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    Inspecting the pages, Making*Lovers looks to be so much better than I expected it to be! http://ml.nekonyansoft.com/index.html http://senren.nekonyansoft.com/index.html
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    Quite an interesting announcements that we got, and in turn it did make Sekai position is even worse. As for their announcements, the name are Senren Banka and Making Lover. Yes one of those were Senren Banka in which it's one of the VN that I'm interested with back at AX 2016 that was licensed by Sekai, and in turn it left Sekai with one (Or two if you still wait for official Dracu Riot release) Yuzusoft VN. Anyway, here's the link to Nekonyan's blogpost for the proof.
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    Since I’ve established my Steam Curator profile last winter I’ve been sent a number of games, some of which received full reviews on the site (ex. Sable’s Grimoire or Crystalline), while others, for various reasons, did not get covered at all. In most cases, the games I didn’t write posts about were small or low-budget titles, hardly giving enough material for an in-depth review – still, as I don’t like the idea of ignoring people that were generous enough to offer me their work for free, I’ve decided to dedicate this and next week’s posts to giving a short overview of things that were given to me through Curator Connect in 2018, but didn’t get to appear on the blog. Just as in the mini-reviews series, every entry will be concluded with a simple rating on a scale from “Highly Recommended” to “Not Recommended”. So, let’s get this party started! Silenced: The House If someone asked me to define “wasted potential”, showing them this game would be an easy way to thoroughly explore the concept. Silenced starts with a slightly edgy, but appealing and unusual concept. You play as a villain (although to a large extent manipulated rather than plain evil) – a girl adept in the occult, who lures a group of some particularly obnoxious teenager to a secluded mansion, as a sacrifice to a malevolent spirit. There, things quickly goe out of control and our protagonist has to struggle both to satisfy the demon she’s forced to serve and keep her life while fighting off against vengeful ghosts that come after her “companions” and uncover the sins from their pasts. The general set up and the simplistic, but well-stylized art are fairly promising, but that impression quickly falls apart as you experience the game’s clunky and often cringe-worthy writing style – to some extent a victim of the less-than-perfect translation from Russian, but having problems that go far beyond what poor localization could explain. The unnatural English, overly-contrived metaphors and edgy internal monologues of the protagonist quickly makes the whole thing unpleasant to read and while the storyline has its moments (the backstories and hidden motivations of the characters are kind of fun to explore, especially after the intrigue picks up), it’s just ultimately not enjoyable to go through. The game is also technically clunky, adding to the cheap feel of the whole experience – even the large number of CGs and effective use of gore can’t save it from being a poor VN. Unless you’re able to read the original, Russian version, this one is simply not worth buying – but I also hope that the devs behind it will try creating something similar in the future and improve on the formula, because as disappointing as this game was, it was also not very far from becoming something genuinely interesting. Time will tell. Final rating: Not Recommended Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
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    I actually had a lot of fun with AA2. But my play style was... unorthodox, to say the least. I usually created a bunch of characters from the same media (or from some original fic I wrote), yeah that character maker was really cool best part, and then just threw them to fate and watched how close to canon the relationships went. God, some were spot on, while some failed results got me to watch fated enemies fucking
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    The Steam release is out now too, so go pick up your high-quality zombie giblets in all their glory on Steam or Denpasoft, whatever floats your boat. Can confirm, the porn is pretty damn impactful. Also, it's just a good game and almost bizarrely different from every other localized VN I've ever seen. Go check it out!
