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  1. Don't worry, most of it is written in a more normal manner! From what I've heard, the Japanese original could feel quite pretentious at times, so I assume that they just wanted to stay true to that with the localization.
  2. Oh, right, to those of you who'd like to know what you can expect from the translation, here's an example:
  3. I just finished Muramasa, and, well, it was a worthwhile experience, but not much more than that. It's definitely on the good end of the spectrum; it simply fell short of my, admittedly high, expectations. To say it in clearer terms, I wouldn't place it among my top 10 VNs, as suggested on VNDb; maybe not even my top 30. To name a few things I disliked about it: - The protagonist. Yeah, he's pretty much the definition of an antihero and he's expected to grow on you over time, but I still think you'd need to be able to symphathize with him somewhat from the getgo to truly immerse your
  4. The common route dragged on for way too long, but I thought the heroine routes were great. That said, Grisaia was one of my first VNs, so I have no idea what I'd think about it today. At the very least, my tolerance for various VN/anime tropes is significantly lower than it used to be, after being fed them over and over more times than I can count.
  5. I'm currently swamped with other stuff (one of them being Muramasa) so I've had to put this off for the moment, but I'm definitely giving it a read later on. I love Yuzusoft, and the fact that this is their (afaik) first all ages title only makes me more interested.
  6. From what I've heard, they're in the process of a server migration and old accounts won't be available until they've been transferred. For me personally, I could neither log in or recover my password, so I made a new account and then talked to a guy on their Discord and got him to add my games to the new account. There's no rush though, because as soon as the server migration is finished, the old account and the new one will automatically merge as long as your e-mail address is the same.
  7. Reading Making Lovers, and... People who have read Bokuten be like: People who haven't read Bokuten be like:
  8. I looked into it a bit as well and it seems like there are some added scenes and CGs in this version, so that should definitely make up for any censored content, to the point where I'm deliberating rereading the VN myself. It's one of my personal favorites, but the h-scenes were awful and way too long (and this was back in the days when I used to sit through the entire scenes to make sure I didn't miss anything plot-related). We're talking a huge time investment though, so I dunno when I'd find the time, considering my current backlog and all the other stuff that's being released.
  9. Didn't they censor even dialogue outside of h-scenes in that version? Or maybe I've got it confused with some other VN.
  10. I love the fact that "Heroine with Jeans" is an actual tag.
  11. Yeah, I haven't tried it myself, but the improvement might not be that significant on a 1080p monitor. I usually play on my TV, meaning large screen and 4K, and the upscaling works wonders then. I'm especially glad I don't have to put up with blurry text anymore!
  12. Man, Magpie is awesome. I just started reading Making Lovers and was slightly annoyed by how blurry everything looked compared to the delightful 1440p of Kinkoi, which I finished a few days ago. (It turned out to be a great read; especially the final route. Can't go into any details without spoiling it though, so I'll just leave it at that.) Aaanyway, the whole "blurry" situation was easily remedied thanks to this wondrous app. I don't know how it works from a technical standpoint, but it basically lets you sharpen the image through upscaling. If you haven't tried it out already, I highly
  13. Currently enjoying Kinkoi, but the following dialogue went completely over my head. Does anyone have any idea what it's a reference to? In any case, it's one of the better VNs I've read lately, although there's a weird (and somewhat creepy) bug that causes face sprites to show up separated from the heads, but it doesn't happen too often. Here's an example: (I might've added some additional text. *cough*)
  14. This came so out of the blue, I'm equal parts confused and overjoyed. Honestly, although I understand that they want to build some hype for it beforehand, it would've been pretty awesome if they'd held out until the release date and made it the shadow drop to end all shadow drops.
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