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  1. Thank you to all of you, now I have quite the list to stave the boredom
  2. I'll make it simple, this is my VNDB, just give me something to read. I don't know Japanese so only 100% translated (fan or official, I don't care) I don't care about sexual content My favourites are generic cheap romances, and my absolute favourite is Fureraba The story has to catch me and hook me HARD if it wants to make me cry at the end, that's what happened with Steins;Gate and Little Busters Just go to town and spam all the novels that you think are missing from my list Thank you
  3. That's a lot of games that look like my jam but I can't read. Since I'm working on an engineering degree I don't think learning a third language is a good idea for me at the moment, but I swear as soon as I learn Japanese, I know what to read
  4. I've been playing Agarest Generations of war lately and I've been struck with the fantasy bug. Not looking for urban fantasy, or modern world magical academies. Non-human heroines/protagonist is a plus. Standard jRPG fantasy, original fantasy, low fantasy, high fantasy, isekai, I just want to see some elf (or elf equivalent)
  5. So, the Etherial Enigma demo just dropped and it got me thinking on why some of my favourite vns are some of my favourite: Banter and bickering. Fureraba, ACE, Majikoi, they all have friends insulting each other friendly just like only friends would. Can you recommend me something that will make me go "Ohhhhh, you just got played son!"
  6. I agree, she is a very good one. I forgot to add chrono clock to my vndb.
  7. Hey all! Can you recommend me some good romance VN with a tsundere heroine?
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