could have done an 18+ release here, and chose not to to save money, simple as that. That doesn’t really show much care for the west if you ask me
  22. It's finally here... MAGGOT BAITS!!!!

    Yeah, that’s Clock Up for you. Tbh, I feel like MG were trying a little too hard to sell this game to... with the lack of a better word, "normies," lol. I mean, it’s a fetishy porn game, at the end of the day. Yes, it has a great story, characters etc etc, but these are still all elements built around a fetishy porn game, and one with lots and lots of porn at that. While I love Maggot Baits, I think trying to market it as a serious story where extreme H comes second is a little misleading. It’s a serious story, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to deny that this is also pretty much a porn game aimed at people who love twisted H content. Like me! I actually feel like Euphoria’s H is a lot more plot relevant 90% of the time, while Maggot Bait’s H feels like, just like you said, fanservice for the readers to get off to. (I don’t mind this, but I can see why the... "normies" reading this would, lol.)