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  1. Everyone is derailing this topic with this ridiculous "are traps gay?" nonsense! Come on guys. To answer OP and get back on topic: Traps are gay, without question.
  2. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    Sorry about that, when making this thread my intention certainly wasn't to put anyone in a bad mood! I hope you can get some stuff done regardless. And if it's any consolation, I read your post, so it wasn't fully ignored I certainly see what you're saying, but I don't believe that anyone has the intent of attacking the individual / targeted bullying. He did seem like he was okay with it and was joking around a bit too, and perhaps that might be why those people thought it was OK to continue. Of course, that's no excuse to take it so far. I would imagine some people would try to convince you of the former, but I haven't been around long enough to know. I hope it's not the case. Admittedly, I have trouble making the distinction sometime, because, well, I enjoy shitposting and having fun. It's partially why I haven't posted so much, because I don't want to be bothersome in that regard. Thank you all for sharing in any case, And, you know, for not derailing my thread with shitposts
  3. Trolling, The HMN Crew, and You

    It is, but at the same time I think it is important to hold an open discussion that accounts for the community as a whole; after all, the direction and sustainability of any forum is determined by its members. Also, my own personal curiosity persists.
  4. So, something I've noticed ever since I've joined is that there is, quite often, "troll" attacks that come in waves here on the site. For the most part, it's harmless and humorous, but naturally tends to derail whatever thread it takes place in. On rare occasion I have participated in these, more out of curiosity and getting swept up in the moment rather than any malicious intent. Today, I noticed that it happened again and a few of the culprits were banned and had their posts deleted. However, something I've noticed is that there isn't much communication between bystanders and these attackers. I am curious what the members of Fuwanovel think about this phenomenon - i.e, whether they think it is a funny diversion and something they're okay with on Fuwanovel or if they want it gone completely, leaving room only for serious discussions [outside of the Coliseum, I suppose]. Note I in no way mean to discuss the moderation team or anything related to them - that is, after all, a violation of the rules. So, what do you think?
  5. I agree, but at the same time, I think the Members' Lounge is probably the most fitting place for it. If we can't fool around and have some fun in here, where can we? Unless OP has a problem with it, of course, because it is their thread after all. Looking forward to you breathing new life into the Fuwa community, UMW. This place could use a fair bit of fresh activity!
  6. Please bring your cute avatar back.



    1. Dreamysyu


      If you insist. :sachi:

    2. Zander


      Thank you very much, it reminds me very much of Syndra, my favourite 2D character. :wub:

  7. Another Sekai Project Discussion

    I think Sekai Project receives too much flak. People are quick to jump on an internet criticism bandwagon without knowing the full story behind things. It's clear that their recent releases are of unusually low quality, but they also have an extensive portfolio of quality successful releases and are making motions to fix the ones that are not-so-quality. My primary concern is that they're very opaque and don't divulge information to people that have paid good money for their product until they're forced to.
  8. You only reach 666 posts once

    that's my fetish
  9. Moe

    I don't really like it, as in my opinion it generally leads to a story having cute girls for the sake of having cute girls, and I couldn't care less about there being cute 2D girls in my anime slideshow. If anything, I think we need more not-so-attractive characters. At the same time, I recognise that the majority of visual novel readers value cute girls above all else, leaving me in a sombre state of acceptance.
  10. Purpose of Life

    May we please hold a tribunal to determine whether or not the accused individual, Kiririririri, is deserving of the punishment of being banned. I humbly apologise for my previous insulting statement, which was not borne of malice but misplaced passive-aggressiveness.
  11. I wanna read something 'smooth'

    Uhh, what do you mean by smooth? Easy to read? Not intense / dramatic?
  12. Purpose of Life

    can we ban this idiot
  13. Birthday thread

    @Dergonu Happy birthday!! Had to visit Fuwanovel for this very special occasion!! xxxx
  14. Help please

    I don't think there's many "very based" on foot fetish, and there's pretty much 0 that are translated, I'm sorry to say. There's this one, which is untranslated but is pretty rough / femdom and has some other fetish type things. Same with this one and this one. I believe there's a lot of scenes relevant to your interests though. Really nothing translated though except for the Monster Quest series and related games but, in my humble opinion, they're horrible
  15. Never happened to you?

    It makes you wonder why someone so beautiful was doing that kind of job? Interesting. In your opinion, one's physical attractiveness, which is largely determined from genetics, is what should determine one's career? God I hope you never rule anywhere I live, because I'd probably be a trash collector or something.