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  1. Howdy!

    Hey! Welcome...
  2. Hello! New guy here

  3. help remembering VN title

    Wish I could help, best of luck!
  4. Heya

    Welcome, welcome!
  5. So now Fuwa is really dead?

    Let's make some noise!
  6. Why do you prefer 2D ecchiness?

    I'm a prude too, so I relate.
  7. Fake Novel - Your Own Tsundere

    Interesting stuff, at least with all of the outfits.
  8. Life is strange...
  9. Hey, Czero here!

  10. Gave my feedback too, so I hope it helps.
  11. Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    To each their own lol, to each their own.
  12. Safe to buy from Denpasoft?

    This raises a decent point.
  13. Summer 2018 Anime Discussion

    That synopsis doesn't inspire optimism from me.
  14. Hey, Czero here!

    Likewise, and thank you!