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  1. Very excited for this! Thank you for your commitment and hard work!
  2. I was also going to say Kara no Shoujo, but Silvz beat me to it. I just thought it would be a good game to play, since it's Spooktober too! (Spooktober is spooky and October combined to make a big impacto on how scary this month is!)
  3. Maybe it's because I used to spend a lot of time on 4chan and 4chan users were involved in it's creation, but yeah, I heard it a lot. (Nowadays, it kinda seems like Doki Doki Literature Club took it's spot among those type of people.) But, really I just liked how his first was something uncommon and lesser known. You hear about the same games over and over in the VN community, so it just kinda stands out to me I guess.
  4. Yeah, I wasn't aware them either, but I took a look at their Steam page, before downloading the Iwaihime demo and they seem like they might be a really good publisher. I don't see any of the bad translation or "only offering all ages" complaints that some publishers on Steam have. This "Master Magistrate" game looks like it might be something I'd enjoy. Despite being on Steam it has an easily accessible free restoration patch. It seems like they're trying to do everything right based on my first impressions at least. https://store.steampowered.com/publisher/ShiraVN
  5. Yeah, having the MC bang every girl isn't very appealing to me. I remember discussing Utawarerumono's remake with people and them acting like it missing the H-scenes was some huge loss, but I felt like an ass in that game, because of all the H-scenes. (Eruruu just deserved better!) Personally, I like them in things like ef the best, where it's with the girl who he cares about, but maybe I'm just soft. What you're talking about might be good too, but I can't remember if any I played were like that.
  6. Hi! Nice intro! I like your first VN too. It always seemed like most people would always say Katawa Shoujo or something, but yours is pretty unique and more classic. (Not that I can talk though, because my first was Saya no Uta :p)
  7. Publisher ShiraVN and developer DMM Games will release an international edition of supernatural horror visual novel Iwaihime for PC via Steam and Johren on October 23. It will support English, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Chinese) language options. A demo is available now via Steam. Written by Ryukishi07, the creator of the When They Cry series, Iwaihime first launched for PC in January 2016 in Japan. An updated version, which was partially rewritten and contained additional scenario and CG images, was released as Iwaihime: Matsuri for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in July 2017 in Japan. The international edition of Iwaihime includes the scenario adjustments and CG improvements Iwaihime: Matsuri. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/10/supernatural-horror-visual-novel-iwaihime-for-pc-coming-west-on-october-23
  8. Well, as far as fan translations go, it can be disappointing when something you think "should be" translated is getting passed up by what you feel is lesser titles. But, I'm just really thankful that people have enough passion and dedication to fan translate the games they love in general. It really is amazing how many fan translated works we have all together. I could probably get by just fine even if mangagamer, jast, etc. never released another game. Not that I'd ever want that to happen, but it just speaks to the sheer quantity and how much awesome work unpaid fans do on their own. (I was just thinking the other day that it's strange that no one has tackled To Heart yet. It was such an influential and beloved game that it just seems like it would've happened years ago.)
  9. Yeah, it seemed like most people would always just say "there's auto mode, so there's no need for a controller", but I really like using them and being able to click along at my own pace. Xpadder really does work great though. I'm not even sure when it was last updated or anything, but it just works, so hassle free that I'd still totally recommend it, if you're using a xinput controller or something with regular drivers. It just sucks, because I really like using the Switch pro controller and it can be a real pain without Steam's drivers. (I just find the shape extremely comfortable and it has such nice big buttons)
  10. Yeah, I also use things like Xpadder sometimes, but the Steam controller software really does just go above and beyond. I bought Eden and the adult patch on Steam the other day and the cloud seems to work really great too. I can be playing on my desktop and decide I wanna lay down, but keep reading and it makes it so easy to just load things right up on my laptop. I'm thinking that next I wanna try getting an add on controller for my phone and streaming VNs to it from my desktop. I'm hoping it will give me the same feeling as playing VNs on my Vita did.
  11. I'm always reading a bunch of stuff, but the game that really surprised me is Raging Loop. I wasn't expecting it to pull me in like this or be this good. If it finishes strong this will definitely be one of my all time favorites. If not then I suppose at least I'm really enjoying the ride. I hope Kemco makes more VNs. Normally, they're just making a crazy amount of mobile JRPGs.
  12. I really like Steam's features, like supporting pretty much every controller, but really I'm just determined to get a handheld PC (GPD Win, Alienware UFO) to play VNs and I imagine the easiest way to seamlessly jump between my desktop and handheld will be through Steam. That said, I really hate having to research every VN listed on there to make sure it's not censored like crazy.
  13. Just wanted to say thanks for doing this. I've been playing this on PC and working my way through Chihaya's route, but it would be really cool to play the other ones with this on my Vita.
  14. "Aaaaah!" about sums up my reaction to that too. I'm not sure I want to play this game
  15. Uhh so what's so good about it?
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