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  1. I hope we will see more localization from Light
  2. Outside Japan market is picking up steam as each year pass by. At some point VN developers & publishers will be forced to release more VNs outside Japan. If new versions of Koihime were released now, I am sure they would sell well if not great
  3. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    Problem I believe is that lot of people don't know what this VN is about and also many people got burn on kickstart (thnx Sekai)
  4. Milf Heroine

    The Sagara Family
  5. Irotoridori Kickstarter by Sol Press

    I am sitting on fence. don't know much about story and Art style is mehh (for me)
  6. Higurashi, When They Cry

    Guess I am joining club "Higurashi When?" thnx all for advice
  7. Higurashi, When They Cry

    Should I wait last two chapters before starting reading ?
  8. Well I wrote them mail but I doubt they would give a dame...
  9. Will try mail.. one can have hope
  10. Is there way to make them know that this type of TL will tank hard. It will be more profitable if they partner with any of this four (Mangagamer, Sol, Neko or Jast) or Hire professional TL & Editors from English scen
  11. Day 1 buy for me if TL is OK level and has 18+ version
  12. English OP version is up too
  13. I just found they made English version of site Link . Any info when they plan to release? Do they have good TLs and Editors? and also Do they plan to make 18+ version ?
  14. 9-nine-:Episode 1 coming January 31st

    Any plans for 18+ patch on steam?
  15. What is your favourite VN store?

    Steam > JAST > MangaGamer > others If VN is on Steam I buy it right away, If not I check JAST (love their region pricing).