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  1. Kore wa kore, sore wa sore. As "sky stars" is an idealogical continuation of IMHHW, all 12 year old french girls should demand that they keep their word. Especially after failing to amass comparable sales with LoveKami.
  2. Wait, so they straight-up lied to our faces? What will I say to my little sister?
  3. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    We should probably stop the off-top, but I really don't follow your reasoning, man, it seems like a convoluted attempt to make the scene seem illogical when it isn't, you are even imagining the voiced lines you didn't hear to support this claim which is weird in itself. Yes, it makes complete sense to answer with "stop hesitating after such a long introduction" when a person talks for two relatively big lines about asking something and then suddenly stops with an "argh". I don't get how it doesn't. She doesn't interrupt anyone, where have you even seen that, she comments on her hesitation. I don't even understand where your confusion stems from, all your "rabbit holes" are knee-jerks. People can misinterpet even ideal sentences if only they have the desire to overanalyze them. And does it even matter what exactly she meant by that? Do you not understand what's going on too because of that sentence even if conclude that it can have two relatively similar meanings of "hurrying her up" or "commenting on the argh"? Do you think "get to the point already" has a myriad of meanings too? And I'm not even commenting on how the last line perfectly flows from the conversation logic I'm trying to show you here.
  4. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    She still waits for the question and the "long intro" part is not applied to the "argh" but to the previous sentences so I fail to see how it's illogical, to be honest. Argh is the same as not saying anything in this regard, she's just making an incomprehensible sound, hesitant to continue with the question. It's not something that demands a direct reply. Now that would be a weird choice as it randomly changes the tone to a sarcastic jab while the girl seems like a completely straight-laced type plus changes the meaning simply to follow your misinterpretation. The same with that "argh". If she's making an obvious sound, I'm not sure how can it become a "..." in the subs. She wants to hurry it up, that's exactly what it says there, it leaves no room for interpretation. You have just had to change the whole line to somehow turn it to "she thinks that intro was too long for just an "Argh". I'm obviously no native speaker either just as the wording is obviously subpar at best but I'm honestly not convinced how can someone misunderstand it to the point of "not understanding what's going on". Everything is exactly like it sounds, I can easily see this being a conversation anywhere.
  5. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    It mostly reads like you are saying not to support new start-ups or anyone who has failed before like Mikandi. But if we didn't, where would MangaGamer or Sekai be? The same MG you praised literally the sentence above. MG's first releases were plain atrocious and it's not like we had any indication that Sekai's work would be even decent. In this business the localization company could easily go down the drain while everyone waits for them to establish themselves as "good guys" first. Sure, you are not obliged to spend your own money but preaching this kind of philosophy to others feels somewhat... counter-productive? The genki girl long-windedly mentions that she wants to ask something but suddenly hesitates because it's probably something personal or unpleasant to that megane girl. And so the megane one says that after such a long introduction you should just ask what you want already and stop wasting her time. In all seriousness, is this not obvious to decay-people, it seems pretty straightforward even without actual context.
  6. Sol Press announces 'Newton and the Apple Tree'

    I'd say Decay is a pretty amusing guy. Can someone explain what has he failed to understand here? I also really like your way of thinking, it would sure be nice to see MG dead in the water after their first releases or Sekai failing to kickstart theirs. Benefit of the doubt or having faith in the improvement are certainly for the weak of spirit or just plain silly men.
  7. Little busters PE is on steam

    Wait, what? Did they stealthily censored some things? Why?
  8. VA-11 HALL-A NA version for Vita out next week!

    I can easily disagree even if it's no PSP but my point is that your comment is really misplaced here, let's not.
  9. VA-11 HALL-A NA version for Vita out next week!

    Pretty sure noone intended to start another console war, mate, I can lead you to the topic with the last one if you are that bursting with opinions.
  10. t japan vs SakuraGame

    Well, to be fair, you do sound like an asshole right now despite saying the right things.
  11. VA-11 HALL-A NA version for Vita out next week!

    Great stuff, eagerly anticipating european release.
  12. t japan vs SakuraGame

    Pity, that uproar is extremely necessary.
  13. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    You honestly should just read the manga, man.
  14. Nisekoi VN for PS Vita...is it "any good"?

    Erm, I'm a bit lost here. Did you mean the manga?
  15. Inferior releases.

    It kinda irks me how the logical conclusion of this thought chain is that popularity = quality.