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  1. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    I mean if you just need to understand the story, you should just read a wikipedia plot summary or something. VNs are a literary medium (hence visual “novel”), so that means words and how they’re used are important. If you cannot recognize the importance of prose and replicating its effect, then you may as well read plot summaries, because that’s what you get if you strip out the words from a VN.
  2. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    It's easy to say that when criticism is inherently a negative message at someone, seeing as criticism involves highlighting flaws. Putting aside that it's not clear what you actually meant here, someone who puts out work should be ready for issues to be pointed out, so they shouldn't be expecting only happy praise. I don't see anything wrong with calling someone out for being unable to accept criticism and improve their skills, or making it clear to others that they are such a person, or how that constitutes "acting like a shithead." "Hard to deal with" is a nice way to minimize the fault of the translator, though. "Doing one's best" constitutes improving and growing, not just blindly assuming one's work has no issues and ignoring anyone who speaks to the contrary, or saying that quality doesn't matter because they put in effort.
  3. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    The shit talk and borderline harassment comes after they refuse to acknowledge issues and establish themselves as the last type, so sorry, but no.
  4. The art does look terrific, but I would suggest finding an editor for the writing.
  5. The one VN you absolutely must read is Tsuma no Niku Ana ni Homestay Suru Macho Ryuugakusei ~Shucchouchuu no Sono Ura de, Tsuma wa Kurobikari Bou kara Afureru Hodo no Hakudaku o Sosogare, Yorokobi ni Michita Acme-gao o Sarashiteita~. It's simply an amazing work that left me absolutely floored after reading.
  6. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    If you are competent and have delivered a quality product (i.e. translates from one language to another properly, reads well in the second language), then I agree, endless gratitude and praise to you. If you have not, I'll still give you many thanks and compliments if you can recognize your issues, fix them, and learn for later. If, however, you don't care about quality or are too stubborn to accept constructive criticism, and you fail to acknowledge your issue or improve, then fuck you, you're a cancer to the VN community and only promote the accumulation of garbage.
  7. God will anything good be translated soon?

    It’s not, but the way he put it earlier (learning hiragana, kanji, and katakana) implied kana was a significant obstacle
  8. God will anything good be translated soon?

    If you have free time to read VNs you have time to learn Japanese plus a single VN probably takes longer than learning kana
  9. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Man everyone thinks this is like konosora just cause it got planes smh Konosora is babyshit, they’re tryna make a plane, never even seen one before, this VN is about people who know how to fly and fly well It’s clearly a combo of Aokana and Top Gun
  10. Ochiba - Falling Leaves (Slice of Life Visual Novel)

    Wrong board, ain’t it
  11. God will anything good be translated soon?

    The best VN of all time, Tsuma no Niku Ana ni Homestay Suru Macho Ryuugakusei ~Shucchouchuu no Sono Ura de, Tsuma wa Kurobikari Bou kara Afureru Hodo no Hakudaku o Sosogare, Yorokobi ni Michita Acme-gao o Sarashiteita~, is getting translated, so to answer the question in your title, yes.
  12. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    It's far better to wait for a better translation than to use an available but worse one, as people can only experience something for the first time once, and unless it's designed to be read multiple times, they will only get that full experience of going in without already knowing what's happening once. Better things are better, so this unique first experience should be as good as possible. It's not like there aren't other well- or at least decently-translated visual novels to read, and if you still don't think there's enough of those to fill out the time before a release, you can always learn Japanese and put a vast repertoire of original texts at your fingertips.
  13. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Rewrite is already getting a retranslation with the Rewrite+ patch, so my recommendation would be to wait for that to release and then use that script for this patch
  14. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    Just because it is understandable and enjoyable or the main plot is still there does not mean the translation is good. If the main plot being there is all that matters, you may as well read a wikipedia summary and be done. Visual novels are a form of literary media, and therefore the actual lines and writing are important, not just the main plot. Just because people don’t have issues with his work doesn’t mean it’s a good translation, either, as the many defenders in this thread show that people generally do not have a good grasp on what is good or bad from just reading. Just because something is worse does not mean it’s a good translation. You wouldn’t call burnt food good because it’s not actual excrement. Just because many people gave Rewrite a good score does not mean it’s a good translation; this speaks to the power of the original work, rather than the quality (or lack thereof) of the translation. In conclusion, you are wrong on all counts. This kind of illogical, complacent attitude only feeds bad translations.
  15. Rewrite - PSP English Patch

    So basically what you’re saying is you blindly defend Ixrec because someone who disliked his translations criticized you and was hypocritical? That’s pretty foolish. If you blindly dismiss an opinion because one person you don’t like holds that opinion, you’ll only cause your own opinion to be dismissed. Just because someone else said Ixrec’s translations are bad doesn’t make it an invalid point, if they show the other person’s post and the proof contained within, which I did. And as for criticism for the editing as opposed to the translation, I suppose that’s an issue of language and meaning, as translation can refer to both the Japanese-to-English translation and editing combined, or just the former of these. Because this patch aims to use the former of these definitions, the product as a whole, criticism of the editing is valid as well.