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  1. I know it's not meant to be the main attraction of your entry here, but I'm very impressed and amused by the exceptionally large fly you drew. Its face is hilarious. Thank you.
  2. Birthday thread

    A very happy birthday to you, @Darklord Rooke!
  3. [photoepileptic gif inside] Make way, good people. I will handle this.
  4. Hey, Czero here!

    Hi there, welcome to Fuwanovel. What sort of stuff do you enjoy writing?
  5. I've noticed a lot of VNs are coming to the Switch; a lot of VNs originally released on the Playstation Vita are getting remakes, like Norn9, and there is also the Kickstarter for My Girlfriend is a Mermaid!?. What do you think? Will the Nintendo Switch become a popular platform for VNs (particularly in the West)? Would you, personally, enjoy reading VNs on it?
  6. E3

    Hm, did you play TW3 yourself? If so, how did you like it as a game aside from the media / fanbase? Cyberpunk does look interesting, it's a shame none of the actual game was shown.
  7. Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem

    Now, this is very interesting to me. I've never played lolige before because it is not within my interests; I usually shy away from most VNs with a lot of adult content anyway. I assume you have played VNs similar to this one? Is being able to refuse sexual interaction a common choice? I suppose I am mostly wondering if this game is trying to have any sort of social commentary on single parenting, incestuous relationships (or the even more taboo father-daughter relationship, I suppose), or if the majority of the focus is on the H content. You mentioned that the reader gets to witness Papa's internal monologues, for example; how far is this delved into?
  8. Hajimete no Okaa-san - a misunderstood gem

    Okay... Suddenly Musumaker doesn't look that bad an- okay, yeah, it kinda does. Let me ask you, Ramaladni, about the first end where Papa refuses to give in to his dark desires, is this considered a "bad end"? How is it handled? Nice review!
  9. I haven't read any manga before, but your description of Shimanami Tasogare has convinced me to give it a try. It sounds very interesting. sorry for honing in on the one thing in this list that isn't mainly yuri though
  10. I would disagree. I think there is a distinction between trolling, i.e coming to the thread with the intent of shitposting, and getting heated over an argument / discussion. There is still value in his post between the insults, and I was also referring to his posts in general as Lesiak referred to [Kiri often helps people out in the voluntary tech support forum]. There are instances in Kara no Shojo where it is in NVL format with no background images or images displayed except for brief CGs between text passages. I would call something made entirely in that style a VN, but I suppose that is down to personal opinion. Of course, but I believe you specifically mentioned places where the majority of people do not have access to smartphones, thus I see it as relevant. Many people do have a feature phone as their only device. I don't think I made any suggestions about your preferences? Unless you mean Kiri. Personally I have a similarily sized smartphone and I enjoy reading stuff on it. I played the Ace Attorney series on it as well, actually.
  11. I do agree with him, though. As a personal anecdote, when I was abroad in Africa some years ago I only had a feature phone to use, and I would not have been averse to the idea of reading something on it considering I had no physical literature available. Whether or not it would be straining or enjoyable or whatever I cannot say, as it has not, to my knowledge, been done before. That may be, but then perhaps all it takes is an "I agree with you, it is possible. However, let's discuss how enjoyable that would be...". I don't think it was obvious for Kiri where the discussion had shifted considering his response, thus I think the comparison to Aniki is a bit excessive. He is not intentionally trolling or posting useless trash, and I think he has been constructive and often helpful. Again, not to excuse anything. Tymmur said "Likewise if we start to accept the limitations you talk about, we will have to argue how many limitations we can accept while still calling it a VN. NVL at such a resolution is just a novel, which shows a picture whenever the text is hidden.", which sounds to me like he is trying to state that it isn't a VN. If I have misinterpreted, feel free to correct me.
  12. Well, I just said I didn't want to start an argument because I didn't want to appear as part of the "mods are shit fuwanovel is ded" train. I'm okay with starting a discussion, of course, I just don't want to fling shit at anyone or accuse them of anything. I'd agree that there wouldn't be a need to indicate the creator of a thread, but a blog is indeed a more personal thing, and I do invest a considerable amount of time and effort to produce a post [as well as my responses in the comments at times]. I do see why the posts were hidden, I don't mean to say that what they did was wrong or unfair or not in line with the rules or anything like that. My intent was not to complain about a mod's action. My intent was to ask the moderators "are blogs moderated the same as the regular forums? where did my posts go?" I didn't know if it was a mod, even. However, I realise I did not express my intent clearly in my initial post, probably because I was mildly confused, salty, and/or tired at the time. I apologise. I disagree entirely that the user was trolling. I tried to present my reasoning as to why to you in a PM, but you did not respond, which makes me feel that a public discussion here is more optimal than a private one-on-one discussion or trying to speak to multiple moderators in different PMs. To make it more clear, I have two interrogatives: 1) Are blogs subject to the exact same moderation as the forums? 2) Should there be notification (however brief) when an individual's own blog has action taken against it somehow? I ask mostly because I am trying, regardless of my ultimate success, to stimulate discussion about potentially controversial topics in the future, and the forum rules do not really mention blogs as far as I can tell besides: "Blogs are meant to be personal and we try to respect everyone's rights to write about the things they like". This is open to interpretation, so I would like a bit of clarification, in order to potentially save time and effort by cancelling future plans if they will be removed or hidden or what have you. Thank you again for your time, I appreciate the responses.
  13. Sure, but that's not anywhere within the thread. If it's not within the thread, it's logical to assume the question is limited to what is written in the title. We shouldn't have to extrapolate anything from other threads, in my opinion. It is understandable that Kiri would be upset when he tries to present his own conclusions with supporting evidence and is met with "but is that really a visual novel" and "what is a phone". Yes, a digital novel in NVL format that includes visuals, regardless of how where they are placed or how infrequent they occur, is a visual novel. It can be one line of text per button press or what have you, and it is still a visual novel, even if a shitty one. There is no need to be pedantic. The question is if it is possible, not if it is optimal or enjoyable, to play a visual novel on a basic mobile phone. edit: not to excuse his outburst w
  14. We're gonna build our own recommendations chart, and make r/visualnovels pay for it!
  15. your request was rather enticing and I was on board until i saw pls, musumaker is enough jajaja that aside I would have contacted a mod if i was notified by one that anything was deleted, which I do not believe is an unreasonable request. it was not my intention to start any argumentation however. thank you for your time