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  1. I really want to read Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, so I selected that title.
  2. Senren Banka from Nekonyan should being coming out really soon.
  3. I always use a walkthrough, because I'm a completionist and I am never good at doing blindplays.
  4. Wow I'm so sorry to hear about that! Conjueror was so amazing, and I really enjoyed his videos.
  5. So in addition to what everyone else recommend, I will recommend some more titles. 1. Root Double Before Days After Crime 2. Himawari 3. Subahibi if you like really dark stories that make your really think, philosophical, mysteries, and pyschologicals then you won't regret it. 4. Planetarian 5. Steins Gate 6. Kanon 7. Air 8. Little Busters
  6. I just play the all ages version of vns, since 18+ stuff makes me uncomfortable. When there is no all ages availability, then I just press the control button. I do think that there should be more options for users who prefer the all ages version and for users who prefer the 18+ version of vns.
  7. I bought Trinoline and Subahibi on Steam this month. I'm also continuing Saku Saku, and I have read Mio's route so far. I may start Chronoclock soon too. I just like to read different genres, depending on what I'm in the mood for.
  8. Yeah it would great for this vn to get a English release.
  9. I'm really hoping for a Moonstone or Minori title. https://vndb.org/v16069 Natsu No Iro No Nostalgia https://vndb.org/v17872 Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous The 2 titles that I shared the vndb links are the titles I want the most from Moonstone and Minori. I would also be very excited if a Purple Software title like Happymaher Fandisc or Mirai Nostalgia got announced. Even a Da Capo 4 or fandisc announcement from 2 or 3 would be awesome! Anyway I just hope that we get a Moege or Nakige. Even a Otome would be fine.
  10. I am very pleased with these cool announcements! My favorite panels with the vns I was interested the most as well as updates on the current ones are Sekai Project which the biggest highlight was that Purple Software announcement and it was the one that I really want to read the most. My other favorite vn panels were Jast, because I am so excited that we got a Kimikoi release date and I might try out Saya No Uta on Steam, and then my 3rd favorite was Sol Press and their biggest highlight was their new partnership with Windmill vns. One of the Windmill vns that I am interested in the most is
  11. So far I am very pleased with these cool announcements! I am looking forward to Mangagamer and Sol Press panels too! 10/10
  12. https://vndb.org/v1445 Aster https://vndb.org/v4876 Himawari Aqua After https://vndb.org/v467 Clear Most of the other vns that are in the poll are also good selections.
  13. I'm so excited, and I'm excited for announcements and updates from all of them!
  14. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solpress/irotoridori-no-sekai-a-visual-novel-by-favorite/posts/2545670
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