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    Ya know, it's completely fine to complain about the english scene even if you simply have no desire to learn the language right now, loving VNs and not learning yet another lang to read them are not contradictory things in the slightest. Ridiculous that people even have to make excuses why they don't learn japanese yet every time some localization team fails at their job. The "time to learn japanese" meme is but a mockery at this point. Not many people would do something that demands such a serious dedication for the sake of light entertainment. I actually had an interesting conversation on a similar topic with a friend who did manage to learn japanese after quite some time and now rarely reads visual novels. He says that since learning japanese takes quite a lot of effort for most people, in the end they start feeling that reading translated novels is something akin to cheating and get this perverse desire to force others go through the same things, make a serious effort to enjoy the medium. If they persevered why shouldn't the others just do the same? At first such logic sounded absurd but now I feel like some people at fuwa are dead set on proving his point to me
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    Quite surprising that Sol Press already opened their Steam store for this with the release date is very near (At 15th later), so I should give them some praise here. Anyway, while I did say that I'm not interested with this now that I look at it again perhaps it wasn't so bad there. That said, my word still the same though that this is the combination of Aokana (Fictional sport with detail rules), Haretaka (Four girls that could be romanced form the club alongside MC), and Konosora (Obviously the plane making). Here's the page to the Steam store, and I hope that Steam wouldn't banned this despite there's a risk of that because recently Steam being indecisive. Hitotsuba Steam store
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    yeah, since kana is exactly the biggest obstacle on the way of reading visual novels in their native language.
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    The reason I suggest taking this approach is that many good tlcs are also burnouts (experienced but tired of translating), so they won't reliably commit for long projects, but many of them are good people, so they'll probably be willing to answer questions or make suggestions on problematic scenes/lines in a private chat. Also, I'd suggest having a tlc solely go over the combat/battle of wits scenes to make sure they are actually consistent, since that is the place where most tls will trip up in Shugotate (miss the direction/vector of an action, miss who is actually doing what, etc).
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    Free Online Visual Novel

    Hello, everyone. In this post, I will give a few recommendations of free online visual novels I have played on CloudNovel. In my opinion, these visual novels need more love than what they currently had. Since I said they are online, does that mean they absolutely have no way to download it and play it offline? Some of them are available both online and offline so you can choose which method do you prefer. NOTE: The order of this list is random. These visual novels are not arranged by a ranking of “Which one is better” or “Which one I like the most” NOTE #2: These are my personal recommendations. It's okay if you don't feel the same but please don't throw hate to me. Let's be nice to each other ^^ Insidious (Play it here) Downloadable: NO I wake up on a dark, abandoned island. I can feel immediately that something is very, very wrong. But will I last long enough to discover what it is? High School Otome (Play it here) Downloadable: YES (Please go to the site and read the description. Download link is there) This is a story about a lonely girl named Sabrina. She lives the everyday life of a normal high schooler, and this is her story about a day in the life of Sabrina. Red Grimly Tale (Play it here) Downloadable: YES (Please go to the site and read the description. The method of downloading is there) Red is going to visit his grandma, who lives in a village across the wood. However, rumors say that there's a dangerous wolf living in the forest. The Red Wood (Play it here) Downloadable: YES Note: Sequel to Red Grimly Tale. Note from developer: This game is a sequel to Red Grimly Tale and it contains spoilers to Red Grimly Tale’s true ending. But Red Grimly Tale’s true ending also contains spoilers for The Red Wood, so you decide which one you want spoiled XD (you can't run from the spoiler bwahahahahaha) Cursed to see the deads, Golda must run from the ghost as they try to possess her for their own personal vendetta. All Golda wants is to find her mother, who disappeared, deep within the woods. But now Golda must battle not only the deads, but she has to stop something much... more... sinister. Helen’s Doll House (Play it here) Downloadable: Premium only. (Please go to the site and read the description. The method of getting premium and its advantage are stated there. Price: $3) Helen is the daughter of a famous doll maker. Her wish is to become good like her father. One day, a stranger with a red scarf dropped a magic book for her… Fluffland (Play it here) Downloadable: Premium only. (Please go to the site and read the description. The method of getting premium and its advantage are stated there. Price: $3) What if you're suddenly being kidnapped in a world full of cute beings called fluffs?? They're soft! They're fluffy!! What will you do? Find a way to go home? Stay there? Find the culprit who threw you in this unreal place? Live your new life and work, study, go shopping, take care of your garden! Discover Cemetery, the land of night parties, and become the top fighter in the arena! What are you waiting for? Come and join us! I want to recommend some more but it's 3 AM by the time I wrote this so I want to go to sleep now. Maybe I will edit this post and add some more tomorrow. Have you played any of these? What do you think?
