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  1. What an amusing discussion, I'm almost impressed. On another note, not that I care much, but it really feels like Sumaga is basically doomed at this point. They seriously should consider finally cancelling it.
  2. When chuee was talking about the announcement that almost everyone will like, I expected a bit more than Kinkoi. Oh well. Maybe it's a sign that some of the older most famous SAGA PLANETS VNs can someday be localised too.
  3. Didn't have much time for VNs during the second half of the year so I'm still yet to play all the potentially best stuff like Baldr Sky, Raging Loop, Nanairo Reincarnation or even Byakko. Among those that I did read, Damekoi was probably... the most entertaining? Himeo's route is great and the main romcom storyline with occasional work-related drama has been a blast to read.
  4. Yeah, those good days of only releasing short nekopara-inspired garbage, I so miss the 2017|2018 version of SP . The 2019's SP with 9-nine-, MajoKoi Nikki, Nanairo Reincarnation and Baldr Sky are clearly redundant as the eroge localization company, pfft.
  5. Except they never "went under", your hot takes are as brilliant as ever.
  6. Ah, right, finished it last week. Surely not a perfect but still quite a read. Well, mostly. I would especially like to point out an absolutely amazing pace so rarely seen in eroge. Dialogue are short, snappy & to-the-point, main story arc almost never drags on for too long, changes of perspective are always very dynamic & narratively apropos, plus the overall structure is anime-like in the best sense. Looks like I'm in the minority but I have definitely enjoyed Himeo's route the most with all the engrossing corporate wars and cute baka tsundere shenanigans. And... Mitoko's the l
  7. Completely unplanned day-one-buy due to the low price here too. Low-priced quality releases banzai!
  8. A-a-and after looking at the final update, the project can basically be considered abandoned.
  9. RIP, luckily it's not like we have a shortage of eroge these days.
  10. I'm probably a bit late to the party but I've just noticed that Ouka Sabaki, the novel I kept requesting in surveys, is now available on Steam by the courtecy of some new folks called ShiraVN. If Doddler is to be believed, the TL should be more or less fine so it would be great if they gained a bit more support, poor Magistrate seems to be doing pretty bad for the assumed Ace Attorney: The Eroge right now. I also remember seeing that ShiraVN have close ties to DMM Games so Magistrate's success (or, well, not a complete failure) just might open up the possibility for a decent official TL
  11. I had a silly argument about it on this forum a few years back and I still believe this to be the least transparent pseudo-fundraiser imaginable. Maybe not everything I had said that day was sensible but shady-ish is still probably the best word I can come up with to describe it. In a few quotes from back then (when even the second episode was yet to be funded, jan 2017)
  12. 50 000 is a very... optimistic base goal, I'd say. I expected them to perform around the Fruitbat's level (i.e. 25-35k) but what do I know, maybe Lemnisca have a good plan of how to incite the masses.
  13. Honestly hard to imagine it being anything but a somewhat too late and too pointless Supipara ch. 3 announcement as the minori's swan song. Anything else would just be too weird and out-of-place, consindering the situation and the fact that they STILL didn't officially cancel that shady fundraiser.
  14. No, I have pretty much said the opposite thing...? Hence why I'm afraid that 2020 will be flooded with those and we won't get many eroge announcements from MG next year. Not that it helped this year, we got only one interesting announcement anyway.
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