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    There are two masterpieces this month - Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~ and Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de..., but the winner is Age Maniax, one of the most entertaining bakage I've played so far. As usual, I'll pour all my admiration in a review coming along with the video playthrough. 1. Lavender [000602] For Main character suddenly acquires an unstable "predictive ability" that he can not control. He has to see near future against his will. So started the days full of bliss where the the scent of lavender drifts everywhere on a soft wind. Game can be described as a moege. It's short, impressive cute. There are five girls including one devil girl from the other world. So it all depends whether you can stand moege or not since the girls have the appeal here. 2. Rakuen Meikyuu Pet 楽園迷宮PET [000602] Speed Year 2007. Main character gets a media CD after he spends a night with her. She promises him some work, but instead he gets hunted by various people and organizations willing to take possession of that CD. Scenario base is not bad, but the seasoning is not right. The choices are timed here and actually require reflexes. Characters aren't too attractive and only main heroine story makes sense. It's not clear why game is set in 2007 since no futuristic elements are involved. 3. Teito no Yuri 帝都のユリ [000602] Sweet Basil Showa 10th. The "Emperor" reigns for many years while recession continues and natural disasters break out. At the same time the Teito Tokyo faction that seeks reforms grows in power. All all-girl military unit that vowed to protect the emperor hear a rumor that that the ruler is obstructed and can not rule anymore. They decide to organize a coup d'etat to protect the emperor. That triggered a chain of dreadful events that verged the country in chaos for three months. As usual, Sweet Basil manages to produce an intriguing story swarmed with nasty H events at the same time. This time the charm in military struggle and all the yuri events. I like good stories, but I absolutely could not enjoy Rinkaiten ~Critical Point~ due to abuse of H events, and this game is very similar in that way. All kinds of voluntary and non-voluntary dark H events take place at war, and that totally devalues the story. Every heroine has her route. 4. Age Maniax ~Isumi Yon Shimai Saigo no Hi~ アージュマニアックス ~伊隅四姉妹最期の日~ [000603] Age One day protagonist meets with four sisters, who due to certain events starts living in his house. But he has to go to Europe to follow a story, and they decide to go together with him. They make reservations in an old castle which had reports of a princess' ghost, a legendary wolf, a lake monster and a crashed UFO surrounding it. And this is not even the beginning of the events to unfold around the sisters ... What bunch of weird crap. But I'm much more interested in the girl on the scree - this is Drei from Phantom of Inferno. What the hell is Nitroplus character doing in the Age game?! I even secretly hope this month won't have a superior game, so that I could make a playthrough of this strange game. 5. Ao no Tobira Shiro no Kagi 青の扉 白の鍵 [000609] Cyc You're on your way to becoming a sports coach, but then you get into a car accident and get hospitalized. There you meet girls and reflect on your past life. There are five heroines to capture during one month period. Heroines feel real. But here there's no songs and no quirk of Treating2U, it feels heavy overall. And I was traumatized even by Treating 2U... 6. Kioku no Umi Kara ~Watermark~ 記憶の海から ~Watermark~ [000609] Loze The graduating class of a village school. It consists only of main character and four girls. Soon they fly away from the nest leaving only memories behind. But four years from then the class gets to meet again. The game of occult theme at the time of alumni association. The four heroines are of typical archetypes. All the sentimental crap really irritates me. Depiction is thin, so it feels a bit flimsy. 7. Maid in Bunny めいどいんばに~ [000609] Eushully 1 The game is pretty much like a fairy tale, and takes place in a peaceful kingdom. The heroine (yes no hero this time) of the game is called Elena, one of the many maids in the castle serving the royalty. What makes Elena special besides her clumsiness and pure (yet cute) innocence is that she is the exclusive maid who takes care of Prince Galu. The 2 of them have a close relationship which makes other maids quite jealous. Anyways, Elena and Galu was chatting in the garden one day. In the meantime, a mysterious lady came to the throne claiming that she is the dark race and wants to take over the castle (yes it's kinda pathetic but remember, it's a FAIRY TALE). She turns the King into stone. When the Maid Head realizes the problem, she starts to attack the lady. However, the Maid Head's thunderbolts renders useless because the lady had the ancient relic to protect her against magic attacks. Realizing