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    Well, chapter eight is almost finished - with classic dance scene at the end of school festival BTW - this background is exclusive to my version (In the original there was only day version of "festival-decorated" school grounds. I added sunset and evening versions.)
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    Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    REWRITE - PSP ENGLISH PATCH A english port to PSP edition, using Amaterasu fantranslation. INFO: PROGRESS: CREDITS: SCREENSHOTS:
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    While two weeks ago we’ve mostly covered the beginnings of Winged Cloud’s presence on the EVN market (well, ignoring the "otome period", but Pyrite Heart might be worth a separate look, along with The Guardian’s Spell crowdfunding debacle), this time we’re taking look at a transitional period – one in which Inma still didn’t make explicit art, acting as the sole “all-ages” artist for the company, while Wanaca was already focusing exclusively on hentai titles, including the 100+ CG behemoth that is Sakura Dungeon. It’s also a time that brought something we could describe as a pretty obvious drop in quality – the new non-porn titles definitely looked like low-effort cash-ins, with mostly linear storytelling, no voice-acting and underwhelming CG counts. Sakura Beach 2, put together in only a few months and obviously reusing a lot of visual assets from the first game, was especially emblematic, foreshadowing the switch to mass-production of cheaper, shorter titles, that fully dominated the studios output a year later, after the release of Sakura Nova, the last arguably ambitious Sakura game. But, ignoring for a moment our knowledge of what the future held for the franchise, how these late Sakura ecchi VNs hold out today? Sakura Beach 1 & Sakura Beach 2 It might be just my personal taste, but I can somewhat accept a harem scenario if the protagonist earns it in some way – by being a really good person that helps the heroines in a substantial manner, or even being a shitty one but defying expectations and doing something exceptional when it truly mattered. Starting with a harem, however, feels like the laziest setup imaginable and I pretty much abhorred every instance when it showed up its ugly head in the Sakura series (of course, in short nukige such as Sakura Christmas Party the only thing that mattered was giving a justification for inserting a variety of porn scenes, so complaining about dumb plot is a bit of superficial – thankfully, I’m also making a series all about pointless nit-picking :3). Inma’s debut as a Winged Cloud’s character artist, Sakura Beach and its sequel, Sakura Beach 2 already had a pretty rough start with me because of this "storytelling technique", while the apparently short development cycle for both games also did little to encourage any kind of optimism from me when I decided to approach them. Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
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    What are you playing?

