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  1. Sup chiefs

  2. Umineko

    You're in for a real treat.
  3. Many thanks for the recommendations, I've been looking for something to procrastinate with...I mean, read over the summer.
  4. Email newsletters for VN news?

    Can't think of any that come to mind, sorry man.
  5. I echo this statement.
  6. Hey everyone

    Hey, welcome!
  7. VN recommendations for a newbie

    Juniper's Knot is a freeware one that's pretty good.
  8. Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!

    osananajimi? What is that?
  9. Sekai Project sets a new low standard

    Ouch, just pure ouch.
  10. Let me guess, your forum?

  11. Hello!