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  1. Mangagamer and Sekai ACEN 2018

    Why the heck not
  2. All of my meh. But at least it's not something good.
  3. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    Finally a reasonable timeframe
  4. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    Nanairo Reincarnation when
  5. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    Yeah, really tired of those since they are all the same. So I guess it's time to drink to lighten the mood!
  6. Keep doing all-ages, my good men, you have my unwavering approval.
  7. It definitely will, just clearly not before all those other games in the series that come before it. Ya can't scare real eroge fans like MG with some puny 8mb of text! Shame on you for trying tho.
  8. MangaGamer's 2018 Licensing Survey is up!

    Thank God, nitroplus is finally in good hands now.
  9. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    As the city sleeps, prose experts wake up.
  10. Demon Busters actually sound like a 99% choice.
  11. MoeNovel's next title - Cross Channel

    How I wish SP translated Cross Channel. Anything is better than these marvellous guys.
  12. IS there interest for a +18 otome game?

    There're very few reviews, you can count those as a vocal minority. People often bash bad translation in the reviews which doesn't stop badly translated titles from selling great. Script is very important in the long-term for the image of the game and your company, but it doesn't really affect your immediate sales all that much from what I've seen. More otomes with good story and art :'D I'm not irked by the discussion of the details, I just wanted to point out that there's quite obviously an interest in the 18+ otome so the starting point of the topic is misfiring a bit. I was talking about the last year's sales overview not the current placement. It consistently sold great on both steam and MG's site, and ended up, iirc, the best-selling "new release" of the 2017 if we don't count Higurashi chapters. Remembering how there was much excitement in the crowd even about the sole fact of it being MG's first 18+ otome, I believe it's more than safe to say that there's a market for this stuff. If the game fails, blame only the quality of the game and its marketing. No, no, everything is fine. I was too aggressive.
  13. IS there interest for a +18 otome game?

    As always, it's all of the above, including the fact that sometimes people want porn is their otome too. There's enough all-ages otome in the west but nearly not enough 18+. All the same rules apply to the 18+ otome as to the other niches, people definitely don't shy away from it, so if handled correctly, you'll see more than enough interest. But, again as always, it won't sell just because it's a 18+ otome. Just as it won't sell only because of "the script", good translations generally sell worse if anything You are exercising in sophistry in this topic, though if it seems like a fun discussion then I don't have any right to impose.
  14. IS there interest for a +18 otome game?

    Considering that Miss Lonesome is one of MG's best-sellers, is there really a point to this discussion?