the trouble, the Maid Head decides to ring the alarm to summon all the maids in the castle to hit the lady with brooms etc since that's phyical attacks rather than magical attacks. Just when Elena and Galu heard the alarm, a Succubus as well as the mysterious lady popped out of nowhere wanting to hold Prince Galu captive. Elena tries to defend the prince but fails. Galu decides to give in since he doesn't want to see Elena get hurt. The succubus then carries Elena in the air and flew out of the castle to get rid of the maid. A slip in the hand made Elena free fall into the ground from the air. In the meantime, Revea, a royal magician who lives outside the castle sees the invasion of the Dark race. She tells her student Yuri the white mage, to go and find the legendary hero and save the kingdom. Yuri leaves and finds Elena climbing up from the ground where she fell from the sky. At the same time a bunch of monsters popped out of nowhere. When asked by Yuri if she has any weapon, the only thing Elena has is a feather duster. Yuri then uses his magic to enlarge Elena's duster, making her be able to slap the monsters and destroy them. With this enlarged duster as her weapon, Elena along with Yuri have to find a way to get back into the castle (which is now protected by a force field) and save Prince Galu. There is an English review. 8. Yasoumu 夜想夢 [000609] Melody A night park connects reality and illusion. Unnoticed by majority of people there is an door here that leads to illusion world. What kind of things can happen there? Game is similar to Kurayami 2. There are different scenarios. The consistency of each scenario is low and there are a lot of bad endings. The H scenes feel alien to the stories and thus clumsy. It's mostly a stylistic thing. 9. Maykick Online [000615] Zenos In the end of the 21st century humanity starts to develop artificial life forms. The first secretly developed pack of androids were all beautiful women, and scientists refused to send them to fight. Authorities dispatched mercenaries to kill the androids, but mercenaries were so fascinated that supported androids instead. Instead of participating in military conflicts androids were set to participate in new a fighting sport game. Main character needs to train such android woman to become the queen of the ring. It's not exactly a nukige, but a raising SIM with H elements in between. Bo-oring. 10. 8th Angel ~Shuumatsu no Tenshi~ 8TH ANGEL ~終末の天使~ [000616] Eye 1 World is in crisis, and in order to save it you must find and awaken eight angels. To do so, you will have to defeat as many monsters as you can while you develop your relationships with the seven female angels and with your sick step sister. There is an English review. 11. Bluelight Magic [000623] light Hero sees a strange dream, and it urges him to visit his three cousins. Seemingly ordinary girls turn out to have superpowers. They are being targeted by a mysterious organization... Once again a serious story is faked in favor of numerous unlockable short routes (just 5-6 days!). All the routes roughly have the same contents. Game produces a mixed impression. It has wonderful opening, gas, great sound and graphics, but at the same time has bugs, system deficiencies and poor quality text with not much story development. It's a huge step from amateurish White Angel, but can be of interest only as a charage with gags. 12. Enamel Panic!! エナメルパニック!! [000623] F&C Main character is a reincarnation of a legendary hero. He has no choice but to save a different world by collecting crystals, rescuing damsels in distress and defeating the demon king. Scroller games are no my thing. At all. 13. Seiryaku ~Koukyuu de no Himegoto~ 性略 ~後宮での秘め事~ [000623] Mutation Continent drowned in the flames of war. The king of "Jin" country falls ill and his eldest son takes over. He urgently needs to get a wife to become a proper ruler. Six neighboring countries instantly send their bride candidates. If he gives a clear preference to one of the girls, the rivals will assassinate her the same day. He needs to resolve the situation peacefully while keeping his affairs secret. It's evident that China is taken as prototype. Character design is specific and overall very nice. Difficulty is reasonable, but it's difficult to foretell assassinations, so lots of loading is required. The game is mostly about secret dates in original atmosphere, so don't expect real story here. 14. Setsunai せつない [000623] Marimo It's high school love bloom season. Will hero find his love this year? Game is labeled as kusoge everywhere. The main reason is redundant and repeating scenario. Game takes place during 14 days, but actually has events only for 2-3 days. Tempo is just super bad. Apart of that there are several heroines to flag and enter individual branches. 