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  1. future vns will be bad, just like current vns and past vns
  2. it's part of an industrywide plot to undermine 57th prime minister of japan shinzo abe
  3. tfw the existence of punctuation is your benchmark for a good translation
  4. his question cant talk how can it tell you if it’s satisfied or not none of these are kamige
  5. if only there were an actual kotori route movie and not a few pieces hacked off a chimera
  6. I’m not looking to join myself, I’m more inquiring into your recruitment process.
  7. Do you have any tests for the people you’re recruiting?
  8. Are you recruiting an editor and QC, or do you already have those positions filled?
  9. The irony of calling someone out for calling someone an autist while acting like that while acting like that
  10. There are only three types of post, good post with lot of thought, stupid post that make you want to commit die and post that disturb you. You rode through a great argument, then you realise you have no brain cell to process. The emptiness overwhelms you. You endured the post for the sake of making your point, feeling you have wasted your time and should have done something else. You are so disturbed you closed window. Since you have already seen it, it is still your own loss. In all cases, the reader suffer. I have observed that people frequently deliberately and consciously
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