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  1. Umineko is first and foremost a tale about how the public view on a tragic event can hide one own's feelings, which I think is more important than an objective truth. The plot about Yasu is secondary to me. I read Umineko expecting something like Higurashi, but I found something different. Basically a deconstruction of Higurashi and the mystery genre too. I'm glad I read it.
  2. I'll go out on a limb and say because of the porn and anime aesthetics. Those two things filter a lot of people.
  3. Eh, afaik Applique send a NDA to the guys translating it. That's why they had to stop their work on it.
  4. I wasn’t even born when you began your otaku path lol Blows my mind
  5. R07 doesn’t specify the year this conversation takes place tho. For all intents and purposes
  6. I never understood what happened in Episode 4.
  7. I always thought of the first scene as something that really happened. Nothing in it seems fake and it makes sense when you piece together the things that went in Rokkenjima Prime.
  8. Imagine being so mad about not reading bigg chinpo daisuki aki-nii oshiri no ana dameeeeee (The hscenes are actually kinda hot ngl)
  9. Use Anki and play videogames before VNs. Hookers bad.
  10. Dual Chinese Japanese multi-releases and microtransactions.
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