15. Roommate Novel ~Satou Yuka~ ルームメイトノベル 〜佐藤由香〜 [000629] Datam Polystar 1 2 It is summer and your parents left on holiday for all of August while leaving you alone with the house. One month complete of freedom. When suddenly destiny throws in a grain of salt. Sometimes one prefers to pass there evenings in the company of good friends and even a girl that you hardly know, meet the famous Sato Yuka! At this point I'm deeply confused by the number and similarity of these Roommate games - this one seems to be the sixth (!) There's a nice English guide for those willing to know more of the game. 16. Ameiro no Kisetsu あめいろの季節 [000630] ZyX Hokkaido. Main character lives with two older sisters Yuuko and Kasumi. He learns that he is not blood related with his relatives. Siblings have feelings for each other, but keep it secret. But one day hero's father returns from overseas trip with a new family... The feature of the game is that it's possible to be played from three points of view - protagonist, Yuuko and Kasumi. Love triangle resembles author's previous work Liaison. Psychological depiction is good, but no much evolution is felt. The number of choices is large with lots of fake ones. Overall it's a solid private story, especially notable for providing woman point of view. 17. Fuurin no Uta 風輪の詩 [000630] Soubi Kenkyuujo Main character is a university student who sees the same dream every day. The dream depicts his breaking up with his lover two years ago. Guilt and regret feelings make him ride a bike and go on a trip somewhere his memories can't reach him. What will he encounter in this journey? The first game of Soubi Kenkyuujo is of doujin level. Picture is rough, scenario has no meaning, and there is no skip function. 18. Grand Finale ~Final Funfair in 7 days~ グランドフィナーレ ~Final Funfair in 7 days~ [000630] Lily-Z After working almost the whole summer to make money for a seaside trip with his girlfriend, she left him because she longer love him the way she used to. While depressed and roasting in end of summer heat, he got a call from his childhood girl. It seems their local fun park is going to close in 7 days and they need him to help out there. Since he can never refuse her, he starts working as a cleaner in the park. While cleaning, he can chase one of 7 girls. They are his childhood girl, park manager, girl who lost her brother, English girl, horror house doll, alien girl and guardian angel. Will he be able to find lasting love? This is a charage, so you need to like a particular girl to enjoy the game. Atmosphere and picture is nice. Difficulty is easy for each girl. H scenes are a bit rushed. Nothing in particular except for one thing... ending. There only drama endings for the girls, at least I could not prove otherwise. 19. Hateshinaku Aoi, Kono Sora no Shita de... 果てしなく青い、この空の下で… [000630] TopCat "Our school will be closed down next year." I know that.... There are only six students (I'm one and only male student...!) A train station will be constructed here. Anyway, what should I do until the school is closed...? We'll get separated next year.... As I look up the sky, the blue sky is spreading as if lapping me over. What am I doing next year...? This is going to be the most difficult game overview for me this month, because it's not my type, but it's a big mystery work with dozens of contradictory reviews and a great opening that has 70k views. It's being called a classic nostalgic title and sometimes even Hayao Miyazaki work in the world of eroge. Graphics is not appealing, but there is a charm in it. The theme is childhood friendship and trust in each other. There are five girls each with her own mystery. If all the good endings of each girl is reached, bonus after-story scenario opens for each heroine. Work is divided into four parts corresponding Spring, Summer, Fall and Winder with first ones being bright ones and the final parts containing drama. What I want to say is that this work suits well newcomers to the genre and most of positive scores come from there. The more experienced players say that mystery is satisfying only for the first route played and the rest are absolutely foreseen, and the novel with evident ending ends up boring. Text is easy to read, and it also can be seen as disadvantage for mature players who have seen lots of such rural sentimental stories. Each element in the game is good, but it's too classic to bring new emotions. So it's definitely a masterpiece of its time, but it the type of game that gets mentally older with each year passing. 20. Lens no Mukougawa... レンズの向こう側... [000630] Mina Protagonist is a college student who has eyeglasses fetish. One night he sees a dream of an unfamiliar woman gazing at him near a big tree. He goes to the tree and finds strange glasses at the excavation site near the tree. When he wears the glasses he hears the command to dedicate women to the glasses, and one wish will be granted in return. And the moment the first girl wears those glasses... Don't expect a serious story here, the best thing we get is solving the problems of each of three heroines. It's glasses fetish work with three different types of glasses to choose for each heroine. There are three heroines with an ending and four heroines just for occasional H event. But CARNELIAN is responsible for art, so art is super-cool, as usual. 