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  1. Currently I'm reading "Please Be Happy", finished the Juliet Endings just yesterday. It's beautiful little story, and my favorite game from Studio Elan so far.
  2. I take that as a sign they're doing well? (sorry, buisiness stuff on that level isn't exactly something i usually deal with), if so it's nice to hear. I played Highway blossoms and Heart of the woods and while not being my favorites they were still fun to read. Never played NPG though as I'm not a fan of episodic releases and never buy them until they're complete.
  3. Katawa Shoujo, Majikoi (all of them), Ayakashibito, Grisaja, Hoshizora no Memoria, Muv Luv, Ever 17, Fate Stay night, Clannad, Little busters are the ones i remember right now, probably quite a few more though. As for the reason: I just wanted to read it again, happens all the time for me.
  4. I don't own a Steam Deck yet so i can only guess, but it might be saved in the drive_c folder in the proton version you're using. The game wants to save to a certain path which obviously doesn't exist on linux so wine and proton have a set of the most common wondows folders where it's directed to. Those seem to be created per game for steam-games but for third party games it might be saved in there. For the latest official Proton it was here for me: /.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton 7.0/dist/share/default_pfx/drive_c/ (Manjaro Linux)
  5. Really depends on the day, if i just bought a new book or game i usually don't play at all. But usually on workdays i play 2-3 hours (split between VNs, games and books) depending on what i feel like on weekends with bad weather make that up to 15 hours depending if i feel like cooking or making a cake again. If the weather is good however it's only 3-4 hours because go hiking whenever i get the chance. So it can vary between 0 and 45 hours per week.
  6. Not a long story to tell, i always loved reading (read my first books an age of 7-8, the LotR trilogy) and later gaming and anime/manga were added to my main ways to spend time. I probably played VNs before even knowing that they were a genre but that's too far in the past to remember any specific titles. The first time i actually got in contact with the term was in an anime forum where some peple wrote about an VN and i just gave it a try because it was free (it was Katawa shoujo), after finishing it a few times i looked to similar games and found fuwanovel by chance (still with torrents back then, though not long before shutting them down) i tried several of them and it didn't take long until they bacame one of my favorite genres. And it just stayed that way, only difference since then is that i don't have to rely on "unofficial ways" to get them anymore (aside from probably breaking some ToS due to VPN usage and similar stuff at least).
  7. Most of the time i won't even get that far (well maybe i could for the ones like shogi if i had the time to learn it properly) at anything like beat'em up, racing or Rythm-games I usually don't even get past the tutorial no matter how hard i try when it's a full game and i get similar results in the minigame versions. And for some reason they lock whole questlines and with that the amon-fights behind them which makes it extra frustrating as you miss out on main content because you suck at another genre.
  8. The Yakuza/Judgment games, not the combat but the minigames as here they can be considered a part of the main gameplay. I know they are also the main draw for many people, but i just suck at most genres outside of RPG so i want to start screaming anytime i have to play a minigame.
  9. You can indeed change the locale in the Lutris System options of wine.
  10. I just looked, at least for me it's not listed on steam yet. Not an issue of course, i just like to use the wishlist to keep track of all the announced games that might be interesting.
  11. Never noticed there was a Fantranslation (no idea why though, i try to get my hands on pretty much every story from that genre i see), sure looks interesting though. I take you can't wishlist it on steam yet?
  12. True, but the MCs usually do a terrible job at even trying to avoid it so it's worth a try.
  13. Yeah it has its problems, but it can be useful and it's always a matter of personal preference. Just wanted to give an alternative that helped me quite a bit at the very beginning and after taking a 3 year break (pretty much what was also more positively mentioned in that video) because at least now it's not a complete mess like the first versions anymore. I never tried the three you mentioned, there are too many tools and apps out there and i just looked for something to start which was fully usable without paying anything. I also agree that nothing beats reading but some people feel like running into a wall at full speed without using such inefficient ways first.
  14. Not really have one currently, but probably something like that: -Getting close to a mental breakdown because there seemingly can't be a single section of my life that isn't turned upside down the moment it seems to stabilize -calming down and realizing the pros like no longer being ugly, getting out of our messed up world into an at least more interestingly messed up one, new books to read and so on -(doing the obvious) -if necessary (meaning it's not a yuri/shoujo-ai pure romance story) getting as far away from the main story as possible! -try to turn it into said yuri/shoujo-ai pure romance story (and probably fail ending up with a similary boring live as right now)
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