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  1. Well... yes? According to your previous comment and this pic you said: 1) Adapt the graphics and modify the content to suit the tastes of the people of the other culture. 2) Change the game contents to "make it fit into the American themes prevalent today". That's basically what 4kids were doing... right? Right? You don't just talk about translation and speech adaptation, as I have mentioned, you have found the broadest definition of localization available and mindlessly applied it to the niche industry with quite specific customers and demands. To start with GALA is not even necessarily about creative works of fiction, it's mostly about services which are two extremely different things... I don't think I'm crazy but when I combine modifying the content, adapting the graphics and fitting in the american themes I basically get censorship and 4kids. Apollo and his burgers. If you, erm, got what you are advocating for, you would be the first to be upset. Fureraba is very far from what you are depicting, it only has a somewhat westernised style of dialogue. And according to you, that's not what localization is at all. And I'm not here for cheap jabs, if you ask pretty much any translator, they'd say that preserving the author's original ideas and intent is the most important thing of all, the only discourse is about being literal or more liberal about the wording during the translation. You are basically saying this yourself: "Here in the US, I hear the word "fool" used almost on a daily basis, and it lacks any hint of true contempt for somebody". So it wouldn't hold the same effect intended by the author hence they made her "rougher" to better reflect that idea. This is exactly what a more liberal attempt at preserving the original ideas and an intended impact on the reader is. Some agree with this approach, some advocate for a more literal translation but this is a different debate altogether.
  2. No, the point of the game localization company is to translate it into the target language in a way that preserves the author's original ideas and intent the most while considering the particularities of said language. There are all sorts of localization industries with their own rules so we shouldn't mix them up with the extremely broad definitions. The idea of making something "fit into the american themes prevalent today" honestly horrifies me and provokes nightmarish flashbacks from the days of yore when official anime releases were messed up beyond recognition and the legendary 4kids did their legendary stuff. Not to mention, that americans are not even close to the sole target of such localizations, its target audience is the whole english-speaking world.
  3. No, people got busy and lazy. A very dangerous combination. We are honestly barely making any videos nowadays, and when you consider the fact that VNs and vocaloids require the most effort on the selection front... But maybe TL will make a comeback someday, I'll go kick the guys one more time just in case.
  4. Hey, I can't let this slide. Half of our (Top Lab) last video's top 10 consisted of otome! The last year we covered is 2016 though...
  5. Pretty sure he simply meant the censored nipples which can be considered a part of censoring H-scenes.
  6. It probably varies widely between the VNs as usual and the issue is highly, erm, generalised. Very different people translate them after all. I've only read HGB (fully) and Sanoba Witch (a few hours) from them and, well, I wouldn't say that HGB is any worse than MG's or Sekai's usual level in that regard...? While the VN itself is mostly disappointing, translation has turned out fine enough, at least in my opinion. Sanoba's seemed considerably worse from what I remember but I wouldn't say that westernization is its main problem. Honestly, I've seen people have extreme problems only with Fureraba and that one does look liberal as heck but I doubt it's a rule of a thumb for NekoNyan.
  7. That's the best thing that could ever happen to this thread tbh
  8. Feels like you are grasping at straws, to be honest. It sounds like a joke to be the third person in a row who knows a few victims of abuse but it's extremely hard for me to even imagine that these people would care for something as petty as this. Literally every person I have ever seen claiming to be "hurt" by this stuff are people who are like you and just want to push an agenda by hearsay. But you are certainly right that posting in this topic any longer is not something anyone would call a useful or even sane thing to do.
  9. Yes, that's exactly why it's important not to allow minors in here, it doesn't even take anything extreme to influence some of the more... mentally weak kids. There are a whole lot of different absolutely legitimate forums (and movies, for that matter) out there that are considered 18+ because their content can easily traumatize children. But should "think of the children" really be a basis for banning the adult content and discussions? Whose responsibily is it that you, as a kid, wandered into a territory that clearly was never meant for you? You make the same arguments as one of my colleagues who claims that he is a heavy smoker because back in the day he wandered into the wrong StrongDC channel. In the modern society kids are exposed to such a wide range of things on the net but parents rarely take notice of this.
  10. Yeah, in all honesty, at this point I'm just worried for Funya, any other discussion seems already obsolete. He was such a positive fellow Uchikoshi fan (well, until the ZTD and Punchline failures at least) and then a few years later I suddenly see him turn into a politics-obsessed unhinged individual hating on the whole forum because he... doesn't like loli and rape content? Well, I don't like it either (even though I actively advocate against arbitrary censorship of any kind) but it's, like, 5% of the forum content at most? Obviously Lesiak is right, eroge are rated 18+ for a reason, minors shouldn't really be allowed in here, eroge are not exactly an education material. While I believe it's important for the "problematic" content of many kinds to exist, kids should first learn the basic moral guidelines to be ready to engage with it on the right terms. But how can you even control this? You can't just make all forums child-friendly, can you? Did Funya ever say he's a minor? How is it users' responsibility to properly raise other people's children? Besides, it's just as possible that Funya got caught up with wrong people on the waves of the internet who turned him into a hate machine, there's an insane amount of absolutely wild people of this kind out there. But all this is pointless hollow talk, my previous post got deleted as a part of an offtopic-chain, but I guess I'll repeat this. Funya, it's not healthy to engage in this kind of hateful talk for a whole day, if nothing else you definitely look like you need to at least take a break from this forum to relax and improve your mental health. This is not a hill to die on.
  11. Basically, this whole topic is a simple indirect kink-bashing under an imaginary excuse of "normalising" something, the thing you can see on those weird twitter accounts with kirby avatars whose day usually consists of going around and attacking people for enjoying the stuff they might consider problematic. I'm pretty sure the thoughtlessly hysterical stance of Funya is very harmful to humanity in general, a thing that leads to censoring any stuff the arbitrary hivemind doesn't like, an endless pitfall of sorts. You don't like certain themes and imagery? Avoid it. It's very easy to do nowadays. Making yourself look like a weird victim simply because you aren't capable of responsible consuption is such a childish thing to do that it doesn't deserve any real discussion. I am not interested in reading stuff like Euphoria, Starless or Maggot baits but that doesn't mean that community is somehow bad for liking those or that people should be banned from the discussion. The only possible advise here is to grow up and learn to differentiate reality from fiction.
  12. On one hand, they are certainly right. On the other... I wanna know what are those "big" games Though I doubt that this scheme would work with companies like MG, JAST or Sekai since they likely don't know what schedule is to begin with. With all due respect and love to everyone involved.
  13. Fruitbat don't publish/license the game so I have only meant that even though they don't release 18+ games themselves, they should still bring to the Harukaze's attention (who are basically self-publishing the game) that there's a very eager audience for the original 18+ version and plenty of platforms to sell it on. Since, you know, it looks like Harukaze have no meaningful interaction with the western audience whatsoever. Nothing more, nothing less. I'd even say that I generally like Fruitbat, they have released plenty of cool non-ero VNs like Chuusotsu or Seabed, sustain a somewhat decent TL/tech quality and the only game of theirs that originally had ero got the 18+ release on behalf of JAST anyway so it's not like they robbed you of anything. I'm only salty that they didn't bring Eiyuu Senki to the vita back in the day. Boo.
  14. Stubbornness and Burnout

    Noteworthy releases are very few and far between either way, take your long deserved rest, mate. On that note, are you gonna play Girls Book Maker -Shiawase no Libretto- someday? It has Hino Wataru among the many writers and the concept can be fun... in theory at least. Sorry to bother you on your rest so quickly