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  1. This. I'm pretty sure they ended their relationship altogether. The whole point of breaking off the engagement was because they wanted to focus on the band and not have personal issues interfere with that, so staying in the relationship would be kinda counterproductive.
  2. EXTRA2 has already been confirmed to be an after story for Misaki, so I doubt they'll put any other heroine routes in that one. I think the only way it'd happen would be if sprite decides to start working on the previously cancelled Aokana sequel again.
  3. Just FYI, I thought Himawari was kinda so-so and liked Island a whole lot more.
  4. First off, let me just say that I love reading your posts. They actually serve as a great recap for me, as a person who tends to forget a lot of details from VNs I haven't read in a while. As for Island, I enjoyed it a lot back when I read it, and I'm glad to see it getting some more appreciation. The only thing I wasn't entirely satisfied with was how
  5. Glad to see there's no geoblocking this time! (Or at least, not in my region.)
  6. I was a bit confused by that as well, but since I hadn't made any choices yet, I figured it was just an introduction of sorts. In any case, the VN seems promising. I find the protagonist a bit annoying and immature at times, like when he said this to a waitress he just met, but at least he doesn't seem quite as hyper as the guy from Fureraba. I like all the heroines and the animated art is really nice, so I expect this will be a good read.
  7. Yeah, maybe I should've phrased it as "music or lack thereof". In any case, it adds more weight to the route and feels like a suitable representation of Nice find! Never noticed that one myself.
  8. (Wow, that's a lot of spoiler tags.) It is. Or at the very least, it was for me.
  9. I finished Musicus last night and I figure I should write something about it. First off, for any of you who want to know, I can give a clear answer regarding that spoiler you were discussing earlier on in the thread. The story as a whole is kind of what you're expecting, with a band starting from nothing and gradually moving forward to bigger venues, and while that part didn't really interest me that much since it's been done several times before, I realize it's a mandatory part of a VN such as this and it works out well thanks to a great cast of characters. They (along with the a
  10. Honestly, I think this is the first song in Japanese that I've genuinely liked to the point where I could see myself listening to it outside of the game. In case anyone wants to know what it sounds like, here it is:
  11. Yeah, you can easily avoid it if you want to. The final choice in the game puts you on either Mikazuki's route or this one, and I'd say it's pretty obvious which one you should pick to enter Mikazuki's. The majority of the game is pretty lighthearted. There are obviously bits of drama and some serious topics brought up in other routes as well, but not nearly on the same scale, unless there's some heavy stuff going on in the latter parts of Mikazuki's route. (I'm guessing I'm about halfway through it at the moment.)
  12. Yeah, and that's mostly what it is, but the route I mentioned stands out from the rest. I've read all of Overdrive's other VNs, and this route is quite possibly the darkest thing they've written, even compared to Bokuten. If anyone here wants to know what happens in the route without having to read it themselves, I can try doing a summary. There will be heavy spoilers, obviously. I doubt this summary alone does it justice, since the writing and music are what truly gives this route its dark ambience. In any case, despite how depressing this part of the game may be, I still don't
  13. There's one route that's pretty damn depressing due to a bunch of bad stuff happening, but I still wouldn't really say it warrants the game being marked as "adult". That said, I have yet to finish Mikazuki's route, which I assume is supposed to be the main one, so there might still be more to come.
  14. Honestly, as long as the main story takes up maybe 80%-or-so of the total playtime, I'd be fine with those games being marked as VNs.
  15. Determining what a visual novel is based on how the story is presented has always seemed a bit odd to me, and I don't think it should affect whether it should be considered one or not. If you ask me, story/gameplay ratio is the only thing that should matter, and going solely by that would probably make things easier, since you wouldn't have to take all these others factors into account and do in-depth analyses on every borderline title.
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