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  1. I tried Garbro but so far no luck, i want to resources from Bakumatsu Jinchuu Houkoku Resshiden MIBURO & ChuSinGura 46+1 -Bushi no Kodou- but i can't seem to find any equivalent for the noCrypt value in for INRE novels, can anyone help me ?
  2. Thank you, though.
  3. Of course, its like this: 片桐
  4. For now its better then nothing :P.
  5. And as a name what does it represents? I tried googling it but i didn't had much luck. There was something's ng confusing about fox gloves and that's it.
  6. 4th Wall Breaking VNs?

    While its a hybrid between VN and RPG AR no surge is exactly what your looking for, here is a perfect example (while its a promotional image i still used the spoiler): I also really, really wanna play this as well, i mean look at it its beautiful:
  7. Damn i can't believe i forgot about the thread, sorry i also had a few health problems, can you PM me a few examples ? And with what needs to be actually written in them ? I could at least give it a try.
  8. Visual Novels with a harem ending

    Koihime Musou has a harem ending, though you gotta unlock it by doing a few single routes, but even in those single routes the journey to the end is pretty damn haremish.
  9. Well in Maya's route one of the things that constantly annoy me to no end is how mc-kun "wants" to be the man in the relationship by buying things with his mom given money... I dunno, even as a teenager for me taking a girl out or buying smokes on my parents money felt really pathetic... I would do odd jobs for that personally... Tsukishima's route does indeed feel the only good one since she wips him into shape... Yukino as a character is really lovely, probably my favorite, to bad about the route.
  10. Another Eushully Fan here, thank you very much for your effort into this VN i'm really looking forward to it, best of luck! PS: Out of curiosity what does the image editor exactly have to do ?
  11. That's a bit sad, i really do like her character after all, one of my favorite in this category of childhood friends.
  12. Started this as well, i went first with Tsukishima, mc-kun was mentally challenged but i could get over it. Now doing Yukino's route, and my only question is this: Can't i just freaking strangle this guy already?
  13. What are you playing?

    Started Hatsukoi 1/1, the protagonist is one big idiot, i mean forget dense, at times he down right feels mentally challenged.... Otherwise for the other stuff its nice...
  14. My favorite characters ? Hmm... i like the fighter, or underworld type that's generally feared and aggressive, but actually has quite a dere side to her (i guess Ai from Tsujidou-san Jun'Ai road falls right into this one). Another one i like is one with yandere vibes, but not over the top bat shit crazy like Nishi Mayuko i actually disliked her, more like Akane from Renai Bokun: Other ones i'm really fond are characters like Margit, Tatsuko, Tsubame, Seiso (in her emperor mode) and Lin/Rin, all from the Majikoi series or girls like Nagamitsu Maya From Noble Works, she was my favorite in that VN. The ones that i really loved but don't fit into that bad/fighter girl type are Mayuzumi, from Majikoi, or Kotori and Nanaka from D.C.