21. Nakushita Jikan e 失くした時間へ [000630] Ciel Main character is 28 years and he now returns to his hometown. He is shocked to know that his former lover committed suicide two years ago. He gets into an accident and gains an ability to turn time back. Now he can save his first love or opt for absolutely new acquaintances. Quite a normal school charage, just with a more serious protagonist than usual. There are few impressions, but the existing ones are mediocre. 22. Sakuranbo Kaigan さくらんぼ海岸 [000630] Fairytale 1 Your grandmother has got a house at the beach but she doesn't need it, so you can have it. You have the idea that you could use it during summer vacation as a restaurant. Of course you will meet many girls (and a boy) who would love to work for you in the restaurant. There is an English review. 23. Senjuuya 千秋夜 [000630] Riot Protagonist's parents are working a lot, so he has to take care of his sister. She drags after him everywhere and enters the same school and college. He wants some private space and has plans for this winter, but first he needs to do something about his sister. Scenario is the weakest point of the game. Little is explained and dialogues progress separately, often without realizing who talks to whom. Sometimes game looks really funny because of that. Imouto fans would probably like this game, but there are many heroines besides the sister as well. BLOCKED 1. Marchen Maid Jigoku めるふぇんメイド地獄 [000602] Archive The mansion has three maids who only live for their master. However, working hard every day is very tiresome, so when the master is not looking, they take a break. In one of those occasions, they pick a white book from the library, but when they open it, they get sucked inside the book and become trapped in a strange wonderland, in which they will be exposed to a lot of erotic situations without taking off their maid uniforms. Nukige 2. Mou Suki ni Shite Kudasai ~Ryoujoku to Kusari to Himitsu no Ana~ もう好きにしてください~凌辱と鎖と秘密の穴~ [000602] System Rose There is an old western mansion on the hill of a small fisherman's town. It is owned by a chairman of a certain company. Main character is the son of that chairman. He lives in the mansion with four women servants. As of late he starts to pay them a lot of attention in attempt to record juicy moments on the camera. Nukige 3. Dancing Cat's Dancing Cat's [000609] Dreams 1 In Dancing Cat's (sic), the player takes the role of an ambitious businessman named Kazuhiko. He founds a company named PiPit that focuses on show business. He has two goals in mind: first, hire talented dancers and singers and do everything possible to beat the competition; second, conquer the hearts (or probably just the bodies) of the seductive women who surround him... Nukige 4. Kokudouou ~Doura II~ 黒瞳皇~瞳裸II~ [000609] Studio Jikkenshitsu Main character is the king of a small country sandwiched between two major countries opposing each other. After his father dies both countries try to impose their princess candidates. Main character does not want to anger any side, so he stales the time promising marriage to each side. But the day of taking decision grows near. Nukige 5. Oyako Donburi 母娘どんぶり [000615] Beenyan This summer is different from previous ones, not only the temparature but also my mind and body. Shintaro has a beautiful mother and pretty younger sister who have been living with him. But this summer is somehow different.... One day, when he enters a bathroom to have a bath, there is a sister, Tomoe. She gives a shriek and runs away. This is the first time for him to see his sister as a woman. And when he soaks in a bath, Tomoe comes in to apologize for what she did to him and she says she will wash his back.... Nukige 6. Close 2U ~Saigo no Natsuyasumi~ Close 2U~最後の夏休み~ [000616] Aka-chan Club Twin brothers dream of becoming wind surfing professionals. Together with three other boys and six girls they go on a tropical island. This may be a summer when dreams come true. Nukige 7. Karu Mesu かるめす [000616] Dall Main character is a god who makes women squirt. He conquered women in many dimensions already, so this one must capitulate before him as well. Nukige 8. Chat Shiyou yo! チャットしようよ! [000623] Black Package Nanpa SIM in the form Internet chat. Use boards, emails and chat to try to pick up girls outside internet! Nukige 9. Dennou M Dorei - Reimi 電脳M奴隷・麗美 [000623] Guilty During university, Kazato Reimi was a pop cyber idol because of her talents. After graduating from college, she retired from being an idol and established a computer game company, Reimyck, and as the president she has worked to make game software. However, Reimyck has faced a crisis because a big title game had a virus and stopped releasing. Saiki Junko, Reimi's partner, asks Reimi to meet Wakura Kenzo, a president of George Electronics to receive