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  1. Uninstall it. Windows Defender should be enough to protect your PC imo.
  2. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    Ever17 and Symphonic Rain together with my yearly dose of Aeon Flux.
  3. My experience with Fate/Grand Order

    What are your thoughts on the translation?
  4. Yeah, I noticed this as well. Yamato Nadeshiko is a type of womancthat only exists in Japan. Tbh, Japan must be the only country where cuteness is as important as sexiness.
  5. Strong heroines in Type Moon games? Are you sure? Their heroines are the typical damsels in distress, and MCs are chauvinistic af.
  6. Mahoutsukai no Yoru Chinese patch

    You still can register an account from pan.baidu though. Look up a guide online and try again. It's slow as hell btw.
  7. You'd have to dig a bit deeper, but there are a few games like the ones you want. For example: Koikake, Kakyuusei 2, Myself; Yourself, Crescendo, and Symphonic Rain.
  8. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    Please forgive me T_T I promise I won't shitpost anymore.
  9. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    I forgot to credit you, though I don't think anyone would think I'd put so much time and effort to come up with that chart, queef.
  10. Yeah, my bad lol. I was joking (I threw in that "commit seppuku" to mellow down my post, but oh well.

    Thanks big boy.

  11. No bully the 5-cent guys, onegai! They're the future of this industry.
  12. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    Bronii-chan is the patrician choice.
  13. Sekai Project itself is a joke tbh.
  14. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai patch out

    this can't be real AAHAHAHAHAHA