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  1. Wow, I always forget to update this thread. Anyway this the update. Cafe Rouge is now live on Kickstarter. We have raised fund to over 300%. We are hoping to get $15,000 to get the fund for new backgrounds (in which, if funded, the game will be expected to release on April 2020. If not, then we will need to wait longer to collect the fund using our own money) As we are over 300% funded we have achieved several stretch goals and unlocked several additional routes. You may refer at below for our stretch goals. As we have unlocked Diane as one of romantic interest, Cafe Rouge is officially an otome AND yuri game. If you are interested in backing us Kickstarter, please feel free to check out the campaign here: I will stop here for now since this is becoming an image wall. Anyway, if there is anyone who has been checking us out, thank you so much for your support. We are hoping to release the game on April 2020 with the new backgrounds (which will be drawn by one of the artists that had worked with the movie, Weathering With You as BG artist. We are so excited when we managed to contact them ^^) only if the last stretch goal is reached. The Kickstarter campaign will end on 25th December 2019 so please share this campaign to your friend to make sure we are able to get this game release in its best state as possible!
  2. CloudNovel Breakdown is released! You can play here: https://cloudnovel.net/fluffness/novel/cloudnovel-breakdown This game is buggy and meant to be buggy. Play at your own risk.
  3. Are japanese dubs really good?

    Well, personally I like JP voice acting better if the characters are Japanese. It comes more natural to me, knowing that the characters are Japanese. Basically, it depends on the official language. If the VN official language is Japanese, then I prefer Japanese. If it is an OELVN, I prefer English. It's like...can you imagine watching Totally Spies with other language dubs? Not for me. (Okay, maybe as a kids I do watch Totally Spies in other language dubs but when I grew up and rewatch it again, it does feel weird to not hearing English language on them.) Of course, the voice actor/actress' skills is one of the most important factors too. Personally, I've never heard old man's voice and loli's voice in English dubs that is good.
  4. Hello! I'm here again to represent the original work of my team. We called ourselves The Wrecking Crew. Previously we've created a meme card battle visual novel called Dark Lords Don't Give A . Now, our current ongoing project is called CloudNovel Breakdown. Before we start, you need to know that The Wrecking Crew is basically a gathering of CloudNovel developers who want to have fun by trolling players. Kinda like a stress-reliever break from our actual, serious project. So yeah, from times to times, we gathered together and do a small project like this. A HEAVY WARNING: Do not play our game if you're depressed, stressed or anticipating a serious game. STORY Play as the main character (customizable name), a noob developer in an engine CloudNovel. As she is about to publish her first visual novel, a bug occurred! Now, she is responsible to go on the journey, entering the visual novels' worlds one by one to find a magic button that will reset the server as well as fixing all the bugs. Story Origin Actually, the story is inspired by the actual incident that happens in CloudNovel. At that time, the users of CloudNovel was growing in numbers so we had to move to a new server to accommodate those numbers. However, after we moved, something went wrong with the server where the site would slow down abruptly and sometimes just inaccessible. Thus, while we're waiting for the server company to fix this problem, the only temporary solution to solve this was by asking the site owner, Sonya to press the reset button. SO here comes the actual, real and unofficial description of the game. You create a game, you publish it, a bug happens. Called site owner, wait for the bugs to be fixed, but oh shoot! Your bugs are contagious! You are forced to enter the visual novel world to find that magic button in the hope it will fix the engine. NOTE: Due to your contagious bug, the visual novel worlds you entered would have bugs too. Anyway, we hope you a safe journey. FEATURES: We worked with several artists/developers/writers to do this. Each of them will make their own visual novel inside the game. So we will have different styles of art and for non-artist developers cum writers, they will be using a free art material. So in other words, features we'll be having are: FREE! Different art style from different artists (including unfinished art) or free-to-use art Different genres of story (all-in-one VN) Bugs, many bugs Sometimes, MC would transmigrate to a different body in certain worlds, so MC can also be male sometimes. MAIN CHARACTER is a female character who is eager to try out a visual novel engine and somehow she ended up making a bug while she's trying to publish her first visual novel. Original MC Art by fluffness MC in another visual novel world Art by megumi ART AND SCREENSHOT Yup, we've made the MC cries a lot. Art by Haryu If you haven't realized yet, this is a meme game. We've made this for fun. This is our stress-reliever. If you decide to try playing this game, please do note that YOUR ENJOYMENT IS NOT GUARANTEED! We planned to release this game on the 1st April on CloudNovel site.
