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  1. My guess would be that he's asking About the second type (which I'm also Looking for but have yet to find one).
  2. Concerning dual boot: Using separate system drives for Linux and Windows should work.
  3. If i buy a VN on steam the reason is usually that it's one of the few places I can buy them without a Credit Card (given there is a way to restore everything or nothing is missing in the first place). I prefer other platforms though since steam doesn't allow me to download installers as far as I know.
  4. Unless you're one of the unlucky few with a lot of random crashes... I always recommend the Trails/Kiseki games (Trails in the Sky, Trails of Cold Steel). There would also be the Neptunia Games, the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth games, FFX. If they don't have to be turn based there are games like the tales of series, the Ys series or Ni no Kuni. There are also great western RPGs but I don't know if you're looking for those as well.
  5. Going to work, playing games, reading books, hiking by myself. Basically, my life didn't change at all.
  6. It'll become worse in the future though, the diseases won't disappear and every next one will come on top of that. I know you can't fully prevent situations like the current one but you can minimize the impact (how extreme the measures have to be, because you don't have to flatten the curve as much as it is the case now) and how often it happens not to mention that the people won't panic that easily because they have more trust in the systems we have in place, but at this point of time I haven't heard a single government official around here even acknowledging that problem which becomes i
  7. Honestly, I think that all those measures don't solve the main problem (they make sense temporarely because it prevents or at least delays the collaps). This is all only necessary because the "health-related-systems" in almaost every country is in a horrible condition because it is the first area where costs tend to be cut, not to mention puting the hospitals in financial competition. Even here in Germany people warned politicians about the problem for years and it's even worse for many other countries. Unless that's solved the same issues we have now will repeat themselves every single ti
  8. From that list, my personal favorite would be Tales of Vesperia. The Atelier series is fun to play, but not nearly as good in my opinion (even excluding the fact that I hate time limits in games). I never played Arc of Alchemist and Maitetsu is still in my Backlog on PC, so I can't say anything about those.
  9. Gaming: I hope PC to play a bigger role for games from the jap. region, aside from VNs too as I try to get away from consoles again. At the AAA market I wouldn't even know where to begin, but I would hope for Live service and MP-focus in formerly SP-focused games to completely disappear if that were realistic. Anime: More complete stories would be nice.... VN: I really miss big, VNs with a "heavy" story (I can't find a better term). There still are good ones, but somehow I get the feeling that most of them are currently too short and/or shallow. I hope that changes at some point.
  10. Or missing the own youth? It seems to be the case for many men which they try to compensate it that way. There might be an intersection though.
  11. At the current point of time no, I'm only 26 though. And as I love to escape into daydreams because my real life sucks (screwed up my attempt to study physics now being an incredibly bored Elekctronics technician, over time lost contact to every single one of my friends and being both too shy and boring to make new ones, I'm looking forward to a very lonely and forgettable life...) and I really miss the days when I was still a bit more naive and idialistic, so I'll probably always like settings like that.
  12. It finally arrived (it was stuck in customs since November), nothing will get me outside for the fireworks tonight.
  13. Not sure about that 1$ offer, if it's a subscription I'd even rather use epic. Besides, can you even use the MS Store on W7? I'll have W10 on my new PC around next year but until then I won't change a running system especially since W10 regulary overwrites third party bootloaders with its updates.
  14. Isn't it still just an Epic-Key? I never heard of them having an own Launcher and I can't imagine them selling a DRM-free installer. It's not just about my payment information or supporting Epic in any way, I don't want their Launcher on my PC.
  15. I'd love to play it, but I'm waiting for the Steam release, as I hate Epic (even steam is only a necessary evil to me) and want to get away from console (For various reasons, one being that I realized how much the trophy system in the way it's made harmed the enjoyment I get from a game).
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