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  1. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    It's not just VNs which are affected though, while not outright pohibiting them (yet) Sony targets about any japanese game with fanservice in it. And unfortuantly those are usually poorly ported and/or littered with intrusive DRM on PC (which was one of my 2 main reasons to buy a Console in the first place). At this point I wouldn't even be surprised if they were stupid enough to go after the bigger japanese focused publishers' games like Bandai Namco, Sega or Atlus later on (though I almost hope they do, it might finally lead to the backlash Sony deserves).
  2. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    Appearently Sony is getting even worse now (I haven't found an official statement from Sony, so there's a small probability of a bad translation or a mistake but the news seem legit): -All communications and submissions between game companies and Sony are now filtered through their California branch, in English -- not just the censorship, any complaints about the censorship now have to go through the team performing the censorship. -Visual Novel porting to Playstation is now prohibited outright, those that were already in production before the policy change happened will be allowed, but must be heavily censored. -Sony has ended the policy of allowing publishers to use the "local rating system" but instead must use the full "Western Standard." In other words, instead of allowing Japanese published games in Japan to use the CERO rating system, all games on Playstation must adhere to ESRB, no matter where they're published.
  3. Thanks, just wanted to be sure since censoring no matter how little beyond what laws and rating boards require means a sure No-buy from me.
  4. Is it sure the steam version won't be censored or just an educated guess? I don't like steam but it'd be better than the new-Sony-version.
  5. Open source products are an exception to this as far as I know, it might still depend on the region though.
  6. If there's no legal reason which would prevent it I don't see a problem of it being shared. The moment the author put it on the internet he indirectly agreed to the game never fully disappearing. Instead of letting an illegal source profiting from it, a fan sharing it because he wants others to be able to play it would be the preferable option.
  7. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    It's not even about laws though, Senran Kagura was affected and it was already rated by the ESRB and even though I'm no expert on the US rating system I doubt it would've been if it included something illegal.
  8. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    H-content doesn't get on consoles anyway, what they're censoring now is Fanservice. With Sonys new policy it's likely that CGs like the shower one in Steins Gate would be censored in the same way, so even group 1 would be affected.
  9. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    This'll backfire for sure, if it was a Console vs PC difference the impact wouldn't be that big (fewer people are willing to switch from console to PC than between different consoles) but even Nintendo censores less now so publishers and players have a valid alternative aside from the PC. I recently caught myself thinking of my next console (only as an addition to the PC) being a Nintendo one instead of a PS because of Censorship, it still sounds wierd just saying/writing that.
  10. I'm fine with 5 for FTs, but if you want me to spend money on the translated version it has to be at least 7.
  11. Memes are dead, thank the EU

    The EUs roof is already burning and they have nothing better to do than pouring fuel into the flames.... I've been defending the EU for years, saying the concept is not beyond saving but I'm starting to get to a point where I'd love to see the whole construct crash and burn hoping it's done better the next time. (Who am I kidding, people never learn from their mistakes.....) Concerning the effects of this: I don't think it'll be an apocalypse for the internet. There'll be ways to circumvent it and plattforms outside of the EUs reach (outside of the EU or not entirely legal). It'll be more of a pain at some points but not the end of the internet as we know it. (And I don't think it's something that'll last, at some point even the EU will have to notice notice that the law will drive away new companies from them and cut off future potential of economical growth only to give temporary life support to outdated forms of media-buisiness-models)
  12. Bunny Black Cheat Table

    Sent it a few minutes ago.
  13. Bunny Black Cheat Table

    I'd guess every version of the program you find on the internet will work (but if you're worried, just look for version 6.4 which is the one I use). But assuming you mean the .CT (Cheat table) file since asking for that would make way more sense, I can sent it via email if you give me the adress (via PM, like I told the others it's not a good idea to post your mail-adress openly in the forum).
  14. Ayakashibito Problem

    So you gave it permission until the window closed by itself? Does the game work now? If not, at least I can say that the .bat file is not the reason. In that case I can't help because the problem is on your system or its settings (or the AV, try turing it off if you use one at least when you first start the game), not the VN.
  15. Ayakashibito Problem

    Sorry, I wrote it in a confusing way. If it's not in the games folder it won't work. I just tried my .bat file and it did ask for permission multiple times. It's not another window popping up, but a string of text written in that DOS window asking you for permission (you answer by writing the letter into the window, which one it is depends on your system language, it's J (Yes) or N (No) for german and probably Y (yes) or N (No) for english), you know it's done when the window closes automatically.