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  1. The future of different western eroge publishers

    Frontwing simply saw the money and didn't want to share, I don't really see any reason to look for hidden motives.
  2. The future of different western eroge publishers

    Guess you don't have much experience with localisation companies and Kickstarter if this is somehow common sense to you. At least it looks like you have fun applying inapplicable.
  3. The future of different western eroge publishers

    Now that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard this evening. I would sure want to see people's faces when PQube runs a kickstarter and then releases the game only for the Great Britain because they are a british company. And then Toranth is like "darn, people are so stupid, it's so obvious that localisation companies only make products for the country they've been registered in when launching worldwide crowdfunding, why would they tell about it beforehand".
  4. Getchu Bishoujo Game Awards 2017 are out

    At the same time I had seen even less people that actually played and berated it lol It just goes to show how there's way too few english-speaking readers to make serious assumptions about anything. I also seriously doubt that most of those VNDB voters have ever read it, even machine-translated, we do have a culture of "I'll just look at dem CGs and rate my hype for the game" in the West.
  5. Have only just realised that I didn't write anything on the topic. Well, here we go again. Would be nice to see more hyped games from the MG partners like Evolimit, Fairytale Requiem, Amatsutsumi, Byakko, Sakura no Mori, Soreyori no Prologue and Asairo. Would be nice for Sekai to not delay Nanairo Reincarnation till 2020 and announce Akeiro Kaikitan. Would be nice if JAST stopped mocking its customers and actually started releasing and announcing Nitro+ games. Would be nice if Light and Makura announced new localisations. Would be nice for Frontwing to release their localisations faster. Would be nice if someone finally partnered with August, Akatsuki Works and Railsoft. Would be nice to see more detective-ish VNs like Chronobox, Ouka Sabaki and Shinsou Noise. Would be nice to get J.Q.V, Hatsuyuki Sakura, Hikari no Umi no Apeiria.. Etc, etc, etc. But honestly, I feel like more console VNs is something I want to see the most. Net high, Tsuihou Senkyo, Yu-No remake, Robotic;Notes/Occultic;Nine and such. (PQube please)
  6. True, if trinoline is popular enough as I don't remember chapter 1 moving the needle much. But then there's a question why spend all that time and money on a pretty unpopular game when you have so many great minori VNs hanging.
  8. I highly doubt Hikari have any rights to the english version, you don't "split" IP during the licensing, you usually only give them rights to distribute it in a certain language or region. Sure, they can obtain the license to the english version too but then that would only mean that you are late to the party. You wouldn't license from Hikari either way, it is still Moonstone's IP.
  9. 'Newton and the Apple Tree' Kickstarter Victory!

    Ah, no idea, I've only seen Sol Press mention it on several occasions and that the decision came from the japanese side.
  10. 'Newton and the Apple Tree' Kickstarter Victory!

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solpress/newton-and-the-apple-tree-a-visual-novel-by-laplac/comments?cursor=19083417#comment-19083416 Pretty sure there were other comments about this on discord, though they would be harder to find.
  11. 'Newton and the Apple Tree' Kickstarter Victory!

    Which was based on a vote from the Japanese side.
  12. If the question wasn't the extreme "would you stop reading VNs if H-scenes disappear", maybe you would see more posts about loving porn :'D All of the console publishers most of which release VNs from time to time plus mages, type-moon (ha-ha), 07-exp etc. Eroge and doujin publishers also dabble in all-ages and not always fail like some people might want you to think, there's no strict "line" between the two. Sure, they would take a hit but could end up stonger after surviving it, the market wouldn't disappear outside the straight-up nukige sphere which has no value without a fap, it would evolve and the high-profile stories wouldn't really go anywhere, people wouldn't just stop buying VNs.
  13. Exactly my point. But some people are talking about the death of the "VN market" which is just plain weird nowadays.
  14. W-why not, lots of the best VNs are already without h-scenes from the start...