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  1. I think your best bet is to ask ArchDemon over at the Mirror Moon forums. He's one of the original members who handled the patch engineering. I only know enough to translate the scripts.
  2. 1) Handle : eplipswich2) Positions you can fill: Translator (Japanese-to-English), Editor, Proofreader3) Types of projects (VNs) preferred : Short-to-medium length Visual Novels. Any genre except Yaoi is fine.4) Availability : Unavailable (working on Aiyoku no Eustia)5) VNs most interested in producing an ftl for: No preference6) Motivation for joining in on ftl: Contributing to the VN community, improving my Japanese7) Conditions: As long as the translation team is motivated, understanding and willing to go to the end, I am more than happy to join the team. You can contact me here at Fuwanovel, via email (eplipswich@gmail.com), or at Twitter (@eplipswich).
  3. So, just an update, I have just finished translating the prologue. 1st milestone achieved ^^ That's 9.21% (6033/65519) complete. That being said, QC will begin once editing and TLC of the prologue are done, and I have already received two offers for QC, one of whom is a QCer from Yandere Translations (thanks for the offers!). Progress is going pretty well and things are certainly getting into full swing! With that being said, as you all know, excluding the QCs, we're a two-man team (1 translator and 1 editor), and being the solo translator, it really is tough putting in the effort and energy translating this visual novel. I'm of course not giving up, but it would help a lot if I can get a 2nd translator for this visual novel. So if anyone has played this visual novel in Japanese before and is interested in translating this visual novel with me, please let me know! Otherwise, it would be just me translating this, and at the rate I'm going, it's probably going to take at least 2.5 years before the translation of this is complete. -------------------------------------------- EDIT: Translator found! Thank you for your interests! Still, feel me to PM me if you feel you can contribute as a translator. Requirements for Translator Position: - Must have a good command of Japanese and English and be good in Japanese-to-English translation (of course) - Must be committed to translating at least 1 route (that's at least 9000 lines) (I don't want multiple translators translating 1 route. It's for consistency.) - Must at least be familiar with Aiyoku no Eustia's story - At least be able to translate about 50-150 lines per day or 350-800 lines per week (not a necessity, but would be good to keep this standard) ------------------------------------------- Now that I've found a translator, I'm now looking for a editor to help out! Requirements for Editor Position: - Must have a good command of English - Does not have to understand Japanese, though it helps - Experience is a bonus PM me for more details. EDIT: Editor position filled. Thank you for your interests! Still, feel me to PM me if you feel you can contribute as an editor. -------------------------------------------- That being said, will be embarking on translating Fione's route next, followed by Eris' route and the release of partial patch up to Eris' route! So stay tuned!
  4. Just my opinion, but this season really has a lot of good anime to watch. In particular, the anime that I'm enjoying right now are: - Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The King's Avatar) (a true hidden gem. I love the esports concept) - Attack on Titan S2 (well, duh) - Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul (another hidden gem tbh) - Akashic Records (pretty good new series) There's also a couple more that I'm watching, but I can't quite say if I'm truly enjoying them just yet: - Tsuki ga Kirei (Have only watched the 1st ep so far, and I'm liking it) - Eromanga Sensei (by the same author as Oreimo, which I enjoyed) - Re:Creators (the concept is interesting at least) And this one is just my guilty pleasure, but... - Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai
  5. Well, look out for Grisaia: Phantom Trigger, which will be released in both Japanese and English on April 28
  6. We plan to probably release just 1 partial patch up to the end of Eris' route, so look forward to that!
  7. Aiyoku No Eustia (https://vndb.org/r24024) A fan transation project by Eustia Translations (placeholder name) Opening Movie: Description (modified VNDB description): Personal words: Translation Video Sample: Team: Project Lead/Translator/TLC: eplipswich @eplipswich Translator: TakoRin @TakoRin Editor: kumada, Vermillio @Vermillio, Cry0 @Cry0 QC: Angeldeath, Esham @Esham Progress: You can check out detailed real-time progress update at the following link: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AhHDq_NSwaAqgSnImaDDLTME-lmi In a nutshell though, translation of Prologue is complete ^^ ---------------------------------- You can follow me on Twitter: @eplipswich Job Opening(s): No immediate job openings at the moment. However, if you feel you can contribute to the project, do PM me for details.
  8. recruiting

    No offence, LightningRod, but I think you're better off spending time on something else. Like seriously, don't be delusional and waste your time on this. It's not worth it.
  9. Not really for WA2. At first, it seems that way. But when you get further in and you get to the Closing Chapter (part 2)...
  10. Yeah, and it's the same for the MangaGamer website, which is here: https://www.mangagamer.com/detail.php?goods_type=0&product_code=69
  11. Well, the original version with the Eng patch. I used arc_unpacker to unpack .arc files instead of AE VN, so perhaps it's that. Anyway, that's not really important. The more important thing is how to make the repacked .arc file have a smaller size... I don't suppose you know, right?
  12. Okay, I solved the problem. I guess the script files have to be extensionless for the .arc file to work, because I renamed the extentionless files back to .dat (the script files were .dat when I extracted them). Still, though, I wonder if there's a way to compress the .arc file...
  13. Hey, sorry if this sounds off-topic, but I'm also having problems repacking .arc files, but it's regarding another game, Aiyoku no Eustia. Apparently, the repacked .arc file can't be detected by the game (The game runs, but when I load a game, it can't detect the text). I repacked using the AE VN tools, but to no avail.
  14. Facebook as my personal social media account, Twitter for my internet persona account
  15. Okay, so where to begin... I'm eplipswich, and I've translated Japanese stuff to English (namely two Japanese RPG Maker games Seraphic Blue and Nocturne: Rebirth). I'm still relatively new to visual novels though, and I might actually take up translating visual novels one day when I'm actually ready for it (from my experience with translation, I know just how daunting it can get). I first got interested in visual novels upon watching Let's Plays on YouTube, and I hope to read more great visual novels as I go along (a lot of catching up to do though ~ ~).