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  1. PlayStation 5 Reveal Discussion

    It looks cool but the launch titles don't seem interesting.
  2. New guy interested in translating

    That's not good enough.
  3. New guy interested in translating

    You only read 4 vns in Japanese? You should read at least a dozen imo.
  4. PlayStation 5 Reveal Happening June 11th 2020!

    It would be cool tho. xbone keeps BC with xbox360. Otherwise I see no point in buying a ps5 at launch, given its high price.
  5. PlayStation 5 Reveal Happening June 11th 2020!

    I hope it's backwards compatible with PS4 games. I read somewhere it only supports like 100 games. That would suck tbh.
  6. You're kidding, right? Higurashi's anime was DEEN quality at its peak.
  7. Kazoku Keikaku in the top 10? Can't trust this list. Really? Umineko seems more popular to me for some reason. I mean Higurashi had a conclusive ending so there's no much to talk about unlike Umineko.
  8. Shuffle! Episode 2

    I knew it was gonna suck. Thanks for the review.
  9. You go to a japanese drink party and meet the CEO of an eroge company.
  10. how to play Moon on Win 10

    You can just set up a virtual machine and install winxp
  11. The Best Visual Novel Machine Translator

    Nah dude listen that gotta be triplicate like wow guy's a machine
  12. Your Diary +H | Translation?

    Weren't the DMM guys making a retranslation of that game?
  13. You forgot to add my favorite, gameplayge.