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  1. Are Visual Novels Growing in the West/Other Countries?

    as far as the German speaking market is concerned: we have hardly seen any translations of VNs into German, but I doubt it is necessary. Nearly everyone's English here is good enough to read the English translations.
  2. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart Steam page up

    So is there a list with unreadable translations somewhere here in the fuwa forums? I would hate wasting money for google translated VNs
  3. About Himawari

    No, I don't have hope for that to happen, but I am preparing to read my first untranslated VN and thought this could likely be a good candidate. Judging from the voice acting in Himawari it seemed like the difficulty should be managable if the writing is not totally different from the main game
  4. About Himawari

    Last weekend I finally finished Himawari. This game leaves you with quite a cliffhanger. So I was wondering: is Himawari Aqua After the continuation of the story (because it is only labeled as fandisc on VNDB)? And if yes, will the story come to an end there? On a sidenote: This was one of the weirdest VNs I have read so far, which is mainly because of the after stories. Reason is that these after stories had so much plot in them that I wondered why it wasn't the main story (where relatively few things happened actually). But it was also very nice to see how the after stories could get me completely hooked without any voice acting and pretty simple graphics.
  5. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    Well, yeah, I usually don't create accounts either. But the VNDB account I find pretty useful mainly because of the wishlist, so I don't forget when I heard about interesting VNs and also have links for them ready. And maybe in the future when I will have read a lot more VNs it will help me so that I don't read the same VNs twice
  6. VN's with strong worldbuilding and story

    Are you talking about these two? Silverio Vendetta and Silverio Trinity If yes, is the series finished with these two or is there more to come?
  7. VN's with strong worldbuilding and story

    One recommendation I have not yet seen in this thread: Komyu
  8. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    Well, let's just agree on 'Some people need less to be happy than others'
  9. Steam Prison Otome released today!

    This is definitely the same artist as in Amnesia - Memories
  10. Who doesn't play nukige or eroge?

    I am pretty open to anything as long as it's not Nukige or BL. I am not really a fan of H-scenes in VNs but as long as the story is clearly the focus I can stomach them. It's also the reason why I play most VNs on Steam where those (usually irrelevant) scenes are cut out. Other than that I will read just about anything
  11. I would NOT recommend reading only Alternative. There are a few reasons: you totally missed the MCs development all the heroines are strangers to you. That you know them so well after Extra + Unlimited is what makes Alternative so good! I think you won't understand many things like what the MC does differently than before or why he treats the heroines the way he does I don't think Extra and Unlimited are that bad. I had pretty much fun reading them I still see all 3 parts as one huge VN. For me they belong together
  12. Are Visual Novels Growing in the West/Other Countries?

    Yes indeed, I agree. I think this is THE problem for the VN industry. It is what makes the VN niche dubious for most people. It is what makes getting into VNs really hard when you first start. And I have yet to find a really good and storywise necessary sex scene as well. Although I might have missed some by playing Steam versions of VNs where they are cut out. But that's also the best thing about VNs on Steam. You can be pretty sure you won't have to deal with that stuff if you don't want to (if you WANT TO you can always download a patch somewhere). While reading Steam VNs I have quite often realized that I just missed an H-scene, and I was almost always grateful for it because in most cases it would have destroyed the romantic atmosphere at that moment. But to answer your original question: I am totally in accordance with Plk_Lesiak here... I, too, think that VNs have definitely become a lot more popular during the last years, but the amount of VNs available has also drastically increased so in the end making good money with VNs is just as hard as 10 years ago just because poeple have a much wider choice to choose from (and newcomers might still read famous older VNs rather than ones that just came out).
  13. If you’re a fan translator, thank you.

    I can only agree with the OP. I have the highest respect for everyone who sacrifice their time to bring new UT VNs to a wider public. The only other option is to learn Japanese and that's not for everyone. I have been learning Japanese now for like 1 1/2 years and I must say it is probably the hardest thing I have ever tried. I am not stopping and I am not saying it isn't worth it, but it surely isn't for everyone. So as long as it's better than a google translation and it's good enough to grasp the story of a VN I will always be thankful towards the translator. You fan translators are never
  14. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    of all the VN soundtracks the one that really stuck with me is the one of Komyu. I found it really epic and fiiting for the situations. Perhaps that is why I liked that VN more than most other people. Although the Dies Irae soundtrack is a close second!
  15. Most of the VNs I would recommend have already been mentioned by others, but this one is also a great read: Root Double - Before Crime - After Days: a very unusual VN seeting and an exciting story!