  5. Thank you so much! I have vndb but I don't update it. I don't even know why the heck I create that account. I've played Danganronpa and for non-otome, I would love to play this kind of VN more. Don't worry! I worked with OELVN too so I like them as well!
  6. I have played all-ages version of eroge however they are not my cup of tea. Because I don't like harem and at the very beginning, the girls would show their blatant affection (or dislike for tsundere) towards the protagonist, sometimes for no reason at all as it is their first meeting. Of course, this is just my preferences and opinion. So yeah, I'm not exactly avoiding them as you said but I don't mind limiting my reading options if it is mean I don't have to play something I don't like.
  7. Humu, humu.... It seems that I am the one who hasn't explore fuwanovel. I don't expect so many people don't play nukige or eroge. Then, then... do you guys have any VN recommendations that is not nukige or eroge? Doesn't have to be otome ONLY.
  8. This is purely curiosity but I've noticed so many people here playing nukige and eroge or like almost every conversation here mentioned nukige and eroge. Then again, I am still new and haven't explored fuwanovel more. So, I wonder if there are any people like me who don't play nukige or eroge? What kind of visual novel are you playing then? For me it is otomege. Ikemen is justice and the ships shall sailed! Hehehe... NOTE: I don't mean any offence to those who played nukige or eroge. It's a matter of preference and I have no say on that.
  9. The script is finished actually. Now in process of editing and fixing plothole.
  10. Thank you! The artist is someone who has worked with Japanese otome game, Otomate. The one which published visually gorgeous otome visual novels, Amnesia, Diabolik Lovers and a lot more. She has worked with us a few times and we are so excited to have her on board on our visual novel project as well.
  11. Frequently Asked Question: 1. Is buying 1000 CP for $2.49 is enough? It should be enough for the whole 3 routes of dateable characters. CloudNovel had undergone a price change recently. The final price of this VN is still unconfirmed. 2. Are there only 3 dateable characters? You have so many gorgeous characters! Can I date with one of the girls? For now, there are only 3 dateable characters and all of them are male. However, depending on how well the visual novel does, we may add more routes so it might be possible for you to date the girls too. Therefore, please help us by sharing this visual novel on your social media account. 3. What is the expected release date? The artists said they may need 8 months to draw all the characters so we may be able to release this somewhere in Winter 2019. Let's pray for this to be a smooth sailing journey!
  12. Original 2012 game: DOWNLOAD HERE New Kickstarter Demo: Available online on CloudNovel | Download PC or Mac here SUMMARY Isis, your average American teenager, happens upon a part-time job opening at Café Rouge. During the day, it is your normal quaint cafe and bakery. When the night takes over, it is transformed into a five-star restaurant theatre cafe, with live stage performances and first-class customers coming in the middle of the night. As Isis delves deeper into this strange cafe, she becomes tangled in the mystery of its haunted world. Will she find friends or foe? Will she follow fate or make her own destiny? Will she find love? That's for you to decide... Features: + Complex, branching storyline + Multiple Ending + Change the protagonist's main name + 3 Dateable Ikemen (Depending on stretch goals reached on Kickstarter, this may change) + Original GUI + Original OST Hello everybody! We're so so excited to tell you guys that Café Rouge is coming back, on CloudNovel, as CloudNovel's first commercial game! That means it will only be available online on the web and on mobile devices, with in-game purchases (there will be no download for PC or Mac). To play the full 8+ hour long game, it'll only cost $2.49 to purchase 1000 CloudPoints (CP OR you can earn points for free per day by sharing Cafe Rouge's official CloudNovel play page on your social media (Twitter, Reddit, etc)! The only thing different is the brand new character art (and slightly rewritten the story to fix all plot holes, THE MYSTERY WILL BE REVEALED FINALLY)!!! The artist who is doing the art for Cafe Rouge has worked for Rejet (creator of Diabolik Lovers) and Otomate (PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC otome games company in Japan) For those interested, or who don't know Diabolik Lovers or Otomate, they are very popular brand name otome games in Japan. We are PRETTY sure if you are an avid otome games fan, you heard of them. So for those who don't know Cafe