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  1. Most of the time i won't even get that far (well maybe i could for the ones like shogi if i had the time to learn it properly) at anything like beat'em up, racing or Rythm-games I usually don't even get past the tutorial no matter how hard i try when it's a full game and i get similar results in the minigame versions. And for some reason they lock whole questlines and with that the amon-fights behind them which makes it extra frustrating as you miss out on main content because you suck at another genre.
  2. The Yakuza/Judgment games, not the combat but the minigames as here they can be considered a part of the main gameplay. I know they are also the main draw for many people, but i just suck at most genres outside of RPG so i want to start screaming anytime i have to play a minigame.
  3. You can indeed change the locale in the Lutris System options of wine.
  4. I just looked, at least for me it's not listed on steam yet. Not an issue of course, i just like to use the wishlist to keep track of all the announced games that might be interesting.
  5. Never noticed there was a Fantranslation (no idea why though, i try to get my hands on pretty much every story from that genre i see), sure looks interesting though. I take you can't wishlist it on steam yet?
  6. True, but the MCs usually do a terrible job at even trying to avoid it so it's worth a try.
  7. Yeah it has its problems, but it can be useful and it's always a matter of personal preference. Just wanted to give an alternative that helped me quite a bit at the very beginning and after taking a 3 year break (pretty much what was also more positively mentioned in that video) because at least now it's not a complete mess like the first versions anymore. I never tried the three you mentioned, there are too many tools and apps out there and i just looked for something to start which was fully usable without paying anything. I also agree that nothing beats reading but some people feel lik
  8. Not really have one currently, but probably something like that: -Getting close to a mental breakdown because there seemingly can't be a single section of my life that isn't turned upside down the moment it seems to stabilize -calming down and realizing the pros like no longer being ugly, getting out of our messed up world into an at least more interestingly messed up one, new books to read and so on -(doing the obvious) -if necessary (meaning it's not a yuri/shoujo-ai pure romance story) getting as far away from the main story as possible! -try to turn it into said yu
  9. I'd like to take this chance to mention that Duolingo (both the website and the app) vastly improved the japanese tree over the last few years, it's not perfect by any means but if you're bad at learning from the traditional means and need a more game-like approach it is really useful for beginners.
  10. Without any social life left at this point, I can read my books on the train to work (around 3 hours per day) so the few hours left i can spend on gaming or reading VNs whatever of both i feel like doing more. That said I don't play them nearly as much as i used to anymore due to having less time to spend the last 2-3 years i barely played them at all due to not having enough time for everything. But the nice thing about VNs is that you don't have a time limit to play them and take a break whenever you want and 20-30 minutes a day also adds up over time.
  11. My guess would be that he's asking About the second type (which I'm also Looking for but have yet to find one).
  12. Concerning dual boot: Using separate system drives for Linux and Windows should work.
  13. If i buy a VN on steam the reason is usually that it's one of the few places I can buy them without a Credit Card (given there is a way to restore everything or nothing is missing in the first place). I prefer other platforms though since steam doesn't allow me to download installers as far as I know.
  14. Unless you're one of the unlucky few with a lot of random crashes... I always recommend the Trails/Kiseki games (Trails in the Sky, Trails of Cold Steel). There would also be the Neptunia Games, the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth games, FFX. If they don't have to be turn based there are games like the tales of series, the Ys series or Ni no Kuni. There are also great western RPGs but I don't know if you're looking for those as well.
  15. Going to work, playing games, reading books, hiking by myself. Basically, my life didn't change at all.
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