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  1. Not directed solely at you (You could have read it years ago, so I wasn't assuming you pirated it, I apologize for it looking that way but I wrote hastily as I was queued in a match lol), but most people I've seen say it has terrible translation on here and VNDB are recent readers and it is apparent they pirated the shitty version. The old version isn't possible to legally obtain anymore as the new version is the only one on MG. Again, sorry for not phrasing it better. I do agree Eiden Fantasia was shit though, as it had almost no connection to the original VN, aside from the side characters becoming heroines. The quality for the original is on par with DearDrops, and that read fine for myself but the translation really doesn't matter here. Just that if someone read the old translation it is certain they would be disappointed and likely say how bad the translation was, when they have the inferior version. (I also took your original post differently as I quickly skimmed over it, after rereading it, your points are valid with the fandisc having a high cringe factor, not just in dialogue, but all around. Sorry for any troubles ) Edit: Lesson of the day = Don't do things quickly kids, it just looks sloppy and gives off the wrong message! Oh and it makes you look like a dummy.(I am a dummy, admittedly.)
  2. Edelweiss was retranslated, everybody that says it has bad translation is playing the pirated version that is the old copy. How do I know? I was helping a stranger with this issue and he sent me a screenshot of the scene and I pulled up my copy from MG and they looked nothing similar and the font was different. Translation for both games were shit at first but were definitely better when they each got retranslated.(Eiden Fantasia might have been TL'ed with the release of the retranslation, as I don't remember if it had a shitty translation at first for certain.) Now, back on topic, Yume Miru Kusuri is a 10 on my vndb because it featured one of the most connecting stories for myself. Aeka's route on there is about her depression and her entire route made me recall the time I was with my Ex who had many of the same issues because of the frequent verbal/ sometimes physical abuse she endured at her own house. Many times I thought she would kill herself while I was sleeping, or that she would simply run away and not tell anyone. (I talked more about this months ago when I first completed Yume Miru Kusuri, and that thread has the full story of my ex, rather not rattle on about it here.) Aeka was the most relatable character to myself I've ever seen in a Visual Novel thus far. That is exactly why I remember her entire route still.
  3. Visual Novel displays error message at startup

    This is probably easier than my method that I used so I would download this OP
  4. Visual Novel displays error message at startup

    I'll investigate further and let you know if I figure anything out, in the meantime, here's a vndb thread remarkably similar https://vndb.org/t10290 Seems the VN is stuck on directx9 and requires a lot of loopholes from a quick read-through of the thread. Edit: One search up of the VN leads me to MANY other users getting the same issues. Seems the company who made this has this issue on all of their games. Big Edit: I got it working, though the unicode is messed up when reading but that is much easier to fix by moving font files. Message me and I'll explain in further detail what needs to be done. And yes it is true that some VNs will not run on newer OS. Helping someone last night with installing and making sure the BGM ran for Never7 was a real hassle. Simple fix though, you must run the program in compatibility mode for XP or older and Never7 runs fine.
  5. Visual Novel displays error message at startup

    More details are definitely needed here. What VN is this? Are you in Jap Locale? Edit: Where you got it matters a lot too.
  6. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Just finished my last route about 10 minutes ago, it was Mimari's, by far the best route imo. Too lazy to do an in-depth review but I'll give it a 7.5/10 only because Nahoko's route was hell, else it'd be a 8.
  7. Sekai Project sets a new low standard

    That's what it looks like to me, and seeing as they are the least favorable localization company in the community, I guess trying to reach an audience that knows nothing about them was their intention. Man, at this point I'm wondering when they will close down. Losing licenses, not releasing anything for MONTHS, no transparency......(Let's not forget to mention just buying and releasing fan translations)
  8. In Yume Miru Kusuri, it would have been an interesting dynamic if the player was given the choice of siding with Aeka or Antoinette (Nanjou) in Aeka's route. I don't like her as a character but I feel that if the protagonist could do what he did in that route, he could do so much worse if he sided with Antoinette. Though, I see why we didn't have that option as it would be much more sadistic and controversial if the protagonist actively bullied a depressed person. Oh, and in Noble Works, there should have been routes for Chiaki (the maid) and Sanjou Makoto. (Though I wouldn't call Noble Works one of my favorites or anything)
  9. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    FMA: Brotherhood's first op was just amazing, a decade ago and even now I find that at the part when everything stops for a split second and the guitar kicks in I always get goosebumps.
  10. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    I actually liked all of those ops and seeing "Hello, Lady" at the end hypes me up for when it releases in the west. You sir, have very good taste as those are not ops I would ever skip. Shame Devils Devel Concept's translation fell apart back in the day. I remember hearing about the translation and getting hyped and years later find out they received a C&D. Amazing op though.(Maybe with the release of "Hello, Lady", Akatsuki works will consider licensing it out? A man can only dream haha)
  11. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    My favorite VN opening as of now would probably be To heart 2's. My favorite Anime opening (This is not surprising if you know who my profile picture is lol) is Yamada-kun and the seven witches' opening. What are your guys' favorites?
  12. Romance Visual Novel Recommendations?

    Off topic a little but it's pretty concerning to scroll through a recommendations thread thinking that even though it isn't my thread that I might find something new to read and after looking at all the recommendations realizing that i've read all of them......oof for me On the main topic, I recommend Edelweiss and its fandisc (Someone told me it had a terrible translation but MG has since retranslated it and it reads fine now and was pretty good.) Chronoclock DearDrops (and maybe its fandisc if you have read Kira*Kira as well) Hapymaher (This one is a little dark in some routes but it's a romance most of the way) Magical Marriage Lunatics and Suki Suki And a +1 from me on Yume Miru Kusuri (It's my only 10/10 on vndb)
  13. Hello Good Bye English Release (January 25th)

    I read them first as I saved the best for last
  14. Honestly, I've only seen a handful of people say they've seen ads for it on facebook and other like apps. It seems like they completely gave up on the advertisement portion of the kickstarter. It's a shame really.