    I've finally completed Shiny Days. Or rather, I've managed to complete what I can, but I'm still missing a lot of content that is pretty much impossible to get due to the maze-like routing system that requires you to pick specific combinations of a ton of choices to reach certain route points. Even after doing everything in the official guide from the publisher, I was still only at 70% completion, with 7 endings and several route points missing. Since then, I've replayed certain parts over and over again, picking different choice combinations in hopes of making progress eventually, but I've only managed to unlock one additional ending and one route point after all that effort. I'm just clutching at straws by now, so I've decided to abandon this project before I go insane. All in all, this was the worst VN I've ever read and I can't possibly recommend it to anyone. Not only for the terrible routing system, but also storywise and from a technical standpoint. To put it bluntly, it's a steaming pile of sh*t, and the only reason I kept going was because I have a bad habit of being unable to leave stuff unfinished. Sidenote: Since Shiny Days is supposed to be a more lighthearted visual novel than School Days, I figured maybe Makoto (the protagonist) would be a decent human being here, but it turns out he's still the same scumbag he's always been. He raped 5-or-so different girls over the course of the story, cheated on pretty much everyone, and had no problem lying to their faces in order to cover up his detestable behavior. The only way the story of Shiny Days could be somewhat enjoyable is if someone ran up to Makoto and punched him in the face every time he does something inappropriate. I think I need to read something that's actually good now in order to avoid being scarred for life by this horrendous experience. EDIT: If anyone's interested, this is what the route map looked like after doing everything in the official guide:
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    We still don't know how much thoygh because we didn't have Prefundia, but maybe it could reach 200,000 if they want to do all of the trilogy (At least it's easier to treat the 2nd and 3rd part as FDs compared to Grisaia because even VNDB treat it like that). If anything, I just hope that we can get Irotoridori in one way or another (Even if they only manage to have the first part, it's okay). I'll comment more on the KS when Sol Press announce it later.
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    Kana is harder than Kanji.
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    Sadly this. As we can see going by how stuff like Nekopara are highly successful, people buy their eroge for their ero. The fact that Subahibi in particular have ultra niche fetishes like bestiality and futanari also doesn't help in attracting that crowd either.
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    Because in the West barely anyone knows what (plot-driven) eroge is, let alone buys such stuff. The competition in Japan might be crazy and driving many companies into the ground, but it's a competition on a large and well-established market, instead of ultra-niche one the English versions have to work with. SubaHibi shows this especially well, because it's massively successful in Japan and here basically gets the interest of particularly dedicated VN geeks (70% of whom probably pirated it anyway, because that's how the VN community works, for around two decades now).
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    It’s not, but the way he put it earlier (learning hiragana, kanji, and katakana) implied kana was a significant obstacle
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    Hey, anyone remember this fan-translation project? The one initially picked up, translated, and then dropped by VL Translation Team. Then later picked up by yours truly? As the project leader who picked up this partial translation, here are some updates(if you can call it that) regarding this stalled fan-TL project. People have constantly signed up for this project as translators and editors for this project, but it only lasts after they work on a portion of a script or two. Either I lose contact with said members, they mysteriously disappear from existence, or that they forever excuse themselves from the project b/c of personal issues. From there for the next two years it was left to gather dust in the corners of an HDD. I still have all required files on hand and editing isn't really a big issue, so translation is all that's left. The problem now is that every year the expectations of a translation quality has been growing, and considering that KoiTate was translated by a mishmash of different translators, I cannot assure the quality of translation. It also makes me reconsider if I should even see it's completion just to be criticized by players who can understand the Japanese language of how bad the translations are. Of course, the translations for KoiTate shouldn't be THAT bad, but people even expect a lot out of even a fan-translation in recent years. Even though now I have the ability to translate work, I have no plans whatsoever on re-translating KoiTate. If anyone wants to succeed this project and bring it to fruition, contact me. I will do my best to give you all details on what is leftover through discussions on discord. If not, this project will remain in my hands as I slowly edit in a line or two on my whims every now and then. Thank you for reading! ps; posting here because the original post for the project is archived
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    Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    You're very welcome...I hope some of my work is helpful! :-)
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    I'm Looking for hentai animation or visual novel or manga or doujinshi have a scene for a consensual sex between a non human male and a human female and when I say a non human male I don't mean an animal or monster or tentacles or demon or vampire, I mean something like a robot or droid get an order to have sex. exactly like a manga named "Thermometer Boy" by Bobobo: NSFW: https://imgur.com/IXEg4FW or like a doujinshi named "Doeroi Hole" by Rikka Kai: NSFW: https://imgur.com/nTMeXiR
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    Free Online Visual Novel

    Thanks for the post!
