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  1. Dawn.

    "Hey, I have this friend on the internet. He just wrote a blog post lamenting how depressing the dawn is. He even remarked that such a dreary morning makes him want to kill himself. He doesn't think he doesn't need to worry about it, though, it's just a minor suicidal thought, apparently." You know, if I were to say that to someone, the first words out of their mouth would probably be something along the lines of "Is he depressed or something?". I suppose it's a far simpler thing to downplay the presence of a problem and live content with its existence. Personally, though, I much prefer to address things. You might be okay now, not worrying about it, but why let it persist? I used to be a much grim, darker person in my teens, and probably still would be today if my only thoughts on the way I view the world were "eh, it's fine". Life is full of potential new experiences, and the greater world beyond the monochrome dawn lying outside your window is host to an infinite spectrum of vibrant colour. All that you need to do is be open to the idea of searching for it. Of course, it's not my place to tell anyone how to live their life. I just hope that, as your friend, you find a better place to be than the one you're at now.
  2. I feel this one is the best, in my relatively uneducated and inartistic opinion. The others make the sprites too tall relative to the pony ride thingy, whereas the closer one is too close to the ride. It also has people milling about, giving it a sense that the place is an amusement park and not a lifeless wasteland. Also, the benches are nice. I like benches.
  3. That's true too. Realistic is a very subjective word, and I'm having quite a bit of trouble finding a better-fitting one to use in this context. You also have a good point that there's a wide range of genres within VNs and they all tend to portray romances in a different way. I guess it all depends on the reader and what they consider to be realistic; some people in this thread seem to be a bit more cynical and think romances in real life often contain betrayal, transactional relationships, and so on, whereas others find it to be a positive thing that can develop in many different ways or what have you. Bearing that in mind, it's hard to give a definitive answer whether VN romances are "realistic" or not, I suppose. also it is soap opera, not soup opera. now I am hungry, though. Thanks, SeniorBlitz
  4. Ah, hey, that looks quite good from a first impression! I'll try to avoid reading any more about it so I go in blind. Thank you very much for the recommendation Maggie, I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before. Aye, I have no objections there. I just wish the counter-examples were a bit more numerous, since I personally can have trouble suspending my disbelief for a utopia-ish story at times. However, I have nothing against either kind, I've enjoyed quite a few VNs that just throw realism (for lack of a better word) out the window and let it slowly die out in the cold That's perfectly fine, we all have our own preferences. I just like a bit of variety. I enjoy a good romance story as much as anyone else, but I don't like going into every single one feeling like "okay, she is the true heroine. they will get together somehow in the end, regardless of what may happen in between", or "okay, these 4 are the romanceable characters, the protagonist can end up with whatever one I pick". I imagine that's an unpopular opinion though, and I don't expect the VN industry to cater to my unique tastes
  5. It depends on the visual novel. Naturally, the majority of stories are exaggerated to a degree, but some don't stray too far from what is realistically possible. Contrary to some of the previous answers, I wouldn't mind a visual novel that is "real-life like" to some degree. If the story ends in a bad way where the true route is life separating the protagonist and his/her chosen lover, it's no problem with me. I enjoy a well-written happy ending or any other kind just as much, too, though. Thanks for the interesting thread, Ratboi.
  6. Do you have any more information, like the name of your project or team? You say you have two character creators, two story makers, and a programmer, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean. What is a "story maker"? Are you looking for someone to draft what the plot and story is, or someone to actually write the content of the VN? Is the character creator an artist or someone designing who the characters are? At what point in the development process are you? Not trying to come across as critical, just wanted to find out more!
  7. Test your English vocabulary

    Actually, I use my sister, who speaks English fluently, as a translator. I communicate to her through interpretive dance, which she then converts into posts for me.
  8. Test your English vocabulary

    My results. Bugger. I like to tout my English ability, but it seems I need to hit the books more.
  9. Smash or Pass (Glorious Fuwo Edition)

    Hate to add my voice to this particular chorus, but Chewy sure is the most handsome man on display here
  10. Which is perfectly understandable, mind you. I hope I didn't come across as critical when I agreed with Lesiak. I don't expect anyone to prioritise Fuwanovel over any real-life concerns, especially when they are volunteering their time and expertise, and I appreciate the the time, money, and effort that has already been invested. I do wonder why there is no influx of new people to fill the gaps, though, but I suppose this isn't the place to discuss that. Thanks for shedding some light on the topic in any case. I agree with you for the most part here. The fact that Steam is the primary distribution platform for a lot of OELVNs as well as the censored releases of translated JVNs doesn't really sit right with me. I don't entirely disagree, but I don't think we can generalise the entirety of youth into one group, nor are all VN fans young. Taking your comment as a whole, though, I can see your point... I could never see the most popular visual novel reaching parity with a game of a more traditional video game genre, be it FPS or RPG or what have you, in terms of popularity. On a side note, there is the "hit" text-based game Choice of Robots on Steam that has quite a following and recieved good reception. It has no visuals whatsoever, but has still sold well on the merits of its writing. I think it's a good piece of evidence to argue that there is an audience for novel-like experiences on Steam, albeit small.
  11. Do you read Bad Endings or Leave them?