Rouge, it is an online flash game created back in 2012. Sonya created it back when she was 18 years old, and it grew viral with 1.6 million plays. The video trailer with the original 2012 game is below. She didn't finish telling the story because She grew bored of it back then, but now she's ready to remake Cafe Rouge on CloudNovel, fix all the plotholes by rewriting the story (most of it will be the same) and use brand new art from artists who've worked on professional otome games from Japan. This will be CloudNovel's first commercial game with in-game purchases of 1-5 points cost per choice button. What I'm going to do is make Cafe Rouge up till chapter 3 FREE as a demo, and after chapter 3 it'll cost you points to continue playing the game. Don't worry, if you can't spend money YOU CAN EARN POINTS FOR FREE. A new feature coming soon to CloudNovel is earning free points by sharing CloudNovel visual novels on social media. You will earn 1 point per day for sharing a visual novel on your twitter, Redditt, etc. (That point earned can only be used as in-game purchases on the visual novel you shared). Characters (Main Character & 3 Dateable Bachelors) Other Characters Background Sample Watch 2012 Video Trailer (Trailer for 2019 will be coming soon!) FOLLOW US Follow us to get the update: Twitter: https://twitter.com/cloudnovel CloudNovel: https://cloudnovel.net/sonya
  13. Free 2D Game Art for Your Projects

    The game arts are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!
  14. Hello, everyone. In this post, I will give a few recommendations of free online visual novels I have played on CloudNovel. In my opinion, these visual novels need more love than what they currently had. Since I said they are online, does that mean they absolutely have no way to download it and play it offline? Some of them are available both online and offline so you can choose which method do you prefer. NOTE: The order of this list is random. These visual novels are not arranged by a ranking of “Which one is better” or “Which one I like the most” NOTE #2: These are my personal recommendations. It's okay if you don't feel the same but please don't throw hate to me. Let's be nice to each other ^^ Insidious (Play it here) Downloadable: NO I wake up on a dark, abandoned island. I can feel immediately that something is very, very wrong. But will I last long enough to discover what it is? High School Otome (Play it here) Downloadable: YES (Please go to the site and read the description. Download link is there) This is a story about a lonely girl named Sabrina. She lives the everyday life of a normal high schooler, and this is her story about a day in the life of Sabrina. Red Grimly Tale (Play it here) Downloadable: YES (Please go to the site and read the description. The method of downloading is there) Red is going to visit his grandma, who lives in a village across the wood. However, rumors say that there's a dangerous wolf living in the forest. The Red Wood (Play it here) Downloadable: YES Note: Sequel to Red Grimly Tale. Note from developer: This game is a sequel to Red Grimly Tale and it contains spoilers to Red Grimly Tale’s true ending. But Red Grimly Tale’s true ending also contains spoilers for The Red Wood, so you decide which one you want spoiled XD (you can't run from the spoiler bwahahahahaha) Cursed to see the deads, Golda must run from the ghost as they try to possess her for their own personal vendetta. All Golda wants is to find her mother, who disappeared, deep within the woods. But now Golda must battle not only the deads, but she has to stop something much... more... sinister. Helen’s Doll House (Play it here) Downloadable: Premium only. (Please go to the site and read the description. The method of getting premium and its advantage are stated there. Price: $3) Helen is the daughter of a famous doll maker. Her wish is to become good like her father. One day, a stranger with a red scarf dropped a magic book for her… Fluffland (Play it here) Downloadable: Premium only. (Please go to the site and read the description. The method of getting premium and its advantage are stated there. Price: $3) What if you're suddenly being kidnapped in a world full of cute beings called fluffs?? They're soft! They're fluffy!! What will you do? Find a way to go home? Stay there? Find the culprit who threw you in this unreal place? Live your new life and work, study, go shopping, take care of your garden! Discover Cemetery, the land of night parties, and become the top fighter in the arena! What are you waiting for? Come and join us! I want to recommend some more but it's 3 AM by the time I wrote this so I want to go to sleep now. Maybe I will edit this post and add some more tomorrow. Have you played any of these? What do you think?