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    Care to work my hours for me at my job? 5-10 usually, after 6 hours of class, I study/work on assigned work until about 12, weekends are the only time I get extra time (even right now I'm on my break typing this on my phone as I went in to work early because they canceled classes for the day due to the weather), then I hang out with friends for a couple hours, sometimes I stay home and read a VN for a little bit, when I'm really busy during the semester with work I usually have to do some on the weekends as well. You're wrong if you think I am not motivated enough, hell, I've done your "small, allocated amounts of time" studying strategy, but I find it hard to even get a hour to myself most days (If only I didn't have to worry about being homeless if I didn't work). Yeah, maybe when I get away from the ridiculous schedule I currently have I'll be able to study it, but for now, due to financial circumstances, I need to work as much as I can to keep a place to sleep and food to eat. VNs are something that help me escape from my chaotic schedule when I do get immersed in them. That's why I love them, even if I can't read Japanese now, the translations are being done so English speaking/reading people can have the opportunity to enjoy these as well and not having to learn an entire language to do so. Regardless, some people have absolutely no time to learn another language, especially people like me juggling long class times along with work, but being an adult means your priorities better be placed correctly or you'll end up homeless or without food. I will begin to learn Japanese when my life calms down/ this semester ends because I have more classes than I ever had before. (I have this schedule so I can avoid having to pay for more classes separately, later on down the line when I near graduation.)
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    Free Online Visual Novel

    Nice, nice. I'm buried with games I want to review ASAP, but I'd love to make a compilation post on the blog from these one day. :3
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    Free Online Visual Novel

    Oh my, oh my, I love some charming indie stuff, gimme gimme Thanks for sharing~ I'll definitely try some of those!
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    Mm. Sorry it's not to your taste, but she uses unique-to-her, made-up nicknames for her brother, so when she does that, we localized them. That particular line has her call him "nii-yan", for example. Translating them helps her come off as quirky in English, the way she comes off as quirky in Japanese. If it's any consolation, literally every time she uses everybody's favorite actual word, "onii-chan", it's just transliterated as "onii-chan". Nicknames are still the weirdest hill for VN fans to die on, honestly...
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    Just ignore their BS. Translations get bashed. That is the default. The only real thing you need to keep in mind is internal consistency and readability. If something doesn't make sense to you based on the character reactions or previous lines (when editing), don't be afraid to ask advice from a translator who might not necessarily have time to do a full tlc of the game.
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    Do people on here get a kick out of telling people to learn Japanese? Like, I would love to learn Japanese, but having to study for college, working on days I don't have class, and then hanging out with friends when I get the time, only leaves very little time to even read VNs, let alone dedicate myself to learning hiragana, kanji, and katakana along with learning the grammar rules for spoken japanese. Not everybody can really dedicate the time to learn a new language. I mean, complaining about him complaining doesn't do much for anyone, including yourself. Back to the original post, yeah a lot of things are in the works currently, I'm sure if you reread the current translation list, you'll find something being translated that you'll like.
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    Status update Prologue progress: Translation: Complete Editing: 1258/2120 Overall progress: Translation: 4719/43896 Editing: 1258/43896
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    Almost ready to send to QC. So hopefully the patch will be ready by late February February is also when the QCer is most free, so high hopes that the patch will be released by then.
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    If you have free time to read VNs you have time to learn Japanese plus a single VN probably takes longer than learning kana
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    What are you playing?