    I always read through bad endings as long as they have some substance. Ranzo mentioned Kara no Shojo which is one where I particularly enjoyed the bad endings; accumulating quite a few of them in the early stages of the story actually revealed some information that amplified the impact of some later scenes in the "success route" on me. On some occasions, like in G-Senjou no Maou, I actually enjoy/prefer the bad endings more than the good or true ones. It's really disappointing when a VN's bad endings are limited to a big ol' "GAME OVER" with no story attached.
  12. You're no weirdo, I'm quite the fan of OELVNs myself. You're not alone in that! Addressing your other point, though, I do think there are OELVNs that have no connection to weeb culture at all whatsoever. Cinders, in my opinion, is a good example of an OELVN that subverts many of the traditional connections to, er, weeb-ism. It has a distinctively European art style, no sexual content, and a lot of input from the player. It's not a perfect or all-encompassing VN by any means, but I think it stands as an example that a connection to weeb culture is not a necessary ingredient to make a successful VN. Unless you mean that people will simply see that it is a VN and instantly mark it off as a weeb thing... while I would like to think my fellow humans are more open-minded than that, it may indeed be the case. I'm interested in taking on similar things, if you ever felt like working together on something or sharing ideas! I do agree with you that Fuwa is pretty barren, with the site being even more so than the forums. On your first point about heroines, I agree that it is a defining attribute and a big selling point, but note that I don't think it should be removed entirely from the genre necessarily, just that the way for other types of VNs should be left open. You later mentioned Danganronpa, which I think is a good example of a very successful VN (although some wouldn't call it that, I suppose) that subverts the traditional trope of pursuing heroines' routes while also selling very well. Popularising Japanese otaku culture in the West is one way of looking at it, I suppose. It seems your opinion is the polar opposite of mine — I feel as though the West should have its own VN industry that stands on its own two feet, whereas you think that the Japanese media should be retained but popularised. I agree with you on the point that VNs aren't available physically in the West, and that digital distribution is often a complicated process due to the, er, proclivities, of some visual novels. I can't really disagree there. Porn games will always appeal to people that are interested in playing porn games, and I don't think having a gratuitous display of nudity and such will really change any of their minds. The way VNs are presented is definitely important in how they are generally viewed by their potential audience; I really can't imagine linking a friend that hasn't played any VNs to Mangagamer to look at Dies Irae, for example, without him getting the wrong idea about my interests... I think you basically have the same ideas as Lesiak and I with regards to Fuwanovel itself. I think giving more attention to OELVNs could be helpful, without degrading the quality of content we have here in terms of Japanese visual novels. OELVNs rarely get any attention on the visual novels subreddit, which is perhaps the only other significant VN community. Are there good OELVNs being released though? Maybe, maybe not. But I feel like if one were released tomorrow, the world wouldn't know about it.
  13. Fuwanovel has this tagline both here on the forums as well as the main site; if you were to Google Fuwanovel, the first result proudly exclaims "Fuwanovel – Make Visual Novels Popular in the West!". I haven't seen too much discussion about it, though, so I thought I'd stir up a conversation to hear everyone's opinions on what needs to happen in order for VNs to appeal to a larger portion of the Western audience, or if it's possible at all. Popularity is subjective, of course, so for our purposes just consider what would make VNs more popular, rather than reach any particular standard of renown. I'll present a few general topics that I feel are relevant to provide a base, but of course don't be afraid to present any thoughts that may pertain to something else. 1. Sexual Content - This post and associated podcast by NowItsAngeTime brought up some good points on this topic. Do you feel that the presentation of sexual content, or the idea of pursuing heroines as a requisite feature, that is so common in VNs needs to be changed, altered, or removed somehow? Dreamysyu noted that visual novels with sexual content are separated from those without completely in Japan - to the point that they are essentially different genres. 2. Setting and Japanese Influence - Naturally, a lot of VNs are set in Japan, frequently in specific settings like a high school. This even extends to OELVNs, where it is not unusual to see a VN that takes place in Japan or has characters with Japanese names, honorifics, and so on. Do you think VNs, particularily OELVNs, need to break away from this standard in order to appeal to a larger Western audience? 3. The Format in Itself - Does the nature of a visual novel make it forever doomed to be a niche genre? Would VNs with gameplay features appeal more in the West? Are there possible changes to the existing format that can be altered while still retaining the core of what a visual novel is? I look forward to hearing your opinions!
  14. Dating Fuwo members [round 1]

    RIP my self-confidence
  15. M/F/K Fuw0 Edition 2018~

    Marry: @ratboi Such a pleasant and friendly person, and not a male, which gets a few bonus points from me on my ratings scale Fuck: Well, nobody. I'm waiting for marriage as it is, you know! Kill: Preferably nobody as well! I'm not a violent person, and I don't have problems with anyone nor do I want to. I find it truly hard to think of anyone I'd want to kill, but If I truly must think of a few potential candidates, it'd probably be @HMN and @Chewy and @hsmsful and @Kiriririri and many others