financial support. If her financial plan seems good, he will await her payment. There is no way for her to refuse this proposal because of this crisis. Nukige 10. Depaga ~Service Angel~ デパガ~service angel~ [000623] Janis Depaga are top class workers of huge department stores. But what's hidden from the eyes of buyers is lots of training. Main character must become an instructor of useless newcomer girls and make first class universal workers out of them to fill any role from waitresses to elevator girls. Nukige 11. Ing 陰具 [000623] Merlot Main character inherits an adult shop. Together with his sister-in-law he needs to repay all the debts in just one year. Nukige 12. Kazoku no Kizuna 家族の絆 [000623] Bind Main character prepares to enter a famous university. On his 20th birthday he learns that his mother and two sisters are not blood related to him. He decides he can't trust his family anymore. And since trust is impossible anymore the best course of action is to make obedient slaves out of them. Nukige 13. Lovely Angels Peropero Candy 2 Lovely Angels ぺろぺろCandy2 [000623] Mink The stage is Image club where one can order various situations for sex. Main character walks inside by mistake but is unable to forget about this place afterwards. Nukige 14. Mirror [000623] Alloe Main character falls from a cliff during a ski trip. He miraculously survives and being unable to climb up the cliff he walks into a lodge in the woods. He stays for the night, but at night the master of the house gets killed. He's unable to leave the house till the killer is found, so he decides to investigate the matter himself. Nukige 15. Nie 3 [000623] Hyperspace Three girls compete to be the bride. Main character needs an enduring wife, so he organizes a series of severe compatibility tests. Nukige 16. Sadistic Wedding ~Yogosareta Junpaku~ Sadistic Wedding ~汚された純白~ [000623] Kurumi Four different girls feel disbelief towards men since attempted rape cases at school. Main character shall help them master their behavior and overcome the complex. Nukige 17. Toilet no Megami-sama トイレの女神様 [000623] Authoring Heaven Goddess is supposed to come this new moon night to collect all the semen that poor men have been saving. In order to confirm this legend main character searches around various public toilets in the city. Nukige 18. Eden III [000630] Forester Ellen is stationed at the moon base. The aliens attack the women at the base. Humans who get aware of aliens presence start to fight back with weapons. Eventually aliens take their original form and flee. Meanwhile Glenn sneaks into the base, gathers materials to create his own rocket and struggles to return to the Earth to conquer it and become world leader. Nukige 19. Kangatari 神語 ~かんがたり~ [000630] Euphony Production Main character is leading an ordinary school life. But then one day a student is found in the form of the living vegetable - organs are functioning normally, but there is no consciousness. Such living vegetables start to increase with each day. At the same time the unrivaled protagonists gets beaten by another boy who somehow acquired superficial powers. There's some great conspiracy unwinding, and school administration seems to be involved. Nukige 20. Keibiin ~Yuuganda Shokumu Nisshi~ 警備員~歪んだ職務日誌~ [000630] Interheart Main character is a guard in a department store. All the shoplifters should pay for their crimes, this way or another... Nukige 21. Material Girl マテリアル・ガール [000630] Komaya Protagonist celebrates an anniversary of relations with his girlfriend. It's the real honeymoon of their life. But in the process of experiments it's possible hurt partner. Will they stay together forever? Nukige 22. Sei Cosplay Gakuen ~Game Bunkou~ 聖コスプレ学園 ~ゲーム分校~ [000630] STONE HEADS Popular Tokyo cosplay shop issues a game featuring itself. It's possible to work as a part-time worker there, build up relations with cosplayer girls, get into romance relations with them and even invite girls to school for some hot action! Nukige
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    Good to see them continue SMEE partnership
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    Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Also, Harukoi Otome (although it isn't that great in itself either way ). Some scenes looked really horrible. But they could brag that it's "uncensored"...
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    Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Mosaics don't matter in Senren Banka when the whole charm is in a girl peeing to your mouth while getting your head crushed between her thicc butt cheeks.
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    Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    Maybe there is a chance Neko is taking over Yuzusofts other titles from Sekai
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    Here v2.1 Make sure you are selecting every possible mod when installing, since I couldn't tell you which package it is from.
