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  1. Was going to quote somebody but felt what I was going to say was better off not in response to anybody. I said on here before that I have been in a relationship with someone who had depression, and it wasn't a lie. The feeling of having to worry about someone who is very mentally unstable and could opt to take their own life without you around is something I will never forget. That, at least compared to what I have read in either manga or VN form, has never been properly conveyed. As others in the thread have mentioned before, love cannot cure depression. It can make things much more bearable knowing that at least one person cares whether you are alive and breathing or six feet under. Sometimes, it may even lessen the impact depression has, though, I can't prove that but can base it on what she had said to me at times. In my experience, being close to somebody with depression leaves yourself vulnerable to feeling-like/becoming a victim to it. At times, the worry you feel, or anxiety can literally make you sick. In my case, I had really bad insomnia because I would worry she'd text me a goodbye letter or something of that nature, or when I was in her room I could easily find pills, razor blades, and other items that could cause serious bodily harm to her (Yes, she did go to a psychiatrist but nothing they gave really changed her besides making her into a vegetable for hours on end, and most of the time worsening her condition). It can really weather a person's mental state, both having depression and staying close to one with it. That's not to say depression is that person's fault or that they aren't worth caring for, hell I loved her and stayed with her for 7 years and wasn't the one that gave up on the relationship. The amount of times I thought I would never see her again, or that I would hear she was put into the hospital for attempting to end her life and the way it made me feel can only be described as agony. It is a trauma I don't like to think about, that is why Yume Miru Kusuri struck a chord in me when I played through it. (Just wanted to say that it wasn't my intention to make this into a sob story of myself but more as a post of awareness about how depression can seriously impact people and their loved ones. Oh, and that the VN way of "MC love cures all" is bullshit and I wish more realistic depictions like mentioned previously in the thread were more frequently used.)
  2. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    Checked NekoNyan's website, she is a first year at the same academy the MC is in, therefore high school. http://hgb.nekonyansoft.com/ So to clarify, she is not in middle school.
  3. Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed

    The vndb page for the game has a very conflicting status for the "loli in question". https://vndb.org/v5316/chars#chars It lists Koharu, "loli in question", as a kid in the body type but as being in High School. Whoever said something about her being a middle schooler could you please post your source? As the database says otherwise, her being in high school would offset some of the conflict. Really just curious at this point and want to know if she is an actual kid? Judging by the vndb page, I would say that she is not in middle school, although I haven't read it in Japanese(Not that doing so would be very beneficial since I am a beginner in Japanese and am still learning Hiragana atm) so maybe someone here who has can clarify? Anyways, for the main topic, was not surprising to see Valve continue their "Remove VNs" wave that has been in the VN news recently. I always try to avoid buying VNs on Steam anyways, especially when buying on the translator's website more directly supports them, but really that's just how I do things. To each their own is what I say.
  4. I'll just rewrite what I said lol. For me, it depends on the story I am reading. Something like Yume Miru Kusuri, where more bittersweet and realistic themes are prevalent, makes sense for the endings to be the same way. In VNs like Da Capo III where the true ending gives more explanation of the plot and isn't necessarily a happy or bad ending, it makes up for its own faults by having great writing. Now I appreciate VNs that have a happy true end, because good feels. I also appreciate when a story doesn't throw its themes out the window in favor of an " And they all live happily ever after " where that ending wouldn't really make sense in context of the story.
  5. Deleted because I can't be bothered to figure out how to separate spoilers lol. That's what I get for using three different places with different spoiler methods (Reddit, Fuwa, and the discord server I frequent)
  6. Looking for a Romance VN I have not read

    In the present
  7. Finished Aeka's route [Yume Miru Kusuri](SPOILERS)

    Actually didnt know some of this happens , as I only finished Aeka's route but all you mentioned were the bad ends and what I already know about Mizuki so its whatever. I also got bad ends at first for Aeka too so I get the random choices thing.
  8. First off, sorry for the repetitive thread name. Now to my thoughts+a little recap. Her route was probably the most emotional rollercoaster ride I have partaken in.
  9. Just finished Crescendo....(Spoilers)

    Kouhei redeemed himself like a champ. Maybe too much redemption.... Edit: Totono vibes man
  10. Just finished Crescendo....(Spoilers)

    Very good actually, no mistakes and very liberal with cursing and other things.
  11. Just finished Crescendo....(Spoilers)

    May of exaggerated a bit but for someone who said he's going to protect someone, he's awful at it. A lot more serious than anything else I've ever read (besides a very depressing manga) but definitely shows character progression and the effect and aftereffects of bullying (That's the route so far)(Don't get the bad end either or *School days intensifies*) Definitely going to post about this route because it really hits me where it hurts. Ill explain more when I post it.
  12. Just finished Crescendo....(Spoilers)

    The hell is wrong with Kouhei? Why does he beat Hatsukoi 1/1's protag as the worst human on the planet? I swear men who would do the things Kouhei is doing or lack thereof deserved to be hit. Man this game hurts me, especially when the protag is this way. Edit: He's not this way most of the time but still.