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  1. The Best Visual Novel Machine Translator

    tae kim
  2. What i should know when making a translation group?

    Well, for starters, a basic grasp of grammar.
  3. Think I'm Starting to Dislike the High School Romance Genre

    it's part of an industrywide plot to undermine 57th prime minister of japan shinzo abe
  4. So Mirror is on Sale

    tfw the existence of punctuation is your benchmark for a good translation
  5. Discord VN community named Aliceshoujo

    his question cant talk how can it tell you if it’s satisfied or not
  6. if only there were an actual kotori route movie and not a few pieces hacked off a chimera
  7. Being a Visual Novel Fan or in the Industry is Suffering

    this is because vns are bad remove vns and everything goes well
  8. New Project + Recruitment

    I’m not looking to join myself, I’m more inquiring into your recruitment process.
  9. New Project + Recruitment

    Do you have any tests for the people you’re recruiting?
  10. New Project + Recruitment

    Are you recruiting an editor and QC, or do you already have those positions filled?
  11. Disappointed....

  12. How To Use Reaction Button ?

    drifter stop projecting
  13. Reading VN is masochistic

    The irony of calling someone out for calling someone an autist while acting like that while acting like that
  14. Reading VN is masochistic

    There are only three types of post, good post with lot of thought, stupid post that make you want to commit die and post that disturb you. You rode through a great argument, then you realise you have no brain cell to process. The emptiness overwhelms you. You endured the post for the sake of making your point, feeling you have wasted your time and should have done something else. You are so disturbed you closed window. Since you have already seen it, it is still your own loss. In all cases, the reader suffer. I have observed that people frequently deliberately and consciously do something that is against their own interest. This can only be explained by a latent desire to be punished, a thing I know well. I have long realised I am incapable of bringing much joy to anyone, and as such does not deserve to be happy. This is the punishment that is due to me. A sin that cannot be absolved through religion, science and humanity. Fuwanovel is one of the last thing I can enjoy in life. Through this masochistic experience I can repent my sin.
  15. the best solution is to ban real children if there are no real children there is no child abuse or child pornography and therefore sexualization of lolis cannot lead to irl abuse or exploitation