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    solidbatman AMA v3: re

    First VN was Analogue: A Hate Story followed about a year later by Ever 17 I believe. I still read them occasionally but they usually have to stand out greatly, be an EVN, or be from someone I know for me to really pick one up and read now. Fuwanovel likely had little to do with VNs taking off in the west like they have over the past few years. I think the fact Fuwanovel got larger was due to an already existing interest in VNs in the western world. Fuwanovel is more an result of the popularity of VNs, not the cause. As for relevancy, I believe it can be like it was in the past. VNTS was very popular, and some of the information pages that were planned would be a boon. Hopefully these can be revived in the near future because I think Fuwanovel can still be a valuable resource for news, reviews, and guides with its current existing user base. I wasn't here at the very beginning, but Aaeru's goal was to create a visual novel repository of pre-patched VNs to make downloading and playing VNs far easier for people who were unwilling, or unable to install patches which required you to be able to find the VN in question, pirate it, and then get the patch from the fan TL website. Sometimes these patches were impossible to get as were the VNs, so Aaeru sought to make it easier for people to get those VNs by providing the torrents and a seedbox. The forums sort of got tacked on. She believed that by lowering the difficulty of acquiring VNs, more people would be interested in trying them out. Even her "What is a VN" page oversimplified what a VN was to target fans of anime/manga in hopes of getting them hooked.
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    Rain Spectre

    Nanairo Reincarnation

    Yeah, that's what Denpasoft is for-ganbaru.
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    Rain Spectre

    MangaGamer Winter Sale

    Mangagamer is doing sales on an awful lot of nukige...
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    Craving a good tsundere

    Asumi from Heart de Roommate. An oldie but a goodie. Others have already listed the two I would have recommended from To Heart 2
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    Nekonyan's Two December Announcements

    I am here to announce that the most recent announcement of an announcement was announced in error. Unfortunately, we're still making the finishing touches on some of the promo materials. We may have a more accurate announcement of an announcement at a later date, but not until we know exactly what day we can make said announcement. I am also announcing that we will be much more careful about announcing announcements going forward. We are very sorry for the disappointment this brings. It was an honest mistake, and we'll do better in the future. We won't say "we'll never announce an announcement ever again!" because it's honestly very helpful to prepare people and get them paying attention, rather than surprise announcing stuff. We promise we'll be more responsible about this from now on, though.
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    Still working on the playtesting part. I'm checking things on my end first, but I'm getting closer to finishing it. Then I can send to QC. Hopefully, we can still release the partial patch by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!
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    My favorite genre, as most of you probably know, is chuuni. Chuuni is a genre where the protagonist is generally at the center of events, able to effect those events, and the story is generally filled with melodramatic plot and spoken lines, meant to be taken absolutely seriously. An example of chuuni anime, for example, would be Fate/Zero or Code Geass (to give you an idea of what to look for). Chuuni comes from the word 'chuunibyou', which is a common stage of development for teenagers, when they desperately want to believe they are more than they are and sometimes even convince themselves they are more than they are. Many people who get addicted to fantasy and science fiction tend to get addicted during this stage of their lives, and it is also a stage of life that people generally look back on with embarrassment once they get over it. This is the reason why the Japanese stuck 'byou' onto the end of the word, which has the same kanji as the one for disease, lol. For those who simply enjoy fantasy and melodrama for the wild ride it can give, chuuni is pretty much the ultimate genre. Chuuni also tends to tackle philosophical issues that get left by the roadside as people mature, simply because people start thinking that it is somehow embarrassing or pretentious