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  1. I'm Looking for full nudity Anime or Hentai has a scene for a girl or girls do a strip show or nude dance show. exactly like Afro Samurai Resurrection: NSFW: https://imgur.com/YZmUw27 and The Roommate: NSFW: https://imgur.com/iJrUikB and Foxy Nudes: NSFW: https://imgur.com/Y1Gxwlg Please click the links to see the pictures and know exactly what I'm looking for, and don't forget the write from what episode the scene came from.
  2. I'm Looking for middle ages harem hentai animation when the story talk about a male warrior or soldier had sex with many girls in the kingdom (female warrior, female soldier, maid, priestess, princess, queen, ...).exactly like:-Rance.-kyonyuu Fantasy.-Tensei Kendo no Harem Colosseum.and of course there's no hypnotism.
  3. I'm looking for hentai animation or game has a scenes for a girl get fucked in front of an audience exactly like this scene from Four Elements Trainer: NSFW https://imgur.com/MQbywxJ also it's ok if the animation or the game is 3d.
  4. I'm looking for hentai animation or visual novel has a scene for a mistress ordered her male servants to have sex with her. exactly like starless: NSFW https://imgur.com/0KyyW0J or Nuki Doki! Revolution: NSFW: https://imgur.com/s1TycgY also it's ok if the servants are monsters or demons (no tentacles).
  5. I'm Looking for harem hentai animation or visual novel where the girls wearing the traditional japanese clothing. exactly like "Ooedo Forty Eight" and "Erewhon": NSFW https://imgur.com/iqLd6fr
  6. I'm looking for hentai animation or visual novel similar to "Rinkan Club" or "Kagachi-sama Onagusame Tatematsurimasu" when the story talk about a village or a city has a ritual ordering the females to get gangbanged.also I played "Erewhon" it is basically a harem visual novel but it has some ritual gangbang scenes.so if anyone of you guys know an OVA or visual novel looking like them please write it in the comment.
  7. I'm looking for hentai animation or visual novel has at least four female characters and one of them or more is milf and contain so much consensual gangbang scenes.something exactly like Rinkan Club but the different is the girls want to get gangbanged, also it's ok if the gangbangers are monsters (no tentacles).
  8. I'm looking for hentai animation or visual novel contain a scene for a girl do a consensual strip show. exactly like this scene from "Ero Onsen Shinjin Okami no Machigaidarake no Omotenashi" (NSFW): https://imgur.com/xPcb31E
  9. I'm looking for hentai harem animation or visual novel or manga contain so much scenes for the Protagonist have sex with one of the heroines while the other heroines are clothed and watching them and do a something like filming them or talking or get surprised or anything else. NSFW links below:exactly like "Pisu Hame": https://imgur.com/6rqK4b1 or "One x Shota": https://imgur.com/q67qhS9 or "Obasan to Izakaya": tps://imgur.com/DCz4oAe
  10. I'm looking for harem chikan hentai visual novel has at least four heroines and contain so much public sex scenes. exactly like "Bakunyuu Celeb Tsuma Osawari Sharyou Iya, Dame, Sawaranaide! Kore Ijou Saretara" (NSFW): https://imgur.com/mDNA2bp
  11. I'm looking for school harem hentai animation (OVA) or visual novel or manga contains exhibitionism and group scenes, and of course no rape no hypnosis.I know there is a lots of school harem hentai like honoo no haramase series, Ikkyuu Nyuukon, etc... and most of them contains group scenes but rarely I can found exhibitionism.I need something exactly like "Pisu Hame": https://imgur.com/6rqK4b1 and "Tanetsuke Kyoushitsu": https://imgur.com/r6ClCpF
  12. I need help

    Thank you the problem is solved, the walkthrough really help me now all the scenes is unlocked.
  13. I need help

    I have no problem with game save. the problem is how to get the "True End" or "Happy End" or whatever it named because the scenes from 43 to 64 is there. because I tried all the possibilities and only I get the "Bad Ends".
  14. I need help

    I need help in eroge game named DominancE from Empress. The problem is I can't unlock the scenes from 43 to 64 in the gallery and I can't find the ("True End" or "Happy End").
  15. I'm looking for funny visual novel that contains so much h scenes and especially group or threesome scenes and the girls get embarrassed or surprised in h scenes exactly like "Tryset" and "Complet's" games (Yarasete! Teacher series, Boku no Maman Sagashi ~Mama o Tazunetara... 8nin no Kyonyuu Tsuma Deshita, Let's la Go! Bokura no Jiyuu Kenkyuu, etc...) and the most important thing is the visual novel is not RPG and available in english or french or arabic