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  1. Got Me a Job Interview at My Local KFC

    good luck may colonel sanders approve of your culinary skills
  2. Falling Star

    inb4 word count includes each time you go through the common route and events copy pasted between routes
  3. Is Moenovel the 4Kids of VNs?

    They’re not 4kids until they replace Cross Channel’s OP with a rap
  4. Tell a joke using the user above you.

    your name is @Silvz but there isn’t even any silver in your avatar, smh
  5. Hi!

    Holy shit they actually did it and fast too
  6. Hi!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel! Have you started working on a game, or are you still in the process of finishing up the writing and moving to games?
  7. Things that you want to see less of in Visual Novels

    When you say meaningless choices, do you mean ones that end up railroading you into one choice (“but then, maybe i shouldn’t. let’s do x”) or ones that don’t have impact on the plot or route flags? I definitely understand hating the first kind, but I think the second kind is nice for fluff and involving you in the story a bit more. *looks at Rewrite* Thanks Key
  8. Tell me a bedtime story

  9. Hello, minna!

    Under the emote list at the top of the message editor, if you scroll down, you can find the other fuwa emotes.
  10. Hello, minna!

    Welcome to Fuwanovel, I hope you find this place really neat Good luck with your NaNoReNo submission, the concept is really novel! Can’t wait to see how that turns out.
  11. What's the story of Fuwanovel up till now?

    2011-present day: visual novel as you can see i have a phd in history
  12. Forum Game: The ^,<,v thread. Rebirth Edition

    ^ never been readier < whiskey tastes like ass v what do you hope to do with your life?
  13. Games for SNES/GBA/NDS/PS1/PC-Engine/Sega with female protagonists

    Charlotte from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (NDS) is pretty cute
  14. Ultimate King of Fuwa Battle Champion Series

    Keine Kamishirasawa