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  1. Trinoline Release

    If I may, I'd like to ask you to put the names in the same order in both polls next time. It's very easy to misclick your voice just because you reflectively start associating your first choice with the placement if you don't actively keep attention to the details so... this way the voting is very unintuitive. Thanks.
  2. DameKoi Release Date Announced

    Good God, finally. A mere two years after the translation being technically finished, that e-mote thing sure took long enough. Definitely one of the most promising releases this year.
  3. I call Imouto Paradise 3 at SakuraCon and some random otome+nukige at Anime Boston.
  4. Considering this is his fourth or fifth topic of this kind, he probably can't.
  5. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    Well, I have filled it with "Releasing Baldr Sky in 2019" so they'd better be great
  6. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    I'd rather call it circumstantial. Besides, true, ImoPara is very popular but even if we believe that imopara would still be in top 5 on its fourth year, having two imopara games on 3-rd and 10-th or 7-th and 8-th places is surely more profitable and beneficial to MG than having a single ImoPara game on the, say, 5-th or 4-th place. Also, as you can see, ImoPara 2 was announced in the beginning of 2016 so its announcement not only didn't hurt ImoPara's sales but likely boosted them helping it to move up in the rankings for that year. ImoPara is not even a kind of series that should be hurt by the upcoming sequels to begin with... Not to mention, that ImoPara 2 was announced exactly one and a half years after the first.
  7. Sekai Project 2019 Customer Survey

    I can understand Sol and NekoNyan but MG? They had like one new eroge partner in two years and even that one is a dead Hermit. All the while Sekai managed to partner with major new for the western shores companies like Silky's Plus and Sumikko Soft.
  8. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    ImoPara 2 has been released one and a half years ago, what's to eat Especially when we consider MG's usual speed which means that even if they announce ImoPara 3 this year, the chances are fairly high for it to come out in 2021. I just hope that ImoPara 3 won't take the "Moonstone spot", I'd love to see Sakura no Mori Dreamers before 2025. UPD: Ah, actually there's also a new Moonstone VN about catgirls so I guess chances for SnMD to be announced this year are, well, low.
  9. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    Ah, right, I forgot this series existed. It actually sounds like a safe bet with a 99.9% success rate.
  10. MangaGamer 2018 Review & 2019 Licensing Survey

    Kara no Shoujo 3...? Everything else is so broad that it can't even be considered a hint as it depicts games announced every year. They should have also added otome and BL to the "hints"
  11. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    Completed the first ep and, despite it feeling deliberately anti-climactic, the experience was pretty good, I'm very eager to read the future installments. All characters are highly entertaining and the general plotting is intriguing enough to curse at Sekai if they stall or don't release subsequent episodes. The chances of which are... not low enough
  12. How do you choose your first route?

    I often don't have the drive to finish everything so I just go with the one I somehow managed to like the most in the common route...
  13. Dracu-Riot

    I'm reading 9 -nine- right now and it's definitely good and relevant despite being episodic/"short" since it's only a first episode (route?). So I'm very much looking forward to the full-length Nanairo Reincarnation from the same writer (different developer though) that's also being translated by Sekai and is *almost* done if we can believe SP... Nanairo Reincarnation can very well end up being one of the best VNs translated this year. I'm sure they'll release all of their announced localisations sooner or later, it just would be nice if they weren't as slow as JAST and could keep a consistent quality. At the same time we did hear from NekoNyan during the Senren Banka reveal that Sekai had some kind of fall out with YuzuSoft so maybe YS licenses will end up with competitors someday or the negotiations are still ongoing...? Who knows, everything in this industry is notably shaky, the only thing I'm sure of is that last year Sekai at least had actually more interesting announcements than MangaGamer or JAST for me.
  14. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    True for Rance, false for others, I dont really see any difference, to be honest, like everything else these always seem random, they probably just somehow don't inspect some games on the upload, it's steam. What's even a reason for NOT APPROVING Kara no Shoujo 2 and Cartagra a few weeks back? What logically warrants not letting them in with the first game happily selling? Any clear guidelines and consistency would be good but I don't see much reason for optimism, let alone the "steam is upping its game" slogan. HGB's case was one of the most absurd but I still suspect that they have made another slightly different build and somehow bypassed the ban by making another staff member to review it, feels very much like a lucky draw. The line around the legality of 18+ games will always be blurry so yeah, it'd be nice for at least "all-ages" versions to be able to consistently avoid the ban hammer like before but I'm not ready to take this case as an indication of even that yet.
  15. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    Yeah, that's why they've banned Rance and a bunch of other random VNs earlier today.