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  1. Trans! Translation Project

    Update: We have reached the 7% mark for both translation and editing. However, I would not make a post for such a small update... the real good news is my desperate prayers for technical assistance have been answered. It is with great joy in my heart that I announce fox2 has joined the squad. As always, thank you for your support.
  2. I'm no longer 20

    Happy Birthday, Texas! I remember my 21st birthday like it was yesterday.
  3. I wouldn't pay Zakamutt's comments any mind; he's just fishing for a response. Very typical behaviour of elitist 'muh Japanese' NEETs that know nothing of the world beyond the walls of their parents' home. That aside, I do understand your frustration, but I don't think taking it out on the team members, past or present, is a good idea. No, people don't always know their own limits. A lot of people that join projects are inexperienced, young, or unsure of their own capabilities. Things happen, and at the end of the day it's entirely a group of volunteers doing something out of passion. I'm sure most of the people that were once involved with the project would have liked to see it complete just as much as you do. Rather, I would encourage you to put your energy to good use and focus on your current and future endeavours. You may very well be able to contribute to a new (or existing) project for this game, no?
  4. Trans! Translation Project

    ... Well then, thank you, Zakamutt. Keep up the good work. We have indeed reached the 5% mark for both translation and editing. Allow me to express my gratitude once more to my earnest team members as we ride the bullet train to patch day. We are still in search of someone to provide technical assistance (mostly reinsertion). Should you be interested, feel free to contact me or post here.
  5. Ayy I worked on that one, I can confirm it's well-translated [although some typos here and there if they bother u alot then rip] I really like this VN and its DLC, but sadly although the translation is usually accurate it has pretty janky english most of the time would not recommend until it's fixed. It's still better than most cvns tho which says a lot There's also Soulslayer, I'm part of the team that translated but didn't work on it personally. Good tl, interesting read. God's One Day World, same as Soulslayer, though doesn't interest me as much personally, I think the tl is a bit rougher tho Companion was tl'd pretty well as far as I can remember, prolly the best of the bunch here Lingua Fleur: Lily should be coming out soon and it should have a good TL if you like yuri There's this for Korean, I can't rlly comment on tl accuracy but it's definitely one of the more... interesting English translations I've witnessed But yeah, overall there's not much demand for Chinese visual novel translations regardless of the quality of the VN. They don't ever have H (unless it's Taiwanese, but it still probably won't) and they don't have as much cultural draw as Japanese media. Which is a shame, because I think there's a lot of good ones out there...
  6. The idea of large pledges on Kickstarter isn't to get a 1:1 return for your money. Yes, that's a large sum, but it's merely to show gratitude to people that are willing to support the project with significant amounts of $$$. It's not like anyone is obligated to pledge more than the minimum tier required to get the actual game. Plus, you can't judge how good said fanfic might be until you read it. Maybe it's worth more than that, and it's actually a steal
  7. Trans! Translation Project

    Thank you. Please don't be fooled by appearances - Trans! has some quality voice acting, funny moments, and sensual scenes. Apologies, you are right. I will edit the OP to give you credit. Thank you! I would highly recommend Toradora! Portable for any fans of the series as well. Note that this project has no relation to Bueeh?! Translations, Though. Thank you for your well-wishes, but do note that 'lemon' has a rather negative, insulting connotation. On another note, a progress update! The head translator, Asonn, translated over 75 lines today. A record for the team, and I'm very proud of him.
  8. Trans! Translation Project

    Three, one for each route (Kawashima, Minori, and Taiga) He is not involved in this project.
  9. Trans Translations proudly presents: Trans! [nsfw] Description [edited from the VNDB description by Zakamutt] Ami, Minori, Taiga, and Ryuuji visit a Shinto shrine rumored to give its supplicants success in their romantic endeavors. A fearful entanglement occurs, and our hero and heroines find themselves tumbling down the stone stairs... "What? My voice..." Ryuuji says, "Why am I in Kushieda's body?" Forsooth, their predicament weaves a tangled web indeed: They all have switched bodies! Ami, having sprung into Ryuuji's flesh, finds herself ruled utterly by that limb of limbs, her newfound dick - and thus proceeds to embark upon a rapestravaganza of entrancing proportions. Team Members: Translator: Asonn TLC: Zakamutt Editor: Zander QC: Anonymous Technical Assistance: fox2 Special thanks to everyone else who has contributed thus far. Plus, an extra special thanks to Kiriririri for purchasing the game for me. The translation is already underway and progress is steady. Our team is now fully staffed and ready to go. We're very excited to bring this Toradora focused nukige to the English-speaking community!
  10. How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

    Real name at all times, personally.
  11. Hello guys, virgin here

    Greetings, Kuriha. I bid you welcome to Fuwanovel. I would strongly encourage you to make a VNDb profile. It is very common practice among experienced visual novel readers to ask for each other's VNDb profiles, not unlike back in the high school days where you and your mate pull your shorts down in the locker room at the same time. Moege is as an excellent a genre as any other. One of my favourites is Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo. I would highly recommend you give it a read, especially if you aren't a fan of faceless protagonist moeges. No worries about your English mate, you're still more comprehensible than the fan translation of White Album 2.
  12. Visual novel with European style drawings

    VNs by Nova-Box have both a European setting and Western-style artwork. They also have pretty unique narratives.
  13. When's the next blog post?

    1. Kiriririri


      Give me a topic and I'll write it

    2. Zander


      Can I get a "Why you should learn Japanese" one pls, I need motivation

    3. Kiriririri


      Sure I'll make something

  14. JVN with dub.

    Not only is it awful, there's no option to use the original Japanese voice acting, so you're stuck with it ><
  15. What to read next- "kamige edition"

    I have no love for any of these titles, but I have voted for Dies Irae to equalise the results and make your decision more difficult nonetheless.