to consider such issues as if they were the first person to do so ever. Not to mention that many of the best writers in the otaku industry write chuuni VNs, light novels, and manga. This is because it is a genre, similar to the ero genre, which simply has none of the limits that other genres tend to put on themselves. That said, here I am going to put down a list of chuuni VNs, both translated and untranslated, for the reference of fanboys. Translated Muv-luv Alternative Fate/stay Night Tsukihime Comyu (partly translated) Eien no Aselia Yumina Kagetsu Tooya Phantom of Inferno Demonbane G-Senjou no Maou (yes, it is chuuni, and even though I don't personally like this game, it is nonetheless a technically good game) Sharin no Kuni Sekien no Inganock Rewrite (yes, it is chuuni... it was deliberately written to be chuuni) Umineko no Naku Koro ni Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Shikkoku no Sharnoth Soul Link Grisaia no Kajitsu Cross Channel Koihime Musou Ayakashibito Understand, I'm mostly listing all of these to give you a sense of just how wide the chuuni genre is. While games like Comyu, Tsukihime, and FSN are most commonly labeled as such, games such as Sharin no Kuni and G-Senjou can be included for their degrees of melodrama, complex plot twists and turn-arounds, and attempts at hedge philosophy. This should also tell you that a lot of translators are hidden chuuni fans, to one degree or another. If nothing else, chuuni games are full of content that is well-considered and thought out, which tends to attract those with the passion and interest for translation. To an extent, games like Hoshizora no Memoria also have chuuni elements, albeit not strongly enough to consider them primarily as chuuni games. Untranslated Evolimit Bullet Butlers Chrono Belt Devils Devel Concept Dies Irae Draculius Eden* Abyss- Homicide Club Futagoza no Paradox Hapymaher Ikusa Megami Zero Jingai Makyou Sinclient Ruitomo Soukoku no Arterial Soukou Akki Muramasa Sousei Kitan Aerial Tiny Dungeon (entire series) Tokyo Babel (non-ero, for those who prefer things that way) Vermillion Bind of Blood Yurikago Yori Tenshi made Bloody Rondo Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake (avoid this if you are scared of utsuge) Danzai no Maria Electro Arms Gleam Garden no Shoujo Gekkou no Carnevale Gurenka Hello,good-bye Legend Seven Owaru Sekai to Birthday Para-sol Shinigami no Testament Shinjisougeki Carnival Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic Soranica Ele '&' Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni Trouble@Vampire Tsubasa wo Kudasai Bloody Call Gensou no Idea Shin Koihime Musou ExE Gothic Delusion Fortissimo (every version) Heliotrope - Sora wa Shi ni Itaru Kami no Ai (this one is both an utsuge and has a sort-of hetare protag, so it is an acquired taste) Innocent Bullet Jesus 13th Kajiri Kamui Kagura Kouyoku no Soleil Noel Secret Game/Killer Queen (the entire series) Seinarukana (Aselia sequel) 11eyes Shoujo Shin'iki 3 Days Tokeijikake no Leyline Yatohime Zankikou Zero Infinity Izuna Zanshinken 8/13/2014 edit Hello, Lady Bradyon Veda Soushuu Senshinkan Gakuen Hachimyoujin Houkago no Futekikakusha There are a few genres that chuuni is almost completely incompatible with, such as 'original' or pure moege, but to make a good story, with decent drama, it is almost impossible to avoid putting something with chuuni elements in it. The truest sign of chuuni influence is melodrama, after all. Even the nakige genre has chuuni influences, as can be seen in Clannad and Air, (the reincarnation issues in Air, and the general melodramatic emotion-pulling that made Clannad so popular). For the fun of it, try picking up chuuni elements in your favorite anime and video games. Don't bother with jrpgs though, since those things are mostly straight chuuni, lol.
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    Saya no Uta

    Saya no Uta Nitroplus | 2003 | horror / 18+ Summary Fuminori Sakisaka has a traffic accident which kills his parents and leaves him heavily injured. When he has a brain surgery to save his life, his perception of the world changes: everything he sees becomes blood and guts, people's looks and voices seem like monsters, and food that normally appeals to him tastes disgusting. As he contemplates suicide in the hospital, Fuminori meets a beautiful girl among the flesh-covered walls. She introduces herself as Saya, and is apparently looking for her father. Fuminori does not want to be separated from Saya, and asks her to live with him; she agrees... Ending Guideline / Suggested Play Order Want it all back: You will get the 1st ending Don´t need it anymore > He calls Fuminori: The 2nd/3rd ending Don´t need it anymore > He calls Ryouko: The 2nd/3rd ending