    Finished Chaos;Child as well - or to be precise, its common route. Unfortunately, I wasn't particularly impressed by it. (Warning: Rant incoming!!!) If I would sum up the experience of Chaos;Child in just a few words, I'd say it had a quite good start, a somewhat mediocre middle part and a horrible ending. Long story: roughly the first third of the story was actually quite decent. The murder cases were interesting, the protagonist much more bearable than in Chaos;Head and the heroines likable. I also liked the fact that the VN had a more 'traditional' cast of moe heroines with routes. Many story VN's forfeit the romance parts for the sake of the plot. That's not really a bad thing, however moeges are popular for a reason. And my vision of a 'perfect VN' has well written heroine routes with romance and moe embedded in a good story. However, this combination is so rare that I could only name two VN's that succeeded at it - Fate/Stay Night and G-Senjou no Maou. Maybe even Sharin no Kuni as well, but that's more or less it. The majority of other good story VN's either don't have romance at all or it's so minor that it's of almost no relevance. For that reason, I had high hopes for this VN after the promising start. Towards the second third of the VN - the middle part - the VN started to show certain 'signs' that made me worried. To give some background about that, I want to bring up the Higurashi anime, which marked a bit of a turning point in the anime scene. It had a very unique mixture of cute moe girls and gore. While there were violent animes before, they usually had a very different, darker style - for example Hellsing or Claymore comes to mind. Higurashi made that unusual combi working with a very solid plot and it left a lasting impression due to its gory scenes being particular shocking because of they involved cute moe girls. Over the years, this inspired various other animes to use a similar formula. Good follow-up's were Puella Magi Madoka Magica, less because of its mostly minor gore and more because of its dark themes. Unfortunately, there were also more than enough shows that tried to fake depth by adding gore and just delivering a rubbish plot. Typical indicators of those 'works' were sudden personality swaps that didn't make sense, ridiculous over-exaggerated hysteria and whining orgies from the protagonist that could last for minutes to 'emphasize' the grittiness and maturity of the plot. Furthermore, artificial stretching of the story to delay the revelation of its non-existence as far as possible to the end. And finally, an absolutely disappointing ending when it gets clear that the show had no substance at all. And Chaos;Child started to show similar signs. Very few revelations and too much slice of life, and so the story got slower and slower to the point of stagnation. A certain key issue involving Yui was probably the turning point. The story got frustrating because there was almost no progress and the villain seemed untouchable. To be fair, at that point the VN still had the potential to be very good. Unfortunately, after that the last third or so of the VN started and threw that at me: Oh! My! God! What was that?!? I think that was the biggest bogus plot I've seen in the last ten years. I'm still not sure how much of this stuff is actually supposed to be true because it was so buried in nonesense and ridiculum. Trying to go 'chuuni' with their silly swords towards the end certainly also wasn't the brightest idea. Heroines were also more or less dropped and not developed any further. Everything felt rather rushed, after the VN was incredible slow before that. I thought about playing the heroine routes and the true route, but after reading some comments and synopsis about them, it seems that I didn't even read the biggest bullshit yet. If it wouldn't be so ridiculous over-dramatized you could at least take it as goofy comedy. But the VN seems to honestly expect to take this nonesense serious. And what's the point with the sex-delusion system? It might have made sense for the protagonist in Chaos;Head who was a lot more broken - but here?! Overall, there's a rather good thread on Reddit that points out a lot of problems of the VN and I agree with most of them. No idea how it could get such a high rating on VNDB. This is light years away from both Stein's Gate and also Root Double with which it has strong similarities. Heroine ranking: Hinae > Mio > Nono = Serika ? Hana (It's hard to judge Hana since you don't get to know her very good in the common route) Final rating: 5.5/10 (Start: 8 Middle: 7 End: 2) I'm honestly kind of sad that the VN turned out that way - there was so much potential. I would have probably given already a high rating if they just made a somewhat 'normal' ending with more romance orientated routes and didn't try to go hyper extra special. I wonder if this was the fault of Umehara Eiji, the writer who wrote all the bad chapters at the end. He's the only one of the five writers with no previous experience - and it showed.
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    I wish you luck in your studies then. I'd recommend reading this and taking notes if you want to get into reading unTLed VNs faster. http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/grammar This argument goes completely out the window once you actually think about it. 1. If you would truly love to learn Japanese, you could find even half an hour during your day to dedicate to studying. Even if your study periods are in small, allocated amounts of time, you will progress over time. 2. I know quite a few people who've been in your situation and have managed to learn Japanese nonetheless. It honestly just sounds like you're not motivated enough.
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    You know what I did when I got tired of how mediocre the English scene was getting? I started learning Japanese in order to avoid it. You can too instead of complaining about it on here.