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  1. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I am very pleased with these cool announcements! My favorite panels with the vns I was interested the most as well as updates on the current ones are Sekai Project which the biggest highlight was that Purple Software announcement and it was the one that I really want to read the most. My other favorite vn panels were Jast, because I am so excited that we got a Kimikoi release date and I might try out Saya No Uta on Steam, and then my 3rd favorite was Sol Press and their biggest highlight was their new partnership with Windmill vns. One of the Windmill vns that I am interested in the most is Witch's Garden My honorable mention goes to Spike Chunsoft announcing Robotic Notes. 9/10
  2. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    So far I am very pleased with these cool announcements! I am looking forward to Mangagamer and Sol Press panels too! 10/10
  3. https://vndb.org/v1445 Aster https://vndb.org/v4876 Himawari Aqua After https://vndb.org/v467 Clear Most of the other vns that are in the poll are also good selections.
  4. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    I'm so excited, and I'm excited for announcements and updates from all of them!
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solpress/irotoridori-no-sekai-a-visual-novel-by-favorite/posts/2545670
  6. The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?

    I haven't dropped any vns yet, but I almost dropped the 1st Da Capo. I ended up liking it, once I read more routes.
  7. Cool newsletter, and as always I wish the Kickstarter a great success. I'm looking forward to reading Aokana, and the other titles by Nekonyan.
  8. What Anime are you watching now?

    I finished Cowboy Bebop earlier today. I really enjoyed it, and I loved the ost too! Yokko Kanno is amazing!
  9. Hi!

    Hi, welcome to the Fuwanovel Forums!
  10. hello from canada! ^^

    Hi, welcome to forums!
  11. Looking for a romance I haven't read yet.

    https://vndb.org/v51 This is a underrated vn and it has a lot of the writers who went to make their own company Key later on. Aokana is coming eventually, and I'm sure that will be a good romance vn.
  12. Recommend me some VNs that have amazing stories

    Grisaia trilogy Little Busters G Senjou No Maou EF Clannad Steins Gate Princess Evangile Danganronpa trilogy Root Double Hello, Goodbye Kanon Muv Luv trilogy Planetarian
  13. What are you playing?

    I'm still reading Da Capo 2, and I'm still in the beginning ,because I have other vns on Steam that I really need to finish. In addition to reading Da Capo 2, I am also hoping to finish Eden, Nekopara 1, Himawari, Shuffle last route, and possibly finish Koi Ga Sakura Doki and Little Busters bonus routes by mid or late June. I do want to buy more vns when I get my Steam giftcard for my birthday, especially buy Sankaku vn which is coming on the day of my birthday. Anyway I hope to make more progress or at least finish a few vns. That is my goal as of rn. I just won't list all of these in my signature lol.
  14. kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi

    I'm excited about this vn. It looks really cool. I can't wait to read it.
  15. Good luck with the project, and tysm for translating this vn.